How To Send A Business Email

It’s Clear Which Email Closing Is More Professional

How to write a Business Email

So, yeah how you end a professional email is important. It can mean the difference between getting a response and getting your email moved to the trash folder.

For instructions on how to close a business email , study this tutorial:

Today, we’ll address the topic of email closings in more depth. Let’s begin with some important guidelines to follow to figure out how to end a business email:

Business Email Phrases To Start Using Right Now

Establishing and maintaining good relationships in business is essential. And since most people in the corporative world make their connections through emails, its necessary to have some communication skills. Mainly to avoid misunderstandings that can harm your contacts.

Here is a list with 62 email phrases you can start using in your business emails for better conversations with your peers, leads, clients, partners, and other recipients. We divided them into ten categories that you may need to use to form an entire body email, from making a proper introduction to saying your goodbyes.

Also, you will find both formal and informal phrases because writing emails depends a lot on the tone of voice you give to your brand and with whom you are exchanging emails.

Write The Closing Of Your Email

End your email with a call to action, a closing remark and your email signature. The call to action is what you want the recipient to do in response to your email. It can be the question you’ve posed or a simple statement such as ‘please respond’. Your closing remark should be friendly and professional. Use an email signature to list your contact information, website or other information you’d like the recipient to know. An email signature is a professional presentation of your contact info to use during the first few communications. You may sign simply your first name for recipients you’re more familiar with.

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Make Sure The Closing Is Appropriate

Your email closing sentence should take your audience into consideration. For example, you wouldn’t want to close an email to your boss with the word “love.” Although, that’s a perfectly appropriate ending for an email to your mother. Arrington adds:

“‘I appreciate your feedback’ is one of my favorite email closings. It can be used as a closing sentence for an email to a colleague that requires feedback.

I recently saw this closing when helping a client with his recruiting marketing strategy. I emailed him previously a long email with feedback on his marketing strategy with actionable solutions. When I saw his closing I knew my written communication with him was clear, effective and thoughtful.”

Email Greetings To Groups

2 Easy Ways to Write Business Emails

When writing to groups of people, think about your relationship to the group.

If its a group of people you know really well, you can use something more informal such as Hi all,Hi team or Hi everyone.

If its a small group of people , use their first names: Dear Sarah, Roxy and Chad.

If its a more formal email, you can use greetings such as Dear Coworkers,Dear Colleagues or Dear Hiring Committee.

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How To Get A Business Email Address For Free

There are quite a few avenues to look at if youre looking for a free business email address. Many hosting providers tend to have it as a value-add to web hosting, so its worth looking at those options for especially if you have a WordPress site.

Email service providers where you can create a free business email address include:

GoDaddy Bluehost Microsoft Outlook

Get To The Point Quickly

The average user sends and receives over 120 business emails a day.

They want to read your email quickly and move on. If you spend a lot of time dillydallying with endless text, you will lose their attention.

So, get to the point you want to make quickly. This is mainly necessary for cold outreach emails. Heres an example of Dean reaching out to share about a new blog post in less than 50 words.

If you are sending an email to a warm audience via a newsletter, you can write a longer email. These people have a relationship with you. If you write a good copy, you should be able to hold their attention.

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How To Write A Great Professional Email In 5 Easy Steps

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Lets think of a professional email as a product kit.

When you assemble a piece of Ikea furniture, you dont create every part from scratch. You just connect the parts to one another and voila! Your fashionable new table or wardrobe is complete.

The same goes for a professional email.

When you send typical messages every day to welcome, inform, follow up, and report your main task is to prepare the parts youll use and possibly adjust in advance so that every message takes just two or three minutes to construct.

Lets see how it is done!


Tips For Effective Business Emails

How to Write a Professional Email [STEP-BY-STEP BUSINESS EMAIL]

As pointed out earlier, the use of business mails can strengthen the sales revenue chain in the longest run but this will depend on the strategies that youre going to apply. In this case, a poorly formulated strategy will be detrimental to the success of your business. Lets look at some tactics that you can employ when you want to send an effective business email.

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Close With A Professional Signature

In a business email, your email’s signature line acts as a business card. Many businesses have pre-formatted signatures for their employees. A professional signature typically includes a formal closing salutation, your name, professional title, the name of your company and your contact information. Your professional signature may also include your company’s logo or a picture of yourself.

Business Email To Colleague Example

To: Johnathon Roman

Re: Sales Project Timeline Revision: Please Review

Attachments: Sales Contest Project Timeline


Dear Johnathon,

I am writing this email to let you know the project deadline for the sales contest project we have been working on has been moved up one week. The new deadline is December 20 instead of December 27. Because of this change, we will need to make adjustments to the timeline to ensure each task of the project is completed by the deadline. I have attached an updated project timeline proposal. Please review and let me know if you will be able to complete your assigned tasks by the new deadlines. Let me know if there are any questions or concerns.

Thank You,

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Writing Business Emails In English Made Easy

How many business emails do you write in a day?

A lot? If so, youre not alone.

Email is incredibly important in the business world.

92% of people in a 2013 study thought email was a valuable tool for working with others.

But 64% of people also found that email can cause accidental confusion or anger in the workplace.

Oh my! How can you make sure your own emails arent misunderstood?

Maybe even more importantly, how can you make sure your emails get read?

Thats right. I said, Read.

These days, just pressing send doesnt mean your email is going to be read right away.

In order to be noticed, you need to know how to get peoples attention.

In order to use email to communicate well, you need to write good emails.

Luckily, writing a good email isnt hard. It may even be much easier than you think.

This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that youcan take anywhere.

Breaking Down The Structure Of A Formal Email

How to Write Business Emails: 11 Steps (with Pictures ...

Informal emails tend to be a little more carefree. They donât have a set structure, and they can be long or short, funny or serious, with GIFs or emojis.

Formal emails? Not so much. Obviously.

A formal email structure is nearly as important as the greeting you use or how you sign-off. Because formal emails should be relatively short in length, you only have to get four elements right:

  • The subject line: It should be short and specific. Anything over ten words is probably a litttttttle too much!

  • The salutation: Always mention the recipientâs name and a suitable greeting. Lose the âHeyâ and replace it with a âHelloâ or âDear.â

  • The body: Like any other email, formal emails have a body of text. This section is short, uses proper grammar, doesnât have sentence fragments, and only has one ask.

  • The signature: Your signature needs to be as formal as the email itself. Itâs also essential that you use your first and last name and include your companyâs name if the email is being sent on behalf of them.

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Is This Email Necessary

There is a tendency to over-communicate by email. While email is efficient and provides an electronic paper-trail, not all communication should occur over email.

Ask yourself: Is this email really necessary? Perhaps a quick phone call or a ping on the company messenger is more appropriate. If youre expecting a lot of back-and-forth on the topic, a short conversation can eliminate a lengthy email chain.

Choose the right channel to send information. Email is great, but it’s one channel.

Sample Business Email: How To Introduce Yourself To A Prospective Client For The First Time

In the example below, I include the email sections I discussed up above. I did omit the small talk portion because this is a cold email, and we dont yet have a relationship or any past conversation to draw upon.

See how we name drop the persons company in the subject line. Right away, the tactic makes the email feel customized to the recipient and will help the open rate.

Subject line: Smart new resource for

Hi ______,

Im with , .

I hope youre doing well.

Im writing you because I think would like to learn more about . .

In the above section, you need to explain the purpose of the email and why your company matters . People are busy, so make your main point high up in the message to prove your worth.

Then, add one sentence to show you studied the companys website. Its a powerful way to prove you didnt send the same email to 100 merchants. Be as specific as possible.

Also, I want to tell you that I enjoyed the photos from the recent Bark Bark 5K race you sponsored. The chihuahua with the running shoes? Too funny!

Remember, its not only about selling products. Its about building a relationship.

Now, show people results. Here, you need to provide an example of a recent success, with data to back you up.

Since we began Anderson Web Design and Development in 2013, weve worked with more than 200 clients across California. On average, clients rate our service a 9.6 out of 10, and often mention our professionalism and ability to stay on deadline.


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Create The Distribution List


Create the distribution list, using whichever program you wish, if the list has not already been created. Compile a list of names and email addresses. Often, it’s easiest to do this in a spreadsheet. Include the recipient’s name, title and department/division within the company, as well as the email address. Order the names in alphabetical order in the spreadsheet, which will ease your effort when inserting the names into the email.


Add the names and email addresses into the email. Nobody wants to see a list of names and email addresses in the recipient list, so make sure you use the email program’s BCC function. Doing so ensures that each recipient’s email address will be private.


Proofread your email before you hit “Send.” Find a second proofreader, if you can. Review the names and email addresses and then review the body of the email. Check for correct spelling and proper grammar. Review the content to make sure the meaning is clear and that it reads well. Once you hit “Send,” you cannot take it back, warns Emily Post.


Im Firing You As A Client

Writing an Effective Business Email

The Email Situation: Your client continues to be an a**hole.

Is working with jerks the reason you went into business? You dreamed of going to college so you could bend over backward to accommodate people you loathe? Didnt think so.

Dont keep horrible clients, because even if you only spend a few hours a week actually interacting with a bad client, how many hours do you spend thinking about that person? And running back over conversations in your head?

Even if youre desperate for business, firing the client may still be the right move itll free up bandwidth to find new clients. Theres an opportunity cost to doing business with jerks it takes up energy you could be using to locate non-jerks.

Note that we dont waver in the business email template below. Dont explore the possibility of breaking up. Dont talk about how you feel. Dont lie or avoid the issue . Please. Woman up. Dont leave an opening for the client to argue or try to change your mind. Dont list the clients sins. Dont try to get the client to agree with you about how wrong he is. And dont provide a referral.

This is one business email where you must be concise, unemotional and unimpeachably professional. Just say, Im writing to terminate our contract or, if you want to be a bit nicer: Im resigning as your accountant.

Refund any money the client is due. Keep it classy if theres any question at all, give them their money and get out cleanly.

Use This Business Email Template:

Dear ,

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But First How Do You Start An Email Properly

Your email salutation matters a lot more than you may think. People appreciate it when you call them by their names because it shows that you are talking directly to them. When you just use a salutation + name, they may have the impression that you are sending the same email to another 100 people which may be accurate, but you have resources to sort this out nowadays. Here are some common ways of starting an email:

Dear : Its more appropriate for formal emails. Use it when you address a person in a position of respect.

Hi : Its simple, friendly, and direct, but also informal. Use it carefully.

Greetings: Use it when you dont know the name of the recipient.

Hi : This one is when you are emailing a group of people informally.

Now that you know how to salute correctly lets move on to your emails next parts.

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