How To Send A Long Video Via Email

How To Send Large Video Files Via Outlook And Onedrive

How To Send Large Video Files Via Email – Quickly and Easily!

Outlook is another popular email provider around the world. It allows you to send a mail up to 10MB. However, it is too small for video file size. To send a large video file as email attachment in Outlook, you can save it to OneDrive first.

Step 1Copy and paste into the address bar of your web browser, and sign in your Microsoft account.

Step 2Select OneDrive to open the corresponding page, and head to the folder to store the large video file. Click Upload> Files to launch the open-file dialog. Find the large video and click Open to upload it.

Step 3When it is complete, you will get a notification. Click Share Link on the notification to share the video as an attachment. Type in the recipient address and your message, and click the Send button to send the large video file through email.

Tip: There are two options on the Send Link page, Copy Link and Outlook. The former will copy the video address to your clipboard for using in another document. The latter will lead you to the new mail window.

Upload Your Files To A Cloud Storage Space And Share Them Or Email Them To Others

Using a cloud storage space like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive is one of the easiest and most popular methods for sending large files. Depending on your email provider, you’ll likely be able to use a corresponding cloud storage like Google Drive for Gmail, or OneDrive for

If you’re sending an attachment within a provider like Gmail, you’ll see the Google Drive button already integrated. Simply press it, choose your file, and then send it like a regular attachment.

Alternatively, Dropbox allows you to upload large files and then send a web link via email or text to your recipient. With Dropbox’s free tier, you’ll receive 2 GB of storage space. For $9.99 per month, you can increase your storage to 1 TB.

Specific Use Case: Ease-of-use when sending attachments through your email provider. Most likely to use when sharing files internally with colleagues.

The Battle Of Emailing Long Videos

Video content is often pretty large and can take up a lot of space on your hard drive or on your email server. So when it comes to wanting to learn how to email a video the lack of space on your hard drive can cause many issues when wanting to send large video files, or really any type of video for that matter. Email platforms like Gmail and Outlook have an attachment size limit that most videos exceed. The Gmail attachment size limit can prevent you from sending your video email as an attachment and you have to find alternative methods to share your video content. Sometimes, when you send videos via email, they can also get caught in spam filters, and never end up getting delivered to the right inbox.

There are a few workarounds though. These can include uploading your video to your Google Drive and sending a link instead of an attachment. You can also compress your video, but when you compress a video, youre also reducing its image quality. Regardless of the workaround you choose, there are going to be a few takeaways along with advantages. The best way to send long videos is with a video email platform. These platforms do all the heavy lifting for you and allow you to easily record and send video emails at ease. With a video email platform, you dont need to worry about file sizes, video compression, etc because all of the nitty-gritty details are taken care of. Let us show you how to send large videos with a video email platform!

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Customize Video Compression Settings

After the video has been loaded, the software will display the size and other information of it. Customize the file size, video format, video resolution, and bitrate directly, or drag the process bar to changing all parameters accordingly. You’re allowed to check the compressed video quality for the 20s by clicking the Preview button.

File Sharing With Clipchamp Sharepages

How To Send Long Videos From Phone To Email

Are the above suggestions just not making the cut? Weâve got one last recommendation that we think might just be the right solution for you.

Weâve created a solution to the âfile size too bigâ error. Clipchamp Sharepages are a place to showcase the videos youâve created in our online video editor with anyone on the internet. Itâs fast and completely free. Instead of uploading your large video file to a cloud or compressor, all you need to do is share a link directly after editing.

Your Sharepage will look a little something like this.

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How To Share Large Files Via Google Drive

There are several ways to share files and folders via Google Drive. Lets take a quick walk-through.

1. First, navigate to Drive and open the appropriate folder to access the file you want to share.

2. Right-click on the video or large file you want to share. Youll see a drop-down menu with a Share option near the top. Click Share.

3. Youll see a menu with several options. First, youll see a clickable area that displays the status of the file. Youll also see an area where you can copy a shareable link and share your file with specific people.

4. Adjust your files settings to match the permissions you want to grant the person youre sending it to. After that, you can either click Copy link or add recipients to the People list before hitting Send.

5. If you copy the link, you can then send that link to your recipients. If you choose to enter email addresses in the form and hit Send, theyll receive an invitation to view or download the file via email.

6. If you click Advanced in the bottom right hand corner, you can toggle permissions for specific people.

7. At the bottom of the menu, youll see check boxes where you can choose to prevent editors from changing access permissions. You can also disable downloads if you dont want your recipient to download the file in question. Instead, they can view it right inside Drive.

How To Send Large Files Over The Internet

Trying to figure out how to transfer large files online? Gmail and Yahoo have a 25MB limit, but don’t worry there are other ways to send your work without hitting an error message.

Have you ever tried to email a file to someone, only for your mail service to tell you that its too big? Its a frustrating but common problem. Most email services and software restrict the size of file attachments. For example, Gmail and Yahoo limit the size of attached files to 25MB, so that 100MB video isn’t going through. But email is not your only choice many standalone file-transfer services can take on the job. Here are several ways to send large files over the internet.

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Easy Steps To Compressing A Video Into An Email


If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a video’s worth a million but since videos tend to have large file sizes, it can be tricky to get them from one place to another. You can make video files easier to handle by compressing them, which reduces their file size and makes them compact enough to send via email.

Transfer Files Using Sftp

How to Send Videos in Gmail (iOS, Android, Mac, PC)

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is an option for transferring files online by uploading a file to your hosting server. However, the disadvantage of FTP is that it isn’t that secure which is where SFTP comes in.

SFTP or Secure File Transfer Protocol is a protocol that works in a similar way to FTP, except it uses secure shell for encryption. This is a good option for limiting accessibility to those outside your recipient list. Some of the other options in this list, including file transfer options that rely on email, are likely less secure than an SFTP.

Specific Use Case: A more secure option than traditional online file-sharing, to be used when sending highly classified files to colleagues or clients.

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How To Send Large Files Through Gmail

Trying to email files over 25MB seems like a nightmare when you don’t know how to email large files with Gmail. The best way to email files over 25MB is to upload the document, photo, or video into Google Drive. You have two ways how to do send it:

  • As an attachment
  • As a Drive link
  • Both ways are sufficient and can be done by simply opening Gmail on your computer and composing the message.

    To insert the document, you’ll want to:

  • Select the file.
  • Choose between “attachment” or “drive link” so Google knows which version of the document you prefer for sending.
  • Select Insert and then forward the message as normal.
  • Sending Videos Via Gmail From Pc

    Step 1: Open your Gmail account by browsing with address in the browser. your Gmail account will be opened if you are signed in with your account

    Step 2: If you are not signed in sign in with appropriate email and password which makes to log into your account.

    Step 3: Click on the compose button Its a white button on the upper-left side of your inbox. Doing so opens a new email window.on the top right of your Gmail account.

    Step 4: By clicking on the compose button you can see a compose box.

    Step 5: Enter the persons email address by typing his email address and then write about the subject in the subject area, which gives the basic description and title of the sent video or message.

    Step 6: Click on the paperclip icon. Its near the bottom of the email window.

    Step 7: After the clicking on a paperclip icon, it redirects you to the saved gallery of all the video files. Click on the selected video, which is needed to be sent.Step 8: Click on the send button the video will be sent the specified person.

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    Issues With Large Attachments

    Even if your message doesnt exceed the Outlook or Exchange Server attachment size limits, there is a chance your recipients email provider might block messages that include large attachments. To help reduce the size of attachments that you send in Outlook, see Reduce the size of pictures and attachments.

    In addition to mail provider limits on total message size, sending large attachments through email is not always the best solution.

    • Your message might cause your recipients mailbox to exceed the storage quota If the recipients mailboxes exceed the storage quota, the recipients could be prevented from receiving other messages.

    • Your message might cause your mailbox to exceed the storage quota Each message that you send is saved in the Sent Items folder. Sending large attachments to other people counts against your mailbox size quota as well. When you exceed the storage quota, you could be blocked from receiving additional messages.

    • Attachment bloat When a file is attached to message, it has to be encoded. The encoding process causes attached files to become 1.37 times larger than they are on your computer. For example, if you send a 5 MB file attachment, the attachment is sent as 6.85 MB of data.

    Google Drive: Use With Gmail

    10 Free Ways to Send Long Videos via Email/Android/iPhone ...

    With Gmail, you can send attachments limited to 25MB and receive files of up to 50MB. It makes sense to use the built-in Google Drive to send big files. Open your Gmail account and click the Compose button. Click the Google Drive icon at the bottom of the compose window.

    The Insert files using Google Drive window appears. Select the files you want to attach. At the bottom of the page, decide how you want to send the file.

    • Drive link works for any files stored in Drive, including files created using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms.
    • Attachment only works for files that weren’t built using Docs, Sheets, or Slides.

    Then click Insert.

    Gmail checks to see if your recipients have access to the file. If they don’t, it’ll prompt you to change the sharing settings of your file stored in Drive before sending the message. You can set permissions to prevent the file from getting misused and send them to selected recipients.

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    Why You Fail To Share A Video From Iphone

    The failure in sending large videos from iPhone is not a rare issue. On the contrary, many users have encountered this problem while using their devices. This is mainly caused by two reasons:

    • The size limit: In order to prevent the server overload and ensure the smooth running of iPhone, Apple does not allow users to send large files from their mobile phones.
    • iSight Camera: The iSight camera only records HD videos. That means a two-minute video will probably set by few hundred MB.

    Then you may ask, “How Can I send a 10-minute video on iPhone?” Just read on to get the answers.

    Watch Long Videos Without Having To Download Them

    Watch long videos instantaneously with Dropboxeven if your internet connection isnt so great. All it takes is a quick adjustment to your quality settings and you can continue watching without interruption. And when you share a link to a long video file, your recipient can stream the video online right then and theretheres no need for them to download it.

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    How To Email A Video With Outlook

    Step1: Visit Outlook and enter your account:

    Step2: Click on New and type the information on recipients, subject and message body into the right places.

    Step3: Select the paper clip icon next to Discard, go Computer, and then choose the videos you want to send. At last, select Attach as a copy to embed video in outlook email.

    Step4: Click on Send to finish the process.

    With Outlook, you can only send file attachments within 34MB. In this case, how to send a video through email? If the videos are too large to email, Outlook allows you to upload and share the files as OneDrive links. Besides, you can choose to upload the videos to YouTube and then copy and paste the video URL into the message box. Compressing the videos is another available choice, as well.

    Insert Files Using Google Drive

    How to Send Large Videos on Gmail,How to send attachments larger than 25MB in Gmail

    When sending an email from your Gmail account, you’ll notice a Google Drive logo next to the attachment button. This Google Drive attachment button allows users to insert files up to 25 MB using their Google Drive storage.

    All you have to do is insert your video from Google Drive, then click send. If your file is greater than 25 MB, Gmail automatically adds the Google Drive link to your email instead of including the video as an attachment.

    There are many other cloud storage services that you can use to upload your large video files, then share them with email addresses. OneDrive and iCloud are other popular storage clouds that are compatible with emails like Outlook, Yahoo, Zoho mail and iCloud mail.

    Just like Google Drive and Dropbox, all you have to do is upload your large file to a cloud service, then copy the link and paste it into your email address.

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