How To Send Long Videos On Email

Share Large Video Files Via Cloud Service

How to Send Large Videos on Gmail,How to send attachments larger than 25MB in Gmail

If you don’t want to use the app in the devices, then there is always the cloud options that are supported by all the devices. Whether it is a Windows phone or PC, Mac, or iPhone, the cloud storage services can help you to learn how to send long videos among iPhone and Android devices or from Mac to Windows.

The Many Ways Of Sharing Your Large Videos Safely

Figuring out the best way to share a large video file is not always so simple. Especially if you dont want to lose on video quality with unnecessary compression.

Thats not something you have to worry about with other types of documents. As weve seen, having access to a cloud storage service is going to be the safest and fastest way to share via any device, mobile, or desktop. But several shortcuts work too.

What is your preferred way to share large video files? Let us know in the comments section below.

Use A Share Link From Your Cloud Service

If you’re not using OneDrive, you’re going to need to copy and paste a direct link to your file from your service provider.

  • Log into the cloud service provider like Google Drive or iCloud.
  • Upload the file as normal if you haven’t already completed this step.
  • Copy the link and edit permissions if necessary.
  • Go into Outlook and compose a new message.
  • Paste the link in the document and forward it as normal.
  • If you do have OneDrive you’ll do things a little differently.

  • Log into OneDrive to upload the file.
  • Log back into Outlook and compose a new message.
  • Select the OneDrive option and click on the file you want to send.
  • Once attachment and the message are in place, email the message as normal.
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    How To Send Large Video Files From Iphone

    If you have a video file on your iPhone that exceeds 100MB, you cant simply send it via iMessage. Nor can you use the mail app because the limit there is 20MB. This leaves you with two possibilities: the AirDrop feature and iCloud.

    Using AirDrop to Send Large Video Files

    This built-in iOS feature allows wireless sharing of pictures, documents, notes, maps, and yes videos. The pre-requisites are that the person youre sending the file to is an iPhone user, close by, and that their device is on and ready to accept AirDrop files. If all of that is covered, heres what you do next:

  • Open the folder in your iPhone and select the large video you want to send.
  • Now, click on the icon, and from the sharing panel, select the AirDrop feature.
  • Next, find your recipient and click on their profile.
  • The person youre sending the file to will receive a notification about the incoming file. Once the transfer is complete, they can disable this feature.
  • Using iCloud to Send Large Video Files

    The iCloud comes with 5GB of free storage. And if you have a video file that is up to 5GB, you can use iCloud to send it. Heres what you need to do:

  • Tap the video file you want to share.
  • Next, tap the , add your recipient and then click Send.
  • You will receive a notification that the file is too large. And an option to Use Mail Drop instead.
  • How To Send A Video Through Gmail By Uploading An Attachment From A Computer

    My Video Is Too Long &  Won

    Before you get started, be aware that videos sent as attachments on a computer or mobile device are subject to a size limitation of 25 MB.

    1. Go into your Gmail account.

    2. Compose your email as usual, then select “Attach files.”

    3. Select your file and click “Open.”

    4. Finish typing your email and hit “Send.”

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    How To Send A Video Using Yahoo Mail

    With a Yahoo account, its very easy to share your own or other peoples interesting videos with friends or colleagues by including them in an email message.

    There are two main ways you can send videos using Yahoo Mail. You can either share the video links in an email or send the video as an attachment.

    1. Share the video link

    When you want to share a video on YouTube or any other social application, you can just share the video using its link.

    To do this, open your Yahoo Mail account and click on the Compose tab to create a new message. Then paste the web link/URL of the video you wish to send in the Link tab at the bottom of the screen and hit Save. Then compose the message and send it.

    Thats all it takes.

    2. Send the video as an attachment

    When doing this, you have to remember that you cant attach files larger than 25MB on Yahoo Mail. Its best to compress large video files before sending them as attachments. Compressing videos is a pretty simple and easy process which well go into in detail of later in the article.

    To send your video as an attachment, open your Yahoo Mail account. Click the Compose tab to compose a new message.

    Next, click on Attach files. A series of options automatically pops up. Click on Attach files from computer and choose the desired video files. After this, you can send your email.

    You can send as many videos as you want as long as they dont surpass the limit.

    Can I Personalize My Video Thumbnail With Hippo Video

    A good video thumbnail will entice people to click on your video and also give them a clue about your video content. With Hippo Video, you can choose a static or a GIF video thumbnail to personalize your thumbnail content. You can also add merge fields such as first name, company logo, etc. along with texts to make your video thumbnails clickable.

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    Compress The File To Send Via Email

    Have you ever thought about using an online tool to compress your large video files?

    When you compress, or zip file your videos, it decreases the file size that might be small enough to send within the email size limits. We suggest the HandBrake tool for converting large video files to send via email.

    Simple Steps To Send Large Video Via Email

    How to Send Videos in Gmail (iOS, Android, Mac, PC)

    Videos are becoming a popular medium for businesses to communicate with their prospects and customers. And many businesses are making use of emails to send across their video files such as demos, how-to instructions, testimonials etc. But the real trouble starts when businesses try to send across a heavy video file via email. If youre one of them, you must have encountered the dreadful Error message.

    Large file error message in Gmail

    As a workaround, many businesses upload their large video files on YouTube and share it with their prospects as a link via email. While it is convenient to do so, remember, your videos are on an open platform and therefore not secure. Also, the recipients will not receive an email notification for your email.

    Now, considering your predicament, let us help you understand why sending a heavy video via email is not as simple as you thought it would be.

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    How To Send A Video Through Email From Phone

    You can also send videos from your phone with the Covideo mobile app. This is a great option if youre recording videos on the go, you are away from your office, or have a video already recorded on your phone that you want to upload and send. Before you can email large videos from your phone, you will first need to download the app in either the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Once downloaded, these are the instruction for how to send large video files from iPhone and how to send large video files from android.

    When youre ready to send your videos via email, you have two options. Heres how to email large videos, or how to send a video through email from phone through the Covideo app:

    1. Emailing from CovideoIf you want to email your videos directly from the Covideo app, first locate the video you want to send. Below the video click Email. Type in the recipients email, a subject, and a short message. You can customize your landing page and calls-to-actions as well. When youre ready, click send and your video email will be sent!

    2. Copying and pasting If you prefer to copy and paste your video into your personal email platform or through your CRM, that is an option too. First, find the video you want to copy. In the toolbar below the video, click CRM. Click the orange button that says Copy CRM Code. Go to the application or webpage you want to paste it into, and click paste.

    Other Apps To Transfer Big Files On Iphone

    Q: What is the best App for big files transfer?

    I wish to transfer a 10-minute video from my iPhone. What is the best App to complete the transfer? – from an iPhone user

    Certainly there are many other applications you can use to transfer the big files from iPhone. Here are 3 suggestions for you:

    1. SHAREit

    2. TransferBigFiles

    From its name, you can clearly know that TransferBigFiles is a tool good at sending and receiving big files. It allows you to send up to a whopping 20 Gigabytes while most email systems max out at 10 to 25MB.

    3. Send Anywhere – File Transfer

    Send Anywhere – File Transfer is a high-rated App in App Store . This well-received application provides you an easy, quick and unlimited file sharing way. You can use it to share your long videos via Wi-Fi without restriction.

    There are so many applications on the market and in order to avoid damaging your device, please choose a safe as well as reliable tool to transfer your large files.

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    Ways To Email A Video

    Choosing your method for emailing a video depends on whats most important to you. Do you care more about a seamless video-watching experience in the email, or are you more interested in getting clicks to your site? How much time can you spend on adding videos to email? Do you know how to use HTML?

    A video email example from Wistia

    Here is a breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of four ways to add a video to an email:

    Collaborate Easilyeven With Big Files

    How to send long video on gmail

    Making a documentary or co-creating something big? As part of our Creative Tools Add-On, frame-accurate commenting, like time-based comments, simplifies creative reviews, avoiding endless email threads, and enables others to jump to the exact frame you’re referring to. Tag team members, clients, and vendors to notify them of your comments to keep projects moving.

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    The Best Way To Send Large Video Files

    If youre looking for the best way to share large video files, look no further! Using a video email platform like Covideo makes sending videos as a message incredibly easy. With Covideo, you can record, send, and track video emails at ease. You have the ability to share video messages via email, text, through social media, or embed them on your website. You can do all of these tasks from your computer or your phone, making Covideo accessible on all your platforms and devices. After recording your videos, Covideo will automatically compress videos for email, however, the quality of the video is not sacrificed. Covideo will turn your video content into a link that you can easily embed into your email.

    With Covideo, your videos are stored in your online video library, where you can record and send an unlimited number of videos. The entire process of recording and sending videos takes just a few minutes, once your video is recorded, all you need to do is copy and paste the link which takes no time at all. This is why Covideo is not only the best way to share videos, but also the fastest way to send large video files online.

    How to email a video is easy! with a video expert to see it first hand.

    Zip Or Rar Compresses Large Video File

    • Upside: Send large video in email attachment.
    • Downside: Recipient must install unzip software, and download files from several email letters.
    • Best for: All users without worrying about losing some graphics quality.
    • Not Recommend for: Email large video content in a resolution of 2K, 4K+.

    7-ZIP compressor is a practical solution for compressing and emailing large video content.

    If your video size just outruns the standard a little, then 7-ZIP file compressor is there to help shrink the large video into a compression archive file for emailing.

    However, for video size at 2G, 3G, or even much bigger, it will require you to split the compression video file:

    Right click > >

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    Watch Long Videos Without Having To Download Them

    Watch long videos instantaneously with Dropboxeven if your internet connection isnt so great. All it takes is a quick adjustment to your quality settings and you can continue watching without interruption. And when you share a link to a long video file, your recipient can stream the video online right then and theretheres no need for them to download it.

    How To Send Large Files Via Yahoo Email

    How To Send Large Video Files Via Email – Quickly and Easily!

    Learning how to send files larger than 25MB on Yahoo is easier than you think. We’re going to walk you step by step on how to email large files with your Yahoo account.

  • Open Yahoo! Mail and compose a new message.
  • Select the paper clip icon for attachments.
  • You’ll have four options to choose.
  • Select either Google Drive or Dropbox to locate and send your file.
  • Once you’ve clicked the document you want, it will bring you back to your draft.
  • Send as normal.
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    How Do I Send A Video From My Iphone To Email

    Q: I want to send a large video file from my iPhone to people via email

    Do anyone know how to do this? – from Apple Community

    Sending iPhone videos via email is also a feasible method and you can complete the emailing process in different ways. Let’s learn how to send videos from iPhone to email together!

    Different ways to email long videos on iPhone:

    Way 1. Email iPhone Videos via “Photos” App

    Step 1. Open “Photos” App and find out the videos that you want to transfer.

    Step 2. Tap on “Share” and choose “Mail” from the listed options.

    Step 3. Add the recipient and click on “Send”.

    Way 2. Send a Video that is too Long Using Google Drive

    Step 1. Download, install and open the Google Drive on your iPhone.

    Step 2. Click the “+” icon after entering the App and continue to choose “Upload”.

    Step 3. Select the option “Photos and Videos” and choose a long video file that you want to send.

    Step 4. Once the uploading process ends, you can click on the uploaded file and click “Get Link” to copy the URL.

    Step 5. Login to your Gmail and paste the copied link of the large video on the email and then send it.

    You can also click to learn:

    Way 3. Share Long iPhone Videos with Dropbox

    Step 1. Press the “+” icon on the primary interface of “Dropbox” App.

    Step 2. Choose “Upload Photos” and then select the video that you want to share.

    Step 3. Click on “Next” when you check the wanted video and tap on “Upload”.

    Step 4. Tap the video you want to transfer in Dropbox and click the “Share” option.

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