How To Send A Bcc Email In Gmail

Best Practices For Using Bcc

How to set auto BCC in Gmail 2021
  • Pave the way Before you add an intended recipient’s name to the Bcc box in a message, make sure that the recipient is expecting your message. That person may need to take steps to establish you as a safe sender .

    Why is this necessary? Using Bcc is a favorite technique of spammers. Therefore, many junk email filters flag messages that use the Bcc box as junk. So if your intended recipient has not added your name to the Safe Senders List in Microsoft Outlook, your message may go straight to the Junk email folder or its equivalent.

    For more information about setting up the junk email filter in Outlook, see Add names to the Junk Email Filter Lists.

  • Think before you include a distribution list in the Bcc box People who use rules to sort their email into folders will be inconvenienced if you list the name of the distribution list in the Bcc box. Because their rules depend on the name of the distribution list being in the To box or Cc box, your message will not be sorted according to their rules.

  • Know your limits Many email service providers set limits for the number of names that can be included in the To, Cc, and Bcc boxes in a message. For example, your email service provider may limit each message to a maximum of 100 email addresses. If these addresses are distributed among the To, Cc, and Bcc boxes, remember that the names in the Bcc box will count toward your total limit. Ask your email service provider about the policies for your account.

Protects The Recipients Privacy

Using the BCC feature to send your message can help maintain a recipients privacy. By including a recipient in the BCC line, their address remains hidden from all other recipients in the To, CC, and BCC fields.

This makes it a good option for group emails, where you dont want recipients to know who else was added to the email, or you dont want to reveal the email addresses of individuals in the group.

Schedule Your Email Campaign

  • As the last step, scroll down to the Preference section of the email campaign
  • SalesHandy enables you to schedule your email across 40 different time zones. Choose the desired time and time zone according to your preference to send your emails. For example, If your recipient is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, you can choose the same timezone without calculating the GMT time gap.
  • Select a time gap between two emails. It is recommended to maintain a gap of 60- 90 seconds between two consecutive emails for the best results. Its good for your email deliverability as it mimics human sending behavior.
  • Accept the terms and conditions. Click on the Schedule campaign button to send your emails as per your desired time.

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What Do Cc And Bcc Mean In Emails

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Email is the preferred mode of communication in business, both internally and externally. Its simple, straightforward, secure, and takes place in real time. Thats likely why 281 billion emails were sent daily in 2018.

But, as with all forms of communication, there are rules involved in ensuring that communication between you and your recipient is orderly and civilized.

One of those rules of email etiquette involves the use of CC and BCC .

Setup Outlook Rule For Bcc Emails

Email to Salesforce from Gmail: How to Bcc an All Sales ...

You can create rules in Microsoft Outlook to automatically move your BCC emails to a folder other than your inbox. First, you will create a new rule or modify your existing rule.

Open Rules and Alerts.

Step 1 Conditions:

Check: “From people or public group”

Check: “Move it to the specified folder”

Specify: Specify the folder you wish to move them to

Step 3 Exceptions:

Check: “except if my name is in the To or Cc box”

Finish rule setup…

Give your rule a name

Turn on this rule

Optionally run this rule now on messages already in your inbox.

Review the rule description. It should read similar to below:

“Apply this rule after the message arrives

move it to the CustomerCopies folder

except if my name is in the To or Cc box”

The folder name “CustomerCopies” should be replaced with whatever folder name you have into which you want these emails to go.

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When You Want To Maintain Privacy

BCC helps protect the privacy of your secondaryrecipients by keeping those email addresses confidential.

Alternatively, you can use it if you simply dont want the recipients to know who else was added to the communication loop.

This can happen when:

  • You are sending emails to a list of multiple recipients, such as the members of a club.
  • Your boss or office colleague wants to stay in the loop about an email conversation with a customer, without the customers knowledge.
  • Your client wants to receive a notification when you send emails to a third party without their email address being disclosed.
  • You are sending a forwarded email to a group and need to keep your boss or colleague informed.
  • You are sending emails to external recipients and need to keep the identity of internal recipients private.

In these cases, its helpful to use a BCC list.

Using the BCC email feature helps you maintain the privacy of your recipients because:

  • Primary and CCd recipients of the email cant see recipient addresses in the BCC field.
  • Your BCCd recipients cant see the email IDs of other undisclosed recipients in the BCC list. Theyll only see their email address in the BCC line.

What Does Bcc Mean In Gmail And How Would You Use It

Back in the Dark Ages, when we were all using typewriters , you would put an extra piece of paper underneath the one you were typing on. That piece of paper was called carbon paper and when you typed on the top sheet, an imprint of what you typed would appear on the carbon paper. That would be your carbon copy of the document. Basically an early form of photocopiers or computer printers.

Now that were all in the digital age, and typewriters have gone the way of the dinosaurs, were all using email for our communications. The email equivalents of carbon copies are Carbon Copy and Blind Carbon Copy , which are what you see when you start a new email to someone.

CC is when you send an email to more than one recipient at the same time, but all recipients can see that the others have a copy, and they can see one anothers email address. This would commonly be used if youre emailing a work colleague, but you also want to keep your boss in the loop.

But what if confidentiality, privacy, and secrecy are paramount? Then thats when BCC comes into play. By entering the email addresses into BCC, none of the emails recipients will know who else has a copy. They also wont be able to view the email addresses of those people. As well as emails containing sensitive information, BCC is also ideal for group emails where, for spam reasons, you wouldnt want to give out everyones details.

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How To Send Email To Multiple Recipients Without Them Knowing

Occasionally we need to send emails to more than one person. Its a very simple task. For example, in Gmail, all you need to do is enter all of the names into the To field. Done! However, there are times when we dont want to show all of the addresses to our recipients.


How do we manage this option? In this article, you will learn how to send email to multiple recipients without them seeing each other. We will look at the main steps in accomplishing this goal using Gmail and Outlook.

If you need to expand tools for interacting with your website audience, try both emails and push notifications.

Why You Should Not Send Mass Emails Without Mailtrack Campaigns

How to send a CC and/or BCC email in GMAIL

On its own, Gmail is great for everyday communication. But you really have to unlock its potential with another program to make the most of a mass email in Gmail. Using Gmail alone for an email campaign is limiting. People can mark your messages as spam easily, there isnt any guaranteed delivery rate, and you cant follow up on whos read your email or not. Lets talk about these issues in detail.

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Email Address Is Shared With Every Recipient

Sometimes users add multiple recipients in the CC section of the email with the intent to send multiple emails at once. In such cases, each recipients email address is visible to other recipients hampering everyones privacy. Usually, recipients do not entertain this practice as it also goes against professional email etiquette.

Send Emails To Undisclosed Recipients In Gmail On The Web

Its possible to send emails without identifying all of the recipients by sending the email as a BCC to certain addresses. If you want to do this using Gmail in your web browser, open the Gmail website and select the Compose button to open a new message.

If youre replying to an email at the bottom of an existing email chain, select the Pop-Out Reply button in the top-right corner of the quick reply box to make changes to the intended recipients.

In the New Message box, compose the email message to your specifications, adding the subject and email body text as required .

You can add a main recipient in the To field box, but this isnt required. To add a BCC recipient and hide that recipients email address from the message, however, select the BCC option positioned to the right of the To field box.

This will insert a BCC box immediately below the To field. Add the various email addresses or email lists that you wish to send your message to before selecting Send to send the email.

Once its opened, the email addresses youve placed in the BCC field box will be hidden from all other recipients . All other elements of the email will remain visible, however, including any standard or carbon copy email addresses.

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No Analytics And Tracking

The purpose of sending out multiple emails is to be able to engage everyone on the recipient list. Using BCC and CC for sending out multiple emails at once doesnt give you an insight into your recipients open, click and response behavior. Platforms like SalesHandy exist where you can send out multiple emails, and track and analyze the response and open rates, helping you organize and make the most of your outreach.

When you add multiple recipients to the CC or BCC field, your email might look suspicious to your ESP. Users usually use this method for spamming and promotions, and hence there is a mechanism built into email services that block these emails.

Adding too many recipients in CC and BCC could result in failed deliveries and email bounces. Your sender reputation score will decrease rapidly, negatively affecting your email accounts health. Your email account might get blacklisted by various other ESPs, and ultimately it will get suspended.

So, its always recommended to refrain from sending mass emails using CC and BCCs.

If you are looking to send mass emails to multiple recipients using Gmail, there are better solutions that wouldnt need you to use CC and BCC. You can use an email automation tool like SalesHandy to schedule emails to all your recipients in one go.

Hide Email Addresses Using Bcc

Use Mac Mail BCC Option to Send Email to Groups

You can help protect the privacy of your recipients by sending your message so that recipients see Undisclosed-recipients in the To field, instead of each others email addresses.

  • In the Mail app on your Mac, make sure the Bcc field is shown in the message window.

    If you dont see the field, click the Header Fields button in the toolbar of the message window, then choose Bcc Address Field.

  • Type your recipients addresses in the Bcc field.

    You can leave the To field blank.

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    How Do I Send A Group Email Individually

    How to Send Same Email to Multiple Recipients in Outlook

  • Find and add the Bcc field for your message.
  • The Bcc box will now appear by default for every new message.
  • To send emails to small groups where everybody knows each other, use the Cc field.
  • To hide addresses, use the Bcc field, just like the Cc field.
  • Benefits Of Using Bcc

    Using the BCC field to send an email message to a large group of people has a number of benefits, including:

    • The privacy of email addresses is protected in the original message. Recipients will receive the message, but won’t be able to see the addresses listed in the BCC field.
    • When an email is forwarded, the addresses of everyone in the To and CC fields are also forwarded along with the message. Addresses that have been placed in the BCC field are not forwarded.
    • If you have placed a large list of recipients in the To or CC field, all of them will receive the reply. By placing recipients in the BCC field, you can help protect them against receiving unnecessary replies from anyone using the Reply All feature.
    • Many viruses and spam programs are now able to sift through mail files and address books for email addresses. Using the BCC field acts as an anti-spam precaution. It reduces the likelihood that recipients will receive a spam message or a virus from another recipients infected computer.

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    Bulk Messaging And Email Services

    Instead of using basic email for business promotion, companies send email campaigns via special services.

    Here are some popular email marketing services that you might wish to use.

    You can learn how to build an email marketing strategy from the HubSpot course.

    Benefits of Email marketing services for bulk messaging:

  • You have access to delivery reports and campaign statistics. A service will provide info about sent, delivered, and opened messages.
  • Your email has a low chance of going into the spam folder.
  • Email service will generate statistics for you, and keep track of your customers interests, best delivery times, etc.
  • User segmentation and personalization are extremely important features of email marketing services. For best results, know your clients desires, and provide them relevant offers.
  • You can customize emails with your own professional templates.
  • Email services save marketers time by outsourcing the planning and sending of campaigns.
  • Your contact list is hidden from recipients automatically.
  • Alternatively, you can use push notifications for your website. Push subscriptions typically grow faster than email subscriptions. Still, you will be able to segment subscribers, send them a newsletter, special offers and see statistics.

    Lets summarize.

    To hide the email addresses from recipients:


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