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Using Bcc To Send A Mass Email And Hide Recipients

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When youre sending out a new email, you have several options to select recipients:

Type of receiver

What it means

These are the primary receivers of the email. Every recipient will be able to see the To: recipients of an email.

The receivers are only added to the list because they should be aware of the contents of the email but do not necessarily have to engage in the conversation. Each recipient will be able to see all the To: and CC: recipients


These are the blank recipients. These email addresses will not be shown to any other recipient aside from the primary recipient. So, in short, BCC allows you to hide the recipients, even when sending mass emails

When youre using BCC for your mass mail, you will be able to hide the recipients. Its a very easy way to hide the recipients and every popular email client offers the BCC option. BCC is short for Blank Carbon Copy. Recipients of these emails will be able to see all the To: and CC: recipients.

Today, most people use the BCC option when they want to send out a mass email and hide recipients. Its an effective way as it takes a few seconds to get everything lined up. You paste all the recipients into the BCC line and separate each address by using commas . In the end, sending a mass email and hiding the recipients is relatively easy. Most email clients will also show the recipient that they were a BCC recipient in this email thread.

Create Contact Group Using The Contacts App

Follow the steps below to Create a Contact Group using the Contacts App on your Android Phone.

1. Open the Contacts app on your Android Phone.

2. Next, tap on the Groups tab.

3. On the Groups screen, tab on ADD located near the upper-right corner of your screen.

4. On the Next screen, type a Name for your Contact Group and then tap on Save to save your new Contact Group

5. On the next screen, tap on the ADD option, located near the top right corner of your screen.

6. On the next screen, select the Contacts that you want to add by tapping on them and tap on Done when you are done adding all the Contacts to your Contact Group .

Once you tap on Done, your Contact Group containing the selected Contacts will be saved and you are ready to make use of this Contact Group to send Group Emails or Group Text Messages from your Android Phone.

Its A Manual Process Thats Tiring And Error

While you can easily send group emails in Gmail, creating a bulk email group is still tedious and time-consuming.You have to manually go through your Gmail contact list to identify the right group of people.

Do you really want to wade through hundreds of email IDs to find the ones you want?

With this manual approach, youll probably overlook an email ID or mistakenly add someone as a group member.

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The Start Of Automating Your Mass Emails

In order to start automating your mass emails you will need the following:


This list contains all the email addresses of the recipients that will receive your mass email

A spreadsheet with additional information

The spreadsheet contains one or multiple additional columns which contain personal details such as first name, last name and company details

An overview of the number of emails you want to send

If you want to build a well-performing outreach campaign, its often useful to send multiple emails such as reminders

A unique copy for every single email

Every email you send out requires unique content. You can write different versions for every email to learn which type of content will improve your results

Creating A Group Email List In Outlook

Send âOut of Officeâ? Replies from Outlook
  • Step 1- Prepare Contact List: Once you are logged into your Outlook account, go to the Navigation Bar and click on People

Step 2: Make a Group

  • Under Contacts, you will see New Group

1) Name your group

2) Add members in the list

3) Write the name of your member you are adding

4) Mention email address of recipients

5) Click on OK and your group list is prepared

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How To Send Mass Emails

Mass email is a common way to electronically reach a large or specific group. This type of communication plays an especially large role in online marketing campaign. With mail emails, you can create a strong online community, achieve conversion goals, make announcements and more. In this article, we look at how to send mass emails in Gmail and Outlook, when and how to use such emails and dos and donts to help make mass emails effective.

How To Send Mass Email In Outlook

Sending mass email in Outlook is possible but not without its limits. Find out how to do it and learn why using an email marketing service is the far more advantageous option.

Mass email refers to the sending of a single message by email to a large number of contacts.

While we strongly recommend using segmentation techniques to generate personalized messages, you may still need to send a mass email every now and then.

If youre wondering how to use Outlook for mass emails, heres one possible method.

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What Are Your Options To Send Mass Emails

Because most popular email clients include the option to send a mass email to different recipients within the BCC line, we will discuss the different possibilities below.

We will cover the following email clients:

  • Compose a new email by clicking Compose within Gmail or pressing ctrl + C

  • Type your email subject

  • Copy the text into the email field and include your email signature

  • Type your own email address in the To: field

  • A new popup will open so you can type your email

  • Type a good email subject line

  • Copy the email message into the message field

  • Copy the list of email recipients

  • Paste the email addresses in the BCC field

  • Type your own address in the To: field

  • Check your email to avoid any grammar errors

  • How To Create And Send Group Emails Using Only Gmail

    How to Send a Group E-mail

    Its fairly easy to create a distribution list of addresses in Gmail and send an email to all of them. But there are a few things you should know:

    • You will only see one sent email in your outbox
    • Gmail limits sent emails to 500 per 24 hours for free accounts
    • Hitting the limit could suspend you from sending any emails for a day

    If you hit the limit, Google wont just take away your group email privileges. You wouldnt be able to send any type of email at all for a short time. That can wreak havoc on your workflow when youre in the middle of speaking with potential customers, so its best to stay well below the Gmail email limit.

    The limits count for every 24 hour period, not days of the week. So, if you sent 400 emails on Wednesday evening you shouldnt send another 200 on Thursday morning.

    The steps to create a Gmail mailing list are straightforward. You have to go through your contacts list for email accounts you want to add, edit recipients, then send an email to the group.

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    Bulk Messaging And Email Services

    Instead of using basic email for business promotion, companies send email campaigns via special services.

    Here are some popular email marketing services that you might wish to use.

    You can learn how to build an email marketing strategy from the HubSpot course.

    Benefits of Email marketing services for bulk messaging:

  • You have access to delivery reports and campaign statistics. A service will provide info about sent, delivered, and opened messages.
  • Your email has a low chance of going into the spam folder.
  • Email service will generate statistics for you, and keep track of your customers interests, best delivery times, etc.
  • User segmentation and personalization are extremely important features of email marketing services. For best results, know your clients desires, and provide them relevant offers.
  • You can customize emails with your own professional templates.
  • Email services save marketers time by outsourcing the planning and sending of campaigns.
  • Your contact list is hidden from recipients automatically.
  • Alternatively, you can use push notifications for your website. Push subscriptions typically grow faster than email subscriptions. Still, you will be able to segment subscribers, send them a newsletter, special offers and see statistics.

    Lets summarize.

    To hide the email addresses from recipients:


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    Send An Email Using The Email List In Gmail

    Now that you have a list created and labeled, go to your Gmail inbox to send an email to the whole group of contacts.

    Once the page loads, hover the mouse cursor over the Plus icon and click the Compose button when it appears to start a new email.

    From the New Message window, start to type the name you gave the label and then click on the suggestion when it appears below the text field.

    After you select the label, fill out the email and then click the Send button when you finish to send it to everyone in the group list.

    While you could use this for running a small business or marketing campaign, your free Google account only allows for up to 500 sent and received emails per day. If you reach this limit within a 24-hour period, you might get an error message notifying you of your overage.

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    Forward An Email To An Outlookcom Group

    When you forward a message that has an attachment, the forwarded message will include the attachment.

  • In the message list, choose the message that you want to forward.

  • At the top right corner of the message pane, select , or select

  • On the To line, enter the name of the group or the group email address.

  • Type your message and then select Send.

  • How To Send Email To Multiple Recipients Without Them Knowing

    Outlook: How to group emails by conversation

    Occasionally we need to send emails to more than one person. Its a very simple task. For example, in Gmail, all you need to do is enter all of the names into the To field. Done! However, there are times when we dont want to show all of the addresses to our recipients.


    How do we manage this option? In this article, you will learn how to send email to multiple recipients without them seeing each other. We will look at the main steps in accomplishing this goal using Gmail and Outlook.

    If you need to expand tools for interacting with your website audience, try both emails and push notifications.

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    One: Start A Group Campaign

    Once youve grouped the contacts you want to add, you can click on Compose Campaign from inside Mailtrack List.

    The top bar of the compose window will have turned green, which lets you know youre inside an email group campaign. You can add up to 200 email addresses while in a Mailtrack campaign, which is also the maximum per 24 hours.

    Of course, dont forget to finish off the email with a good subject line and compelling content.

    Create Professional Looking Emails That Match Your Brand

    We know how difficult it can be to design emails from scratch without the necessary skills in graphic design, HTML or CSS.

    One of the major advantages of an email marketing service is that it provides the resources to quickly create beautifully designed mobile-optimized emails.

    Sendinblue gives you access to a library of email templates as well as our drag and drop email design tool which makes it super easy to create responsive emails.

    Having clean, well-designed emails that reflect your brand will help catch readers attention and increase conversions. Below is one such example from Daubner USA a great-looking email complete with branding, attention-grabbing elements and call-to-action buttons, created with Sendinblues easy-to-use email builder.

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    Send To Groups From The Campaign Builder

    You can create segments in most campaign builders. Here, we’ll cover how to create a group-based segment in a regular email campaign builder.

    To send to groups from the regular email campaign builder, follow these steps.

  • In the To section, click Add Recipients.
  • In the Audience drop-down, choose the audience you want to work with.
  • In the Segment or Tag drop-down, choose Group or new segment.
  • Click New Segment.
  • Click the second drop-down menu and choose whether to send to contacts who are in one of, all of, or none of the group names.
  • Click Update Recipient Count to see how many contacts are included.
  • Click Save.
  • You’re all set! Now, only the contacts who meet the conditions you set will receive your campaign. Click the recipient count to view each of them.

    A For Windows Platforms

    How to email a group in outlook

    Heres how you can easily create a distribution list in Outlook on Windows:

    Step 1

    To create a new group, first open Outlook. Then, go to the navigation pane and click on the People icon .

    Alternatively, you can also select New Items > More Items > Contact Group from the Hometab.

    Step 2

    Under MyContacts, select the folder in which you want to save the contact group. Most people tend to save the new contact group in the contacts folder.

    Note: For this article, I obtained several sample contacts from this website.

    Step 3

    Select NewContactGroup from the Home tab in the top ribbon.

    Step 4

    Set a group name for your contact group in the name field.

    Step 5

    Click addmembers and choose to add member emails From Address Book,From Outlook Contacts, or make a new contact.

    Heres what each of these means:

    • From Address Book This usually contains the email IDs of people in your organization.
    • Outlook Contact List This contains primarily a set of external contacts that youve stored in a Microsoft Outlook contacts folder.
    • Make a New Contact This enables you to create a new contact to add to the list.

    If the list of contact emails only contains a group of people from your company, you can also add multiple people through your firms global address list.

    Note: If you need toadd member emails again to your list of business or personal contacts, just select the list and Add members to repeat the process.

    Step 6

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    How To Automate Your Mass Emails

    Now that youve learned how to create great mass emails while not showing the addresses, its time to look at how you can automate this process in order to save time. When it comes to sending emails in the B2B space, you will often send out the same emails to different people at specific times. To avoid having to copy and paste your email copy to create new mass emails, its often more efficient to simply automate this process.

    For example, when youre sending out a specific email to every new user that signed up for your product last week, you want to avoid having to send a mass email containing every new user. You will have to schedule this task every week and in the end, it will just be a time-consuming task. Instead, you should start automating these mass emails so you will be able to spend your time on other tasks.

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