How To Send An Email Survey

Make Your Survey Email Subject Lines Special

How to send a survey by Email with SurveyMonkey

You worked super hard to create the survey and the email invitation. Dont forget to seal the deal with a great survey invitation email subject line.

Subject lines are often the reason emails get opened. If you put something generic like Customer Feedback Survey, you are doomed. Show your recipients the importance of the survey by leading with a subject line that makes it hard not to open the email.

These subject line best practices still apply to email surveys. Below we’ll go into some more survey invite email subject lines and best practices.

1. Personalize it
  • Want to help us offer more services you love?

  • Can you answer 3 questions that will help change our company?

  • Got a few minutes to help?

  • How can Man Repeller improve?

  • Got a sec? Share some feedback

4. Offer incentives

You increase your chances for a response when there is something worthwhile in it for the subscribers.


  • Let us know how you feel and well send you an Amazon gift card

  • Get 50% off for telling us what you think

  • Help Us, Help You

  • Let’s Make Lovebox Better – Survey Competition

  • Reminder: Win a $50 Amazon gift card when you share your thoughts!

Employee Benefits Survey Email Example

Subject: Want an awesome workplace? Answer this survey.


Hi < Name> ,

Are you enjoying working with us? Or is there anything we can do to improve your experience?

Help us to better know your needs so that we can create a workplace that not only gets the best out of you but also gives you great memories!

Please fill up this < Survey_Link> and let us know if the existing employee benefits actually benefit you and how can we improve further.

Lets work together to create a great workplace!

Thank you,

Why did this employee benefits survey email work?

  • Good subject line
  • Subtle and strong CTA

Get Right To The Point

When you stick to a single message in your survey emailone thats reiterated over and over in the subject line, images, content and call-to-actionits more likely to sink in.

Effective survey invitation emails will answer these questions right away:

  • What: What is the email really about? What is the objective? Be clear about the surveys purpose and why youre doing it.
  • Why: Why should readers participate? Are you offering an incentive, like a coupon? How will the survey results be valuable to you? Let readers know.
  • How: How should readers engage, and how long will it take? Make sure you explain the next steps and how much time will be spent taking the survey .
  • Where: Where should readers click? Use a compelling call-to-action button and dont add any secondary CTAs. It should be obvious to readers where to click to participate.
  • When: When should readers respond by? When does the survey end? Create urgency by providing a deadline. Consider doing a drip email campaign with two or three messages to remind subscribers to complete your survey.

In this invitation from 23andMe, a genomics and biotechnology company, the letter-style message gets straight to the point. This survey email example answers all of the important questions: What the message is about , why the survey is important , how readers should engage , how long it will take , and where to click . The email also gets the ball rolling by asking the first survey question in the email itself.

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Mastering Email Surveys From Beginning To Send

Well cover email survey best practices that help you maximize response rates and get data you can count on.

Email has long been the channel of choice for marketers and service professionals. Its the best way to reach people and get your message heard. So when it comes to survey distribution, its no surprise that email reigns. But theres a bit more to it than plugging in a survey link and hoping for the best. Well cover email survey best practices that help you maximize response rates and get data you can count on.

Import A Personal Email Template

How to Invite Customers to Fill Out an Email Survey ...

If you’ve been transitioned from Forms Pro, your email templates from Forms Pro are migrated as personal templates in Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. You can then import the required templates in your surveys.

  • In the email editor, select Template> Import from> My templates.

  • Select a template, and then select Import.

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    What About The Message Itself

    To comply with legal requirements on sending emails, many countries enforce that your message includes a link to your organizations privacy policy along with an easy way to unsubscribe from messages if the respondent chooses. Consider putting the unsubscribe link at the top of your message. This may seem illogical by giving respondents a quick and easy out, however, by making it super easy to unsubscribe, you make it less likely they will complain about your message to their ESP. ESPs have a very low tolerance for complaints and will quickly take steps to block your messages if they get complaints from even a small percentage of their users.

    While logos from your end client or small images can liven up your email message, there are two important things to remember when including images:

    • Too many images or an email mostly made up of images can trigger spam filters. An old trick spammers would use was to send emails as images to avoid spam filters from being able to scan message content. ESPs have become wise to this practice and your chances of being viewed as spam go up if youre message is more than half images.
    • Some ESPs will not download images within messages by default. The user must click on a link to allow the images to be downloaded. Therefore, while using a few images is ok, its a good idea to make sure your message looks fine if the images do not download and the respondent sees your invite with just the text.

    When Should You Send Your Emails

    There are a great number of opinions around when is the best time to send messages over the course of the day. While research does show a slightly higher response rate when messages are sent on a Tuesday, the difference between sending Tuesday and sending any other weekday is minimal. It is best to avoid weekends when folks are generally paying less attention to their email. If you are sending messages to respondents around the globe, schedule messages to send to respondents during their daytime hours. This practice improves your standing with respondent spam filters.

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    Use Variables To Track Respondents


    Invite variables allow you to personalize your participating request message using the information from the contact lists. Increase your response rate by addressing the respondents by name.

    You can address respondents by name and include their personal ID. Adding variables enables you to see who has clicked and opened the message . Just sending out a survey link from your own electronic communication system without using the survey participation request feature will not show you which contacts opened or clicked.


    In order to track respondents’ progress, you must make sure to insert a questionnaire link or clickable link which includes the contact’s unique ID. The unique ID is allocated automatically once they are added to My Contacts. Inserting a link to the survey which includes the unique ID is essential if you want to send reminders, so the system can track who needs to be sent a reminder. This allows you to view names and electronic addresses in the Responses view of the Results tab and is also necessary if you want to use the Save and Continue feature.


    To setup an invitation for your white label link, you need a not-clickable link, with your domain and the UID parameters. So your link will be*|contact_unique_ID|*

    Choose to insert one of the two links circled below to fully track respondents’ progress:

    To add Invite Variables, click the circled icon:


    When To Distribute Surveys Via Website

    How to Create a Survey in an Email

    If done with the correct frequency on a website, these surveys empower your web audience to provide feedback based on the content consumed or actions taken.

    Using cookies to track the amount of time spent on the website or other user actions can help pinpoint the optimal time to serve the pop-up survey.

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    Gift Card For Your Thoughts On Campaign Precheck Email On Acid

    In fact, when a company improves its service, it does a favor for its users. Nevertheless, it wont hurt if they offer a coupon or a gift card for a review.

    Email on Acid was the first tool to check emails for accessibility. This feature made them extremely useful for all email marketers. However, Email on Acid ran a survey where asked users for their opinion on what they should improve in their testing tool.

    Automatic Bounce & Opt

    After you launch a survey and the email invitations are sent, some of them may bounce. A bounce, or bounce-back, is a returned email that could not be delivered to the addressee for some reason. These bounced emails are automatically registered in your panel. The status of these contacts changes to bounced. You can try to fix the email addresses or download them to update your own records.

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    A Few Technical Notes On Email Deliverability

    A major red flag to an ESP is seeing a lot of undeliverable/bounce back email traffic from a domain. If you look at it from the perspective of the ESP, while occasional mistakes in typing email addresses can cause a bounce back, one thing they can count on is that all legitimate messages coming into their system are able to be delivered to one of their users. ESPs are therefore naturally more suspicious of a domain sending them a lot of undeliverable messages. In the Insights industry, we are often sending messages on behalf of our clients. To maintain our domain reputation as well as protect our clients, it is important to use an email verification service when sending messages. There are several services that will meet this need such as Never Bounce, Email List Verify, etc. It is highly recommended that you run your email list through a verification service and that this step is incorporated into your sending procedures. There are costs associated with these services but the benefits they provide to domain reputation makes the costs worth it.

    Finally, there are important steps your IT team should take to make sure your domain is set up correctly from a technical perspective. At ENGINE Insights, we adhere to industry-standard practices in bulk emails by utilizing SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, which verify us as legitimate email senders.

    How To Create A Survey To Send Via An Email Or Shareable Link

    Survey Platform

    Link or email surveys enable you to survey your audience with email or share the URL of the survey anywhere.

    You can embed surveys directly in an email, or share the survey link with your email subscribers. Get surveys sent out using the most popular email marketing automation/CRM software, like Salesforce, HubSpot, Intercom, and many more, and automatically identify your respondents.

    • Embed the first question in an email to boost the response rate

    • Associate responses with your subscribers and keep track of all survey-related activity in almost any software of your choice

    This article will guide you through the first steps of creating your email survey.

  • Add a thank you page

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    Choose Your Preferred Voting Option

    After you compose your survey text, select the Options tab at the top of Outlook. Navigate to the Tracking group and select Use Voting Buttons. From here, you can select any of the following options.

    • Approve Reject
    • Yes No
    • Yes No Maybe
    • If you choose this option, a dialogue box will appear so you can customize your voting button names. Place a semicolon between each button name and save the names by selecting Close.

    Show The Link To The Survey

    This sounds obvious, but make sure you include a clear link to the survey and a . Some companies use an image for the survey link, do not forget that a large number of email clients hide the default images. If the image is blocked, it will be difficult for customers to respond. If you use this approach, make sure you provide a simple text link in addition to the image. Also, make sure the link has a good amount of free space around it, so it does not get lost in the message.You can also highlight the link and put it in bold to make it stand out. Example: Click here to participate in our survey. Participate in the survey Share your opinion

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    Emailing A Survey Invitation

    Qtip: Contact List CreationQtip:Send Preview EmailPreview Surveypiped text

  • Navigate to the Distributions tab.
  • Open the Emails section and click Compose Email.
  • Click Select Contacts.
  • Choose the library where your contacts are located.
  • Select the appropriate contact list.Qtip: Alternatively, you can click New Contact List within your chosen library and add individuals manually.
  • Choose whether to send emails to the entire contact list, a contact list sample, or an individual contact list member.Qtip: Users with XM Directory can also distribute to segments.
  • Schedule the time of your distribution in the When dropdown. By default, your email will be sent one hour from when you schedule it, but you can choose from a range of common times or schedule a custom time.
  • Enter a Subject for your email.Qtip: You can load a saved subject line from your messages library by selecting the dropdown arrow on the subject line box. This is especially useful if you need to translate your subject line since you can do that in your messages library.
  • Click Show Advanced Options.
  • Choose a Link Type. This determine whether you can track your response or not. By default, every user gets an individual, trackable link . See the Link Type section below for more information.
  • Click Send.Qtip: For help with any error messages that occur when trying to send the email, check out our Email Distribution Errors page.
  • Qtip:

    Use Embedded Surveys When Possible

    Send a Survey from MailChimp with a SurveyMonkey Template

    Traditionally, email surveys invite people to take part and then provide a survey link or button to send them to the survey link. The problem is that you need to rely on a click-through before the subscriber gets to see the survey.

    What if you conducted the survey directly within the newsletter?

    Embedded survey blocks give you the ability to start the survey directly from the newsletter. The embedded survey launches in the browser so subscribers can complete all the survey questions in one seamless step.

    To find out if an embedded survey was more effective, we ran an experiment.

    We created two emails:

    • Email A allowed users to answer the survey in the newsletter itself.

    • Email B had a CTA button that took readers to a survey page.

    Email A

    Email B

    The results? Email A won. By a lot. It got 135% more clicks than Email B.It was based on this insight, that we decided to build the survey email block that enables you to conduct different types of surveys directly from your email.

    The survey block works like a carousel questionnaire and the experience is much more enjoyable than sending people to a completely different survey site.

    You can choose from 7 email question types:

  • Intro: Explain and invite subscribers to participate.

  • Satisfaction score: Take a temperature read of overall happiness.

  • Net Promoter Score: Measure your customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Multiple choice: Ask a question with multiple answers.

  • Like/Dislike: Subscribers answer with just one click.

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