How To Send A Mass Email Individually

Why Should You Hide The Recipients

How to send personalized bulk Emails from Outlook

When sending mass emails you might want to hide the recipients. This is especially important when the receiver shouldnt see who else got the email. Lets say you want to send out a new promotion to your clients. By showing all the recipients addresses in the email, they can all see each others email addresses. This can quickly lead to complaints from your clients side, as theyd rather not have other people know their email address. People dont like receiving SPAM emails and want to avoid it at all costs. Almost everyone would prefer to avoid this situation.

In this same case, another reason to hide the recipients could derive from the fact you serve multiple clients in the same niche. Though most companies usually do not mind it, some companies might no longer work with you because they are now aware that you also work for a direct competitor. Sending a mass email without hiding the recipients could result in you losing valuable business opportunities. Thats why hiding the recipients in your emails is important.

How To Send An Email To Undisclosed Recipients From Gmail

Lets find out how to set the Undisclosed recipients contact in Gmail. Gmail is simpler than Outlook and takes just three steps to send an email with hidden addresses.

  • In Gmail, click Compose to create a new email.
  • In the To field enter Undisclosed recipients and add your address after it . Example:
  • Next, click on Bcc , and enter your addresses into the Bcc field.
  • Now you are ready to compose your email, and send it out.

Thats it! Your contacts will not see each other!

It is recommended that you only use Bcc to communicate with recipients on an infrequent basis. If, however, you want to communicate with many people, fairly often , you should consider using bulk email services.

How To Send An Email To Multiple Recipients Individually In Gmail

You are looking for: Gmail send multiple emails separately. Here we have you covered. Get MailTrack for your individual account or for your company.

Its fairly common in the online world to want to send an email to a long list of contacts, without having these people know who else is getting the message. Luckily, there are a number of solutions to this issue. Here, well cover how to send an email to multiple recipients individually in Gmail.

With MailTrack you can create Campaigns to send emails to multiple recipients individually in Gmail

  • Upgrade your plan to start using Campaigns. Send individual trackable emails up to 200 recipients.
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    How Do I Send A Mass Email Without Showing The Recipients

    To hide the email addresses from recipients:

  • Enter addresses into Bcc.
  • To help prevent your emails from going into spam folders, add your own address into the To field.
  • Note the number of contacts before sending an email.
  • Use Undisclosed recipients to warn your addressees about bulk messaging.
  • Take Care Of Your Reputation

    How to Use the CC and BCC Features in Gmail

    Before sending an email campaign, make sure your IP or domain is not blacklisted and remove it from the block if it is. Check whether your email list is valid and if it has any duplicates. Further, regularly clean-up the subscribers that no longer open or click your emails. All this is very important for maintaining a good senders reputation.

    Our overarching tip is to use mass emails to build relationships with your audience. This is a long process that cannot be reduced to a single email campaign. Sending mass emails in Gmail can help you nurture these relationships only if you use it once or twice a year to send out invitations or Christmas wishes. Using Gmail for email marketing is both inappropriate and ineffective way to build relationships with customers.

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    Write The Personalized Message In Microsoft Word

    The Mailings tab on the Ribbon is on view front and center. Here, you will want to start your mass email with a personalized greeting line. From the Mailings tab in Microsoft Word, select Greeting Line.

    As you can see, the dialog box has been pre-populated the name of Mr. Randall. This is just a placeholder for names from your contacts list. Just below that, you can check a preview of the names from your list. You can customize the entries with the options given here.

    Do note that the merge fields come from the column headings in your mailing list. So, if there is a mismatch, use Match Fields to ensure that the merge stays accurate. If a field you want says “Not Matched”, select the drop-down list for that field and then choose the column name that matches that column in your list.

    When you click OK and exit from here, a placeholder for the greeting line is placed in the Word document.

    Remember this: You can enter extra information to the document with additional fields.

    Click on Insert Merge Field. This data must be present in your original data source that is in this case, the Contacts information in Microsoft Outlook. Examples include home address, home phone, job title etc. You can see the complete list when you click the tiny dropdown arrow.

    Personalize The Right Way

    The vast majority of that the personalization of mass emails increases open and click-through rates. Thus, make your best efforts to include personalization. At the same time, be careful to include an alternative that will be inserted when you dont have corresponding information, for leads not to receive an ugly Hi, }!

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    Host Your Pdf Files On Google Drive

    You can upload your files to Google Drive or anywhere publicly accessible on the web, like a public Dropbox folder or a public AWS S3 bucket.

    If you use Google Drive, the GMass chrome extension needs read-only permission to Google Drive for PDF mail merge to work. To allow GMass to download PDFs from your Drive:FOLLOW THIS LINK

    Log in with the same Gmail account that youll use for sending the email and make sure the Convert uploaded files option is unchecked.

    As long as the PDFs are located within the same Google Drive account, you can put them in multiple folders.

    How To Send An Email To Multiple Recipients Individually In Outlook

    Send bulk emails with individual name using Gmail Mail Merge

    When you want to send personalized email to multiple recipients individually without them knowing each other, normally, you can send the email to the recipients one by one. But, this will be time-consuming and boring. Is there any good and quick method to solve this task in Outlook?

    Send an email to multiple recipient separately with Mail Merge feature

    In fact, the Mail Merge feature in Outlook can help you to send the same email to multiple recipients individually with their own greeting. Please do with the following steps:

    1. Go to the Contacts pane, and then select the recipients which you want to send email to, and then click Home> Mail Merge, see screenshot:

    2. In the opened Mail Merge Contacts dialog box:

    Select Only selected contacts option under the Contacts section

    In the Merge options section, choose Form Letters from the Document type drop down, E-mail from the Merge to drop down list, and then enter the subject you need into the Message subject line text box.

    3. Then click OK button, and the Microsoft Word will open with a new document. The window will stay under Mailings ribbon automatically. Then you should click Greeting Line under the Mailings tab, see screenshot:

    4. In the popped out Insert Greeting Line dialog box, specify the greeting line format as you need. You can preview the sent greeting results in the Preview section at the same time. See screenshot:

    Send an email to multiple recipient separately with an amazing feature


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    Send To Group Email Addresses

    If you use groups in the Contacts appfor example, for a book club or cycling teamyou can send messages to your groups.

  • In the Mail app on your Mac, choose Mail > Preferences, click Composing, then deselect When sending to a group, show all member addresses.

  • In an address field of your message, type a group name.

    If you decide you want to use individual contacts instead of the groupmaybe you want to omit a few peopleclick the arrow next to the group name, then choose Expand Group.

  • Tip: If someone in a group has multiple email addresses, you can choose which one to always use when you email the group. See Edit the distribution list for groups and Smart Groups.

    Send Mass Emails That Dont Look Personal Using An Email Service Provider Like Mailchimp

    Need to send a bulk email to more than 2000 people today ? Then this is probably your option of choice. If not, skip to option 3!

    The upside of this method is that you can email thousands of people at once, fast.

    The downsides of this method are that:

  • Your email wont look personal. The trained eye will always see its a mass email.
  • It wont land in your audiences priority inbox. Mailboxes like Gmail and Outlook nowadays sort emails sent with an email service provider in a tab called Promotions or Other.
  • This also results in lower open rates .
  • And as many email service providers are misused , this can also cause your email to be more likely to be caught in a spam folder.
  • If all thats okay with you, have a look at our guide on how to use Mailchimp .

    If you want to send mass emails that seem personal and are more likely to get read, well get to that now.

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    Why Its Better To Send Mass Emails With An Email Marketing Service

    Email marketing remains the most profitable marketing channel, boasting an ROI of $32 for every $1 spent. To leverage that kind of ROI, you need to invest in a dedicated email marketing service like Sendinblue because Outlook alone simply wont cut it.

    A specialized email marketing service:

    • Makes adding contacts and selecting mailing lists easy
    • Lets you create professional-looking emails with cool branding and design elements
    • Makes it possible to insert products, various images, and personalized dynamic content like the contents of an individual abandoned cart
    • Gives you email performance reports
    • Can help with email list building
    • Protects sender reputation
    • Enables you to be GDPR compliant.

    There are many such providers on the market offering a range of different features at varying price points. To find the best one for you, check out this list of the best email marketing services.

    Here are some examples of things you can do with Sendinblue that you simply cant with Outlook.

    Tracking Data With Mailtrack

    Send Individually Add

    Sending mass emails through Mailtrack is straightforward, but the difference is in what happens after you click send. Automatically, Mailtrack separates bulk emails into individual emails. If you send a campaign email to 50 email addresses, youll see 50 outgoing messages in your Gmail account.

    The advantage of this is that you can track each one with Mailtracks data individually. You can get real-time notifications when any recipient opens an email, and you can scroll down the list of sent messages to quickly see who has read your email and who hasnt.

    You can also get notifications when recipients click the links in your bulk emails. And if someone hasnt opened your email in 24 hours, you can get a reminder of that, too.

    This means you dont have to wonder who got your message and who didnt. Mailtrack for Gmails simple extension makes using Gmail for email marketing quick and easy.

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    Email Tracking And Analytics :

    Email tracking allows you to see if your emails are being opened and clicked on, allowing you to figure out what works and what doesnt. Unfortunately, Gmail does not provide a specific email tracking and reporting dashboard.

    How GMass Can Help

    With GMass, gathering data about your emails is easy.

    Open tracking allows you to view how often your emails are opened by recipients, offering you a good idea of what content captures your audiences attention. GMass also enables , which allows you to analyze how your audience interacts with your communications more deeply.

    GMass automatically converts all of the links in your newsletter to a trackable format. Once you connect GMass with Gmail, information regarding which links your recipients click begins to flow. In addition to this, GMass records all of the essential information about how often your messages are opened, read, responded to, and bounced. You may just sit back and let GMass handle it all for you!

    People Can See Its A Mass Email

    One of the biggest downsides is that you have to make sure to blind carbon copy your contacts, otherwise they will know right away that you sent a mass email. In the early days of the internet, it was a common experience to receive a mass email that listed all the other recipients at the top. Today, doing that is a serious mistake.

    An email address is considered private information. People have to opt in to receive emails from businesses. Thats why theres such a huge industry around creating incentives for internet searchers to opt-in, like free videos, educational content, or PDFs.

    If you send a mass email and then forget to Bcc the contacts, you are essentially giving out private information to the other recipients. Now, anyone on that list can go and email anyone else. You dont want to be responsible for that. Also, dont mix Cc and Bcc contacts for a mass email. The Bcc contacts can still see the emails in the Cc field.

    Be aware that some spam filters might mark your email as spam if you Bcc recipients. Its also possible your recipients could mark the email as spam after they receive it.

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    Set Your From Email Address

    If you set up email aliases, use several email accounts, or use unique, random addresses created with Hide My Email, you can choose which address to use when you send your messages.

  • In the Mail app on your Mac, move the pointer over the From field in your message.

  • If you want to use the same From address for all your messages, choose Mail > Preferences, click Composing, click the Send new messages from pop-up menu, then choose an email account. Or choose instead to have Mail automatically select the best address, based on the email address of the first recipient in your message, as well as the currently selected mailbox and message.

    When Should You Send Mass Emails

    How to Mass Send Customized Emails in Outlook

    Mass emails are especially useful when you want to send the same information to different people. Lets say you have a list of email addresses of current clients and want to reach out to them with a special promotion. Or your company is hosting an event soon and you want to make sure the people on your email list get their invites. A mass email allows you to send the same message to a list of people at once rather than having to send them an email individually. Sending a mass email will just take a minute if you have your message ready but sending 30 emails to people individually will take you up to 30 minutes.

    So, mass emails are a great way to save a lot of time while also ensuring that everybody on the list receives the same message. When sending individual emails, you might run into problems when pasting the message into each email. With a mass email, you just check the copy and lay-out once and when everything looks right you can instantly reach everybody on your list.

    Here are some examples of situations where sending a mass email would be a great idea:

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