How To Send Large Video Files Through Email

Send Large Video Files Through The Drive

How To Send Large Video Files Via Email Without Google Drive (Free, Quick & Simple)

Businesses use cloud storage services like Google Drive, DropBox, or OneDrive to send large video files via email. Though it has its advantages, it is going as a link and therefore it falls short in offering an engaging visual preview for the recipients. Also, as shown in the image below, if your account reaches its storage limit, you will have to free up some space before sending the video link.

Send Your Video Via Dropbox

File sharing is made easy with Dropbox. Theyâre the modern workspace designed to reduce busywork lifeâso you can focus on things that matter.

All files uploaded to Dropbox can’t exceed your storage space quota. There is no file size limit for files uploaded through the desktop or mobile apps, and files uploaded to have a maximum file size of 50 GB.

Upload your video file to Dropbox or save and upload directly from our online video editor. Once your video has been uploaded to Dropbox, all you have to do is log into either Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Zoho Mail or iCloud. Share the links to the file to send files to email addresses . Itâs as simple as that.

How To Email Large Files In Outlook

Startwith the quick video screencast below or dig into the written tutorialinstructions that follow. Learn how to work with Outlook attachments and zipyour files are share them through Microsoft OneDrive.

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Now let’s take a closer look at how to email large files using Outlook:

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  • How To Send Large Files Via Email

    How to Send Large Files Through Email using Gmail

    Figuring out how to email large files can take up hours of your day. However, it doesn’t have to because there are many avenues you can take to send your large email attachments. In this article, we are going to discuss how to send large files via email and ways the Clean Email app will keep large files organized in your inbox.

    Clean Email

    Take control of your Inbox


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    How Do I Send A Video Via Email Drop

    You can use Mail Drop to upload large attachments to iCloud, where theyre encrypted.Turn on Mail Drop for large attachments In Mail on, click. at the top of the Mailboxes list, then choose Preferences. Click Composing, then select Use Mail Drop when sending large attachments. Click Done.

    Using File Sharing Software

    Use email file sharing software if zipping the folder will not help for large video files.

    Register the file sharing software, before use. Some free software allows the user to send up to 2GB files. You Send It, File Hippo and Egnyte are online based programs. Check with the services to see if a trial, fee or payment accounts is available to share files.

    Upload the required files to the software server after registration. The software generates a hyperlink . Copy this link and paste it in the email message or send the link directly to the recipient through the software .

    The recipient will receive the link in the inbox. The recipient can download the required files by clicking this link.


    Some software will require both the sender and the recipient to register with it. This will ensure more secure transfer of files between the sender and the recipient.


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    How To Send Large Videos

    If youve recorded a video and you want to send that large video file to friends or family, you may find its a bit more difficult than you might have thought.

    Video files can get very large, very quickly. There are lots of options to send other types of large files, but video files are different. Those techniques may work for smaller video files, but for larger ones they wont work.

    What To Do When Iphone Videos Are Too Large To Email

    How to send large video files via email via google drive

    Some of the footages can easily cross the file size limit for attachments set by email services. If you record 4K UHD high frame rate or slow motion videos and want to share them via email, it’s likely to refused by email services because of big file size. Here are some options to get rid of the problem.

    Use VideoProc Converter to Help Email Large Videos Faster from iPhone

    Step 1: Launch VideoProc Converter on your computer. Click the Video button to open the Video window. Click the +Video icon at the top menu bar and select the source iPhone video to import. Batch video processing is allowed. You can add more clips at a time. The Video will be loaded quickly and you should see a new window showing the video information.

    Step 2: Select an output format from the list of Target Format. Then use the following steps to cut, split, and compress large videos from iPhone for faster emailing without exceeding the file size limit.

    Cut: Under the video information section, there’s an option to cut your iPhone video. Click the Cut icon and the Cut window pops up. Drag the slider below the video viewing window to the position you want to keep. Click the orange Cut icon and click Done to save the settings and close the window. The video file size will be reduced by cutting out unwanted segments without any quality loss.

    Step 3: Click the RUN button at the bottom right corner to start processing large videos taken from iPhone for emailing after they are all set.

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    Is It Possible To Compress A Video To Send Through Email

    Unarguably, the greatest disadvantage associated with videos is their enormous file size.

    Longer, higher definition videos result in larger file sizes. This makes it difficult to attach them to emails.

    So how do you send a large video file via email?

    There are three main ways.

  • You can compress them into a zip file
  • You can make the video shorter and smaller with iMovie on Mac
  • You can send large video files using a cloud storage service like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer.
  • Lets go by them one by one.

    Determine The Size Of Your Video

    Reduce file size. If you have a lot of videos to send in one email, try reducing their sizes individually before compressing them into one large attachment. You might also want to reduce the quality settings so that there’s less data to transfer.

    Compress your large video files into a smaller size before sending them via email attachment. The simplest way is through an online file converter, but you can also use dedicated software or apps for this purpose if you prefer that route . Here’s how:

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    Upload Your Files To A Cloud Storage Space And Share Them Or Email Them To Others

    Using a cloud storage space like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive is one of the easiest and most popular methods for sending large files. Depending on your email provider, you’ll likely be able to use a corresponding cloud storage like Google Drive for Gmail, or OneDrive for

    If you’re sending an attachment within a provider like Gmail, you’ll see the Google Drive button already integrated. Simply press it, choose your file, and then send it like a regular attachment.

    Alternatively, Dropbox allows you to upload large files and then send a web link via email or text to your recipient. With Dropbox’s free tier, you’ll receive 2 GB of storage space. For $9.99 per month, you can increase your storage to 1 TB.

    Specific Use Case: Ease-of-use when sending attachments through your email provider. Most likely to use when sharing files internally with colleagues.

    How Can I Send A Large Video File For Free

    How To Send Large Video Files Via Email

    How can I send large files for free? WeTransfer. WeTransfer offers one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to share your files. Send Anywhere. Send Anywhere is a relatively similar service, but it does have a few tricks up its sleeve. MailBigFile. Hightail. Dropbox. Google Drive. OneDrive. 8. Mail Drop.

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    Make The Video Shorter And Smaller With Imovie On Mac

    Mac devices often come with iMovie, an Apple-enabled movie editing tool.

    With iMovie, you can make your video shorter by sending only the important bits. This will decrease the size of the file. You can also use the email option included in iMovie to send the video via email to whomever you want.

    The process is pretty simple. Just open iMovie and click on the arrow on the top left corner of the menu bar.

    Select the portion of the video you want to send. Then export it by clicking File-Share- Email. Lastly, choose small to reduce the file size.

    Your video is ready to be shared via email. iMovie will open a blank email with the smaller file ready to send.

    Send A Video Through Email With Outlook

    To use Outlook to email your video to someone, launch a web browser on your computer and access the Outlook site, or open the Outlook app. Sign in to your Outlook account.

    Once you are signed in, in Outlooks top-left corner, click New Message to compose a new email.

    If your videos file size is less than 20 MB, attach your video to your email directly by clicking Attach > Browse This Computer.

    Simply select your video file in the dialog that opens.

    If your video is larger than 20 MB, then upload it to OneDrive and add its link to your email. Do that by clicking Attach > Upload and Share.

    On the open window, select the video you want to share via email.

    To change which folder your video is uploaded on OneDrive, then in the Upload To prompt, click Change Location. Then start uploading your video file by clicking Upload.

    Outlook will upload your video to OneDrive and add its link to your current email. Now fill in the rest of the fields in the email and hit Send at the top to send your email.

    Once your recipients receive the email, all they will have to do is click the link in the email to watch your video. And you are all set.

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    Masv Accelerated Cloud Solution

    A quick and easy way on how to send large videos is with an accelerated cloud solution like MASV file transfer solution. All you need is an internet connection.

    This is a great option when you dont have time for restrictions and need the fastest, most resilient solution. MASV was built specifically for video and post-production professionals who need to send huge videos under a deadline. MASV sends videos as fast as your internet connection can handle and at prices comparable to shipping hard driveswithout the associated risks !

    As an accelerated cloud solution, MASV doesnt require specialized software and can send files quicker than most competitors. Its also user-friendly and allows you to send as much data as needed without any file size or bandwidth roadblocks.

    Billing is straightforward at just $0.25 USD per gigabyte in a pay-as-you-go model, which also includes 10 days of storage for your delivery. We chose pay-as-you-go over subscription after talking with businesses in the media and entertainment space. Their insights were invaluable, informing us that their business is usually project-based and monthly transfer volume tends to fluctuate drastically from month to month. MASV is fast and efficient through the use of our patented, cloud-based TCP acceleration technology, which ensures the product requires no technical expertise or hardware/software installation.


    • Easy to implement and manage


    How To Send Large Video Files For Free

    How to Email Large Video Files

    By Bella| Follow | Last Updated March 05, 2021

    • Reddit

    Summary :

    Cant send video files because they are large in size? How to send large files over the internet? This post lists the best 8 ways to send large files free. Try a suitable one to share your cool video with friends.

    Quick Navigation :

      It is very easy to send photos. However, sending large video files is usually much more difficult. For instance, Gmail can only hold files up to 25 MB. I guess most of you might have received this message “Sorry. File too large” when you send large video files to somebody over the internet.

      Now, how to send large files free?

      Dont worry. Transferring large files can be done in a few different ways. We have put together this guide to show you 8 easy and free ways to send large video files free over the internet to friends, family or colleagues. Try the solutions listed below if you don’t know how to send large video files.

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      How To Send Large Video Files Using Icloud Drive’s Mail Drop

      Mail Drop is Apples solution to send large video files through email on iPhone. It is a part of iCloud that allows iPhone users to transfer contents across devices. Unlike Google Drive or OneDrive, Mail Drop asks you to host the video file to iCloud. Bear in mind that the link will expire in 30 days. Moreover, Mail Drop does not count against iCloud storage limitation.

      Step 1Open your Photos app on iPhone or your video app, and locate the large video file to send via email. Select it, tap the Share icon and select Mail to open the new mail screen.

      Step 2If the attachment is over 20MB, you will get a message requests you to use Mail Drop. Read the message carefully and choose Use Mail Drop to upload the video to iCloud.

      Step 3Next, enter the recipient email address, subject and your message as usual and tap the Send button to send the email. It attaches the video link rather than the video file.

      Note: Apple introduced Mail Drop into the Mail app on iOS 9.2 and later. Apple customers can use it on iPhone, iPad, PC, and Mac. On Mac, you can enable Mail Drop by clicking Mail> Preferences> Account> Advanced in Mail app for Mac. Then when you send a large video file via mail, you will get the Mail Drop suggestion. To use Mail Drop on PC, you can access iCloud website, and set and send Mail Drop simply.


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