How To Send A Bcc Email

What Bcc Means And How To Use It

Using Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) for mass emails

Bcc stands for blind carbon copy. This field hides the email addresses entered in it. Only the original sender of the email can view the Bcc recipients. So, to keep maximum anonymity, put your email address in the To field and use Bcc for recipients.

People in the Bcc field also don’t receive reply emails from To or Cc recipients, which is handy during a lengthy mail conversation if you don’t want to spam everyone’s inboxes.

Bcc is also useful when you send a newsletter or send a message to undisclosed recipients.

Is There A Way To Tell If Someone Is Blind Copied On An Email

Generally, recipients cant see if someone has been blind-copied on a message, says Sherrod DeGrippo, senior director of threat research and detection for Proofpoint Email. One would be to access the targets inbox in one way or another, and then simply look in the Sent items to find out who received a BCC message.

How Important Is It To Use Cc And Bcc Correctly

In many cases, using CC and BCC correctly is a matter of email etiquette and professionalism. However, there are occasions when using the incorrect protocol may have legal implications. Therefore, it is important to ensure you are familiar with the correct uses of both. Always remember that:

  • BCC must be used when sending out marketing emails, newsletters, or other unsolicited emails. If you share personal data in these cases, there may be legal implications.

  • BCC is not used when sharing sensitive information with superiors regarding the performance of coworkers, clients, partners, or anyone else. In a worst-case scenario, the person you are discussing could hit reply all and the secret nature of your message will be shared with all participants. This may also have legal implications.

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Send To Individual Email Addresses

In the Mail app on your Mac, do one of the following:

  • In an address field of your message, type names or email addresses.

    As you type, Mail shows addresses that you previously used in Mail or that it finds in the Contacts app. If youre connected to network serversfor example, at work or schoolit also shows addresses found on those servers.

Why Are People So Reluctant To Have Their Email Addresses Shared With Others

Use Mac Mail BCC Option to Send Email to Groups

Well, some people use those emails that go out to a group of people to add to their own mailing lists without getting permission from the sender or from that individual whose email address theyre adding. Many executives prefer to not receive cold emails, and when they see their email address shared with a large group of people, it may negatively impact your relationship with them. Using the BCC function is a quick and painless way to preserve the privacy of your contacts.

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How To Set Up A Filter In Gmail

You can create rules in Gmail that will automatically move and flag emails as they come in to help automate your workflow. For example, you can have your ThinkReservations BCC emails and notification emails skip the inbox and automatically be put into a special folder.

Move BCC Emails to Separate Folder:

  • Log into your Google Mail account.
  • Click here to navigate to “Labels” in settings.
  • Under the “Labels” section, click the “Create new label” button.
  • Enter any new label name like “BCCs to Guests” and click Create. Think of this as a folder for the emails to go to.
  • Skip the inbox
  • Apply the label: Choose the label you created in step 4.
  • Never send it to Spam
  • Optional: Also apply filter to matching conversations.
  • Your BCC emails will move automatically into the folder/filter you created in step 4.
  • Move Notification Emails to Separate Folder:

    Keep in mind that you are still responsible for checking your notifications to make sure you aren’t missing important messages! For example, ThinkReservations uses this address to send you information about problems with OTA reservations.

  • Log into your Google Mail account.
  • Click here to navigate to “Labels” in settings.
  • Under the “Labels” section, click the “Create new label” button.
  • Enter any new label name like “Think Notifications” and click Create. Think of this as a folder for the emails to go to.
  • Bcc For Email: What It Means And When To Use It

    I wrote a guide on using CC in email, including what it is, how to use it, and the proper etiquette for using it. As a follow-up, in this article Ill do a deep dive on BCC for email, the close cousin of CC.

    Frequently mistaken for each other, CC and BCC functions are two entirely different features, and its important to understand the differences. So what is BCC in email, how is it different from CC, and when should you use it?

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      How Do I Spend Less Time On Email

      Sending emails for your blog or shop can be time-consuming, but it doesnt have to be. An email platform like Campaign Monitors is a cost-effective way to send beautiful emails without needing any technical expertise. You can also implement automation and even track your results to make sure your emails perform well. You can try our free email-builder tool to see how easy it is.

      Expanding The Conversation With Email Cc

      How to BCC in E-mail

      The best way to use the CC field is to expand an email conversation to colleagues who can make a genuine contribution to it. However, if you are not the originator of an email thread, you should ask permission before adding new recipients, because the number of people in the email exchange can quickly become unmanageable if you dont. Adding new recipients without first asking can also lead to accidentally leaking private or proprietary information.

      While it might seem like an email with the whole team in the CC field would be the best way to do this, its not. A better approach is to designate one team member who can collect important information into a single email update.

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      The Start Of Automating Your Mass Emails

      In order to start automating your mass emails you will need the following:


      This list contains all the email addresses of the recipients that will receive your mass email

      A spreadsheet with additional information

      The spreadsheet contains one or multiple additional columns which contain personal details such as first name, last name and company details

      An overview of the number of emails you want to send

      If you want to build a well-performing outreach campaign, its often useful to send multiple emails such as reminders

      A unique copy for every single email

      Every email you send out requires unique content. You can write different versions for every email to learn which type of content will improve your results

      Create An Email Group

      You have to understand how to create an email group in Outlook 365, which you can learn more about using all of the steps below.

      1. Go to or open the Outlook desktop app.2. Press on the home tab, then find.

      3. Click address book.4. On the pop-up tab, press file, then new entry.

      5. Select new contact, and press ok.6. Under the full name section, enter undisclosed recipients.

      7. Enter your email address in the email section.8. Press save.

      When learning how to create an email group in Outlook 365, you may encounter an error message that reads duplicate contact detected. This response comes from the fact that you already have a contact in your address book with your email address. You can continue, however, by pressing Add new contact.

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      Email Sample On How To Use Cc And Bcc In An Email

      Subject: Customers Inability to log in to their account.To: CC: Hi Tonia, your complaint has been logged and will be resolved within the next 72 hours. To further speed up this process, I have copied our head of IT to make sure youre back in your account as soon as possible.Kind regardsAyoade Oyedotun

      For Bcc emails, theres isnt much to be added as it is sent as a regular email.

      There are similarities among To, Cc, and Bcc. These similarities have been exhausted in this article. Its your job to make sure theyre utilized properly because improper usage of email rules and etiquette could gravely harm your reputation in the workplace.

      • Tags

      Bcc Email Address For Contacts

      On each contact card , youll see the BCC email address in the right-side column.

      You can quickly copy the email address by clicking the Copy to Clipboard icon. You also have the option of changing the BCC email address if you need to for some reason by clicking the Generate new address icon, which is next to the Copy to Clipboard icon.

      This BCC email address is the same for all your contacts. Its specific to your Sell account.

      To use the BCC email address for contacts

      • Create a new email message in your external email application and add the BCC email address as a BCC recipient.
      • Or, forward existing email messages to Sell using the BCC email address.Note: Email messages forwarded to Sell must include Fw: or Fwd: in the subject line.

      When a message is sent to Sell using the BCC email address, it is matched to the contact via the contacts email address. If the email address doesnt already exist in Sell, a new contact will be created.

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      How Do You Bcc In Gmail

      The BCC field allows you to send an email to a multiple recipient list.

      Each address in the BCC field is known as a tertiary recipient.

      When using the BCC option, the main recipient of the mail will be unaware of other recipients youve included. As a result, a BCC email is a little more confidential than CC.

      While your BCC recipient cant see who else has been added, theyll know that they were added to the BCC line and werent the only ones being addressed.

      Ask The Recipients To Check Their Spam Folders

      The information above mentioned that you should make the email blast personal. This process will help it to avoid the spam folder.

      In rare instances, however, antivirus software may still reroute your email blast to the spam folder. Ask the recipients to check it if they tell you they never received your message.

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      Setup Outlook Rule For Bcc Emails

      You can create rules in Microsoft Outlook to automatically move your BCC emails to a folder other than your inbox. First, you will create a new rule or modify your existing rule.

      Open Rules and Alerts.

      Step 1 Conditions:

      Check: “From people or public group”

      Check: “Move it to the specified folder”

      Specify: Specify the folder you wish to move them to

      Step 3 Exceptions:

      Check: “except if my name is in the To or Cc box”

      Finish rule setup…

      Give your rule a name

      Turn on this rule

      Optionally run this rule now on messages already in your inbox.

      Review the rule description. It should read similar to below:

      “Apply this rule after the message arrives

      move it to the CustomerCopies folder

      except if my name is in the To or Cc box”

      The folder name “CustomerCopies” should be replaced with whatever folder name you have into which you want these emails to go.

      Why Automation Is The Key To Success

      How to Send Bcc in Outlook 2010

      Automating your mass emails has several benefits:

      • You only have to set up the automation once and it will run without you having to interfere with it

      • You are less likely to make mistakes because you avoid any manual work

      • You can send hundreds of emails a week

      • Every email will be personalized based on the data you provide

      • You can further expand the automation by adding email sequences to send new emails a week from now, two weeks from now or at any time in the future

      • You can also start testing different versions of a single email to understand which version results in the highest revenue or conversion rate

      As you can see, automation will help you to take your company to the next level while also cutting out a lot of manual work. In the end, its one of the most efficient ways of cutting hours while also increasing results.

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      How To Send Mass Emails With Gmass

      GMass is a powerful email marketing software that allows users to run email campaigns from their Gmail inbox. Its powerful mail merge features have made it a popular Chrome extension for employees from top companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn.

      Individuals, schools, social clubs, and churches can also use GMass to send emails from their Google account to a target audience.

      Its super easy to send emails to multiple recipients in Gmail using the GMass extension.

      Heres how to do it:

    • Enter email addresses in the To field.
    • Compose your email subject and message.
    • Youre done! Now you can send emails to multiple recipients within seconds!

      Did you notice the field in the screenshot? This personalization feature allows you to address each recipient in your distribution list by their own name. You will never need to say a generic Hi again in your bulk emails.

      And instead of manually adding each recipient from your distribution list, you can use one of these three easy ways:

      Email Etiquette: How To Use Bcc

      Posted By admin on Jul 19, 2013 |

      Etiquette rules arent just about holding the door, using the correct fork, and all the other exciting things we learned at middle school cotillion they also extend to email. Proper email etiquette increases productivity because it eliminates the hurt feelings or drama that can result when something is misread or taken in the wrong context.

      Everybody has their pet peeves, so heres an excuse to voice them: what bugs you about the way people use email? Big thanks to Brooks for starting us out.

      Email Etiquette: How to use Bcc

      Bcc stands for Blind Carbon Copy, blind meaning Bcc recipients are hidden from view and carbon being a throwback to the olden days when people made copies by writing things on carbon paper. To break it down:

      • To: these are the people youre directly addressing in your message

      • CC: these are the people youre publicly informing of the message

      • BCC: these are the people youre privately informing of the message

      Neither CC nor BCC recipients are expected to respond, so the only difference between the two is that CC allows the primary recipient to see who is sent a copy of the email, whereas Bcc keeps this information hidden. So if youve been Bccd on an message, NEVER reply-all. Everyone will find out that you were secretly included, which can be embarrassing and unproductive for those involved.

      Use Bcc for:

      Avoid Bcc for:

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