How To Send A Resignation Email

Keep It Simple And High Level


Once you’ve written out your feelings and come to terms with your decision to leave, cut out anything and everything unnecessary. “You don’t have to share all of your details, but you should get your point across,” Mistal says.

It’s completely valid if you’d rather keep the reasons you’re leaving to yourself. Keep it high level with your intent to leave, your last day of employment, and personal contact details in case they need to reach you after you leave.

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Resignation Effective Immediately Your Name

Its critical to utilize an obvious subject line when resigning from a job by email. You want your resignation email message to be opened and read by your manager right away, especially if you give no or short notice. It ensures that your manager or supervisor reads your email.

You dont want to send a resignation email that ends up in the spam folder or never gets viewed. The following are examples of the best resignation email subject lines:

  • Notice of Resignation Your Name
  • Resignation Effective Immediately Your Name
  • Resignation Announcement Your Name

Except for the retirement email, each instance uses the word resignation and your name. With both of these aspects in the subject line, your manager is unlikely to miss the newseven if they receive hundreds of emails each day.

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Notice Of Resignation Followed By Your Full Name

The best way to craft a subject line for a resignation email message is to keep it simple and concise. Subject lines should always convey the intention of the email clearly so that the recipient understands what to expect before they even open it.

For this reason, the best subject line for a resignation email should follow the format of Notice of Resignation, followed by your full name. Its best practice to send this email only after having a conversation in person with your boss.

That way, your resignation doesnt come as a surprise, and HR can prepare for your transition smoothly.

Jack Altmen

HR Manager, Think Orion

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Resignation Email Subject Line Examples

  • Resignation – Your Name
  • Notice of Resignation – Your Name
  • Resignation Effective Immediately – Your Name
  • Resignation Date – Your Name
  • Resigning as of Date – Your Name
  • Pending Resignation – Your Name
  • Your Name – Resignation Effective Date

Note that each of these examples uses the word “resignation” and your name. That’s intentional. With both these elements in the subject line, there’s no question that your manager will not miss the newseven if they receive hundreds of emails each day.

How To Write The Email

How to write a Resignation Email

If you dont deliver your formal letter of resignation in person to your supervisor, you can send it as a PDF file attached to an email. Copy human resources on the resignation email message. Its a good idea to include the date of your last day of work in the subject line so that human resources knows that your notice period will be over soon.

Here is a resignation email example.

Email subject line: Notice of Resignation Effective

Dear ,

Subsequent to our meeting this morning, I am attaching my formal letter of resignation. As agreed, my last day of employment will be , and over the next two weeks I will work to make the transition a smooth one.

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to have worked with you and the team at .


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How To Write A Resignation Email

To write a resignation email, you must cover the below information:

Foremost is to follow the basic format. A resignation email is a formal business writing that should have::

  • The contact Information

Subject-Resignation letter

Dear ,

Kindly accept this letter as a formal notification of my resignation from the position with . I will be leaving my position due to unavoidable personal reasons that must be attended to immediately.

My last working day will be – .

I promise to wrap up my tasks and train my replacement during this time. Kindly let me know if thereâs anything else I can do to aid you during the transition.

I wish the company continued success, and hope to stay in touch in the future.


Writing a resignation mail may seem simple enough, however, writing it correctly needs to include and exclude certain things. Of course, you are quitting your job, but you really should not burn any professional bridges.

Resignation Email New Job Opportunity

Mailing a business letter is best but if your circumstances call for an email resignation, use this sample email resignation letter to help you formulate your own. Be sure to change the details of the email to fit your own circumstances.

Subject: Resignation Firstname Lastname

Dear Mr. Michaels,

Please accept this as my notice of resignation from ABC Company, effective March 23, 20XX. I have been offered a new job opportunity with XYZ Company which will allow me to gain further management experience.

Thank you for all the experience I have gained working for you at ABC. I learned a lot about the business in the four years Ive been here, and I appreciate the advice and support you have given me.

Please let me know what I can do to make this a smooth transition for the entire department.


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Resignation Email Sample 7

Dear , It greatly saddens me to send you this email of resignation. Please accept this email as formal notice of my resignation from position of S at . As you know I am having health issues and as my father is thinking to set up new business for the family.To contribute in the family business I am resigning. I appreciate the professional development and growth from . Your mentoring and support have always encouraged me and hope to continue our relationship.I assure to give my best to take my current responsibilities to logical closure and knowledge transfer.Thank you for your timely support & guidance.Request you to assist me for a smooth transition and would be very grateful if I could be relieved up to .Thanks and Regards,

Content rating of the above resignation email:

Email To Staff About Employee Resignation

How to write a resignation Email? | email | tutorial | free online course

Questions Answered

What is an Employee Departure Announcement?

How to Make an Employee Resignation Announcement Email

Email Samples of Employee Leaving Company

NOTE: If you have an HR team, immediately refer to them to ensure all resignation details/procedures are properly followed.

Employees resign, its inevitable and theres nothing shameful about it.

Whether they found a better opportunity, hated the work they were performing or just wanted to take time off to spend with family, its bound to happen.

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What To Include In A Resignation Letter

This letter of resignation example is short and sweet at only three sentences, and thats how you win the resignation game. Heres why in three easy steps, plus a bonus:

  • 1. Say youre leaving. Be brief. Your resignation letter is neither a confessional nor an explanation, so dont feel you need to voice parting words. And dont go into details! To get the job done, just say, Please accept this letter as my formal notice of resignation from as a . One sentence and done.
  • 2. Give Notice. You may want to get outta there fast, but its better to give the required or standard duration which is often two weeks notice. A little notice can help maintain a good relationship with your former employer. Just be clear of your ending date, for example: My last day of employment will be .
  • 3. Express gratitude. Kill them with kindness by giving thanks, even if you dont truly mean it. And if you do mean it, more power to ya! For example: Thank you for all the opportunities this company has provided me.
  • 4. Need a transition? Bonus sentence: If your job requires a transition, go ahead and add: Let me know if there is anything I can do to make this transition easier. You can contact me at or . Leaving an invitation to be of assistance during or after a transition is nice, but not always necessary. This fourth sentence is up to you.

Resignation Email Sample 6

Dear , As discussed with you , Please consider this email as my formal resignation email from , I had initiated resignation process in the system on . kindly provide acceptance for the same.As already discussed with you, I have started my career with in and had a great journey here working with great team members. has been very near and dear to me and I have sincerely worked very hard for almost years for it, of course with all your support. While these past years have taught me most of what I feel I am capable of today, I am now looking forward to explore the next chapter of my life.Therefore I have initiated my resignation on on the portal and seek your support on this.Thanks and regards,

Content rating of the above resignation email:

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What To Include In Your Email

When crafting your email, keep it brief. Its not necessary to disclose what your next job is or where you’re going. Its okay to leave out details! Start by stating your title and the date you will be leaving, which typically is the day you included in your two-weeks notice. Including your last day date will give the employer time to find a new employee to fill your role.

As mentioned above, express your gratitude for the opportunity. You dont need to write an entire essay, but rather a few sincere sentences. Its a good idea to mention that during your last two weeks on the job, you are willing to train any new employee or create any necessary training materials that will help the next person transition smoothly. In closing, if you feel comfortable, leave your personal contact information in case they need to get in contact with you for any reason.

In short:

  • Include the date of your last day
  • Express gratitude for the opportunity
  • Offer to train new employee
  • Leave your personal contact information
  • Another Resignation Email Message Example

    Resign Email Template

    Here’s another example of a resignation letter email.

    Email subject line: Resigning from my duties as Software Engineer

    Dear Mr/Mrs Name,

    It is with great heart that I must resign from my duties as Software Engineer at Apple, Inc. I want to express gratitude for this opportunity. And I want to provide as much notice as I can to assist in finding a replacement.

    The reason for my leave is due to family circumstances. I will be moving across the country. I would be happy in helping to train the new employee who is going to replace my duties, return my computer, and ensure all personal data and professional data is transferred to a company database.

    I will be proud to call you my former employer when on a new job search. Please feel free to contact me in helping to assist with this transition, further.


    John Smith

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    Create A Clear Subject Line

    When writing an email of resignation, use a clear subject line to help your manager understand what your message is about. This increases the chances that they may read your email. Your subject line needs to include your full name and the word “resignation.” You may also want to include your position title and department to be specific. An example of a clear subject line is “Resignation- John Lee.”

    How To Resign By Email

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    Job transitions can be stressful, but writing your resignation letter itself doesn’t have to be intimidating. You may be allowed to resign by email .

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    Offer Help For The Transition Process

    Resignation letter via email

    In the third and last paragraph, offer help to complete the entire transition process smoothly. Again, don’t go into many details. Also, mention your non-work contact information to stay in touch. When you offer help and show intent to stay in touch after the job, you increase the chances of winning a reference for future jobs.

    In the end, close your email using words like ‘Sincerely’ or ‘Best regards’ followed by your full name.

    Remember that even when you resign via email, it becomes an official document that goes into the organisation’s permanent records. So, keep it polite, professional and short. It’s always good to part on the best possible terms. Your resignation email is not a place to vent out personal frustration because you never know when you might come across your colleague or manager and in what capacity.

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    Review A Sample Resignation Letter

    Subject Line: Resignation – Omar Robinson

    Dear Ms. Hayes,

    I’m writing today to let you know that I am resigning from my position as Marketing Coordinator at ABC Company. My last day will be in two weeks, on Friday, September 15.

    I’m grateful for all of your support and training during my three years at ABC Company, as well as your friendship. You’ve made each day brighter. I’ve learned so much thanks to you and everyone else on the marketing team.

    Thank you again. It’s truly been a pleasure working with you, and I wish you and everyone at ABC Company all the best.


    Specify Your Notice Period

    Give a look at your employment contract in order to plan your notice period as well as any formal or informal commitments youâve agreed to. Concerning whether you are a permanent or temporary employee of the company, your notice period could vary from a few days to a calendar month.

    • Advance notice

    Giving advance notice is the usual norm that could be one weekâs time or 1 month.

    • No notice

    The employee has to leave the company immediately, usually because of personal emergencies.

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    Various Resignation Emails Subject Lines

    Below are the various subject lines for the resignation email, which you can use while framing your resignation email:

    Subject1: Resignation – Mention Your Name

    Subject2: Notice of Resignation – Mention Your Name

    Subject3: Resignation Effective Immediately – Provide Your Name

    Subject4: Resignation Date – Mention Your Name

    Subject5: Resignation as to Date – Mention Your Name

    Subject6: Pending Resignation – Mention Your Name

    Subject7: Announcement of Resignation – Mention Your Name

    Subject8: Announcement of Retirement – Mention Your Name

    You can also use another subject for the resignation emails the above subject is essential guidelines while framing the resignation email.

    Tips To Write The Body of Resignation Emails

    After framing the proper subject line for the resignation email, it is imperative to have proper structure and language of the resignation emails. To begin to use a proper salutation like Dear Mr./Ms. Name.

    Always maintain professional toning throughout the resignation letter’s body. You must avoid using any negative comments and terms in the email, even if your resignation reasons are not positive. If you have had enjoyed healthy and favorable terms with your immediate boss or employer, then you should leave the job on a positive note, and you may need their recommendations and references in the future.

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