How To Send Email With Read Receipt

Enable Receipts For Single Messages

Sending a Read Receipt in Gmail

1. Open a new email and click the Options tab.

2. Check either of the two boxes, or both to receive a notification once it reaches the server, or the other party has opened it.

3. Send the message as usual.

Its important to note that not all servers will comply with the request to send a read/delivery receipt. Its not foolproof, but its a handy tool when it works. When its successful, however, youll get an audible tone and a pop-up with a message that says its successful.

How Do I Request Read Receipts In Mail

Heres how to request read receipts if you have a work or school Google account: Open Gmail and start composing a new email message as you normally would. At the bottom right of the compose window, click the tiny downward-pointing triangle icon, next to the trash can, for More Options. On mobile, look for three dots. Select Request read receipt.

Enabling Read Receipts With The Terminal

The Mail application doesnt support read receipts by default, but you can enable this feature using your Macs Terminal:

  • Open a new Finder window.
  • Navigate to Applications > Utilities.
  • Copy/paste the following into the Terminal:

defaults read UserHeaders

  • Press the Enter key on your keyboard.

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How To Read Receipt On Outlook Without Recipients Knowing

You can track an email anonymously in Outlook without requesting a read receipt from your email recipients.

This process is very simple, all you need to do is simply tick the Track Email and Track Hyperlinks at the top left side of your Outlook page.

After you tick on them, you can type your email and send to your recipients.

You will be notified in real-time when someone opened your email on the new sidebar at the right side of your Outlook.

You can as well untick the Delivery and Read receipt confirmation under Tracking.

You can do this by following these steps below:

Step 1: Open Outlook, on the File menu, select Options and click on Mail.

Step 2: Under Tracking, untick both checkboxes, which are the Delivery receipt confirming the message was delivered to the recipients e-mail server and the Read receipt confirming the recipient viewed the message.

Step 3: Click OK.

How To Use Right Inboxs Email Tracking Feature

How to Add a Read Receipt to an Email in Microsoft Outlook

It couldnt be simpler to use Right Inboxs email tracking feature:

Step 1. Enable the feature by clicking on the eye icon at the bottom of your Gmail compose window.

Step 2. Select whether you want to track email opens, clicks, or both. This is done via the pop-up you see in the image below.

Step 3. See real-time notifications in the bottom left of your compose window.

Step 4. Click on your sent folder and hover over the checkmark icon to see how many times the email has been opened. You can also see where it was opened, and on how many devices.

Some of the benefits of the Right Inbox Email Tracker are:

1. Anyone who uses Gmail can access it

2. You dont have to navigate away from Gmail to track your emails

3. You receive real-time updates on who has opened and read your email

4. It will support a variety of different email tactics, including:

  • Sales teams following up on customer interest
  • Businesses ensuring staff are opening crucial communications

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How To Enable Read Receipts In Gmail

If you want to know whether or not an email youve sent in Gmail has been read, youll need to turn on read receipts. Heres how.

Weve all sent emails to friends and colleagues and waited for a response thats never arrived. While rejection is always painful, there is a way to check whether any emails you send are read by their recipients.

This is thanks to read receipts, which let the sender know if an email is opened . While Gmail does support this feature, it is limited to certain work and school-based Gmail accounts. Standard Gmail accounts can use third-party services to overcome this issue, however.

To enable and use read receipts in Gmail, heres what youll need to do.

Request A Read Receipt

  • On your computer, open Gmail.
  • Click Compose.
  • Compose your email as you normally would.
  • At the bottom right, click More options Request read receipt.
  • Send your message.
  • Important: Youll see any read receipts in your Inbox. The person you sent the message to may have to approve the read receipt before youre notified.

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    Problems With Gmails Read Receipt Feature

    1. Cant Be Used for Regular Gmail Accounts

    The primary issue with Gmails read receipts is that they cant be used with personal Gmail email accounts. If you dont have a G Suite account, youll have to use email marketing programs like GMass to track email opens.

    2. Need the G Suite Admins Permission

    Even if youre using a G Suite account, you need the G Suite administrators permission to use read receipts.

    It doesnt matter whether youre using the Gmail web app on Chrome, Firefox, or the Opera browser. The same goes for the Gmail app for Android and iPhone if the admin hasnt enabled read receipts, you cant use it.

    3. No Guarantee on Receiving a Read Receipt

    Sometimes, Gmail lets your email recipients decide if they want to send a read receipt to you.

    And what can you do if they choose not to send a read receipt notification?Nothing.

    Theres no way to verify that theyve opened your email if they decline to inform you.

    4. Impractical for Email Marketers

    Read receipts can be incredibly helpful for email marketing theoretically! They could help marketers easily verify if their emails are being opened or not.In reality, using Gmail to track this is impractical. Heres why:

  • In some cases, Gmails read receipts have to be approved by the recipient. Unfortunately, most people receiving marketing emails wont bother to send you a read receipt. Instead, it could annoy them, and they might mark your message as spam!
  • Get A Delivery Or Read Receipt

    How To Turn On Email Read Receipts In Gmail

    A delivery receipt tells you that an email message was delivered to the recipient’s mailbox, but not whether the recipient has seen it or read it. A read receipt tells you that a message was opened. In both cases, you receive a message notification in your Inbox.

    Note: The message recipient might decline to send a read receipt. In addition, the recipient’s email program might not support read receipts.

  • In the open message, click Options.

  • In the Tracking group, select the Request a Delivery Receipt or the Request a Read Receipt check box.

  • To learn how to turn on these options for all messages that you send, see Be notified when others receive or open an email message.

    Note: Receipts are delivered to your Inbox, and are shown with this icon: .

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    Gmail Read Receipt : How To See If Someone Read Your Email

    Depending on the situation, it can be super helpful to see when important emails are read. Using an email tracking system or a return receipt in Gmail can let you know whether or not your message has been opened. When you get notifications in real-time, you can respond appropriately with the next step and at the right moment.

    Google Workspace offers an outdated read receipt in Gmail format for its customers that is very similar to Outlooks one back in the 1990s, with a concept and technology that is difficult to work with, and not reliable. Besides, it is not available to Gmail users. The best option, which we will show you afterwards, is to use an extension like Mailtrack for Gmail to see if someone has read your email.

    How To Turn Read Receipts On

    Heres the tutorial on how to turn read receipts on.

    Step 1: Open Outlook from your desktop.

    Step 2: Then open the Tools menu and click Options.

    Step 3: Tap E-mail Options in the Preferences tab.

    Step 4: In the Message Handling section, click the Tracking Options button. Then tap Read Receipt or Delivery Receipt under For all messages I send, request.


    Step 5: Tap OK to execute the changes and close the window.

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    Request Receipts When Sending Single Message

    This option will send a request for a read receipt with a single message that is sent from your Outlook client.

  • While writing your message, select the Options tab.
  • Under the Tracking section, select the check box for one or both of the following:
  • Request a delivery receipt for this message
  • Request a read receipt for this message
  • Sending Tracked Emails In Mailtrack

    Comparing Outlook Delivery Receipt vs.Outlook Read Receipt ...

    To send a tracked email, press Compose and add your recipients and message. To enable or disable Mailtrack tracking, press the green tick symbol next to the Send button.

    From the pop-up menu, click the slider to switch it On or Off. When youre ready to send, press Send.

    Using Mailtrack, youll see a pop-up appear whenever a tracked email is opened . In the Sent folder, Mailtrack will change the status of your sent email to Active when the email is recently opened.

    You can check how long ago the email was opened by opening the sent email and pressing or hovering over the two ticks icon next to the forward button.

    In the pop-up, youll see the most recent viewing history for your email. Depending on your Mailtrack plan, youll also see a wider history log that includes how often your recipient has opened the email.

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    It Helps You Take The Right Actions At The Right Time

    At what point did you observe an increase in the open rates of a prospect?

    What is your next course of action when a prospect opened your email?

    It helps you take the right actions at the right time so that you dont miss an opportunity.

    For example, when a recipient opened a cold email, this gives you a heads up that it is the right time to send a follow-up email.

    Track All Messages That You Send

  • On the Tools menu, click Options.

  • Under E-mail, click E-mail Options.

  • Under Message handling, click Tracking Options.

  • Select the Read receipt check box or the Delivery receipt check box.

    Tip: As a best practice, we recommend that you consider tracking only single messages of importance instead of all messages. Recipients who occasionally receive a notification that a read receipt is requested on your e-mail message are less likely to turn off all read receipts for future messages.

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    How To Request Read Receipt In Outlook

    Steps for Requesting Read Receipt in Outlook for a Single Email

    Heres a step-by-step guide on how to request read receipt in Outlook for a single email.

    Step 1: Run Outlook to enter its main interface and draft a new email message.

    Step 2: Click on Options at the top of the message window before sending the email.

    Step 3: Click the Request a Read Receipt checkbox.

    Step 4: After sending the email, you will receive an automated email reply.

    Disadvantages Of Gmail Read Receipts

    How to Get Read Receipt confirming the recipient viewed the email in Outlook – Office 365
    • Admin controlled access: The ability to use this feature relies on admin controls, which complicates the process.
    • No return notification guarantee: If the recipients admin controls dont allow automatic receipts, theres no guarantee that they will manually approve the request.
    • Time-consuming: With no bulk send or automation options, enabling the feature for each email and individual addresses can take a chunk of time if you even remember to do it in the first place.

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    How To Set Up Active And Use Gmail Read Receipts

    When you mail important documents as registered or signed-for using postal services, you can rest assured that the recipient received them. But what about digital mail? Luckily, Google provides an option for senders to get an idea of whether the emails they sent through Gmail were received and opened by the recipient. With a so-called Gmail read receipt, you can ensure that important emails and attachments have actually been noticed by the person you sent them to. Setting up and requesting a Gmail read receipt is simple and quick to do.


  • Sending Gmail read receipts as a recipient
  • Add And Request Read Receipts And Delivery Notifications

    A delivery receipt confirms delivery of your email message to the recipient’s mailbox, but not that the recipient has seen it or read it. A read receipt confirms that your message was opened.

    In Outlook, the message recipient can decline to send read receipts. There are other scenarios where read receipts are not sent, such as if the recipient’s email program doesnt support read receipts. There is no way to force a recipient to send a read receipt.

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    How Do I Ask For Read Receipts

    • 7 replies

    I have recently switched from Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook. These gave the account holder and option to request individual delivery notifications and or read receipts, or for all sent emails.

    How do I do this in Thunderbird?

    Chosen solution

    On a per email basis:click on ‘Write’ to create a new email.Write emailthen click on ‘Options’ in the top Menu barselect ‘Return Receipts’ and or Delivery Status Notification’click on ‘Send’

    To set up an auto always request a return receipt and determine how Thunderbird handles return receipts:

    • Tools > Options > Advanced > General Tab
    • 3bar menu icon > Options > Options > Advanced > General Tab
    • choose settings.

    As you are new to Thunderbird, you may not have all your toolbars enabled. Most help refers to the toolbars and if you prefer you can display them.See image below:

    Also some useful information to help you to keep a healthy Thunderbird:

    Receipt On Messages Received

    Get Organized: How to Turn On Read Receipts in Gmail

    You can tell Outlook what action to take on email when the sender sends you a request for a read receipt with these steps.

  • From the main Outlook screen, select File> Options.
  • Choose Mail in the left pane.
  • Scroll down to the Tracking section.
  • Choose a selection under For any message received that includes a read receipt request.
  • Please note however that delivery and read receipts can be turned off by the recipient or email server administrator on the recipient end. This is not a fool-proof way to verify if email was received or delivered. It is handy in most cases though.

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    Response Depends On The Email Software

    Some email software, especially web based email clients, dont have any Read Receipt options. free account web interface do NOT have an option to request Read Receipts with outgoing messages. However, you can control how to respond to Read Receipt requests on incoming message from Settings | Mail | Automatic Processing | Message Options.

    Gmail free accounts used from a web browser dont have any Read Receipt options to request or respond. Gmail paid accounts do have Read Receipt choices.

    You can get Read Receipt options for any mail account. Use Outlook software connected to a Gmail, or any other mail account, then Outlook can send a read receipt if you choose.

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