How To Resign Via Email

How To Reply To A Resignation Mail With 12 Examples

Resignation letter via email

    As an employer, you should know how to reply to all sorts of things your employees in a professional manner, even resignation mail.

    We get it, its not easy to reply to a resignation mail, especially when the employee is an asset or youve built a bond.

    However, it does happen, and their resignation mail will need a response, whether you agree with it or not. So, here are 12 examples or how to reply to a resignation mail, whether voluntary or involuntary:

    Resignation Email Message Example Personal Reasons

    Email Subject Line: Resignation Your Name

    Dear Mr./Ms. Lastname,

    Please accept this message as my formal resignation from Company XYZ. My final day will be March 15, two weeks from today. Family circumstances currently require my full time and attention.

    Please let me know how I can be of assistance during this transition.

    I am so grateful for my five years at this company, and will look back fondly on the support and kindness I received from management and colleagues.

    In the future, you can reach me at my personal email or on my cell phone .

    Thank you again, and I look forward to staying in touch.


    Specify Your Notice Period

    Give a look at your employment contract in order to plan your notice period as well as any formal or informal commitments youâve agreed to. Concerning whether you are a permanent or temporary employee of the company, your notice period could vary from a few days to a calendar month.

    • Advance notice

    Giving advance notice is the usual norm that could be one weekâs time or 1 month.

    • No notice

    The employee has to leave the company immediately, usually because of personal emergencies.

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    How Not To Do It

    The internet is stuffed full of examples of how and how not to resign from your job. Decorating your resignation onto the top of a cake may sound fun but its not an appropriate way to formally give your notice. Nor should you copy the efforts of a flight attendant who announced his resignation over the cabin intercom before activating the emergency slides and making a dramatic, and speedy, departure.

    And if you are considering not handing in your notice at all, remember that your employer could take you to court for breach of contract.

    No matter how much you may dislike your boss, no matter how tempting it might be, taking the time to do things properly and leave in a professional manner is always the right thing to do.

    Your aim is to make a peaceful, positive and properly planned exit no matter how eager you are to escape.

    Invite The Employee To Keep In Touch

    FREE 6+ Email Resignation Letter Samples in MS Word

    If appropriate, consider including your personal email or LinkedIn connection in the response and indicate that you’d be willing to provide a reference or referral in the future, if applicable. You can also include a note of thanks for the work they’ve done and a bit of praise to send them off on their new path.

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    When It Is Acceptable To Quit Your Job Via Email

    There are some circumstances when quitting in person is not possible. Sometimes, personal circumstances require you to leave a job on short notice, or with no notice at all. If you have a family emergency, for instance, and need to leave immediately, you may need to resign by sending an email message to your manager.

    Perhaps a face-to-face conversation is not possible because you work remotely in another state. It makes sense, in this case, to resign via email. Since most likely that’s how the two of you communicate, it won’t seem as abrupt as it would if you worked together in the same office.

    Another reason to resign by email is if you work for an abusive manager or in a psychologically unsafe environment. Resigning via email may be your safest option. In this instance, youre not sacrificing anything by severing the connection because its unlikely that your boss would provide you with a recommendation anyway. Most importantly, youre protecting yourself, which comes before career considerations.

    Two Weeks Notice Resignation Email Message

    Email Subject Line: Resignation – Your Name

    Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

    Please accept this message as notification that I am leaving my position with ABCD Company effective September 15.

    I appreciate the opportunities I have been given at ABCD and your professional guidance and support. I wish you and the company the best of success in the future.

    Please let me know what to expect as far as my final work schedule, accrued vacation leave, and my employee benefits.

    If I can be of assistance during this transition, please let me know.


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    What To Do When Youve Decided To Resign

    Okay, before we dig into how to write a resignation email, lets pause for a quick second and talk a little more about what resigning involves.

    When you resign, youre formally announcing your intention to leave a company. Isnt that just like quitting? Well, it certainly can be.

    The thing is, when people say they quit a job, it can also mean walking away without any notice or without following an official process. The word quit also has a more dramatic connotation. It can seem brash or even a tad bit rebellious.

    When you resign, youre taking a more structured route. Along with announcing your intention to leave, youll commonly give at least two weeks notice in writing and take part in any company exit procedures. The whole thing seems formal, and maybe with a dash of somberness.

    Ultimately, resigning is about process. Youll need to do a little prep work before you even say a word about your intention to exit. Even if you write your resignation email in advance, dont hit that send button right away.

    Instead, create a transition plan, too. Consider it a parting gift for your manager a little bit of extra help to make sure your exit goes smoothly.

    After that, schedule a meeting with your boss. Telling your manager in person or, if you work remotely, over the phone that youre resigning is the polite thing to do.

    Additionally, you want to make sure that your boss is the first one you tell. This isnt something your manager should hear through the grapevine.

    Is It Ok To Resign By Email


    It is usually preferable to resign in person and follow up with a well written resignation letter.

    However under certain circumstance you may have to use a resignation email. These include:

    • a situation where you have to inform your employer quickly and email is the best way to do this
    • it is accepted company policy to resign via email

    Your employer might ask you to follow up your personal verbal resignation with an email.

    As long as your resignation email is both professional and polite and includes all the necessary information, and circumstances demand it, it is acceptable to resign by email.

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    Review A Sample Resignation Letter

    Subject Line: Resignation – Omar Robinson

    Dear Ms. Hayes,

    I’m writing today to let you know that I am resigning from my position as Marketing Coordinator at ABC Company. My last day will be in two weeks, on Friday, September 15.

    I’m grateful for all of your support and training during my three years at ABC Company, as well as your friendship. You’ve made each day brighter. I’ve learned so much thanks to you and everyone else on the marketing team.

    Thank you again. It’s truly been a pleasure working with you, and I wish you and everyone at ABC Company all the best.


    New Opportunity My Contact Info And Thanks

    A little unconventional but with an amicable tone, this one works by arousing a little curiosity. The recipient will get the idea of the intention but might be piqued about what new opportunity lays ahead for you. The subject line also gives you an outline of how your email would read.


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    Meet With Human Resources

    If you havent done so already, ask to meet with human resources to find out what you are entitled to in terms of your last salary check and any paid time off or vacation time that you are owed. You should also find out your options in terms of any retirement fund that you have paid into and whether you can sign up for COBRA health coverage once you have left.

    How To Quit Your Job Like A Boss

    Email Resignation Letter Template

    Heres how to quit your job like a boss that will make everyone love you on your way out.

    • Use a formal and professional email.
    • Make your subject line unique and funny but make it professional.
    • State how long you have been working on the company.
    • Include some of your successful projects that contribute a lot to the company.
    • Include some funny moments that happen why you are still in the company.
    • Express gratitude to your boss and show your boss how honored you are working with him/her.

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    Completing My Time With

    Completing my time with can be a good option for the subject line of a resignation email. Its professional, direct, and the word complete has a more neutral tone rather than leaving or quitting.

    Also, while making big announcements like this can feel scary and intense, its better not to start off this email with too much vagueness or timidity. For instance, if you simply wrote Announcement as the subject line, that would be okay, but it wouldnt feel as authentic or confident.

    Even if youre planning on leaving the company or you may never see your manager or fellow teammates again, you still want to make sure that they are left with a strong impression of you in case any future career or networking opportunities arise that involve the need to contact them.

    Sometimes this can come down to small things such as email subject lines.

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    How To Respond To A Resignation Via Email

    Sending a resignation letter via email is typically an acceptable way to resign, depending on the company’s culture and the specifics laid out in the employment contract. In this case, it is acceptable for you to reply via email as well. Mind the rules of professional etiquette and strive to make the interaction as positive as possible. Here are a few tips for following best practices regarding accepting an email resignation:

  • Use a professional format.
  • Be mindful of your subject line.
  • Invite the employee to keep in touch.
  • Proofread the letter.
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    What To Include In Your Email

    When crafting your email, keep it brief. Its not necessary to disclose what your next job is or where you’re going. Its okay to leave out details! Start by stating your title and the date you will be leaving, which typically is the day you included in your two-weeks notice. Including your last day date will give the employer time to find a new employee to fill your role.

    As mentioned above, express your gratitude for the opportunity. You dont need to write an entire essay, but rather a few sincere sentences. Its a good idea to mention that during your last two weeks on the job, you are willing to train any new employee or create any necessary training materials that will help the next person transition smoothly. In closing, if you feel comfortable, leave your personal contact information in case they need to get in contact with you for any reason.

    In short:

  • Include the date of your last day
  • Express gratitude for the opportunity
  • Offer to train new employee
  • Leave your personal contact information
  • Example A: Simple Resignation Letter Email

    Professional email to use when you Resign or Quit your Job || Ultimate Email Guide ~ Corporate Tales

    This simple template can be used in most cases where you have to send out a resignation email, especially at workplaces where your supervisor usually maintains a casual environment in the workplace.

    Subject: Resignation Letter Dear ,As briefly discussed with you earlier today, please accept this email as my formal notice of resignation from my position as at . As per the existing HR policies, I will continue to work for the company for the next days, with the last day of my employment being .Over the next , I will make myself available to help with the transition and will be more than willing to bring my replacement up to speed and assisting them with all pending tasks.It has been a pleasure working with you, and I am truly grateful for all the support youve shown towards me. I have gained very valuable experience during my time here.Thank you.

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    Subject Lines For Resignation Email Messages

      What’s most important when you quit a job by sending an email is to do your best to be sure your message is opened and read. When you resign from your job via email, it’s important to use a subject line that is very clear. That will help guarantee that your manager or supervisor opens your note. You don’t want to send an email announcing your resignation that ends up in a spam folder or not getting read.

      In an ideal world, you would send a resignation email two weeks before your planned last day with the company. But if that’s not the case, and you are giving no notice or short notice, it’s especially important that your manager opens and reads your resignation email message immediately.

      The right subject line ensures that your manager recognizes the importance of your email and reads it right away.

      Review information on when it’s appropriate to resign over email, when it’s not, what to include in your note, and suggested subject lines for a resignation email.

      How To Quit Your Job Via Email

      If you have been considering how to quit your job without causing so much fuss, this article may just be for you. You may have realized that quitting your job is not as simple as you had imagined. The reason for this is that you may not know how to communicate your reason, or you are worried that your boss may not want you to leave. He or she may even reject your letter of resignation. Knowing how to quit your job via email may be what you just need.

      Communicating officially via email is becoming rapidly popular. It is an effective means of communication in the business world. It is also a legal record and can always be used as a reference. Therefore, if you are having difficulty confronting an angry boss to explain yourself, or you are too emotional to face a very caring boss who you have decided to leave, knowing how to quit your job via email can get the job done.

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