How To Send An Email Without Showing Recipients Gmail

How To Send Email To Multiple Recipients Without Them Knowing

How to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients from Gmail

Occasionally we need to send emails to more than one person. Its a very simple task. For example, in Gmail, all you need to do is enter all of the names into the To field. Done! However, there are times when we dont want to show all of the addresses to our recipients.


How do we manage this option? In this article, you will learn how to send email to multiple recipients without them seeing each other. We will look at the main steps in accomplishing this goal using Gmail and Outlook.

If you need to expand tools for interacting with your website audience, try both emails and push notifications.

Creating Your Automated Mass Emails

You start by creating an overview containing the different types of emails you want to send to your prospects or clients. This can be a single email to introduce yourself or several emails with reminders of your previous emails, special offers such as a whitepaper or to schedule a call to talk about a demo.

Email sequences can contain anywhere from one to up to unlimited different emails. Usually, you are safe with around 5 to 8 different emails in a sequence, as you dont want to annoy your prospects or clients by sending them too many emails about a single topic. If people havent responded after 5 to 8 different emails, odds are that they might not respond at all.

Within Anyleads, you can create a new template for every email within your sequence. You can then automatically or manually add email addresses to the recipient list . Anyleads connects with dozens of different types of software such as CRMs, landing page creators and lead generation tools that automatically upload the information into your recipient list. Once youve set up your connection or scheduled your weekly email addresses upload, you can create the whole sequence. Optionally, you can add different versions for every step within the sequence and start sending automated emails.

How Do I Send An Email To 1000 Recipients In Gmail

How to send email to 1000 recipients in Gmail?

  • Make a list. You should have a list with all the addresses that you need to send an email to.
  • Upload your list in CSV format. For larger list you might have to divide your list in batches of 2000 addresses.
  • Frame your email and subject line.
  • Configure the campaign.
  • Voila!
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    How To Make An Email Group In Gmail

    If you frequently send messages to the same group of recipients, consider creating an email group in Gmail:

  • and check the box beside each contact you want to include in the group.

  • Press the label button above the list, then select Create Label in the sidebar.

  • Enter a name for the new group and select Save.

  • To add more contacts to a group, select the contact, then select the Label icon and choose the group.

  • A check mark will appear next to the group name. Select Apply to add the contact to the group.

  • When composing an email, type the name of the new group in the Bcc field. Gmail will populate the field with the complete name, and no one in the group will be able to see the addresses of any other recipients.

    If you want all recipients to know who else is receiving the message, add a note at the beginning that lists all recipients minus their email addresses.

    How Can I See Bcc Recipients In Gmail

    How to send emails to multiple recipients without them ...

    However any recipient that is a gmail account can see the full BCC list.You can get this using Gmails Show original feature:

  • Open the message, then click on the three vertical dots just right of the upper Reply button then on Show Original.
  • Use the Copy to clipboard button, then paste into your reply.
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    How Does Hiding Recipients In Gmail Work

    When crafting emails on Gmail, you may have seen the letters Bcc in or around the To field. If you only send emails on a one-on-one basis, you may never actually have used the Bcc feature. To make sure the email addresses of your recipients stays hidden, Gmail provides the Blind carbon copy feature that makes sure the privacy of all your recipients remains intact.

    When you add recipients as Bcc, they will still be able to see email addresses of those listed under the To and Cc fields. In contrast, the primary recipients listed under the To section will be able to see the email addresses of everyone involved in the email.

    You can add the email addresses of all the recipients you want to be hidden within this Bcc section, each separated by commas. Popular services like Gmail let you add as many addresses as possible and automatically separate all of them on their own.

    You may also only send an email to your Bcc list and keep the To field blank. In such scenarios, your email may get marked as spam by some email clients. To avoid getting your email marked as spam, you can either add your own email address to the To section or create an Undisclosed Recipients contact.

    Sending Emails To A Large Group Of Bcc’d Email Addresses

    Creating a “google group” is not an option either because the people in said groups are constantly changing and may not ever be in a future group ever again, so it’s a hassle to maintain this. Bcc was the easiest way to send emails to large groups of people without having to worry about anything, and without having to send 50 individual emails.

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    Sending To Undisclosed Recipients Keeps Everyone Safe

    Following the steps above is going to keep you safe and its going to keep your recipients information safe, AND it looks very professional as well when people can see that you are actually protecting their private information.

    In fact, what I would suggest you do is maybe leave the Bcc field turned on in your message form.

    It may act as a reminder to ask yourself, should I actually be using the Bcc field?.

    Better safe than sorry, right?

    So, remember, placing email addresses in the Bcc field is an excellent way to make sure that the email addresses of all of the recipients are kept private AND everyone remains happy.

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    How to Send Emails to Undisclosed Recipients in Gmail

    Imagine youve worked very hard in building something and you cannot be more excited about telling it to people. You cant wait to shoot emails to people. You have got a whole email list ready. You decide that you will be sending mass email without showing addresses of the recipients to each other.

    But before you send a group email to people, you must know that if you send this email through traditional ways, then everyone would be able to see how many people are you sending this email to. There are chances youll be ignored by these recipients as theyll think of you as another company sending promotional mass emails.

    Your success, however, depends largely on the kind of first impressions you will make. Thats where SalesHandy comes handy.

    So how can you send personalized emails through Gmail that helps you reach to a lot of people?

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    How To Hide Recipients In Gmail

    Gmail allows you to send emails to several people at once if you have the same information to share at once. You may need to send mass emails in situations like when an event is being hosted in your organization or family, when you need to send your customers new promotions, when you have some exciting news to share with others in your organization, or for several other reasons. Since this email is sent to a bunch of people, it may take some time to get it right and one of the things you may need to avoid is mentioning the email address of your recipients who will access your email.

    In this post, well explain why you should hide recipients when sending emails, how it works, and how to do it on Gmail on the web and your phone.

    How To Send An Email To Undisclosed Recipients From Gmail

    Lets find out how to set the Undisclosed recipients contact in Gmail. Gmail is simpler than Outlook and takes just three steps to send an email with hidden addresses.

    • In Gmail, click Compose to create a new email.
    • In the To field enter Undisclosed recipients and add your address after it . Example:
    • Next, click on Bcc , and enter your addresses into the Bcc field.
    • Now you are ready to compose your email, and send it out.

    Thats it! Your contacts will not see each other!

    It is recommended that you only use Bcc to communicate with recipients on an infrequent basis. If, however, you want to communicate with many people, fairly often , you should consider using bulk email services.

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    + How To Send A Email Without Showing Recipients Gif

    In gmail, sending email to group without showing addresses. Learn how to send emails from outlook or gmail, to a group of people without disclosing their personal email details to others in the group . Sending a mass email without hiding the recipients could result in you losing valuable business …

    Creating An Email For Undisclosed Recipients

    Creating a Group and Using Undisclosed Recipients in GMail ...

    So, let’s cover how to send a Bcc email and what to do when we are creating a new mail message to send to undisclosed recipients.

    What you want avoid is copying and pasting everybody’s email addresses into the To field or the Cc field because when people receive the message they can actually see all the email addresses that have been popped into either of these fields.

    What we need to do is enter the email addresses into the Bcc field. However, this field isnt always visible in a new message form.

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    How To Hide Email Addresses When Sending To Multiple Recipients In Outlook 2013

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    When you send email to multiple recipients , its better not to display everyones email address. Heres how to get that done in Outlook.

    When you send email to multiple recipients, you have a few options for entering their email addresses. You can put multiple addresses in the To or Cc fields, but then those addresses are visible to everyone receiving the email. This is okay if its a small group where everybody knows each other, but if youre sending out a message to a larger groupor one where people may not know one anotherits not such a good idea. Some might get upset if their email address gets shared with people they dont know. This is where the Bcc field and a contact named Undisclosed Recipients come in.

    Sending Group Emails Without Showing Addresses

    When sending a group email, sometimes you dont want to display all of the group member emails in the To field of the email, as its visible to everyone. Another reason might be that if any of the recipients click reply all, they will inadvertently send a message to everyone listed. The trick is to use the Bcc field for the group. Bcc means Black Carbon Copy, which basically means that the Bcc field is not visible to the email recipients.

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    Improper For Formal Conversations

    Remember, even if your undisclosed recipients cant see the details of other recipients on the BCC list, theyll know that they werent the only ones added. This can create a bad impression or even a sense of suspicion among your undisclosed recipients.


    Theyll be busy wondering about the identities of the other undisclosed recipients instead of focusing on your mail! You should avoid using this for formal conversations, as it could lead to decreased trust in your correspondence.

    How To Use The Bcc Method For Gmail:


    Below are the 5 easy steps to use BCC method in Gmail.

    Step 1: Open your Gmail account.

    Step 2: Click on the Compose box to type the email you would like to send to multiple recipients from your Gmail address.

    Step 3: After writing the email, click on the BCC option besides the CC option.

    Step 4: Now fill the BCC fields, type in the email addresses of the people you want to email or you can select one of the Gmail groups.

    Dont know how to create contact groups in Gmail? Learn how to create Gmail groups in just 2 steps.

    Step 5: Keep at least one person in the To field and then just hit send!

    As we mentioned in the introduction part, this is not the most efficient way to send email to multiple recipients in Gmail with this method. So, lets talk about the limitations of using BCC in Gmail to send multiple recipients.

    Pro Tip: It is advisable not to use this method if you have over 10 recipients.

    The BCC method is an easier method but not particularly an efficient one. There are certain flaws and problems to it which are further solved in the mail merge method. For instance, sending an email to multiple recipients using the BCC method make the mass emailing behavior evident to the recipient as the To field and the body of the email is not personalized making the sender look unprofessional.

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    Recruiting From A Pool Of Candidates

    While applying for jobs, individuals submit their email address to a variety of websites that share their personal information with recruiters. After a recruiter collects a certain number of email addresses, they may find it beneficial to send out a generic email to multiple recipients so they can connect with as many job candidates as possible. As a result, they may receive a higher number of high-quality applications from excellent candidates.

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    How To Send Emails With Undisclosed

    If you want to send emails with undisclosed-recipients in Gmail, you should use the BCC option. This hides the email addresses of other recipients of the email. Not only will recipients in the BCC field be unaware of each other, but recipients in the To and CC fields also wont know about the BCC recipients either.

    This is useful when you want to email multiple people without disclosing their addresses to other recipients. This works well for users who have , like teachers emailing student assignments.

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