How To Send Pictures From Computer To Email

Put All The Images Into A Single File

Computer Basics : How to Attach Pictures to Email

If you have more than 5 or 6 photos to send, its going to be much easier to send them as a single archived file .

To create file archives, were using 7-Zip as its free and high performance, however there are many options available here.

After installing, simply select all of the files you want to add, right-click on the group and Add to archive.. . It will create a single .zip file with all of your photos in it.

On Macs, selected the files then Control-click and select Create Archive. For Chromebooks, see here.

If you have previously resized the images, you may have two copies of each photo , so check that youre only selecting the smaller versions when creating the archives.

How To Send Large Photos Via Google Drive With Gmail

Google Drive is the file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. User can get the first 15 GB of storage to store data.

Google Drive works well with Gmail, so that you could send large photos by inserting the files using Drive easily.

Firstly, you should upload the massive large images that you want to send, to Google Drive.

Step 1

Insert files using Drive

Step 2

Send large photos via Gmail with Google Drive

Note: Before you click the Insert button, there are 2 options on the right side, Drive link and Attachment.

Drive link works for any files stored in Drive, including files created using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms, while Attachment only works for files that werent built using Docs, Sheets, or Slides. Here the option is chosen by default as Drive link.

Step 3

Transfer Iphone Photos Using Icloud

Probably the easiest way to transfer your photos to a computer is to download them from the iCloud service. This process requires you to turn on iCloud storage on your iPhone. Once you do that, all photos get securely stored and become accessible from any computeryoull just need to log in with your Apple ID.

If transferring to Mac, the process is relatively straightforward. However, if youre moving to a Windows PC, some preparation is necessary. Follow these steps to gain access to your iCloud photos:

  • Ensure your computers running on the latest version of Windows 7, 8, or 10. If its not, perform the necessary updates.
  • Log in to iCloud with your Apple ID. If youre unsure how to do that, follow the instructions provided with your iPhone.
  • In iCloud for Windows, open Options next to Photos and select iCloud photos.
  • Click Done, then Apply.
  • After completing everything, you can view and download your iCloud photos using the Download icon . Apart from downloading, you can also edit the pictures on your computer while on iCloud, and the edited version will be available on any device.

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    How To Send A Photo In Email With Outlook

  • Log in to the Outlook website and click New Message to compose a new email.

    In the Windows 10 Mail app, click on New Mail in the top-left corner.

    In Outlook mobile apps, tap on the square New Message icon in the top-right corner.

  • Fill in the Recipient, Subject, and email body fields as usual.

  • Click Attach, which you’ll find directly above the email box.

    In the Windows 10 Mail app, click on Insert and then Files.

    In the Outlook mobile apps, tap on the paperclip icon on the bottom of the screen. You may be asked to give the app access to your device’s files. Tap on Okay to continue.

  • A file browser will open on your device. Locate the image you want to attach to the email and click Open.

    In the Outlook mobile app, tap Attach File.

  • Click Send to send your email with the picture attached.

  • You will be shown a confirmation message when the email has been sent correctly.

  • Easy & Quick Ways To Transfer Photos From Pc To Ipad

    How to send email

    iPad is a portable device with an outstanding screen, you may need to transfer photos from your computer to it due to multiple purposes, no matter at work or during your free time. But the transferring process is not as easy as we think it should be. Since PC and iPad are two different operating systems, we can’t simply drag and drop the photos. So, how to transfer photos from PC to iPad? Many people will use iTunes or iCloud syncing. Are there any other ways? Of course! Follow this article and you will know 7 simple ways to import photos from computer to iPad.

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    Insert A Picture Into The Body Of An Email Message

    When sending pictures, you can either attach the picture to the email message or insert the picture in the message body. To insert a picture that displays in the body of an email message, use the following steps:

  • Position your cursor where you want the image in your message.

  • In the ribbon, select Insert> Pictures.

  • Browse your computer or online file locations for the picture you want to insert. Select the picture, then select Insert.

  • To resize the picture, drag the handles at one of the four corners toward the center of the image or away from the center.

  • Choose one or more email messages from any of your email folders.

  • Select the item you want to attach, and then select Insert.

  • What would you like to do?

    When Someone Shares An Album Or Conversation With You

    Important: If you think someone is spamming you, you can block or report them.

    • Youll get an in-app notification and a push notification. If its a new album or conversation, youll get an email notification.
    • The shared item will appear in your Sharing page.
    • When you view the album or conversation, your account profile photo or initial in the album will light up and appear next to the latest photos, comments, or likes you have viewed.
    • If you join, like, comment, or add photos in a shared album or conversation, your account profile photo or initial will appear next to the action you took.

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    Tips For Sending Photos From Your Iphone

    If you don’t see the photos you want to email in the Photos app, they might be hidden from the current view. Tap the previous screen arrow or the Albums link at the bottom to find all your photo albums, one of which includes the image.

    If the photo you want to email isn’t stored on your phone, save it to Photos first, which you can do in most apps by holding your finger on the image and selecting Save Image. Other apps might have a specific menu for downloading photos and videos to your iPhone.

    To email photos from your iPhone that you took with a camera, transfer them to your phone first.

    iPhone doesn’t let you send photos that you deleted. To do that, recover them from the deleted folder and then email them using either method described in this article.

    Learn About What Happens When You Share Photos & Videos

    How To Email Pictures

    When you send to a contact in Google Photos:

    • People get an in-app notification and a push notification. If its a new album or conversation, they get an email notification.
    • The shared items appear in their Sharing page.
    • Their account profile photo or initial is added to the album or conversation and will appear faded until they view the album or conversation.
    • When they view the album or conversation, their account profile photo or initial will appear in the activity view next to the latest photos, comments, or likes they have viewed.
    • If they join, like, comment, or add photos to a shared album or conversation, their profile image changes to their account profile photo or initial.

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    How To Email Pictures From Iphone

    * This post is part of iPhone Life‘s Tip of the Day newsletter. . *

    Before iOS 9, you were limited to sending five photos via email from iPhone. But now that limit is gone for the Mail app. Some people have reported being able to email up to 100 photos. While that is a lot of photos to email, its a great feature to have for sharing photos privately with family and friends. For the longest time, I emailed pictures to myself to easily transfer photos from my iPhone to my computer. Whatever the reason you need to send photos via email from iPhone, you can send a lot more than you used to be able to. Heres how to email pictures from iPhone.

    How To Attach A Picture To An Email In Gmail

  • Log on to the Gmail website and tap Compose near the upper left corner.

    On the mobile app, you’ll find Compose in the lower-right corner.

  • An email compose box will pop up on screen. Fill in the Recipient and Subject fields as you normally would.

  • Click the Attach files icon next to the Send button. It’s the one that looks like a paperclip.

  • A file browser window will open. Locate the image you wish to attach to the email and click it.

    To select multiple images, hold the Ctrl key down as you click chosen images.

  • Click Open.

  • Your image will now be attached to your email. You can now click Send to send it or click the Attach files icon again to add more files.

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    How Do You Attach A Picture To An E

    In the top-right side of the screen, click the Compose new message button. When the new message appears, click the Attach a document to this message button . Locate the image youd like to send and select Choose File. Input the address of the user that youd like to send the message. Click the send button.

    How Do I Send Pictures From My Iphone To My Messages

    Email Sending Concept On A Computer Stock Photo

    You can send pictures and videos from your Photos library in two ways: starting in the Photos app, or starting in the Messages app. Open the Photos app. Tap Select, then tap each photo or video that you want to share. Tap the Share button . Tap Options at the top of the share sheet to choose how you want to send the items.* Tap Done. Tap Messages.

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    How To Attach A Picture To An Email In Yahoo Mail

  • Go to the Yahoo Mail website and log in as usual.

  • Click Compose and fill in the To, Subject and email body areas as you normally would.

  • Click the paperclip icon next to Send.

    Do not click Send just yet.

  • A file browser will open. Click the photo you want to attach and click Open.

  • As your photo is being uploaded to the email, you’ll see a loading animation playing on top of it. When it disappears, the image has uploaded completely.

  • Click Send to send the email.

  • Attach A File To A Message

  • Create a message, or for an existing message, click Reply, Reply All, or Forward.

  • In the message window, on the Message tab, in the Include group, click Attach File.

  • Browse to and click the file that you want to attach, and then click Insert.

  • Note: When composing a message, you can also attach files by using the commands on the Insert tab in the Include group, or drag files from folders on your computer and drop them on the message window.

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    How To Email Pictures Using Google Drive

    Using Google drive is the best option to send a number of photos or bigger files. You can also use Cloud backup services like iDrive.

    If you want to use Google drive, you need to set up Google drive and you need to know some details about Google Drive. For that,

      After reading the above articles, you will get a good idea about Google drive. You can share photos directly from Google drive. You can also copy the photo URL from Google drive and paste in the Gmail message field. Or you can also use the Insert from Google drive option given in Gmail compose box shows that in below screenshot.

      Now you will see your Google drive window shows that in the below screenshot.

      Select the image. Just click on the Insert button. If you had selected Drive link option in the bottom right, your image will be inserted as a link. If you had selected the Attachment option, your image will be inserted as an attachment file.

      How To Email Pictures From An Android Phone

      How To Send Photos By Email

      Gone are the days when people used to transfer their photos first to a Personal Computer and then upload them on the internet from the computer. This is the age of smart phones and tablets and with the spread of wireless internet remaining in touch with your dear ones has become a lot easier.

      Android has received a lot of acclaim for its easy functionality and its open source code. This allows developers to modify the Operating System according to their needs. Moreover the wide range of easy to use Applications also adds to its growing popularity.

      This article will cover how to email photos from an Android in a step by step guide.

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      How To Transfer Photos From Pc To Ipad With Ipad Photo Transfer

      There is an easy and efficient way to transfer photos from PC to iPad. All you need to do is to embrace a middleman — iPad Photo Transfer. This is a very useful tool which considered as a great alternative for iTunes. It helps you to transfer data including photos from PC to iPad and vice versa without iTunes or iCloud.

      This tool packed with a bunch of useful features, let’s check it out:

      * Transfer photos from PC to iPad quickly and safely. * Transfer data including photos, music, contacts, movies, playlists, voice memo, music video, books and more between computer and iPad/iPhone/iPod. * Import iTunes to iPhone or computer easily. * Easy to use – transfer your files in 3 simple steps. * Other useful features: edit your contacts, customize your ringtones and convert HEIC image to JPG or PNG image, etc.

      This software is fully compatible with all types of iPad, iPhone, and iPod, including the iPad Pro, the new iPad, iPad Air, iPad 4/3/2/1, iPad mini, iPad with Retina display and more.

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      Now, download the free version of iPad Photo Transfer and give it a try:

      Here is the guide on how to transfer photos from PC to iPad with iPad Photo Transfer:

      Step 1: Run the software on your computer, and then connect your iPad to computer via a USB cable.

      Step 2: Go to the section then click Add icon on the top.

      Step 3: Select the required photos to import to your iPad.

      Tip: Learn more ways to transfer files from PC to iPad using USB> >

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