How To Send Out A Mass Email In Outlook

How To Automate Your Mass Emails

How to Mass Send Customized Emails in Outlook

Now that youve learned how to create great mass emails while not showing the addresses, its time to look at how you can automate this process in order to save time. When it comes to sending emails in the B2B space, you will often send out the same emails to different people at specific times. To avoid having to copy and paste your email copy to create new mass emails, its often more efficient to simply automate this process.

For example, when youre sending out a specific email to every new user that signed up for your product last week, you want to avoid having to send a mass email containing every new user. You will have to schedule this task every week and in the end, it will just be a time-consuming task. Instead, you should start automating these mass emails so you will be able to spend your time on other tasks.

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Send Mass Email With Outlook In 6 Easy Steps

Outlook lets you send mass emails to your contacts using Microsoft Word. Just follow these steps:

1. Open Word and write your email

2. In Word, open the Mailings ribbon

3. Click on the Start Mail Merge menu, then on E-mail Messages in the drop-down menu.

4. Click Select Recipients and choose from three options:

Type a New List where you will manually enter contacts data into a new dialog box,

Use an Existing List which lets you select a .csv file from your computer. The .csv file would need to have been prepared in advance with data organized under three columns

Choose from Outlook Contacts. Manually select the addresses among your existing Outlook contacts

5. Once the recipients have been selected, click Finish & Merge then Send Email Messages.

6. In the Merge to E-mail pop-up box, write the email subject line and then click Ok.

Easy, right? Now lets talk about the disadvantages of sending mass email campaigns with Outlook.

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Drafting Your Email Message

At this point, you are ready to draft your email message in Word. You can also insert any columns you exported from Junxure as merge fields in your draft by using Mailings > Insert Merge Field. Remember, email delivers formatting in a best effort manner. It is best to keep styling and formatting simple your end-client may not see extensive or fancy formatting and images as you intend.

Select The Audience You Want To Mass Email

How to send personalized mass emails to a list from Excel ...

Time to select the audience that needs to receive your mass email.

Theres three common places where youre probably storing that list:

  • In your CRM system
  • In another system
  • In an Excel sheet or .csv file
  • In the first case, its probably best to use a platform like Salesflare that offers mass emailing and CRM in one place. This will avoid a lot of unnecessary work.

    In the second case, you can look at integrating that other system with your emailing platform. Our customers for instance use Zapier or Piesync for this purpose.

    In the third case, youll have to import the data in your mass emailing platform. If youre using Salesflare, head to Settings > Import data to get started. Make sure to at least import an email address and a name.

    Only have a full name for each person? No worries. Salesflare will split it automatically into first name, middle name, last name, prefix and suffix. That way you can personalize your emails without a hassle.

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    How To Send Personalized Mass Email Messages In Bulk

    Ever been delegated a last-minute task of composing and sending hundreds of invites? Or are you just tired of spending overtime at the office to ensure every email is personalized?

    Well, youre not alone!

    There are tens of professionals, recruiters, and marketers who have to go through this long and tedious process daily to ensure that they maximize their respective outreach and create engaging content for their readers.

    If you dont already know, personalized mass emails are known to increase your customer conversion rate by a tenfold. Such emails not only applies to outreach campaigns but also sales pitches and similar events. Hence, there is a lot of importance given to personalized emails.

    Mail Merge With Attachments: A New Level Of Personalization

    One of the most important and welcome additions has been the inclusion of the individual attachments in Mail Merge. Mail Merge with attachments opens even more possibilities to conduct business correspondence precisely and competently. The know-how is simple: to perform a mail merge with attachment, a file location is included beside the intended recipient in the data-source file, and after that a special macro is specified within the extended Mail Merge finalization windows Attachment field.

    A Mail Merge attachment will be sent and delivered to the unique recipient as seamlessly and conveniently as a regular file attached to an email message would. If there is no more than one unique recipient per attached file, you can even name your Mail Merge attachments according to the person who is going to receive it .

    You are welcome to watch the short video created by our friends from Webucator training service. It shows how to perform a mail merge with attachments in Outlook:

    With the most recent version of the Mail Merge Toolkit add-in, you can also send your documents as .PDF attachments or as data in the message body during in your mailing.

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    Using Bcc To Send A Mass Email And Hide Recipients

    When youre sending out a new email, you have several options to select recipients:

    Type of receiver

    What it means

    These are the primary receivers of the email. Every recipient will be able to see the To: recipients of an email.

    The receivers are only added to the list because they should be aware of the contents of the email but do not necessarily have to engage in the conversation. Each recipient will be able to see all the To: and CC: recipients


    These are the blank recipients. These email addresses will not be shown to any other recipient aside from the primary recipient. So, in short, BCC allows you to hide the recipients, even when sending mass emails

    When youre using BCC for your mass mail, you will be able to hide the recipients. Its a very easy way to hide the recipients and every popular email client offers the BCC option. BCC is short for Blank Carbon Copy. Recipients of these emails will be able to see all the To: and CC: recipients.

    Today, most people use the BCC option when they want to send out a mass email and hide recipients. Its an effective way as it takes a few seconds to get everything lined up. You paste all the recipients into the BCC line and separate each address by using commas . In the end, sending a mass email and hiding the recipients is relatively easy. Most email clients will also show the recipient that they were a BCC recipient in this email thread.

    Stop Missing Out On Powerful Tracking Capabilities

    How to Send Mass Email in Outlook – Personalise email in outlook- 2018

    Sending your own emails limits your tracking capabilities to only read-receipts. Third party providers on the other hand, offer powerful tracking and reporting options including:

    • The number of emails received
    • The number of emails that were labeled spam
    • The number of recipients that opened your emails
    • that provide a Hot, Medium, Cold contact ranking based off of click results

    Using some of these reports, you can determine the market trends learn what interests your audiences more, as well as what works or doesnt work for you. As such, you can improve on future email marketing campaigns and know where to focus your campaigns.

    When its time to send out bulk messages like newsletters or special announcements use a third-party email service provider. Theyre easy to use, inexpensive, and you can use HTML design to make them look great.

    We recommend these eMarketing service providers:

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    How To Send An Email To Undisclosed Recipients From Gmail

    Lets find out how to set the Undisclosed recipients contact in Gmail. Gmail is simpler than Outlook and takes just three steps to send an email with hidden addresses.

    • In Gmail, click Compose to create a new email.
    • In the To field enter Undisclosed recipients and add your address after it . Example:
    • Next, click on Bcc , and enter your addresses into the Bcc field.
    • Now you are ready to compose your email, and send it out.

    Thats it! Your contacts will not see each other!

    It is recommended that you only use Bcc to communicate with recipients on an infrequent basis. If, however, you want to communicate with many people, fairly often , you should consider using bulk email services.

    Link Your Mailing List To Your Email Message

    Make sure your data source has a column for email addresses and that there’s an email address for everyone youre sending email to.

  • Go to Mailings> Select Recipients.

  • Choose a data source. For more info, see Data sources you can use for a mail merge.

  • Choose File> Save.

  • If you need to edit, sort, or filter your mailing list, see Mail merge: Edit recipients.

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    Have Complete Control Of Your Emails

    Outflashadd-in wants you to be in complete control of the emails you send out hence, it allows you to:

    • Schedule your personalized mass emails beforehand and helps you track every single one of them through the outgoing folder.
    • Plus, you can make use of Outlook mail merge with attachment through Outflash add-in as well!
    • This state-of-the-art feature allows you to review the status of your outgoing emails. You can easily view who has read your emails and who hasnt, allowing you to take the Right Action at the Right Time.

    Why Should You Hide The Recipients

    Outbound Always Works â SaaStr

    When sending mass emails you might want to hide the recipients. This is especially important when the receiver shouldnt see who else got the email. Lets say you want to send out a new promotion to your clients. By showing all the recipients addresses in the email, they can all see each others email addresses. This can quickly lead to complaints from your clients side, as theyd rather not have other people know their email address. People dont like receiving SPAM emails and want to avoid it at all costs. Almost everyone would prefer to avoid this situation.

    In this same case, another reason to hide the recipients could derive from the fact you serve multiple clients in the same niche. Though most companies usually do not mind it, some companies might no longer work with you because they are now aware that you also work for a direct competitor. Sending a mass email without hiding the recipients could result in you losing valuable business opportunities. Thats why hiding the recipients in your emails is important.

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    Using A Reputable Email Marketing Tool

    Good email automation platform help you avoid many of the pitfalls associated with bulk email sends. From checklists that you can use to review your email content, to easy personalization and segmentation tools.

    With an established email marketing platform, you get the advantage of being able to use a relevant sender address, either directly linked to your domain or including it. This helps you with the recognizability and credibility of your email.

    IP addresses are included in emails from marketing platforms, almost like a return to sender address. Email clients use your IP address as a way to gauge your reputability. Many platforms offer both shared IP addresses , or if you send a lot of bulk emails, you can have a dedicated IP address.

    If you are frequently sending a high-volume of bulk emails, you may also require a dedicated IP address. Your email tool will guide you through this, and will be able to suggest a plan that works for your email strategy.

    Add This Timesaver To Your Email Toolset

    Once you get the hang of it, the whole process takes barely a few minutes from start to finish. In the same time, it takes to compose an email for just a single person, now you can do so for a group. It doesn’t matter how large the group is.

    Also, it is a good group email behavior to use a recipient’s name as a greeting. It lends a more personal touch to the email. Something, a CC-ed email sorely lacks.

    Next, you can try mail merge to print letters, labels, and envelopes. You might also want to learn about easy methods to merge Microsoft Outlook PST files. Hungry for more Outlook tips? Then it’s time to explore little-known features of Outlook!

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    Some Useful Tips For The Mail Merge Feature

    • You can use the Preview Results button on the Mailing ribbon to see how your email will look like for the intended recipient. Also, you can navigate the preview email for different recipients using the arrows to the right of the Preview Results button.
    • You can split the information in different columns to create a better formatting for your emails and avoid issues with first and last names.
    • Keep in mind that the format of your emails might not support the incorporation of PDFs or some types of files. The smart thing to do is to create an article online, or add them to a social media platform, then attach a link to the content in the email instead.
    • Do make sure to add a personal signature to your emails. This will make it less obvious that the email was send using a bulk mailing process.

    Mail Merge With 3rd Party Tools

    How to Send Mass Email in Outlook | Mac

    Below is a list of 3rd party mail merge tools which you can use in addition to the Word Mail Merge or as a replacement of it. I wont discuss their start to finish processes but will highlight their unique features.

    Merge Tools by Doug Robbins

    • Installation via a Word Startup template .
    • Merge to e-mail messages either with or without attachments, with the documents created by the merge being sent as either Word or PDF attachments or as the body of the e-mail message.
    • Many to One type merges, which can be used for creating documents such as invoices where there are multiple records in the data source that have common data in one of the fields.
    • Merging to a document that will include a chart that is unique to each record in the data source.
    • Video tutorial by Kevin Stratvert .

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