How To Send A Video Via Email

How To Send A Video Through Gmail If Its Over 25mb In Size

How to Send a Video Through Email

If the video clip is over 25MB in size, you cant send it as a regular attachment. Instead, you have to upload it to a cloud service such as or Dropbox. Google Drive is easier because its naturally baked into Gmail. But theres a Dropbox plugin for Gmail for anyone who wants to use Dropbox for large file transfers. You need to install it on the desktop Gmail, but the feature immediately shows up in the mobile Gmail app once you do.

Tap that paperclip icon again in Android and choose Insert from Drive. It will then take you to your Drive account, where you can select the video clip.

Google will generate a Drive download link and insert it into the email.

iOS is almost similar, except when you tap the paperclip icon, your images and other files on Drive are at the bottom of the screen. Scroll till you find your desired attachment, then tap on it. Gmail will now insert a Drive download link into the email window.

On the desktop, click the Drive icon, which is located next to the smiley emoji face. A box will now come up showing your Drive files. Select the video clip you want to send, and Gmail will insert a Drive download link into the email window.

For all these methods, you need to watch your storage space. You get a free 15GB with every Google account, but if you have a lot of video clips stored, that 15GB is going to go fast.

Download A Video In A Lower Quality

To download a video from the internet in a lower quality, and therefore a smaller file size, follow this easy procedure for Windows and Mac:

Figure 6_ Different qualities in Download video from Parallels Toolbox

  • Copy and paste the link to your video file into the tool .

Figure 7: Download a video with the tool Download Video in Parallels Toolbox

The video will download quickly. You can download a complete playlist, or multiple videos with just one click:

Figure 8_Download a complete playlist

Figure 9: Download a video in a low or high quality

Download a free trial of Parallels Toolbox and try Download Video, along with 30+ easy to use tools, all in one simple interface.

How To Compress A Video For Emailing On Android

Best for: An easy way to compress video files for email on Android devices

Google Play rating: 3.9 out of 5, 45k reviews

A good option if you are wondering how to send a video that is too large on Android. This app will compress your video right from your photo library, allowing you to send a video via email or even to social networks from your Android device.

How to compress a video on an Android device

  • Upload your video and select Compress Video.
  • Adjust video quality if required.
  • Tap Save or .
  • Pros

    This Android video compressor reduces data usage and makes videos easier to share. It is easy to use, with good quality results. It allows you to send large video files from Android. You can also adjust the quality of the video within the app.


    There have been reports of frequent bugs in the system due to recent updates. It offers in-app purchases.

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    Attach A Youtube Video Link

    Attaching a direct YouTube URL is another method but I wont recommend that again. If you just attach a YouTube URL to your email, then Gmail by default creates a preview of the thumbnail to the attachment section.

    This is a better option compared to attaching a Google drive link – which wont create any preview.

    But you have to catch the attention of the user without having them scroll to the end.

    Plus having the thumbnail+image option will help you create a better appeal in the initial frame and leads to better engagement.

    Best practices to improve your video email engagement

    Adding videos to your email is the first part of the job. To ensure successful engagement, you need to work on other aspects of the emails.

    Here are some points to improve your video email engagement.

    If you nail this down, you will see a green curve soaring in the weekly email report.

    Use A Cloud Storage Service To Send Large Videos

    How to Send an Email from Yahoo! Emailing Site: 6 Steps

    Try sending large videos through a file-sharing service, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. This is a good alternative for sharing long videos. You can just copy the file link from the web browser and share the link.

    It is the quickest way without affecting email performance or does not interfere with storage space quota when sharing files with intended individuals or with a large group of recipients.

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    Upload The Large Video File To Youtube

    Image board: Upload large video file to Youtube.

    • Upside: Upload large video and get a permanent link for email, no quality loss.
    • Downside: All netizens can download your large video file from YouTube.
    • Best for: Share large video to pique public interests.
    • Not Recommend for: Private large video content.

    Since YouTube is also a belonging of Google, if you follow this way, you need to get a gmail account. Then, turn to, upload your large video file and get back your video link for email.

    Hit camera recording icon > .

    Upload your large video to YouTube and publish it in public.

    Copy out the video URL.

    How To Send A Video File Through Email

    Social media platforms are always active to assist, especially when you want to share pictures and videos. In a business deal, all you look for is a standard emailing system.

    If you are a businessman or woman and want to earn retention through mail, videos are a perfect idea. Maybe you are confused about sending a video through mail and which platform serves best for this purpose. You may get a good email verification service, or a good valid email checker, but it wont be enough to attract all kind of users..

    Here, we have compiled the most straightforward ways by which you can achieve this goal. So, Keep reading till the end to acknowledge.

    Sending A Video Through Email To Your Subscribers

    Assume yourself as a mail receiver. What would attract you more when you open a Mail? The colorful part is the most impactful.

    In the on-going times, no one is interested in reading long and lengthy paragraphs to conclude. On the contrary, videos are the most appealing content, emphasizing to click.

    People are more likely to take their steps towards the comfortable and time-saving hacks. So, why shouldnt you attach a video in your Email?

    This is a straightforward demonstration to help you with sending the video through email.

    1. Upload a video on a suitable channel

    In the first step, shoot a video and post it on your YouTube channel. Secondly, share the link of the video to your subscriber in the email box, and you are all ready to go.

    3. Create appealing Click image

  • Yahoo mail
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    Guide: How To Send A Video Through Email 3 Methods To Share Any Video Files

    by Vita

    Whether youre a new email user or facing the problem that embedded videos in emails are too large to send, here you will learn how to send a video through email smoothly. Meanwhile, if you meet unsupported video file when you embed a video in an email, this video converter is useful to convert and compress videos for easy sharing:

    While advanced communication methods including mobile phones and online social networking tools make is exceptionally convenient to contact with others, many people still like to share messages, videos and other files via e-mail. Waking up in the morning, many people are still used to having a cup of coffee and then open the mailbox. Generally, email still plays an important role in daily life and work. In some cases, people have to deal with large video files but dont know how to send a large video with emails. Typically, you may find your videos beyond the maximum size limit and cant be emailed whatsoever. Then, the following tutorial will show you how to send a video through email fast and smoothly, even for large videos. Lets go deeply into the details.

    How to Send Large Videos through Email

    Most unsupported video issues in emails result from oversized videos.

    Why Does It Happen

    How To Send Large Video Files Via Email – Quickly and Easily!

    There is no limit to the data transfer via email attachments in theory, according to Email standards, but in practice, it’s not possible to successfully send an email with an attachment above 10.MB to 25.MB, depending on email servers and email clients.

    However, some servers may have a smaller limit than this standard size and you should be aware of these restrictions before sending large emails with multiple attached documents or images so as to not overwhelm the receiving server with too many downloads at once.

    Emails are subject to many rules & regulations, and what you send can get rejected by an MTA if it’s too big. This size depends on the service that receives your email – emails often go over several different MTAs when they’re sent.

    Another thing is MIME encoding increases file size by 37%, so a 7. MB will be about 10.MB while attaching.

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    How To Email A Video With Gmail

    Step1: Log into your account here:

    Step2: Click on Compose and a new window will pop up. Enter the recipient’s e-mail address, subject, and message body.

    Step3: Click on the paper clip icon in the lower-left corner as the picture shows.

    Step4: Click on Send to start sending.

    Tips. Gmail limits the video file attachments you can send and receive within 25MB. If you want to know how to email large video files via Gmail, you can check the following three available ways to get rid of Gmail file size limit:

    1. When you embed video in email but the attachment is over 25MB, a message will pop up, which reminds you that your file is larger than 25MB and it will be sent as a Google Drive link. If you dont want to upload the video to Google drive. You can click on Cancel and skip to the following method.

    2. You can also embed YouTube videos in the email to avoid the limit. Just upload the video to YouTube first: Upload Video to YouTube without Quality Loss > > Then embed YouTube video in email by copying and pasting the YouTube video URL to the message body of Gmail. The recipients will receive the message as method 2 shows in the right picture.

    3. Compress the videos to a smaller size. Certainly, you can find the detailed procedure to compress videos: Compress Video for Email to Smaller Size without Quality Loss> >

    You Can Not Only Remove The Weight

    Edit, personalize, and track videos A video hosting platform not only removes the weight off your email attachments, but you can also do more with them such as edit, personalize, and track your videos. Want to make your video crisper? With Hippo Video, you can edit your video to perfection by using the innate editing options such as trim, cut, crop, and add texts to your video.

    Want a better reach for your videos? You can personalize elements that are relevant to your customer such as their name, company name, logo, etc. in just a few clicks.

    To top it all, you can also track the interactions your recipients made with your video by analyzing the watch rate, video views, play rate, share rate, and retention rate. Based on this real-time video analytics, you can plan your next move with the prospect.

    While its true that most email clients have set size limits, with a video hosting platform, you are no more confined to this. With Hippo Video integrated with major email clients like Outlook, Gmail, etc. it is easier to send large video files right from within your email. Yes, thats right! You can now record, import, and send videos directly from your email without having to switch tabs.

    Do check out our blog on quick and easy ways to embed videos in Gmail and Outlook to learn more!

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    How To Send A Video Via Email

    Learning how to send a video via email has never been an easy task, but thats about to change. When you send videos via email as part of your business strategy, you will see that this small addition can have a profound impact on your overall outreach and engagement.

    Before diving into how to send a video via email, lets outline a few common options you have when wanting to send a video email.

    • Send a video from your mobile device as an attachment
    • Send a link to a hosted video such as youtube or google drive
    • Using a video email platform to record and send videos at ease

    Lets walk through the process of how to send a video via email for each option listed above, and well share the pros and cons of each along the way.

    How To Send Video Through Email: 2 Methods

    How to Send an Email Using Gmail (with Pictures)

    There are two main methods to send video through email:

  • The embed method
  • The screenshot method
  • Important note:Dont email video files as attachments. Sending attachments makes your email way more likely to be marked as spam by your contacts email provider.

    Even if an email with an attachment makes it to your contacts inbox, they might mark it as spam themselves. Were all pretty suspicious of emails with attachments, and for good reason.

    This is what happens when you open an attachment from an unknown sender, right?

    Large video files are often too big to send as attachments anyway. Youd have to compress the video into a .zip file first which makes more work for you and your contact .

    So how should you send video through email?

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    Best Ways For Sending Large Files Via Email

    You have important documents, photos, or videos to send, but the email server you’re using keeps saying the file is too large. How do you avoid this? It’s simple, you need to learn how to send large files via email attachment to avoid the error messages. Here is a quick overview of the solutions you have:

  • Use Cloud Services:
  • Create a ZIP file.
  • Send attachment in individual parts.
  • These are the most efficient ways to send larger email attachments through any email provider you use. Typically, you will want the file to be under the 25 or 20MB limit to forward it to the recipient successfully.

    Effectively manage your Inbox with the Clean Email app.

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