How To Send Mass Email With Personal Names Gmail

Limitations Of Mass Email In Gmail

How to send personalized bulk emails with Gmail

Its important to not that there are limitations with sending mass email in Gmail. Despite the limitations, Gmail can be a good way to send mass emails to small numbers of recipients, quickly and for free. These include:

1. You can only send 500 emails per day as soon as you hit 500 emails, youre going to have to wait 24 hours before sending more.

2. Issues with deliverability: your account can be temporarily disabled if you dont follow the sender guidelines. You also need to make sure youre using a legitimate email address, with a domain name.

Add Contacts To The List

If the users that you want to send mass messages to are not on your contact list, start with creating new contacts. Click a large Create contact button and fill the fields with the necessary information like name, email, company, job title, phone, and notes.

Then, from the list of Contacts, choose those you want to add to the group and click the manage labels icon. Choose the label you have created and it will be automatically added to all the selected contacts.

Hit Send & Start Analyzing The Responses At Scale

Ready to send? Maybe one quick test email to be sure , and then off to the mailboxes!

Is this the end? Nope, this is only the beginning.

From here, youll be able to follow live how your audience is interacting with your emails:

  • Are they opening your emails?
  • Are they clicking on the links youre sharing? Or replying to the email?
  • Are emails bouncing because theres something wrong with the email address? Or if youve included an unsubscribe link: are they unsubscribing?

Its all made visible for you in one single place.

And then from here, you can follow up further.

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Link Your Mailing List To Your Email Message

Make sure your data source has a column for email addresses and that there’s an email address for everyone youre sending email to.

  • Go to Mailings> Select Recipients.

  • Choose a data source. For more info, see Data sources you can use for a mail merge.

  • Choose File> Save.

  • If you need to edit, sort, or filter your mailing list, see Mail merge: Edit recipients.

    The Best Way To Send A Mass Email

    How to Send Bulk Personalized Emails Using Gmail

    The best way to run an email marketing campaign is by using proper software designed specifically for this purpose, such as Anyleads prospecting.

    Using Anyleads, you can easily import your Gmail contacts or even connect Gmail as a sender in one click. This way, you will be able to target and expand your Gmail audience enjoying advanced features with a direct impact on mass mails effectiveness and conversion:

    • Emails verification: Our email verification tool allows quick detection of all duplicate and non-valid emails so that you can maintain good housekeeping of your contact list.

    • Personalization: Adding personalization in your mass emails is just as easy as choosing a relevant macros from the extensive list of options. What is more, there is a tool to help you enrich your base with lacking information.

    To discover Anyleads and assess the benefits of professional email marketing, start a free trial.

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    Use Google Contacts To Select All Of Your Contacts Then Hit The Email Icon

    If you use to track your contacts, you can use the to select all or some of your contacts, and then hit the Email button to launch a Gmail Compose window with all of those addresses in the To line.

    First, from inside Gmail, choose Contacts in the upper-left menu:

    Then, navigate to the list of Contacts, select all of them with the checkbox tool, and click the Email button. Note that it will only select the contacts on the current page, and you would have to go to the next page of contacts to separately select those. Therefore, this method is inherently limited because it will only allow you to select 250 contacts at a time.

    Several important considerations when using Google Contacts:

    • You can launch Contacts from within Gmail, which will nest the Google Contacts interface inside Gmail. This is the preferred method, and Ill explain why shortly.
    • Alternatively, you can launch Google Contacts in a separate window by going to in a separate browser window. This is the least preferred method.
    • Google has a new preview version of Google Contacts that has been around for a while, but is shunned by many in favor of the classic Google Contacts interface. The classic interface is far more useful, so for this demonstration of sending a mass email to all the email addresses in your Gmail account, we will stick to the classic interface, and Ill explain why shortly.
    Why you shouldnt use Google Contacts outside of Gmail

    Creating Templates In Gmail

    Google Labs used to be a place where Gfans could test out new features and send their feedback directly to Google. A lot of people have been asking where has Google Labs gone?, Its not gone. Google just incorporated it into the Advanced Settings section of your G Suite. Here, youll find the option to enable templates of frequent messages and other little features you might not know about.

  • Head to Gmail and open Mail Settings in the top right corner by clicking the icon.
  • Hit See all settings.
  • Enable the templates option.
  • Dont forget to hit Save Changes
  • A mass email campaign can have any number of purposes. If youve not read our article with Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Email Marketing, go do it. If you cant be arsed, in true NetHunt fashion well break it down for you.

    Heres a little inspiration for your mass email marketing campaigns.

    Welcome to the club.

    Welcome emails are 86% more likely to be opened than a standard newsletter. Theyre a free hit when it comes to email marketing, and the first chance your business has got to make an impression. If your welcome email blows, its also your businesss last chance to make an impression.

    The sole aim of your welcome email is to encourage a user to take the next step. Something like this should do it.

    Wed send this email to all our New User label.


    Wed send this mass email to those customers in industries we know are suffering.


    Wed send this to our label.


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    Why You Should Not Send Mass Emails Without Mailtrack Campaigns

    On its own, Gmail is great for everyday communication. But you really have to unlock its potential with another program to make the most of a mass email in Gmail. Using Gmail alone for an email campaign is limiting. People can mark your messages as spam easily, there isnt any guaranteed delivery rate, and you cant follow up on whos read your email or not. Lets talk about these issues in detail.

    Connect To Your Spreadsheet Compose And Send Your Messages

    How to send a mass email with personalized attachments in Gmail (2 minute demo)

    If youve performed a mail merge with GMass before, the next step should be familiar. Click the Sheets connector button, choose your spreadsheet and worksheet, hit the Connect button, and a Gmail Compose will open. Type your message, and hit the GMass button. You dont need to attach any files to this message. GMass will automatically detect the column in your spreadsheet containing the files to be attached and attach them to the individual emails.

    The only reason you would attach a file directly to the Gmail Compose window is if you also want a separate attachment to go to all recipients. In that case, any files you attach to the Draft will be sent to all recipients, and additionally, any personalized attachments set in the spreadsheet will also be sent to separate emails.

    For example, lets say you publish a PDF newsletter monthly that you also want to send to everyone along with their personalized invoices. Then, you would attach the PDF newsletter to the Gmail Compose window, and after clicking GMass, each of the bulk personalized emails would be sent the same newsletter PDF as one attachment and an individual personalized invoice PDF as a second attachment.

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    Sending Bulk Emails Using Pre

    Create a draft email as you did in the previous step. But, instead of adding all your contacts manually into a Google Sheet, you’ll import them from an existing list.

  • Open Google Sheets and create a new Blank document.
  • Click on the Add-ons option at the top menu.
  • Select Yet Another Mail Merge > Import Contacts .
  • Select the contact list you’d like to import.
  • Or, select the specific contact list from the dropdown.
  • Click the Import Contacts button.
  • Click Start Mail Merge and follow steps 9-13 from the previous list.
  • Although this requires setting up your list in advance, you’ll end up saving a lot of time versus manually entering all your data into your spreadsheet.

    How To Send Personalized Mass Emails In Gmail

    To send personalized mass emails in Gmail, it is necessary to install particular extensions or add-ons that will allow email merge with Google Docs and Spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet, you create a list of all contacts and attributes like name, job title, company, etc.

    Thus, you insert a macro, for example, } into your emails, and a corresponding value will be pulled up from the file you have created. For this purpose, every value should be placed in a separate column, like this:

    First name

    San Francisco

    Merge tools vary in the features they provide. For example, Yet Another Mail Merge provides statistics on email campaigns and allows sending a mass email to a maximum of 100 users per day. Contact Monkey, an alternative tool, allows personalization, email tracking, email scheduling and integration with Salesforce. Gmail Mail Merge has personalization, scheduling, tracking of email opens, and supports email aliases so that a secretary or a virtual assistant can send mass emails on behalf of a manager. Meanwhile, more advanced users can build their own mail merge tool using Google Sheets and Gmail following .

    While merge tools allow expanding the functionality of Gmail, they still lack many useful features only dedicated email marketing platforms can provide.

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    How To Send Bulk Personalized Emails Using Gmail

    One of the most popular and user friendly email providers, Gmail is a great tool for personal and business email users. In many cases you may need to send the same or very similar email to multiple recipients. For example, a thank you note for people who attended an event or an invitation for a conference. This how-to will take you through the steps needed to quickly do this using google sheets and gmail.

    1. You will need to create a spreadsheet, ideally in Google Sheets using fields such as FirstName, Surname etc.

    If youre using a list from Excel you can transfer it to Google Sheets. Google Contacts will allow you to send bulk messages using the cc or bc formatting, but to personalize it you will need to make a spreadsheet to import.

    2. In Gmail, draft your email message. Give it a title.

    To add personalization to the email, add the column title you wish to use in curly brackets, e.g.} directly in the subject line and/or in the email body. This will allow you to automatically add first name in your bulk emails, see example below.

    Bear in mind that the word in the } must correspond to the fields in your import document.

    3. When youre done, close the message and it will saved to your drafts .

    4. Back in Sheets go to Add Ons. Go to Get Add Ons and go for YetAnotherMailMerge. Sometimes it will ask for permissions. Read the t& cs and if youre happy click OK to add this to your Add Ons.

    5. Go to Add Ons > YetAnotherMailMerge > Start Mail Merge.

    Limitations For Sending Mass Emails

    How To Send Mass Emails In Gmail &  Outlook That Seem Personal

    It is important to understand that sending a mass email through your Gmail does have some limits. There is a maximum of email recipients a user can have in one single email, as well as a maximum amount of emails a user can send in 24 hours. It will not work by sending them at 11:50 pm and again at 12:05 am the system requires a full 24 hours to pass.

    Something you can do to prevent receiving errors when trying to send a mass email through your Gmail is to set your recipients up as a . This will allow you to create a group and completely customize it, including sending an email to all members of your group using one email address the group address. You are also able to manage the roles of contacts in your group allowing others to send emails and update group information.

    Set up for your group may be tedious, as you will have to start by adding your contacts manually by groups of ten, but once set up, proves worth it for the ease of future mailers. Google Groups has a free option that is offered for all users but also has a paid option for business users called offered through G Suite, which requires a G Suite license to receive the features and benefits of Groups for Business.

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    Send A Mass Email To A Specific Group

    While its useful to email every contact at once, its more likely that youd want to send mass emails to specific groups. Grandma probably doesnt need to know about your companys latest sales results, after all.

    There are two ways you can go about sending an email campaign to one list of contacts:

    • The hard way
    • The easy way

    Lets go over the hard way first. You can store and manage your contact lists in an Excel or Google Spreadsheet. In that type of file, you have the advantage of easily creating, editing or deleting any line. And then its easy to copy/paste the list to your Gmail to or Bcc field when needed.

    About the limitations of this method, youre quite aware of them if you use it. First, you have to be juggling Chrome of software windows or tabs to get the job done. Secondly, theres no proper way to send those emails in the form of a campaign, where every recipient gets their copy of the message without seeing other recipients so, typically, what most people do is paste their contacts in the BCC field.

    Now lets move onto the easy way. Its been created by Mailtrack for Gmail, the leading software solution for email tracking, link tracking and other email productivity features.

    Thanks to Mailtrack Lists, you can make a list for your book club, jogging club, important clients, extended family members, board members, or dinner club. Different groups can even list the same email, which makes sending mass emails to different people easy.

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