How To Scan A Copy To Email

How To Scan With Your Phone

NW Scanning a document from copy machine to email
  • Scan
  • Place the image on a flat and well-lit surface.
  • Use the Google Drive or Notes app to scan the documents.
  • Save the scanned document in a familiar folder.
  • Sign
  • Select the file to be signed and emailed.
  • Tap to add annotations .
  • Send
  • Choose the email or drive that you would want to share the file.
  • Enter the email addresses of the recipients.
  • Hit the send button.
  • How To Scan On Android

  • Tap the + icon on the bottom right corner of the Google Drive app.
  • Hit the Scan button.
  • Place the document face-up on a flat, well-lit surface.
  • Focus your phone camera on the document, and capture the image.
  • Review the resultant image, and resize or adjust it as required. If the image isnt clear, tap Retake to click another picture.
  • Scan A Document To An Email Address

    Product support for: Xerox B205 Multifunction Printer, Xerox B205 Multifunction Printer Family

    Article Id: 2108787.html | 08/06/2019

    You can use the Email feature to scan images and attach them to an email. You can specify the format of the attachment and images can be scanned in color, grayscale, or black and white.

    Scanned images can be sent to an individual email address or a predefined group of email addresses. Individual and group email addresses are set up in the Address Book prior to using the Scan to Email function.

    Before using Email, set up and configure the Email feature on the printer. Refer to Configure SMTP Settings Using Xerox CentreWare Internet Services for additional assistance.

    Sending a Scanned Image in an Email

  • At the printer control panel, press the Scan button.
  • Load your original documents:
  • Use the platen glass for single pages or paper that cannot be fed using the automatic document feeder. Lift the document feeder, then place the original document face down in the upper-left corner of the platen glass.
  • For single or multiple pages, use the automatic document feeder. Remove any staples and paper clips from the pages. Insert the original documents face up in the document feeder, with the top of the page entering the feeder first. Adjust the paper guides so that they fit against the original documents.
  • Press the up/down arrows to display Scan to Email and press OK. The option to search the address book appears.
  • Adjust email settings as needed:
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    Transforming To A Paperless Office

    Scan-to-email functionality is one small step towards transforming your workplace to a paperless office. This should be the goal of any office setting, as office supplies are constantly increasing in price, and employees who rely on them may not be able to do their work when supplies run low. Consider scanning documents to email whenever you have the chance to reduce company overhead.

    Ford Office Technologies can help with all of your scanning needs and provide additional solutions to transform your business to a paperless office. Call 800.633.3673 for a free consultation.

    From The Same Computer Scan And Email

    Add Scan to Email at the Printer
  • Place the document to be scanned face down on the machines glass surface. Make sure the floor is free of any debris or particles.
  • Choose a scanning format. Select PDF in this situation.
  • If youre given the choice, name your file before scanning it.
  • Enter the email address to which the scanned PDF file should be sent.
  • To scan and email your PDF file directly from the copy machine, scanner, or printer, press the Start button.
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    How Do I Scan A Document And Email It From My Iphone Or Ipad

    You can search a document by email in a variety of ways. A standalone scanner or a multi-function printer may be used to scan your paper. However, scanning documents with your cell phone or tablet is the most convenient method. You can scan a document to email without a device, printer, or scanner by doing so. You can scan papers to your iPhone or iPad and then email the electronic copy of the paper in PDF format. Isnt it amazing how easy it is? Consider yourself out of the office or on a business trip when you need to deliver any personal or business documents to others. And you dont have a computer, scanner, or printer all you have is your iPhone or iPad, which you can take with you everywhere you go. You can then take your iPhone out of your pocket and use it as a portable scanner to scan a document to PDF. Youll be able to scan any paper document, receipt, book, or other items with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and then submit the scanned documents via email from your iPhone iPad. Check out the steps below if you want to give it a try.

    Three: Add Contacts To The Email Address Book

    Follow these steps to add contacts to the email address book in the Embedded Web Server . The address book is accessible from the printer control panel.

  • On the EWS Home page, click the Scan tab.

  • In the left navigation pane, click Email Address Book.

  • To add contacts to the address book, choose from the options below, and follow the steps provided:

  • To enter an individual email address, use the following steps:

  • In the Contact Name field, enter the name of the new email contact.

  • In the Contact Email Address field, enter the email address of the new email contact.

  • To create an email group, use the following steps:

  • In the Enter the group name field, enter a name for the new group.

  • In the All Individuals area, click a name, and then click the arrow button to move the name to the Individuals in Group area.


    Select multiple names at one time by pressing the Ctrl button on the keyboard and then clicking a name.

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    How To Email A Scanned Document

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to send a document you’ve scanned to another person via email.

    One: Access The Hp Embedded Web Server

    Scan to Email from Your Printer | HP Printers | @HPSupport

    Choose one of the following methods to access the Embedded Web Server .

    Method two applies only to macOS. If you have a Windows PC, you must use Method one.

    Method one: Access the HP Embedded Web Server from a web browser

    Follow these steps to obtain the printer’s IP address and then use it to access the Embedded Web Server from a web browser.

  • Obtain the printer’s IP address:

  • From the Home screen on the printer control panel, touch the Network button , or the Wireless button , to display the printer’s IP address or host name.

  • Open the Embedded Web Server:

  • On your computer, open a Web browser, and in the address bar, type the IP address or host name exactly as it displayed on the printer control panel.

    Example of an IP address in the browser address bar

  • Press Enter on the computer keyboard.


    If the browser displays a message indicating that accessing the website might not be safe, select the option to continue to the website. Accessing the website will not harm the computer.

    The EWS opens.

  • Method two: Access the HP Embedded Web Server from the HP Utility software in macOS

    Follow these steps to access the Embedded Web Server from the HP Utility software in macOS.

  • From the Go menu, click Utilities, click the Hewlett-Packard folder, and then double-click HP Utility.

    The main HP Utility screen opens.

  • In the main HP Utility screen, use one of the following methods to open the EWS:

  • In the Scan Settings area, click Scan to Email, and then click Begin Scan to Email Setup.

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    Can You Use A Scanner Without A Computer

    Here are some great portable scanners that require a computer and that we have reviewed: fujitsu scansnap s1300i with the scansnap cloud app, Fujitsu ScanSnap IX100, epson workforce ds-30 portable scanner, epson workforce es-50 portable scanner, Epson workforce es-300w wireless scanner, Canon Imageformula P-215ii and

    But Its More Than Simply Snapping A Photo Of A Contract To Make It An Official Scan

    How to scan and email a document. * this movie is being streamed from youtube. Scan to email on the printer’s home screen, tap scanner. Click the document or picture in the list of scanned files, and then click forward as email on the toolbar.

    Compose a new email message. Scanning a document into a pdf is very simple with today’s technology. Using a scanner app would be our recommended way to scan and email from iphone.

    In case you still receive an email, and its attachment looks fishy, you can screen the email and its attachments with virustotal without having to download the files. Locate and click the scanned document. Now with setup complete, we scan to email from the computer using this method.

    Scanning a document using a mobile device. You need a scanner and adobe reader or adobe acrobat. Click the new scan button and wait for your document to appear.

    You can also email your pdf file if you need to. First, forward the questionable email to You can use gmail to send and store scanned documents.

    This will open the fax and scan tool. Confirm and edit the scanned image. The choose file window will open up.

    Individual and group email addresses are set up in the address book prior to using the scan to email function. Open your email application or email website. Pdf scanner pro for example, is an app that allows you to scan a document using iphone camera and instantly create a sharable pdf document that you can email to someone.

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    Perform Scan To Computer

    Now, by adopting all these methods, your problem will be resolved for sure. But the last method needs to be adopted as the last resort because it may change the other settings and you may lose your current work that is not saved. Assuming your problem has found the solution, perform the scan to the computer feature freely and get a copy of the scanned document in your printer.

    What Is The Best Scanning Software For Windows 10

    How to Scan Documents on a Copier to Send to a Computer or ...

    Abbyy FineReader. An excellent OCR tool. ABBYY FineReader Pro for Mac. PaperScan. The universal scanner software. Affordable. Adobe Acrobat DC. A powerful tool from the software behemoth. Acrobat Standard DC. OmniPage Standard. Copy complete documents with ease. Readiris. Copy, convert and edit your documents.

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    How To Manage Scan To Computer Feature

    If you have the Printer, then you must know about the Scan to Computer feature. This amazing feature i.e. Scan to Computer from printer means sending the scanned document file to the computer system. But, it does not always result in the smooth functioning of the printer while performing the scanning function. If you encounter the error again and again during the scanning of the document, then there is a need to manage scan to computer features for making the printer perform the scanning operation carefully. There are different methods available for managing the scan to computer feature and fixing this issue. So, lets go through each and every method one by one for a better understanding.

    Optical Character Recognition Apps

    These applications scan typed characters and convert them to digital text, enabling you to search for and edit your document in a word processor. They also have text-to-speech options.

    Tips for using OCR applications quickly:

  • Make sure you have enough lighting.
  • Maintain a steady grip.
  • Curves in the document or book should be avoided.
  • Its possible that it wont know a cursive font or handwriting.
  • Speechify, Office Lens, and Voice Dream Scan are some examples.
  • When a scanner is unavailable, other choices include using fillable PDFs to submit documents via email using apps like Adobe Fill and Sign, or typing text on already scanned files using apps like SnapType.

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    How To Send An Email Using Another Email App

    The Apple Mail app is the default way to send emails on iOS. We recommend using Mail, it’s safe, secure and you can use it with any email account.

    In case you don’t want to use it, you can email your documents with another email app .


    Verify that the email app is installed on your smartphone , follow the procedure above, and at step “3” select Other apps to choose your email app.


    Scroll the list of apps, you might need to tap More… if your app is not listed in the ribbon. Tap the app to export your document.

    Why Emailing A Check Is Risky

    How to scan a document and email a copy to yourself – The University of Manchester Library

    Technically, you expose your account information every time you write a check, so you might wonder if its any worse to email an image of your check. When theres a paper check involved, the only way to use the information is to get a copy of the check. In most situations, the check is destroyed soon after it is uploaded to a secure system. It might be photographed or turned into an electronic image, but those copies generally are safe.

    Email is not a secure system. When you send a message, it moves through numerous computers, some of which might have malicious software installed. Whats more, you dont know how careful your recipient is with his email account. Even if the message gets deleted promptly, an archived copy of that message might exist for a very long time.

    Regardless of how you pay your bills, its wise to monitor your bank accounts to limit your risk. The easiest way to do that is to set up email or text message alerts that notify you whenever money leaves your account.

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    How Do I Scan A Document And Email It As A Pdf File

    To scan a document and email it as a PDF, load the document in the scanner, and select PDF as an image format in the scanner’s software settings. Open the email, and attach the PDF file. You need a scanner and Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

  • Select Home or Professional Mode
  • Load the document in the scanner, and start the scan. Wait for the scanner’s software window to appear on your computer. Select Home or Professional mode in the software.

  • Edit the scan

    Select your desired settings. Preview and adjust the scan area to your preference. Click Scan. In the window that appears, select a file destination. Select PDF as an Image Format type, and change any necessary options.

  • Scan the document
  • Attach the PDF file to an email

    Go to your email inbox, and compose a new email. Locate the paper clip icon in the email’s toolbar. Navigate to the location where you saved the PDF file, and click Open to attach it to the email.

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