How To Send A Secure Email In Outlook

Setup Dual Factor Auth

How to Make Outlook Email Encrypted

If you have moved over to using Outlook on Office 365, it is recommended that you setup dual factor auth . This will increase the security of your Office 365 account and protect all your emails.

Using the online Office 365 version of Outlook means that your password and 2FA method are always needed in order to log in. However, it is worth noting that if you leave the web client logged in – somebody could access your emails when you are away from your computer. For this reason, it is important to ensure that you regularly log out.

How To Encrypt Email In Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has been a cornerstone of the business world for decades. Its where many organizations send emails, plan meetings and share files. As security challenges mount, its essential to implement the best protection for the platform itself and all emails within Outlook.

Encryption remains the industry standard for data protection, but it comes in a variety of forms and services. Microsoft offers built-in encryption options with benefits and downsides for each one. Third-party providers like Virtru supplements those options with encryption services that integrate directly into Outlook.

Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions About How To Send A Secure Email In Outlook

Is There A Way To Send A Secure Email?

There are many ways to send a secure email that are very easy. You have to follow some simple steps and you will be able to send a secure email.

Are Password Protected Emails Really Secure?

Password-protected emails are very secure because they have a password attached to them. Any common human cannot open a password-protected email without a password.

What Does It Mean To Encrypt An Email In Outlook?

Encrypting email in Outlook means locking any email with the help of a password or a code so that no one can open that email without the password and code.

How Do I Read An Encrypted Email In Outlook?

You will need the correct password or code to read the encrypted email. You can’t read any encrypted email without a password.

How Do I Encrypt An Email In Outlook Web App?

To encrypt email with the help of the Outlook Web App, you have to follow the above steps.

How To Send A Secure Email In Outlook In 2021: The Final Conclusion

If you are thinking of sharing any private thing with anyone with the help of email, then encrypted email can be the right and secure way for you. You must use it. If you have any problem encrypting email then you can tell us with the help of comments.

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Use Encrypted Email Outlook Can Safeguard You From Many Compliance Issues

Sometimes encrypting your email communication goes beyond just ensuring secure communication in the organization. It can help meet compliance guidelines stipulated by different regulatory bodies such as CFPB, CJIS, and HIPAA. Keeping up with most of the rapidly-changing regulations can be such a tricky thing. In such a case, simply using encrypted Outlook email can safeguard you from many compliance issues.

As you appreciate the benefits that email encryption has to offer, you may wonder under which circumstances you should use encrypted emails.

How To Send A Password Protected Email In Outlook

How to Send Encrypted Email on 3 Major Email Platforms

To send a password-protected email in Outlook, you have to click on File > Properties. After that click on the Security Settings option. Now click on Encrypt message contents and attachments option. Compose email and click on send option.

Keep in mind that both you and the one to whom you are sending the email must have S / MIME encryption software installed on your device. Because without this you cannot even send or read encrypted email.

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How To Encrypt Email Attachments With A Password Protect Tool

To look for a password protect tool for all the attachments formats, like photos, videos, PDF, .exe/.ddl files, etc, you can use EaseUS LockMyFile.

It can hide files, password protect a folder, or encrypt a Zip file any files with Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit keys to keep your USB data safe.

Easy to use with graphical user interface, friendly to all the users.

  • Hide your important files/folders on a local disk, USB flash drive, or external hard drive. Make your folders completely invisible and unsearchable.
  • Password protect a folder or file. Newly added files become password protected automatically.
  • Protect files, folders, drives from being edited or deleted with the read-only option.
  • Set passwords for your folders to share over the network to limit access to them.

Now, free download this file lock and encrypt program to password protect and send email attachment files.

Step 1. Enter “easeus” to launch EaseUS LockMyFile, register with a valid email and a license code.

Step 2. Click File Encryption under More Tools > Click Add Files or Add Folders.

Step 3. Select important files or folders that you need to encrypt, and click Open.

Step 4. Select the encryption mode: Encrypt to gfl or Encrypt to exe.

Step 5. Browse a safe location on your PC, rename the encrypted file or folder, and click Save to save the encrypted files/folders.

Manually Decrypting Email With Protonmail

As mentioned in the previous example, receiving encrypted non-Outlook emails usually contains instructions to decrypt an email. Those instructions are dependent on which email provider the sender used to send the encrypted email.

ProtonMail is a popular, secure email client that can send encrypted emails to your Outlook inbox. Perhaps you were sent an encrypted email with ProtonMail, and youd like to read it.

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These instructions apply whether youre using Outlook on desktop or Outlook on the web.

1. Launch the Outlook app or open a web browser, then navigate to and log in to your Outlook or Microsoft account.

2. Now, find and click on the ProtonMail encrypted email. Inside the email, click on the View Secure Message button. By doing so, your web browser will open a new tab, and youll get to a ProtonMail message decrypting page.

3. In your web browser, youll see a form in a ProtonMail environment. Type in the password that the sender has set up for the encrypted email and click the button.

4. If decryption is successful, youll stay in a ProtonMail environment that lets you read the encrypted email content in your web browser.

Your access to the email content is only temporary. Youll go through the same process the next time you open the email.

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To Prevent Email Providers From Monitoring Emails And Sharing Data With Advertisers

Email providers have been known to monitor and scan users email messages to facilitate targeted advertising efforts. Though in 2017 Gmail apparently discontinued the practice of scanning emails for advertising purposes, that doesnt necessarily mean that Google has ceased scanning emails for other purposes. For example, Gmails “Smart Reply feature offers relevant suggestions for quick, canned replies to an email youve received based on the contents of its message.

So if you dont want your email provider to scan or monitor your email messages for advertising or any other purposes, then youll want to send secure emails that effectively keep the contents of those messages private and inaccessible to anyone other than you and the party you are communicating with via email.

How To Send A Fully Encrypted Email In Outlook

How To Send Secure Email In Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlooks email encryption services arent as secure as you may believe. This is because Outlook encrypts email using S/MIME and Office 365 message encryption, which both rely on the sender and recipient having it enabled.

You may not be protected when emailing a recipient who uses an email platform that doesnt support S/MIME or Office 365 message encryption. Free webmail users such as clients on Gmail, Yahoo, and iCloud often wont have the functionality needed for robust email encryption.

In 2019, cyber criminals hacked webmail client and gained access to sensitive private information, including email subject lines, folder names, contact lists, and some email content. Using end-to-end encryption is the only way to make sure that your Outlook email messages and attachments are entirely secure, both while in transit to your recipient and sitting at rest in an inbox.

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View And Reply To An Encrypted Message For Microsoft 365 Recipients Using Outlook For Pc

If you’re in a Microsoft 365 organization, you can read messages encrypted with the encrypt-only or do-not-forward policies, or custom protection templates in Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 for PC, Outlook 2016 for Mac, Outlook on the web, Outlook for iOS, and Outlook for Android, Outlook on the web,and in Outlook for iOS and Android, and Outlook for PC in the Monthly Targeted Channel. Microsoft 365 users on Semi Annual Channel will be taken to Outlook on the web to read the message. Users with other email accounts will be prompted to obtain a one-time passcode and read the message in a browser window.

To reply to an encrypted message

  • Choose Reply or Reply All.

  • On the page that appears, type a reply and choose Send. An encrypted copy of your reply message is sent to you.

  • Encrypting Mail Using Certificates

    Emails that you send can also be encrypted with certificates. The advantage of certificates is that you can open the mail normally. But there is one huge downside of using certificates, your recipient also needs to have its own certificate.

    The initial setup is pretty hard, both parties need to buy a certificate online, which costs between $30 and $250 per year depending on your requirements. You will need to add the certificate to your Outlook and first send each other a signed email.

    With the signed email you automatically receive the public key of the other. This allows you to encrypt the mail with the public key of the recipient, which then can only be decrypted on a computer that has the matching certificate installed.

    If you want to read the encrypted email on your phone, then you first need to install the certificate on your phone as well. The same goes for Outlook Online.

    Certificates are really secure once properly installed but are not really user-friendly. The certificate basically allows you to receive encrypted mail because your recipient needs to have a certificate before you can send an encrypted email.

    This process is only recommended when your business really requires it.

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    Encrypt With Microsoft 365 Message Encryption

    • If you are a Microsoft 365 subscriber, here is what is new to you:

      In an email message, choose Options, select Encrypt and pick the encryption that has the restrictions you want to enforce, such as Encrypt-Only or Do Not Forward.

      Note: Microsoft 365 Message Encryption is part of the Office 365 Enterprise E3 license. Additionally, the Encrypt-Only feature is only enabled for subscribers that also use Exchange Online.

    • For Outlook 2019 and 2016,

      In an email message, select Options> Permissions and pick the encryption option that has the restrictions you’d like to enforce, such as Do Not Forward.

    How Do I Know My Email Was Encrypted

    How to Send Secure Email Attachments in Outlook

    You can view your encrypted email in the Sent Messages folder of Microsoft Outlook. An encrypted email sent by ShareFile is denoted by a beside the timestamp, as shown below.

    When viewing the body of your Sent Message in Outlook, you will see a green line and the Encrypted icon in the message header, along with the text “You sent a secure message using ShareFile.”

    Conversely, a recipient will see the above indicators when receiving an Encrypted Email, but without the Revoke Access button. The indicators described above will only appear to Microsoft Outlook users both sending and receiving Encrypted Email messages.

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    Outlook Email Encryption Saves Employees The Hassle Of Getting Additional Programs For Security

    Performing email encryption on the email service platform saves employees the hassle of getting additional programs for their security. Instead, the responsibility of safeguarding emails fall within the domain of the email service provider.

    Practically speaking, that would mean faster organizational processes, which lead to increased productivity. For instance, if your staff goes through several steps to securely attach their files, all they have to do is type the message, instantly attach files, and hit the Send button.

    Thanks to a more reliable encrypted email services for Outlook, the improved efficiency has a direct impact on employees motivation to work. They can also confidently send you sensitive files via emails because they know these attachments are encrypted, and only authenticated persons can see them.

    Send Encrypted Email From The Inbox

    You can compose an Encrypted message from the ShareFile web app Inbox. When Encrypted Email is enabled on your account, any message created using the Compose button will automatically be encrypted.

  • Navigate to your Inbox.
  • Attach files as needed.
  • The message will pause while it is encrypted. Please do not navigate away from this page until you receive confirmation that your message was sent successfully.
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    We Have A Plethora Of Options

    From Our Outlook and Office 365 Secure Email Solutions to our encrypted email suite our options are endless. We offer multiple solutions to fit your security needs and compliance requirements. Our Secure Email for Outlook Solution will let you send securely from within your application browser and is compatible with Outlook 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019. ***Non-compatible with Outlook for Apple/Mac.

    How To Encrypt Emails In Outlook

    How to send encrypted emails and attachments in Microsoft Outlook

    Outlook is also compatible with the S/MIME protocol, but it requires additional setup.

  • Enable S/MIME encryption. This process will involve getting a certificate or digital ID from your organizations administrator and installing S/MIME control. Follow Offices steps for setting up to use S/MIME encryption.
  • Encrypt all messages or digitally sign all messages by going to the gear menu and clicking S/MIME settings. Choose to either encrypt contents and attachments of all messages or add a digital signature to all messages sent.
  • Encrypt or remove individual messages by selecting more options at the top of a message and choosing message options. Select or deselect Encrypt this message . If the person you are sending a message to doesnt have S/MIME enabled, youll want to deselect the box or else they wont be able to read your message.
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    Microsoft 365 Message Encryption

    Let us take a closer look at these encryption methods and how businesses can make the most of Microsoft 365 Message Encryption, also called Information Rights Management .

    Microsoft 365 Premium and Microsoft Office 365 E3 license users can perform email encryption. If you are on other licensing packages Microsoft Business Standard and Microsoft Exchange Plan 1, the feature is available per-mailbox license.

    The Microsoft 365 Message Encryption feature empowers you to encrypt the message you send to external and internal recipients. With this option, you do not face address limitations for sending encrypted messages Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or even

    That is a powerful ability in a business setting because most of the time, especially on external emails, the organization deals with clients with varying mail service providers. It ascertains that your email remains encrypted regardless of which email service the recipient runs.

    The Microsoft 365 Message Encryption Portal can be customized based on your companys branding. That adds a professional touch to all the encrypted emails sent.

    To add your company branding to customize the look of your organizations email messages and the encryption portal, start by applying global administrator permissions to the work account.

    After that, you will use the Get-OMEConfiguration and Set-OMEConfiguration Windows PowerShell cmdlets that help you to customize your encrypted email messages.

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