How To Send Personalized Mass Emails In Outlook

Taking The Long Road To Bulk Personalized Email

How to Mass Send Customized Emails in Outlook

Sending personalized emails in bulk is pretty easy when you use However, it is a long process, which can become very monotonous and tiresome with time.

If you wish to opt for Mail Merge in Outlook, here are some vital steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Creating a Contact Database

While you can use the default contact database given within the email, Outlook can easily merge contacts from its supporting tasking counterparts, such as Microsoft Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet, and even Access database.

Microsoft Outlook Contact makes it quicker and more convenient for you to formulate a list of your desired recipients and hence, makes it easier to send mass email in Outlook.

Step 2: Dividing Recipients into Categories

If youre a fan of organizing things correctly, this step can be a life-changing one for you.

Sort out all your recipients beforehand into different categories.

Just access the desired recipients from your list of Contacts and select the ones you want to include in the personalized list of recipients.

When sending the bulk emails, all you have to do is select the Category. It can make your Outlook mail merge job easier.

Step 3: Accessing Mail Merge for Bulk Personalization

Now! that you have everything in place, access Mail Merge from the Actions group given in the Outlook Ribbons Home Panel: RIBBON > HOME > ACTIONS GROUP

Step 4: Editing the Parameters

The Mail Merge Contacts screen allows you to edit the given parameters, such as:

  • Document type

Bonus: Mail Merge On Iphone

Sometimes, you may not get a computer around you, and all you have is an iPhone or iPad. In that case, you can use your iOS device to run a mail merge.

Step 1. Download Shortcuts app from AppStore. Workflow is a free app that obtained by Apple not long ago.

Step 2. Get this Mail Merge workflow.

Step 3. Run this workflow and follow the instruction to perform Mail Merge on your iPhone.

Optional : Make It A Workflow Create A Sequence With Multiple Emails

Want to send multiple emails after each other, instead of just one? Just make it a workflow!

When using Salesflare, its easy:

  • Define the delay between this email and the previous one.
  • Want to send it as an email in the same thread? Check as reply.
  • Wondering what you can use this for? Check out these videos with use cases from our customers on Youtube.

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    Optional: Check Your Work

    If you want to make sure youve set up your placeholders correctly, click the button labeled Preview Results.

    Now, the placeholders will turn into actual content from the spreadsheet. You can use the back and forward arrows near the Preview Results button to step through the rows of the spreadsheet and see what they will look like in your emails.

    Prepare Your Pool Of Contacts For The Mail Merge


    So, let’s break down the steps after you launch Microsoft Outlook.

    1. Open People to display the list of your contacts.

    Select the contacts you want to include in the personalized email list. To make it easier to manage a huge list, use the Sort options available . To make it more manageable, you can sort by Categories via the same dropdown.

    Do note: Mail Merge does not work with distribution lists.

    2. Select Mail Merge from Ribbon > Home > Actions Group.

    3. In the Mail Merge Contacts screen that you should see now, choose Only selected contacts if the personalized email is meant for a select batch of contacts. Under the Merge options section down below, select the following parameters.

    • Document type: Form Letters
    • Merge to: Email
    • Message Subject Line: The subject line will not change for all the emails.

    4. Click OK and then Microsoft Word will launch for you to compose the personalized message.

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    Preparing The Recipient List In Ms Excel

    As mentioned above, you can also select the list of recipients by creating a spreadsheet in MS Excel. In this case, the recipient selection process will slightly differ. Read on to learn more about this in detail.

  • In an Excel spreadsheet, store all the information of the recipients.

  • For this, create three columns in the spreadsheet. The first column, second column, and the third column should have the first name, last name, and email address respectively. Take care to ensure that the email address is separate and doesnt include any special characters.

  • Every recipient’s information should be exclusive to a particular role. In other words, every recipient should have separate rows.

  • Heres an example for you to understand this better:

    First Name


    After starting Mail Merge, click on Select Recipients and then, Use Existing List. You need to select the excel spreadsheet that you had created earlier and then select Open.

    When the Select Table window pops up, select the name of the sheet that contains your recipients information. If the first row of the created spreadsheet contains column headings, you need to click on First row of data contains column headers. Then, click Okay.

    You can then proceed with the rest of the steps of personalizing greeting lines and composing the email body. Selecting the recipient list can be done either on Excel or Outlook, the end result will not be different.

    Protect Your Pc From Malware In Email Attachments

    Viruses and other forms of malware can be spread via email attachments. Email viruses are usually connected with phishing attacks where the messages are disguised to look as if they originated from trustworthy sources.

    The risks are even more pronounced when you use desktop email software instead of online tools like Gmail since youll be downloading attachments directly into your system. As a result, your computer becomes vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. While you can use antivirus programs to scan attachments for viruses, not all of them are powerful enough to detect all kinds of malware.

    For this reason, we recommend using Auslogics Anti-Malware The program runs a comprehensive analysis of your entire system, checking areas like registry entries, auto start items, browser extensions, cookies, and so on. After the analysis, suspicious items are listed in the Quarantine section, where youll decide whether to restore or delete them.

    Auslogics Anti-Malware also allows you to add files or folders to the exclusion list to prevent them from being scanned in the future. More importantly, you can schedule automatic scans to ensure that your system is protected even when youre not using it.

    Thats all there is to adding personalized attachments to a mail merge in Outlook and sending bulk messages. If you have any questions about the Mail Merge feature or Outlook in general, please post them in the comments section below.

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    Set Up Your Mailing List

    The mailing list is your data source. For more info, see Data sources you can use for a mail merge.


    • If you dont have a mailing list, you can create one during mail merge.

    • If you’re using an Excel spreadsheet, format the ZIP Codes or postal codes column as text to preserve any zeros. For more info see Format mail merge numbers, dates, and other values in Excel.

    • If you want to use your Outlook contacts, make sure Outlook is your default email program and the same versions as Word.

    How To Send Personalized Mass Email Messages In Bulk

    How to send personalized bulk Emails from Outlook

    Ever been delegated a last-minute task of composing and sending hundreds of invites? Or are you just tired of spending overtime at the office to ensure every email is personalized?

    Well, youre not alone!

    There are tens of professionals, recruiters, and marketers who have to go through this long and tedious process daily to ensure that they maximize their respective outreach and create engaging content for their readers.

    If you dont already know, personalized mass emails are known to increase your customer conversion rate by a tenfold. Such emails not only applies to outreach campaigns but also sales pitches and similar events. Hence, there is a lot of importance given to personalized emails.

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    How To Perform A Mail Merge In Outlook

    Want to do a mail merge in Outlook?

    Performing a mail merge in Microsoft Outlook helps you send personalized mass emails to a large mailing list quickly.

    In this article, Ill walk you through the steps for how to perform a mail merge in Outlook. Ill also cover some limitations of the mail merge Outlook process and highlight the best mail merge approach for 2021.

    How To Send Personalized Mass Emails To A List From Excel Via Outlook

    For example, I have the following data range in a worksheet which contains Name, Email Address, Registration Code columns, and now, I want to send a message with a personalized greeting and their own Registration Code to the separated Email Addresses in column A. To solve this problem, the following methods may help you.

    Send personalized mass emails to a list from Excel with Mail Merge function

    With the Words Mail Merge function, you can finish this job quickly and easily, please do with the following step by step:

    1. Launch a new blank Word document, and then click Mailings> Select Recipients> Use an Existing List, see screenshot:

    2. In the Select Data Source window, choose the workbook which includes the data range that you want to use, and click Open button, see screenshot:

    3. In the coming Select Table dialog box, please choose the worksheet with the data range you need, and then click OK button, see screenshot:

    4. And the E-mail message main document and your address list have been connected together, now, you can edit the text message and add placeholders that indicate where the unique information will appear in each message.

    To insert their individual greeting name, click Mailings> Insert Merge Field> Name, the personalized name has been inserted into the message, and the field name is surrounded by « ».

    Go on typing your message and insert the Registration Code into the place where you need, see screenshot:

    You can type the subject into the Subject line text box

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    Sending Email To A List Of Recipients Using Vba Macro

    You can also use an Excel VBA macro to send email to a list of recipients. Just do the following steps:

    Step1: open your excel workbook and then click on Visual Basic command under DEVELOPER Tab, or just press ALT+F11 shortcut.

    Step2: then the Visual Basic Editor window will appear.

    Step3: click Insert -> Module to create a new module.

    Step4: paste the below VBA code into the code window. Then clicking Save button.

    Sub SendEmailDim i As Integer, Mail_Object, Email_Subject, o As Variant, lr As Longlr = Cells.End.RowSet Mail_Object = CreateObjectFor i = 2 To lr        With Mail_Object.CreateItem            .Subject = Range.Value            .To = Range.Value            .Body = Range.Value'.Send            .display 'disable display and enable send to send automatically    End WithNext i        MsgBox "E-mail successfully sent", 64        Application.DisplayAlerts = FalseSet Mail_Object = NothingEnd Sub

    Step5: back to the current worksheet, then run the above excel macro. Click Run button.

    This will send an E-Mail to every address in Column A starting at row 2 down to the last row. And the email body is in Cell B2. And the email subject is in Cell B1.

    Send Mass Emails That Dont Look Personal Using An Email Service Provider Like Mailchimp


    Need to send a bulk email to more than 2000 people today ? Then this is probably your option of choice. If not, skip to option 3!

    The upside of this method is that you can email thousands of people at once, fast.

    The downsides of this method are that:

  • Your email wont look personal. The trained eye will always see its a mass email.
  • It wont land in your audiences priority inbox. Mailboxes like Gmail and Outlook nowadays sort emails sent with an email service provider in a tab called Promotions or Other.
  • This also results in lower open rates .
  • And as many email service providers are misused , this can also cause your email to be more likely to be caught in a spam folder.
  • If all thats okay with you, have a look at our guide on how to use Mailchimp .

    If you want to send mass emails that seem personal and are more likely to get read, well get to that now.

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    Personalize Your Emails With Mail Merge

    With Mail Merge, you can send bulk emails and also tailor them to individual recipients. For example, suppose you wish to send a welcome email to your newly joined employees saying, ”Hey Rebecca, welcome to Zylker Inc.” and similar emails to others. In that case, you could send a customized welcome email to all your new joiners in one shot using Mail Merge. All you need to be prepared with are:

    • An email template.
    • A source file containing the recipients’ data.

    Mail Merge collects the data from the source file and inserts them into the template, thus being able to churn out customized messages to several people quickly.

    With Zoho’s Mail Lite plan, you can send emails to a maximum of 250 recipients per day and Zoho’s Mail Premium plan lets you send emails to a maximum of 500 recipients per day.

    Link Your Mailing List To Your Email Message

    Make sure your data source has a column for email addresses and that there’s an email address for everyone youre sending email to.

  • Go to Mailings> Select Recipients.

  • Choose a data source. For more info, see Data sources you can use for a mail merge.

  • Choose File> Save.

  • If you need to edit, sort, or filter your mailing list, see Mail merge: Edit recipients.

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    How Do I Add Multiple Emails To A Group In Gmail

    To use it, go to your Contacts tab in Gmail and click on the group you would like to add new contacts to. You can paste or type in as many addresses as you want. If you have multiple email addresses for one contact, the second new feature allows you to choose which one you want to include in the group.

    Insert Personalization Fields Into Your Email Template

    How to Send Mass Email in Outlook – Personalise email in outlook- 2018

    Now its time to swap out each of the fields in your email with the placeholder tags for the mail merge. When the mail merge runs, it will insert the corresponding value from your Excel file depending on who is receiving the email

  • Select the text youd like replaced
  • Click Insert Merge Field and select from the list of field names
  • Repeat this process for each additional personalization field
  • In our example, were replacing the first name, last name, and company.

    When youre done, it should look like this:

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    Sending Mass Mails From Outlook: Pros And Cons

    Starting with the pros of sending mass mail in Outlook. Firstly, as a user, you wont require any extra newsletter tool. Secondly, the recipients of your email get personalized emails which can improve your chances of securing a sale.

    The cons of using Outlook is mostly centered around the display of the messages. Newsletters may not display correctly due to the absence of a newsletter tool. Similarly, if the recipient has a different version of Outlook then you, there might be display issues again. Also, there are no personalization tools in Outlook for users to take advantage of.

    Having said this, the sheer convenience and effectiveness of sending personalized mass mails to individuals make it quite appealing and preferable for most users.

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