How To Send A Networking Email

His Email Was Poorly Constructed

How to Network Through Email or Direct Message

There were misplaced indentations and grammar/spelling errors. If you are emailing someone, and your hope is to in some way gain their support or advocacy, its important to put your best foot forward. If a networking contact is to gain the opinion that you are an intelligent, hard-working, well-intentioned student worthy of his attention, advice, and connections, an initial email with even one or two minor errors can be unforgiving.

If writing is not your strength, be sure you have someone proofread your email before you send it off. Believe it or not, something so seemingly menial is often where students will enlist the help of career center advisors. We are happy to help students craft and proof networking emails before they are sent to the intended target. It gives students peace of mind knowing a professional has already seen and endorsed the message.

Cold Networking Email Sample

Here is an example of a cold network email to help guide you in writing your own:

From: Julian BrooksTo: Dr. Esther MelendezSubject: Inspired byYour TV Appearance Last NightDear Dr. Melendez,Hi, I’m Julian, and I work at Press Play Media as a producer. I’m also a fellow vegetarian and dog owner of two rescue pups.Your interview with our local CBS channel inspired me last night when you stressed the importance of an organic, balanced diet and suggested families try getting started with a backyard vegetable garden.I would love to connect you with my mentor, Suzanne Strauss, who inspired me to get into holistic medicine and personal exercise following a health diagnosis in my 20s.I know she would enjoy hearing more about strategies and techniques you share with patients.I would love to do a podcast for Press Play featuring you both, where we take an in-depth look at how backyard gardening can instill healthier habits in children and teens. It would bring even more exposure to your efforts and be a significant influence on youth in our community.Let’s connect by phone this Thursday at 10:15 a.m. if it works for you or pick a time and I’ll make it happen. A half hour should be enough and I am happy to send over a few questions beforehand, too.*Thank you so much for the time and consideration, I’m very grateful. Looking forward to continuing the conversation.


Career Networking Email And Letter Examples

    You might not think of a simple thank-you letter as networking, but that single type of communication can help you with your future career. After all, networking is about relationship building, and one way to build relationships is through written correspondence, whether by letter or email.

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    Letters Requesting Career Advice

    Its never too early to start networking. Students are encouraged to create polite and enthusiastic communications, as they can earn dividends when searching for a summer internship or full-time job.

    College career offices often provide counseling and other career services, including referral cover letter examples and peer reviews. Similar to adults, students can request an informational interview by networking with their friends and contacts in their career field.

    Informational interviews provide a great opportunity to learn about a new industry or a particular occupation or organization.

    How To Write Every Type Of Professional Networking Email

    2021 Guide With 10+ Examples to write an effective ...

    The next time you have a pesky networking email to write, have no fear! We created these networking email templates so that you don’t have to. Get ready to copy and paste!

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    How To Write A Networking Email That Gets Results

    The way we network is changing rapidly. As many professionals embrace a hybrid remote work environment and the future of in-person events remains in flux, the ability to network remotely is an essential skill.

    However, that does not mean you should take the liberty to invite yourself into someone’s inbox or DM’s and demand advice. In fact, that’s a quick way to get ignored.

    Email is still the top communication channel for many professionals, and In a hybrid work environment, sending an effective introductory email is a critical skill for career growth.

    Learn how to write a networking email that gets results by implementing the tips below.

    Networking Email Templates You Can Use

    Now that weve looked at some of the principles for writing a successful networking email, I want to give you some real-world examples that you can use.

    View these as starting points that you can adapt for your purposes, not as ironclad formulas for success. And be sure to replace the text in brackets with the relevant details of the person youre contacting.

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    Networking Email Subject Lines To Improve Email Open Rates

    Justin McGillposted this in theLead Generation StrategiesCategory on April 5, 2021

    When you reach out to your prospects, your networking email subject line determines whether theyll open your email or not.

    Thus, its important to learn how to write the best email subject line for networking.

    In this article, youll encounter the following topics:

    • What is a networking email subject line
    • 70 networking email subject line examples to use
    • 16 tips on how to write a networking email subject line
    • How to collect leads for your networking emails

    Thepurpose of a networking email is to establish a new relationship. This means you would need to be extra friendly with your approach.

    It should make use of a catchy subject line to draw your recipients attention and keep it. A network email subject line plays a huge role and determines whether your efforts would be successful or not.

    Here are some science-backed reasons why good email subject lines for networking is vital for your business:

    • 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone
    • 69% of email recipients report email as spam based solely on the subject line
    • Emails with crystal clear subject lines result in 56% more open rates

    The Pros And Cons Of Using A Cold Email Networking Template

    New Social Network – Part 33 – Sending Emails


    You can reach more people

    You don’t sound that personal

    You can have a strategy in place

    You can tweak the template

    Sure, some people are really against using a cold email networking template, but it is almost inevitable in modern business practices. Granted, you might lose a bit on how personal the messages you are sending are, but you will be able to gain a lot more in terms of how many people you reach. However, if youre using a tool such as Anyleads Automated Email software, you can have more options for personalization, and truly make your automated emails stand out.

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    Networking Follow Up Email

    How to write a follow up email after networking event

    Sample follow up email after networking

    The networking event wraps up and you head back home.whats next?

    Writing a follow-up email or letter to the people you met at the networking event might be a good place to start.

    This will help solidify your new relationship and also give you the chance to ask additional follow up questions if needed.

    Template #3 The Person Whos A Friend Of A Friend

    It can be tricky to form a professional relationship with someone you met in a casual setting, like at a bar, restaurant, or party. But if you meet someone and think he or she could be beneficial to your career , you should absolutely try to do so. Just be a little more formal than if you were addressing a friend.

    Hi ,

    It was nice to meet you at . Im really interested to learn more about your role as , as . If you have time in the coming weeks, Id love to take you to coffee and hear more about .


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    Create A Memorable Subject Line

    A memorable subject line is important, particularly if the person you’re reaching out to might not recognize your name or company. It should be specific, appropriate and get their attention without being urgent or apologetic. Subject line topics you may consider are:

    • Name a mutual connection: This is one of the strongest ways to establish a reason to connect. Write something like A Colleague of Rudy Johnson,“Client of Amber Wilkes” or Classmate of Your Husband.
    • Mention a commonality you share: Highlight connections, like hobbies, hometowns or history. For example, Fellow Yale Graduate Go Bulldogs, or Kitesurfing Marketer in Miami.
    • Refer to what you read, saw or learned from this person. For example, Inspired by Your Lecture Series, or Caught Your TV Appearance Last Night.

    Consider using title case within the subject line for a professional look and a higher read and reply rate.

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    Great Example of How to Send a Networking Email

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    Best Practice For Networking Emails

    Here are some more general points to keep in mind:

    • Keep every email short: around two to three paragraphs.
    • Choose your subject line carefully and put the most important words first.
    • Focus more on them than you .
    • Never put people on the spot, and never ask for a job in a networking email.
    • Be natural, personalise each message and make it clear what youre asking for. And be prepared to graciously accept if they offer something different from what you requested.
    • If you ask for a meeting, be specific about how long youre asking for .

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    Success : Jane Builds Trust

    And its possible that, after the coffee chat, John will agree to connect her to Jim White the owner of Acme Pet SuperStore that she so wants to meet. But thats because shes created a level of trust and built a relationship the right way.

    It would be tough for most of us to introduce a connection to someone we’ve never met. By building trust first, Jane increases her chances of success and gives a better first impression.

    Final Thoughts On My Networking Tips

    How Many Networking Emails Are Too Many?

    Remember, every email or message you write is going to be different your goals will inevitably change and the person you address is bound to change your networking formula in some way.

    The important things to remember are to do your research ahead of time and to think about the needs of the person whom youre addressing. If you keep these in mind, a lot of the other things will fall into place automatically.

    So there you have it networking tips that will help you to craft the best networking note or email that actually gets results! Hope these tips help you to move your networking strategy forward!

    Photo by Denis Degioanni on Unsplash

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    Networking Letter Example Requesting A Meeting

    Rainwater, MO 76777

    Dear Mr. Dorza,

    Our paths first crossed several years ago when you spoke to my marketing class at the University of Mid Nebraska. At that time, you challenged each of us to make a difference in the world and told us of your early struggles to not only obtain a degree but also launch your company.

    Since that time, I’ve followed the rapid growth of your cutting-edge marketing firm. This past year I read that Edgie had been awarded an Addy for the innovative marketing campaign you created for WarmStone Creamery.

    Your advice to find an internship in my senior year was invaluable to me. Upon graduation, my mentor at that firm introduced me to ACB Multimedia. For the past three years, I have worked in all facets of marketing: internet, multimedia, and print. I would now like to explore where my education and experience would be of the greatest value to a firm located in the St. Louis area.

    I do remember you telling us you would always be happy to answer questions, so I kept your business card. I will contact your secretary in a few days to arrange a meeting at your convenience. I will gladly clear my schedule for whenever you are available. I look forward to seeing you again and gaining your insight into my career path.

    Thanks so much for the great advice you gave me while at college, which has shaped my career so far.


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    Reconnection Networking Emails And Subject Lines

    As Ive already mentioned, networking is an ongoing thing. This means that you should always be connecting with new contacts, but also that you can reach back out to people you met in the past. And this is why proper networking communication is so important. You never know what may change, who you may meet, or what you might need in the future.

    How To Send A Networking Email That Wont Be Ignored

    Networking Email Template

    If you want to ask a stranger or a distant acquaintance for networking or career help, the initial email you send can determine whether you get a response or never hear anything back. Many of the people whose help youd most like are busy and often get more email than they can respond to. And since emails from strangers often go to the bottom of the list, its important to craft an email that that they wont be inclined to ignore.

    Here are seven ways to write a networking email that gets a responseand hopefully the action you want.

    1. Start with some context. Briefly explain who you are and how you came to contact the person. Dont give your whole life storya couple of sentences is all you needbut do set up some context before you plunge into what youre looking for.

    2. State clearly what youre looking forand be specific. Explain exactly what you want. Are you looking for a phone call, a meeting, an introduction? Information about their field? Career advice? Dont make them guesseither about the topic or about what youd like from them in particular. Most people youre reaching out to are going to be busy they dont want to spend their time trying to read between the lines and figuring out what it is that youre asking and you dont want to make them fear that if they agree to talk, theyll end up in an open-ended call or meeting where youre not prepared with clear and specific questions.

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