How To Send Large Video Files By Email

Easy Steps To Compressing A Video Into An Email



    If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a video’s worth a million but since videos tend to have large file sizes, it can be tricky to get them from one place to another. You can make video files easier to handle by compressing them, which reduces their file size and makes them compact enough to send via email.

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    Share A Video Link Without Uploading

    Parallels Access has a feature, Share a file which allows you to share large video files in just a few clicks, without needing a cloud service or uploading the file to your Mac or PC. You simply generate a link to your video and send it to your contacts, with the option of adding a password and expiration date:

    • Download Parallels Access and activate.
    • Right-click on the video file that you want to share and select Share > Parallels Access

    Figure 10: Share a file with Parallels Access

    • Add a description and password and click on Share

    Figure 11: Share your video file by E-mail

    • A link has been generated that you can share with your contacts via e-mail. They simply click on the link and download the video before the link expires.

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    Send Large Videos From Android Through Text

    Although sending large videos on Android through text may seem like a straightforward process, the size of the video determines how complicated it can get. This method of sharing videos allows you to easily send a message attaching the video. The message can be typed in the message bar and mostly consists of unlimited characters.

    If the video you want to share is not so big, you can simply follow the steps below to transfer it.

    Step 1. Open the “Message” App on your mobile phone and create a new message.

    Step 2. Click the “Attach” icon, namely a clip-shaped icon and then choose “Video” from the “Attach” menu.

    Step 3. Another window will pop up to allow you to choose the video files you want.

    Step 4. After you’ve confirmed the files you want to send, you can hit the “Send” button.

    Experience Across Email Platforms

    How To Send Large Video Files Via Email

    Email appsor clientsare not created equally. They all have different ways of displaying emails and attachments. For best results, you have to try to give every recipient, no matter what client they use, the same email experience.

    Here is a comprehensive resource on how email apps display content differently, and which types of video content to avoid.

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    What Are People Using To Send Large Files

    • Online storage. While cloud storage is often thought of as a tool for storing and protecting files, it’s also great for sending or sharing large documents and media.
    • Chat and meeting software. Communication and collaboration platforms combine workplace chat, video conferencing, and file storage.
    • File transfer pages.

    What To Do When Iphone Videos Are Too Large To Email

    Some of the footages can easily cross the file size limit for attachments set by email services. If you record 4K UHD high frame rate or slow motion videos and want to share them via email, it’s likely to refused by email services because of big file size. Here are some options to get rid of the problem.

    Use VideoProc Converter to Help Email Large Videos Faster from iPhone

    Step 1: Launch VideoProc Converter on your computer. Click the Video button to open the Video window. Click the +Video icon at the top menu bar and select the source iPhone video to import. Batch video processing is allowed. You can add more clips at a time. The Video will be loaded quickly and you should see a new window showing the video information.

    Step 2: Select an output format from the list of Target Format. Then use the following steps to cut, split, and compress large videos from iPhone for faster emailing without exceeding the file size limit.

    Cut: Under the video information section, there’s an option to cut your iPhone video. Click the Cut icon and the Cut window pops up. Drag the slider below the video viewing window to the position you want to keep. Click the orange Cut icon and click Done to save the settings and close the window. The video file size will be reduced by cutting out unwanted segments without any quality loss.

    Step 3: Click the RUN button at the bottom right corner to start processing large videos taken from iPhone for emailing after they are all set.

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    How To Compress Large Videos And Send Them Through Email

    Liza Brown

    The daily email correspondence often involves sending video files to your colleagues and clients, but all mailing platforms like Gmail, Outlook or iCloud have video file size limitations. You can only send files smaller than 25MB with Gmail or 20MB with Outlook, so iCloud can be a quick solution for all iPhone and Mac users as its maximum size limit is 5GB.

    Sending large video files through email can be a time-consuming process, and how fast you can upload a file depends on the speed of the broadband youâre using. So, in this article, I am going to show you how to compress large videos and send them through email using Mac and PC computers or Smartphones.

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    Ways To Send Large Files As Email Attachments

    How to send large video files via email via google drive

    Tools for compression, file splitting, FTP and more

    All the popular email clients have size limits on the files that you can email to recipients. However, there are ways to send large files as email attachments despite those limitations.

    File size limits vary depending on the email service. For example, Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL have a limit of 25 Mb per email. is limited to only 10 Mb. Even desktop email clients have limits. Microsoft Outlook only allows a file send of 20 Mb, and while Mozilla Thunderbird is unlimited, you may still experience file size limits depending on what email accounts you connect it to.

    The trick is to either shrink the file sizes using various utilities or bypass email itself as the primary method for sending the files.

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    How To Send Large Video Files Using Icloud Drive’s Mail Drop

    Mail Drop is Apples solution to send large video files through email on iPhone. It is a part of iCloud that allows iPhone users to transfer contents across devices. Unlike Google Drive or OneDrive, Mail Drop asks you to host the video file to iCloud. Bear in mind that the link will expire in 30 days. Moreover, Mail Drop does not count against iCloud storage limitation.

    Step 1Open your Photos app on iPhone or your video app, and locate the large video file to send via email. Select it, tap the Share icon and select Mail to open the new mail screen.

    Step 2If the attachment is over 20MB, you will get a message requests you to use Mail Drop. Read the message carefully and choose Use Mail Drop to upload the video to iCloud.

    Step 3Next, enter the recipient email address, subject and your message as usual and tap the Send button to send the email. It attaches the video link rather than the video file.

    Note: Apple introduced Mail Drop into the Mail app on iOS 9.2 and later. Apple customers can use it on iPhone, iPad, PC, and Mac. On Mac, you can enable Mail Drop by clicking Mail> Preferences> Account> Advanced in Mail app for Mac. Then when you send a large video file via mail, you will get the Mail Drop suggestion. To use Mail Drop on PC, you can access iCloud website, and set and send Mail Drop simply.


    What Is The Best Program To Send Large Files

    Dropbox is possibly the most popular way to send large files. Dropbox is probably the most popular file sharing tool. You will almost certainly find that your customer has already installed it and is used to using it, which is always a bonus. You need to create an account to use Dropbox, even though it’s free.

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    How To Send Videos In Emails With Getresponse

    If you use GetResponse for your email marketing campaigns, embedding a video into the emails design is super easy.

    When you find a place where your video would fit best simply drag and drop a Video block into the layout:

    Then, enter the videos URL. It can be hosted either on YouTube or Vimeo.

    Once youve entered the URL, the video automatically uploads itself into the email and options for customization pop up.

    You should always add alternative text to your videos . It appears in place of the video when it doesnt load. Write a simple sentence describing what the video is. Pro tip: Add a full stop at the end of the Alt Text, so that a screen reader would know when to pause after reading it out loud.

    You can adjust the play buttons shape and color so that it fits the overall design of your email template. There are also many more customization options you can tweak, for example, width, padding, and alignment. You can also choose to hide the video on mobile devices, so that only desktop users would see it.

    And voila! The video is embedded into your email.

    You can now send the newsletter and let your contact list enjoy the amazing video email youve just created. Youll see the engagement rates going up in no time!

    The Many Ways Of Sharing Your Large Videos Safely

    How to Email Large Files with Gmail, Google Drive, and ...

    Figuring out the best way to share a large video file is not always so simple. Especially if you dont want to lose on video quality with unnecessary compression.

    Thats not something you have to worry about with other types of documents. As weve seen, having access to a cloud storage service is going to be the safest and fastest way to share via any device, mobile, or desktop. But several shortcuts work too.

    What is your preferred way to share large video files? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    File Sharing With Clipchamp Sharepages

    Are the above suggestions just not making the cut? Weâve got one last recommendation that we think might just be the right solution for you.

    Weâve created a solution to the âfile size too bigâ error. Clipchamp Sharepages are a place to showcase the videos youâve created in our online video editor with anyone on the internet. Itâs fast and completely free. Instead of uploading your large video file to a cloud or compressor, all you need to do is share a link directly after editing.

    Your Sharepage will look a little something like this.

    Save The File To A Sharepoint Server Library

    If youre using Outlook in a business environment and use SharePoint, you can save a file to a SharePoint library and share a link to the file. See for instructions.

    For Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007, if you try to send a message with attachments that are too large, the messageThe attachment size exceeds the allowable limit appears.

    Note: For more information on how to change maximum allowable attachment sizes, see “Attachment size exceeds the allowable limit” error.

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    Compress The Video Before Sending It

    To send a large video from Android, the directest way is to compress the video. To realize that, you need to ask some video compression tools for help. The followings are two powerful Apps for your reference:

    #1 RAR

    This is one of the best file compression tools for Android users and other users. It can create RAR and ZIP files. With this tool, you can easily reduce the size of your video and send it easily. You can also use the video to extract different types of files. In addition, this compression tool can be used to repair some files.

    #2 XZip

    XZip not only allows you to compress files but also enables you to extract different types of files, which makes it a usable App. Meanwhile, you also get a file browser and some control features with this tool. Besides, it also empowers you to create passwords for the files you’ve compressed and hide your files from media scan to increase privacy.

    How Can I Send A Large File With A Slow Connection

    How To Send Large Video Files Via Email Without Google Drive (Free, Quick & Simple)

    One of the biggest risks with slow connections is that the longer a session lasts, the higher the possibility of a dropped link. Use a data transfer app that will pause and resume a transfer in the case of a lost connection. Some transfer utilities will split a file up and send segments concurrently. However, if you have restricted bandwidth, that wont solve the problem.

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    How Can I Send A Large Video File To Another Phone

    For two iPhone users, an AirDrop is an excellent option if theyre close by. If not, Mail Drop via iCloud works great too. Two Android users can use a file transfer app or send the files via email.

    Android users can make the most of Apples Move to iPhone app. iPhone users, on the other hand, should stick to email when sharing large files with Android users.

    Solution 5 Turning To A Free Online Service

    There is no doubt that some free online services can help you upload and send large video files easily and quickly.

    For instance, WeTransfer is the simplest way to send files around the world. This service is cloud-based and allows sending files up to 2GB for free without registration or program installation. Heres how to send large files over the internet.

    Step 1. Visit WeTransfer.

    Step 2. Click on Add your files to locate the file you want to upload and click Open. You can select up to 2 gigabytes’ worth of files.

    Step 3. Enter email addresses.

    • Email to – Enter recipient email addresses.
    • Your email – Enter the email address from which you want to send this file.

    Step 4. Click on Transfer at the bottom of the form. This will upload your file. Both you and your friends will receive an email from WeTransfer with a download link to download the file.

    Step 5. Copy the download link from the email and paste it in the address bar to download this large video file.

    If you are using the free WeTransfer service to send large video files free, then your recipient or you have seven days to download the file. After that, the download is deleted forever from WeTransfers servers.

    If you dont mind spending money to get a little more services, you can upgrade to WeTransfer Plus which allows up to 20GB of file transfers at a time, and 100GB of storage. Also, it enables password protection on shared folders.

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