How To Send Email To All Contacts

How To Send An Email To Multiple Recipients Individually In Gmail

How to send out an email to all your contacts in Gmail

You are looking for: Gmail send multiple emails separately. Here we have you covered. Get MailTrack for your individual account or for your company.

Its fairly common in the online world to want to send an email to a long list of contacts, without having these people know who else is getting the message. Luckily, there are a number of solutions to this issue. Here, well cover how to send an email to multiple recipients individually in Gmail.

With MailTrack you can create Campaigns to send emails to multiple recipients individually in Gmail

  • Upgrade your plan to start using Campaigns. Send individual trackable emails up to 200 recipients.
  • Reach Out To Multiple Recipients Easily With Gmass

    Sending an email to multiple recipients doesnt have to be a tough, tiring process.

    While the BCC feature in Gmail and Outlook can help, its far from ideal. Instead, using email programs like GMass is a much smarter solution for your email sending needs.

    With GMass, a user can easily send, manage and tweak bulk emails in seconds to keep things personalized and efficient.

    How To Share Iphone Contacts Via Email

    Your iPhone makes it really easy to add, delete, manage and share your iPhone contacts with others. In this post we are providing the steps to share iPhone contacts as a vCard attachment, sent via an email.

    You will find this little tip useful whenever you come across the need to share the contact details of one of your iPhone contacts with anyone who wants to get in touch with this contact of yours.

    While you can always dictate the contact details over a phone, sending contact details as a vCard attachment via an email is more convenient and cuts down the chances of errors and information being lost.

    When the recipient of your email opens the vCard attachment , a contact form will open, neatly displaying the contact information.

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    How To Send Emails To Multiple Recipients Without Recipients Knowing

    If you use Gmail to send bulk emails, you face a common problem the list of recipients is visible to every recipient. To eliminate this, you can either use a Blind Carbon Copy, or what you may need is a specialized service.

    BCC stands for blind carbon copy. This field is placed right under “To” in Gmail. All the email addresses you enter here aren’t visible to recipients. Still, you have to enter something in the “To” field.

    Which Is Older The Internet Or Email

    How did a virus send email to all my contacts?

    Email is much older than ARPANet or the Internet. It was never invented it evolved from very simple beginnings. Early email was just a small advance on what we know these days as a file directory it just put a message in another users directory in a spot where they could see it when they logged in.

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    How To Personalize Your Mass Emails

    As mentioned before, it is hard to personalize your mass emails while also hiding your recipients when you are using BCC. Because the email recipients all receive the same exact email, you cant add any personalization. But in most cases, you want to add some form of personalization to make it look like youre sending a personal email rather than a mass email.

    In order to start personalizing your mass emails, you need to start collecting additional information about your recipients. For example, if you want to add the first name to every email, you need to have a list of the first names. This will allow you to create specific emails for every recipient using these personal details. It will result in personalized emails that dont look like youre sending them to multiple people.

    Personalization can increase your success rate when sending out mass emails significantly. However, you need to make sure that all the personal information in the emails is up-to-date, doesnt contain any errors and is appropriate to use. The latter is especially important. You dont want to use personal information such as I saw you visited Portugal last week when I checked your Facebook profile when youre reaching out to someone outside of your network. This will simply make it look like youre going out of your way to finding personal information about them.

    Send A Mass Email To A Specific Group

    While its useful to email every contact at once, its more likely that youd want to send mass emails to specific groups. Grandma probably doesnt need to know about your companys latest sales results, after all.

    There are two ways you can go about sending an email campaign to one list of contacts:

    • The hard way
    • The easy way

    Lets go over the hard way first. You can store and manage your contact lists in an Excel or Google Spreadsheet. In that type of file, you have the advantage of easily creating, editing or deleting any line. And then its easy to copy/paste the list to your Gmail to or Bcc field when needed.

    About the limitations of this method, youre quite aware of them if you use it. First, you have to be juggling Chrome of software windows or tabs to get the job done. Secondly, theres no proper way to send those emails in the form of a campaign, where every recipient gets their copy of the message without seeing other recipients so, typically, what most people do is paste their contacts in the BCC field.

    Now lets move onto the easy way. Its been created by Mailtrack for Gmail, the leading software solution for email tracking, link tracking and other email productivity features.

    Thanks to Mailtrack Lists, you can make a list for your book club, jogging club, important clients, extended family members, board members, or dinner club. Different groups can even list the same email, which makes sending mass emails to different people easy.

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    Export From Name And From Address To A Csv

    In this example, well use the Inbox folder as a source but you can use any other mail folder as well. See the section below Step 5 when you want to use the Sent Items folder as a source.

  • Select the folder you wish to use as the source.
  • Start the Import and Export Wizard.
  • Outlook 2010
  • Outlook 2013 / 2016 / 2019 / Microsoft 365File-> Open & Export-> Import/Export
  • Choose: Export to a file
  • Choose: Comma Separated Values
  • Verify that the correct folder is selected.
  • Select a folder location and name for your csv-file.For instance: export-addresses-inbox.csv
  • If not selected yet, select the checkbox in front of: Export E-Mail messages from folder: Inbox
  • Press: Map Custom Fields
  • In the Map Custom Fields dialog press: Clear Map
  • Drag and drop the following fields to the To: box on the right.
  • From:
  • Press OK and then Finish to start the export process.
  • Make sure you only export the From: and From: fields.

    Fully Automate Adding New Contacts With An Add

    How to send emails to all contacts on Outlook – for Silvey

    Even though the above process is quite an efficient way to quickly review and add a lot of senders or recipients as Contacts, you can also fully automate it with one of the add-ins below.

    Both add-ins offer the option to process already sent or received emails and also to select a Contacts folder to save the contacts to. They both are also careful not to create any duplicates even when that contact already exist in another folder.

    In addition, they offer the option to add new contacts the first time you send an email to that person so youll never forget adding people as contacts again.

    A few of the options of the Add Contacts add-in by MAPILab.

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    The Blind Bcc Option That Everyone Hates

    We all know this way of sending mass emails. Its quick and simple, but often has awkward results. And it doesnt look very professional.

    Additionally, you need to mess around with copying a list of recipients in a BCC field in the right way, and this amount of recipients is always limited.

    In short: this is almost never the right option. Unless you have no time or dont care that you will unavoidably look unprofessional.

    Send Mass Emails That Dont Look Personal Using An Email Service Provider Like Mailchimp

    Need to send a bulk email to more than 2000 people today ? Then this is probably your option of choice. If not, skip to option 3!

    The upside of this method is that you can email thousands of people at once, fast.

    The downsides of this method are that:

  • Your email wont look personal. The trained eye will always see its a mass email.
  • It wont land in your audiences priority inbox. Mailboxes like Gmail and Outlook nowadays sort emails sent with an email service provider in a tab called Promotions or Other.
  • This also results in lower open rates .
  • And as many email service providers are misused , this can also cause your email to be more likely to be caught in a spam folder.
  • If all thats okay with you, have a look at our guide on how to use Mailchimp .

    If you want to send mass emails that seem personal and are more likely to get read, well get to that now.

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    When Shouldnt You Send Mass Emails

    Though mass emails are a great way to reach a lot of people at once, you can run into some problems when sending a single message. Theres a problem with a mass email: its not personal at all. So when youre sending a message that needs to look personalized, sending a mass email is not the best option. Lets say you want to send a pitch deck to investors.

    Sending a mass email without mentioning their first name or any other specific information will just make it look like you dont really care whether they reply. Often, personalized emails will guarantee a higher success rate, as it looks like youre really putting in the effort to connect with these investors.

    The same problem occurs when you send out an email to a company you want to connect with to talk about potentially signing up as a new client. Most people get at least a dozen random emails a day that dont look personal in any way. And its a shame because it simply looks like you havent really put any thought into who youre talking to.

    Using Hi, rather than Hi Stephen, for example, already shows that you are most likely sending the same email to several people. As a new potential client, the approach of sending an email that is not personalized whatsoever will look bad. Its obvious that you havent put much thought into why you are reaching out to this person.

    Limitations Of The Bcc Method:

    How to send an email to all contacts in category in Outlook?
    • The recipients in the BCC will see that they were added to the BCC field which makes it unprofessional. This BCC feature is workable only for informal emails.
    • If any of the recipients reverted to your email and instead of selecting Reply, he selected Reply to all then all the recipients get his reply.
    • One of the major limitations of BCC feature is the lack of personalization. The BCC method is a big no-go for sending out pitches and marketing emails. Why personalization is a must when pitching your future prospect? Find out here!
    • Adding too many recipients in the BCC field can alert Gmail of spam activity and your Gmail account might end up blocked.

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    How To Forward A Mail To All Contacts In Gmail

    If you receive an email that might interest most of your employees and clients, you can forward it to everyone in your Gmail address book with just a few mouse clicks. The Gmail interface makes it easy to select multiple contacts as recipients for your email. After you figure out how to insert all contacts into the “To” field at once, you just need to click the “Send” button. You can also deselect some of the contacts in case you don’t want them to receive your email.


    Log in to your Gmail account, open the email you want to forward and click the “Forward” link in the “Click here to Reply or Forward” box at the bottom of the email.



    Select “All Contacts” instead of “My Contacts” in the drop-down box at the top. All contacts are displayed as a list.




    Bulk Messaging And Email Services

    Instead of using basic email for business promotion, companies send email campaigns via special services.

    Here are some popular email marketing services that you might wish to use.

    You can learn how to build an email marketing strategy from the HubSpot course.

    Benefits of Email marketing services for bulk messaging:

  • You have access to delivery reports and campaign statistics. A service will provide info about sent, delivered, and opened messages.
  • Your email has a low chance of going into the spam folder.
  • Email service will generate statistics for you, and keep track of your customers interests, best delivery times, etc.
  • User segmentation and personalization are extremely important features of email marketing services. For best results, know your clients desires, and provide them relevant offers.
  • You can customize emails with your own professional templates.
  • Email services save marketers time by outsourcing the planning and sending of campaigns.
  • Your contact list is hidden from recipients automatically.
  • Alternatively, you can use push notifications for your website. Push subscriptions typically grow faster than email subscriptions. Still, you will be able to segment subscribers, send them a newsletter, special offers and see statistics.

    Lets summarize.

    To hide the email addresses from recipients:


    We receive a commission on purchases made through some links on this page55

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    How To Backup Yahoo Email Folders To Hard Drive

    Apply Filter: Filter emails & Yahoo email folders to be downloaded. Select Folders: Select desired folders from your Yahoo mail to backup. With the procedure discussed above, you would have learned how to backup Yahoo email folders to hard drive. Gmail email client offers a good management service as compared with Yahoo.

    Can You Send Files From Google Drive To Yahoo Mail

    Sending email to all contacts on gmail in one go

    You can send photos, documents, and other files saved in Google Drive using Yahoo Mail. Before you can attach files, youll have to connect Google Drive to the Yahoo Mail app. When you share a file with someone, they will only be able to view it. You can change the way files are shared from Google Drive.

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