How To Send A Rejection Email

Rejecting A Candidate Who Didnt Make It To The Interview Stage

Send a Rejection Email

From: Barry RuizSubject: State Health Care Now State Policy Director positionTo: Josephine Jones

Dear Josephine,

Thank you for applying for the state policy director position with State Health Care Now. We appreciate your interest in our organization and your commitment to sensible health care policy reform.

We received more than 200 applications for the position, and the hiring process has been a very competitive one. Although we were impressed with your qualifications, we have decided not to move your application forward. However, we greatly appreciate your interest in working with us and wish you the best of luck with your job search.


Tips For Sending Better Rejections Emails

Sending a rejection email is always a good thing. However, sending the well-written email is even better. Many recruiters make the mistake of sending cold and mechanical emails. These are some tips for making your emails warmer and more human:

  • Thank them: It is common courtesy to thank unsuccessful candidates for their applications. Consider expanding on this by thanking them for considering you . Also, acknowledge the time and effort they put in.
  • Make it personal: Whenever possible, make the email a little personal. Consider including a brief note referencing the conversation and highlighting a strength the person demonstrated.
  • Provide feedback:Offer some helpful feedback on why the person was not accepted. Ideally, this should be specific, constructive, and actionable. Providing even basic explanations can make the rejections more satisfying than merely telling unsuccessful candidates that they didnât get the job.
  • Encourage future applications: If the person was the right candidate, encourage him or her to apply again. Consider making this more positive by writing something such as, âwe hope you will be open to us reaching out about other opportunities.â This is a great way to make the email more positive.

Optional Rejection Email Templates For Deselected Candidates

Example 1:

Thank you for your interest in the X position. The Search Committee has concluded their review of applicants for this position. There were a number of strong candidates applying for the position, and after much deliberation, we regret to inform you that your application is no longer under consideration.

Example 2: We appreciate your interest in the University of California, Berkeley – Department of X and the position of X for which you applied. After reviewing the applications received by the deadline, yours was not selected for further consideration. The selection committee appreciates the time you invested in your application. We encourage you to apply for posted and advertised positions in our University in the future. We wish you every personal and professional success with your job search and in the future. Thank you again for your interest in our university.

Example 3:

Thank you for your application for the advertised X position in the Department of X at UC Berkeley. Each application has received a careful reading and discussion by all members of the search committee, and I am sorry to have to tell you that the committee has decided to not to proceed any further with yours. We appreciate your interest in the position, as well as the time and effort that went into the preparation of your dossier, and we wish you every possible success in your future professional career.

Example 4:

Example 5:

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Template #2 To Candidates Rejected Post

Subject: Your application to < YOUR COMPANY NAME>



Thank you for considering our company and taking the time to attend the interview. We truly appreciate your effort.

Unfortunately, we would not be able to take this forward. We had a diverse pool of exceptional candidates just like you and found someone who closely matched our requirements. We were excited to meet you and found your profile quite impressive. We urge you to keep a tab on our < CAREERS PAGE> and apply to our future job openings.

From our end, we assure you that we will get back to you when we spot the closest suitable role for you.

When Should You Send A Job Rejection Email

Candidate Rejection Email After an Interview (Free Templates)

Send a job rejection email as soon as you know the candidate is not the right fit for the role. The lack of fit might be due to missing qualifications or an unsuccessful interview. Sending an email as soon as possible is a professional courtesy that candidates appreciate. The sooner they know that they are no longer being considered for the job, the sooner they can move on and search for other opportunities.

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Why You Should Send Unsuccessful Candidates Rejection Emails

First, it is helpful to understand why you should send rejection emails at all. Research suggests that more than half of job candidates have to wait weeks or more to get a response from prospective employers. Some never hear anything. This makes them feel disrespected and as if their time has been wasted.

Sending a rejection email is a nice way to recognize unsuccessful candidates and all the effort they put into applying. It also prevents them from having to wait around while wondering what will happen next. Your rejection email can also be a chance to encourage them to apply again if you want them to.

In short, sending unsuccessful candidates rejection emails makes the experience more positive for them. Not only is this the kind thing to do, but it is also suitable for your business.

Candidates who have a positive relationship with employers are more likely to apply to future open positions, refer friends, and write positive reviews on websites such as Glassdoor. In other words, you are expanding your future hiring pool by sending rejection emails.

Job Applicants Make Decisions About Your Company Based On How You Treat Them While It May Be Easiest To End Communication With All Applicants Once Youve Made Your Selection Its Certainly Not The Wisest Choice Ending Contact After The Interview Translates To: We Dont Care About You And Who Wants To Work For A Company That Doesnt Care

Its hard enough being rejected, but receiving a standard form letter meant for the masses just adds insult to injury.

Starting with one of these rejection letter templates makes personalization easier. During the interview, take notes on all of your applicants. Write down successes or strengths that catch your attention. If you dont end up hiring them, at least youll have personalized content to include in this part of the process.

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Example Of A Job Rejection Email Response

Here is a template of job rejection email response to use when creating your own. Ensure you customize it to include pertinent information on your situation:

*Subject Line: â

Dear ,

Thank you for letting me know about your hiring decision. I appreciate the time you took throughout our several in-person interviews to allow me to learn more about your company’s mission and values.

While I’m disappointed that I won’t be joining your team as a , it was a pleasure to meet you and your team. And even though my experience isn’t quite what you’re looking for in this position, I am still interested in your company. I would appreciate you considering me for any future opportunities where my skill set would benefit your organization.

If you have a few moments, I would be interested to hear any feedback you have regarding my application and interview. I’m sure your valuable insight would be most helpful during my job search.

Thank you again, , for your time and consideration. It was a pleasure getting to know you, and I look forward to connecting again in the future.

Kind regards,

Candidate Rejection Email Template

How To Write A Letter Of Rejection

If youre wondering about whether you should send a rejection email, its important to keep in mind that ignoring a rejected candidate could negatively impact your employer brand and sabotage your companys candidate experience. Use this rejection email sample to build and maintain a relationship with your applicants.

Explaining why youre rejecting candidates shows candidates that you appreciate the time and effort they took to apply to your job, and wont leave them guessing. If, for example, they were skilled but lacked experience, they might consider applying again in the future. Or, if they applied late in your application cycle, or were more suitable for another position, you could reach out to them when theres another opening. If your candidate was in the final stages of your hiring process, you could suggest connecting on social media to stay in touch. But, if you know that you wont reconsider a candidate in the future its best to be honest and avoid alluding to future opportunities. Even if youre rejecting a candidate outright, adding a short personal note will increase the likelihood of leaving a good impression.

Sending rejection letters to candidates is an integral part of the hiring process. Signup for free to Workables all-in-one recruiting software for better candidate experience.

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How To Write A Candidate Rejection Email After Interview

While writing a candidate rejection letter after the interview, keep the following in mind:

  • If the candidate is a good fit for future opportunities but not the current one, mention it in your email
  • Your email will be read by a human and you should not try to sound too robotic
  • Avoid mentioning anything that can become too controversial and can be interpreted as a form of discrimination
  • If possible, try to mention one strength that the candidate displayed during the interview process
  • Try it out

    • To customize these email templates to your needs and then insert them anywhere with a keyboard shortcut, click on the “copy to Text Blaze” button.

    Job Offer Rejection Email Message Examples

      Have you received a job offer and decided not to take the position? When you decide to reject a job offer, its a good idea to let the employer know that you’re declining as soon as possible.

      Nowadays, many employers are relaying job offers via email. As such, its perfectly appropriate to respond to the offer over email, even if you have decided not to accept the job. It is possible to be brief and to the point over email while remaining cordial and polite.

      A professional email will help you maintain a positive relationship with the employer.

      Its important to stay on good terms. You never know when you might want to apply for another job at the company.

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      The Value Of Better Recruitment

      Talent is one of the most valuable resources for any organization. After all, it is the people working on your team that make it successful. Improving your recruitment processes can help you to accelerate your businessâs success.

      Sending well-written and construction emails to unsuccessful candidates is a good way to enhance your recruitment efforts. Another way is to use Recruitee. This talent acquisition platform will help you organize and streamline your recruitment process. Learn more about how Recruitee can help your team today.

      When Do You Send A Job Rejection Letter Email

      FREE 8+ Rejection Email Examples &  Samples in PDF

      As quickly as possible. Once the ink is dry on a candidates letter of acceptance, you should be firing out an email to anyone else that applied to let them know that the process has ended.

      Thats because, in the past decade or so, applicant expectations have changed drastically. Anyone sending out an email with their resume and references, or filling out a form on an online career page, expects a quick response.

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      How Long Should A Rejection Email Be

      Theres no right or wrong answer to this question. The length of a rejection email doesnt matter to the candidate.

      Although, it is standard practice that the more stages of the interview process the candidate passes, the longer their email would be. This is because thered be more personalized feedback compared to the candidate that didnt make it to the interview stage.

      How To Write A Job Rejection Email

      by Rachel Blakely-Gray | Nov 15, 2017 | Recruiter Training, Top Echelon Blog

      When it comes to successfully filling job orders, connecting with candidates is key. You might have dozens or even hundreds of applicants vying for the open job, but your client will only choose one to hire.

      Its important to let candidates know when they dont get the job. Many hiring managers tell unsuccessful candidates they are no longer considered via email. How do you write a job rejection email?

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      What Is A Candidate Rejection Email

      A candidate rejection email or a candidate rejection letter is a professional courtesy extended from a recruiters end to job seekers who were not found to be the right fit for particular positions after submitting their applications or attending interviews.

      Sending a candidate rejection email is never the wrong option – stop thinking and send it off, no matter what. It is important for candidates to know if they have not been able to clear the interview process. Dont keep them biting their nails for too long. An email from you ensures they know where they stand in the process and helps them prepare for the next. It also builds a sense of goodwill for your company.

      Worse luck, several organizations see sending a candidate rejection letter or email as an unnecessary step in their hiring process and forget to send a candidate rejection email. However, for those candidates eagerly waiting to hear from you, it would mean so much.

      Rejection Letter Or Email To Applicants

      How to Handle a Job Rejection Email – 5 Steps to Nail Your Next Interview

      This applicant rejection letter sample or rejection email template can save you a lot of time when sending responses to job applicants who did not qualify for your open positions. Writing and sending a clear and positive rejection letter is crucial for ensuring a great employer branding and improving your candidate experience. This means that a rejection letter can have a direct outcome on your future hiring success!

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      Example Candidate Job Rejection Emails

      We scoured the web for example rejection emails sent by companies who do it right. We also included Eddys default rejection email so you can see how we manage these situations in our own company.

      Notice as you read each of these examples how each rejection email incorporates the four key elements: customization, direct rejection, gratitude, and encouragement.

      Youll also notice that each of these examples leaves specific feedback or rejection reasons out of the message entirely.

      These are good templates that you can use as you craft the right email for your business.

      How Quickly Should You Send A Rejection Email

      First things first, any initial acknowledgment that an application has been received should be given immediately. At this stage, a candidate should never be rejected.

      If this were to happen, the candidate might think that their data was evaluated by an algorithm rather than a person.

      Instead, the email should start by saying that their documents are being reviewed. Then, if possible, they should receive an idea of when they can expect to hear from the company again.

      This period in question should be between two days and a maximum of two weeks.

      Before this time period has elapsed, applicants should receive a job rejection letter or an invitation to interview. If you are not able to make a decision during this time, you should send an interim response.

      Otherwise, the HR manager should expect to start receiving telephone inquiries. Applicants may only be forgiving with their time when it comes to large companies with highly complex structures in place.

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