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How to Connect Mailchimp to WooCommerce & Run Email Marketing Campaigns (2021)

When you want to communicate something about your brand or sell your stuff, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to do so.

In fact, a 2015 study by the DMA found that for every $1 spent, email has an average $38 return on investment . When shoppers are ready to buy something, they often look for emails from their favorite stores.

Still, people receive more and more email all the time, and it can be challenging to stand out in full inboxes. Thats why Mailchimp gives you the tools you need to shine and develop effective email marketing campaigns. Check out our email marketing statistics by industry for more on why email marketing works.

How To Run An Effective Email Campaign 4 Tips To Super Power Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Over the years, weve all subscribed to a ridiculous number of websites to be the first to hear about the latest deals, sales and news. In fact, I use my high school email address solely for that purpose . This does however mean that about 150 emails a day are wiped straight into the bin. And its not because they arent worth reading, just that no one has time for that.

So how do you make your email stand out from the others?Make it the one that your reader stops and thinks Hey, even though Ive been receiving mail from them for years, I might actually open that one today!. Here are the selection of emails which didnt make the cut this morning.

Email Marketing Best Practices: 10 Steps To Email Marketing Success

Jar Creative, an agency specializing in online marketing, outlines 10 important steps for building an email marketing campaign from the ground up. Each key aspect is highly detailed, but integral to success in email marketing. Consider referencing these steps every time you launch a new campaign.

  • Create a clear goal.

  • Test, test, and test again.

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    How To Start Email Marketing: Our Step

    Email marketing is one of the most effective tools for return on investment for marketing, as it remains the best way to cultivate customer relationships into sales. Case studies covered in this article showcase how companies can make 200-4000% return on their investment in email marketing. In 12 steps and in as little as 15 minutes, learn why email marketing is so important, how you can fully setup and utilize email marketing. The steps to start email marketing are quick and easy, first sign-up for ConvertKit the industry leading tool for email marketing, then set-up your email marketing account, then you learn how to craft the best email marketing message, then create your first campaign, and finally monitor the data to ensure results. In this blog article and podcast, we’re going to discuss why email marketing is so important to companies who want to grow their businesses and how any company can start today in as little as 15 minutes.

    Profitworks Inc. is an expert in the field of , which is one of the highest average ROI marketing mediums available to businesses. If you’re looking to make a marketing plan for the first time, check out our FREE marketing template.

    Always Provide A Way For Them To Opt Out

    How to run a successful email marketing campaign

    People who don’t want to read your emails don’t belong on your list. Keeping them only skews your open rates down and increases the number of people marketing your emails as spam. Besides, according to CAN-SPAM guidelines, you should always provide a way for them to opt out of email if they no longer want to receive communications from you. Typically, this opt-out link lives in the footer of each email you send.

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    Dont Forget To Follow Up

    Some startups collect emails, and it takes them weeks or months to get back to subscribers.

    Your subscribers are frequently using the web and subscribing to new sites they come across.

    Dont assume a subscriber who joined your email list today will remember you two months later if you arent sending messages.

    See it like meeting random people two months ago, and youve not reached out or seen them. If youve met a lot of people after then, you may not remember when and where you met those random people two months ago.

    Email marketing works the same way. Those subscribers may not remember when they subscribed to your email list.

    The more you keep in touch through new, interesting emails, the more theyll remember your company.

    Plan how often you want to send emails to your subscribers.

    Is it daily, weekly, or monthly?

    Daily emails may be too much.

    I highly recommend you send new emails, at least, once a week or two weeks.

    How To Create And Execute A Successful Email Campaign

    Is email marketing still relevant? Does it still work in 2021? If you have questions like these, the first three paragraphs will give you the answers. If you already believe in the power of email campaigns and are here to improve your game, jump directly to the fourth paragraph for helpful tips.

    According to Statista, there were over 255 million email users in the United States by 2020, and the number is increasing. Wanting to seize on this opportunity, 48% of marketers have already reported their intention to increase spending on email marketing. Email marketing can reap ROI as high as 4400% if you plan and execute it well.

    Some email stats that may change your mind

    • 72% of customers prefer brand communications via email

    • 59% of respondents said marketing emails influence their buying decisions

    • 80% of businesses believe email marketing improves customer retention

    • The average conversion rate of email campaigns is 6.05% while social media is 1.9%

    But, despite all these numbers, some campaigns don’t go well. If you’re wondering what went wrong with your last campaign, you are not alone. Let’s try to dissect your previous campaign and find out all the possible reasons. A common reason for failed campaigns is a lack of personalization. Addressing your audience by their first name in the subject and the email body is common, and your audience knows you customize it with email software. You have to go the extra mile to impress them.

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    Top Ways To Write Convincing And Engaging Email Marketing Campaigns

    Now that you’ve created a source of recipients for your email marketing campaigns, the next step is to write an engaging piece of marketing. If your inbox is like everyone else’s it’s probably full of marketing emails most of which become noise unless you follow these 5 approaches to writing a great marketing email.

    Popeyes: Megan Thee Stallion Hottie Sauce

    How to Run an Email Marketing Campaign?

    If Popeye’s wasn’t sure that it hit the ball out of the park with the chicken sandwich marketing campaign, then it nailed it for sure with the Megan Thee Stallion Hottie Sauce collaboration.

    Arguably, Popeyes created one of the best chicken sandwiches on the fast-food market in 2019. At the same time, artist Megan Thee Stallion was becoming the hottest rapper in the industry. So, it made sense that in 2021, the two would join forces to debut a remix of the successful chicken sandwich.

    Why Popeyes’ “Megan Thee Stallion Hottie Sauce” campaign is so great:

    This marketing campaign was intentional about targeting the younger crowd with not just chicken sandwiches, but merchandise, too. Popeyes was able to tap into this segment of the market and increase sales while continuing to capitalize on its success without the campaign coming across as stale.

    General Mills ran a non-profit campaign called Good Goes Round via their Cheerios brand, lobbying to raise enough money to fund one million meals.

    Why Cheerios’ “Good Goes Round” campaign is so great:

    The campaign featured its own landing page, video marketing assets, and hashtag , separating it from its parent brand and making it shareable among its audience. It also paid to promote the Good Goes Round URL on Google, giving the campaign even more visibility.

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    Can I Buy An Email List

    No. You should not buy an email list .

    Purchased lists are ineffective, and they impact everyone else who uses Mailchimp, too. If you send emails to a list of people whose contact info you bought, many of the emails will get identified as spam and you’ll also get high unsubscribe rates. Some email spam filters will flag a email campaign if anyone with the same IP has sent spam in the past. When you use Mailchimp, your email is delivered through our servers, so if one person sends spam, it could prevent other users emails from reaching inboxes. But by forbidding Mailchimp users from using purchased lists, we increase deliverability for everyone.

    • Thats why we work vigilantly to keep our sending reputation intact, and its important that all users abide by our Terms of Use, which enforce anti-spam laws. There are 3 primary rules you should follow to comply with our Terms of Use.

    • Dont use third-party lists. This includes purchased or rented mailing lists, and lists scraped from third-party sources, including public websites.

    • Get permission. Everyone on your list should have opted in to receive emails from you, and their permission should be express and verifiable. If you use one of our signup form options, we track this permission for you.

    • Include an unsubscribe link. Federal anti-spam laws require you to give people a way to unsubscribe from your list in every campaign you send. We require you to use our unsubscribe link.

    Spend Time On Subject Lines

    Your email subject line is one of the most important lines of text in your whole email.

    Why? Your subscribers see your subject line even before they open your message. Make a good impression and people wont be able to resist opening. Write something bland and they might skip over your message without a second thought.

    Your subject line should be short and snappy around 40 characters.

    You can draw attention by asking a compelling question, including a deadline for urgency, or just teasing your message.

    Use these tips to write good subject lines.

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    The Keys To Good Marketing Campaigns

    A good marketing campaign helps you achieve your brand goals. But to ensure that success, the big idea needs to hit three specific criteria:

    • Clarity: Strong campaigns have a clear message that supports a specific brand goal.
    • Memorability: You want something that is meaningful and memorable, as this is the key to moving people along the buyers journey.
    • Scalability: You want a message that can translate across mediums, whether its an Instagram ad, a billboard, or an interactive in-store experience.
    • Value: A good campaign provides value to people in some sort of way, whether it entertains, educates, or inspires.An effective campaign doesnt simply tow the line of your brand promise or value proposition. Rather, the best campaigns sit in the sweet spot of what people want to hear and your brand wants to say.

    Not every marketing campaign has to be a global affair. Even if youre a small business looking to run a local campaign, you just need to figure out what type of content will help you communicate your brand message most effectively.

    Choose The Right Email Marketing Software

    How to Create and Run a Successful Email Marketing ...

    The first step is finding an ESP to send and manage your email campaigns and email subscribers.

    Popular email tools include Sendinblue, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Convertkit, Mailjet, Mailerlite, and HubSpot to name a few.

    With hundreds of ESPs on the market, its hard to know which one is right for your business. And its easy to get sucked in by shiny bells and whistles you probably dont need .

    Evaluate your needs. Distinguish between must-have features and nice-to-have features. Make a list.

    Here are some questions to narrow it all down:

    Its also a good idea to consider your future needs. Found an ESP you like? Do some simulations: Ok, if my list grows to X, how much will this ESP cost? If I want to add X to my strategy, does this ESP have the feature-set to support me?

    A bit of optimistic projection into the future is good, but dont get carried away. Focus on the essentials for now.

    Pricing by email volume vs. pricing by subscribers

    As youre exploring different options, youll notice most providers base their pricing on the number of subscribers.

    Lots of email marketing solutions will try to lure you in with cheap entry plans for a small number of subscribers . The catch? The prices tend to jump significantly once your list grows beyond these limits .

    And hopefully your list will grow because thats kind of the point. But it sure would be a shame to end up overpaying for email in the long run.

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    Take A Strategic Approach To Timing Your Campaigns

    When creating campaigns, we recommend taking a strategic approach so that your emails follow a promotional or editorial calendar. Planning your campaigns helps you avoid waiting too long between sends or, worse yet, flooding subscribers with too much content.

    Frequency matters, and how often you send emails can have a significant impact on your revenue and email engagement rates. Send too much and subscribers can suffer email fatigue causing them to disengage and unsubscribe. Send too few and you lose the attention of your audience. They may even forget why they signed up leading them to unsubscribe.

    So, how often should you send emails?

    Fortunately, theres some data on how often people like to get emails. The chart below from MarketingSherpa gives you an idea of optimal send frequency:

    The data was compiled from a survey of 2,057 adults who answered the question, How often, if ever, would you like to receive promotional emails from companies that you do business with?

    The data shows a spread of interest leaning toward higher-frequency email campaigns. Theres one thing to keep in mind though: these arent your subscribers.

    If youre unsure about email frequency the easiest solution is to ask your subscribers. Let them choose frequency settings or poll them to discover how often they want to hear from you.

    Start Using Email Marketing Automation

    Using is also a vital element while running an email campaign these days.

    In addition, marketing automation solutions help you a lot to run your promotion. Besides, you can use this automated solution for researching your data.

    Moreover, it also saves valuable time in marketing. By using this, you are able to generate more lead generation, boost sales, and new users while running your email campaign.

    You can use weMail for this purpose to gear up your email campaign success. weMail is a specialized email automation tool for WordPress. Therefore, its a free tool and supports a lot of sending APIs with the most powerful automation features.

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