How To Remove Duplicate Emails In Outlook

How To Remove Duplicate Email Messages In Outlook 2016

Remove Duplicate emails in Outlook

Suppose you are working on the Outlook application and when looking for some email in the Search option, you find that more than one message with same identification comes as the result.

You just feel confused at that point of time and then experience that there are duplicate emails in your Outlook inbox! It is quite difficult to work with a mailbox full of identical emails as one can get confused for the exact required email at that time plus it increases the mailbox size to another level.

There can be different causes for the duplication of Outlook file items like incorrect setting of Outlook rules, Antivirus program interference, Outlook synchronization with other devices, incorrect mailbox setup, short Send/Receive intervals, corrupted emails, incorrect Outlook account settings, etc. This duplication of items can affect the Outlook database in various ways like:

  • Search option will take much time than usual to scan the number of duplicate items for a single search.
  • Mailbox size becomes bigger with lot of duplicate items and in turn hampers the performance of Outlook
  • Creates a lot of confusion for the Outlook user to work with email soundly
  • Effects the Outlook performance and productivity slowing down all operations
  • Outlook will take longer time to perform action with hang or freeze issues with less storage space.

How Do I Delete Multiple Emails In Outlook And Why Do I Need This

If a user has noticed the duplicates only once, it is feasible to remove them manually. Deleting repeated emails is one of the easiest ways, however, it is important to be sure that you really deal with duplicates not emails with a common subject. Verifying the size, date and time of receipt should be the first step before you delete multiple emails in Outlook.

To remove duplicate emails in Outlook 2007 or any other version, it is necessary to find the first message and right-click it. Hold Shift and scroll down to the last repeated email, press on Delete. This is when it is necessary to delete consecutive emails. If messages are non-consecutive, it is necessary to hold Ctrl and right-click on all the emails to be deleted. When all of them are chosen, press on Delete.

If the situation repeats, it is not a way out to simply delete duplicates. Their accumulation will lead to the increased storage volume required for Outlook, thus, the work of a PC may become slower. What is more, due to the high number of messages, the function of the search will work too slow as well. Thus, finding an Outlook duplicate items remover makes sense.

Problems Created By Duplicate Email Messages

As you probably know, Outlook is one of the most complex and resource-hungry applications of the Microsoft Office suite. It requires quite a lot of resources for smooth performance, and the more email items you have, the more memory, disk space and CPU usage it consumes. Finally, it may reach the point when the existing resources do not suffice and your Outlook will start to slow down in performance. For example, you want to find a particular message using Outlook’s Instant Search, but all that you see is “Searching“. And you have to wait patiently while Outlook iterates through all email messages in a given folder including duplicated ones.

On an average PC, Outlook starts to slow down when the mailbox reaches 2-3 GB, and if you don’t reduce the size of your mailbox and Outlook data file , your Outlook may start hanging, freezing and not responding.

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Need To Delete Duplicate Emails In Office 365

The user mailbox of Microsoft Office 365 contains emails, calendars, contacts, etc. Just like other mailbox provider, O365 also provides maximum default storage capacity. If the limit is exceeded the users might face issues with accessing emails or various other performance issues. If the user has duplicate/ triplicate items in his mailbox, this may result in huge utilization of space on O365 cloud. So to avoid such scenarios, we should delete unnecessary or duplicate items from the mailbox. The presence of replica may result in slow performance or may even lead to mailbox corruption. Corrupt mailbox may lose your data and land you in a huge trouble. It is highly recommended to delete duplicate contacts, emails, & calendars in Office 365.

Let us now discuss how to delete duplicate emails in Office 365.

Reasons For Duplicate Email In Your Mailbox

How to delete all deleted items in Outlook?

From what i have seen in the past, Outlook duplicates typically origin from six main reasons:

  • Rules not configured correctly: There might be cases that two or more rules are fired upon receiving email, resulting in multiple instances of the same messages.
  • Incorrect account setup: In several cases, i have seen that users mistakenly defined multiple occurrences of the same email account and this results in multiple instances of each incoming email, contacts and calendar entries.
  • Send / receive interval are too short. If the frequency of your inbox update is too short Outlook might load the message into your inbox, BUT might not be able to mark messages occurrences as synchronized/loaded. This results in multiplied occurrences of the same messages.
  • Synchronization issues: We have also observed duplicated contacts and messages resulting from sync problems with 3rd party providers.
  • User errors while manually copying and pasting meetings and appointments in the Outlook Calendar.
  • Incorrect merging of several Outlook personal folders into one folder.
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    Possible Reasons For Duplicates In Microsoft Outlook

    There are many reasons behindduplicate items in Outlook application. Some of the common reasonsare discussed below:-

  • If the rules are configured incorrectly, confusion will occur when receiving email messages. This leads to a duplication of emails in Outlook.
  • It is possible that you set up your mailbox incorrectly when you created an account in Outlook. As a result, you may receive the same e-mail message over and over again.
  • If the same email account is used on different devices, the incoming message is repeatedly synchronized. This can be one of the reasons for email duplicating in the Outlook mailbox.
  • Anti-virus software can also create duplicate emails.
  • All reasons for duplicates items affect the productivity of Outlook. To overcome all the troubles it is necessary to remove duplicate Outlook emails.

    Impact Of Duplicated Outlook Items

  • They harm your productivity.
  • They confuse and cause errors. Just imagine replying more than once to the same note 🙁
  • They might impact your Outlook client loading performance. The more messages stored on your computer or server Outlook will need to load on startup, the slower its performance will be.
  • Dups fill up your inbox. Business users will need to delete email to to comply with the allocated email storage capacity provided by their IT department.
  • Now that we understand the root causes and impact, lets focus on some possible solutions.

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    Multiple Ways To Remove Duplicate Emails In Outlook 2013 2016 2019 2010

    In this section, we are going to introduce different methods to delete duplicate emails in Outlook.

    Method 1: Check MS Outlook Account Settings

    In many cases, the users configure MS Outlook files multiple times. This adds various accounts to Outlook while synchronizing the PST file. Thus, it results in different copies. To remove it the user has to follow the steps:

  • First, open MS Outlook on your system
  • Navigate to File and then click on Info> Account Settings
  • Click on the Mail tab in the Account Settings windows and search for the configured account name
  • Now, if you see that the account is configured with the same name more than one time. Then remove the additional account by selecting the mail account and then choose Remove option
  • Finally, click on the Close button. Your duplicate account will be removed
  • Method 2: Import and Export Option

    The user can also make use of Import and Export option to remove duplicate emails in Outlook.

  • Start MS Outlook on your system
  • Go to Option > Open > Export
  • Now, click on the option of Import/Export
  • After that, you need to choose Import from other file or program option and click on Next
  • Select PST> Next
  • Next, browse the data file to import and check an option do not import duplicates. Click on Next
  • Select Outlook data files to export and then click Finish
  • Change the view settings for removing duplication
  • Method 3: Clean Up Tool of Outlook

  • First of all, you need to open MS Outlook on your system
  • How To Delete Duplicate Emails From Outlook

    Microsoft Outlook duplicate emails: how to remove

    Hello Team Outlook,

    I have been receiving official emails from multiple sources with same subject. There is a common Request ID number that is available in all emails’ subject line. When I search email via Request ID #, it reflects multiple mails. With duplicate mail on same subject, my inbox is getting clogged and I manually delete all duplicate mails.

    Is it possible to create a rule in outlook where it should check for duplicate email of same subject and delete it automatically ?


    1. Check subject line of all incoming emails.

    2. If new subject, receive email in INBOX else delete duplicate email with same subject. OR

    3. If new subject, receive email in INBOX else move duplicate email with same subject to fix folder for manual deletion.

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    The Importance Of Eliminating The Problem

    It can be surprising, though, lots of users are unaware of how to remove duplicates in Outlook and keep on deleting them manually. First of all, a lot of time is wasted on these actions. Besides, the chances to miss some repeated emails are high, thus, the storage is packed with unnecessary emails. Another disadvantage is the possibility to remove a necessary email by accident.

    If a user decides to eliminate not only repeated messages but also the cause, it helps improve the speed of Outlook, as well as a PC and server, operation: more storage is available, while the software does not have to receive and process the same email for multiple times. For this reason, one should not disregard this problem as unimportant as it may lead to negative Outlook experience. Proper use of the software will facilitate your life, not create difficulties.

    How To Remove Duplicate Emails From Outlook For Free

    TIP: Latest version of Deduper for Outlook allows to remove duplicate emails automatically with a single click.

    Less known Outlook feature is built-in duplicate email removal. Using this feature you can remove duplicate emails from Outlook for free, without using any additional software.

    To access this feature select mail folder, go to Home tab > Delete section > Delete > Clean Up.

    To remove duplicate emails in Outlook you have 3 choices:

    • Clean Up Conversation – Selected Conversation is deduped.
    • Clean Up Folder – All Conversations in the selected folder are deduped.
    • Clean Up Folder & Subfolders – All Conversations in the selected folder and any subfolders are deduped.

    Unfortunately, this only works for emails and does not allow much customization. We recommend using additional software such as Outlook Duplicate Remover to use in more complicated scenarios.

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    Quick Ways To Stop Receiving Duplicate Emails In Outlook

    • May 16th, 2020

    Receiving duplicate mails is a very common problem in Outlook. Sometimes it is because of the settings, at times because of the technical complexities. This problem is very annoying. You not only receive one duplicate email but multiple duplicate emails many times. This results in a wastage of time. One has to keep deleting the mails to avoid any confusion in the future.

    In this blog, I will be discussing the root cause of the problem, ways to deal with it and giving useful tips to deal with the problem

  • Putting Rules command in the Outlook
  • Using Multiple Accounts
  • Tools to Clean Up the Mess
  • Lets discuss each cause of duplication one by one-

    How To Manually Delete Outlook Duplicate Items

    How to delete all duplicate emails from a mail folder in ...

    Use the following steps to duplicate items:

  • In Outlook 2007 and in Outlook 2002, point to Current View on the View menu, and then click to change the folder view to a table type view. In Outlook 2003, point to Arrange By on the View menu, point to Current View, and then click to change the folder view to a table type view.
  • Right-click a column heading, and then click Field Chooser.
  • From the list at the top of the Field Chooser, click to select the All fields.
  • Drag the Modified field to the table heading.
  • Verify that the duplicate items have a unique date from the original set of items. If it is unique, click the Modified heading so that the items are sorted by this field.
  • Press DELETE to permanently delete all selected items.
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    How To Delete Duplicate Emails In Outlook

    Unfortunately, even the latest version of Outlook 2013 does not provide any tool that would let us remove duplicate email messages in Outlook folders. Microsoft suggests a way, or rather a workaround, to delete duplicates manually. You can try it if you have time, and this may even work if you have a few dozen emails. This might be challenging if you have several hundred messages, and next to impossible if you have thousands and absolutely impossible if those thousands are stored in different folders.

    So, how can you eliminate all duplicated emails from Outlook? There exist a number of different tools to eliminate dupes. Some of them are quick, simple and free. Others are more flexible and sophisticated but, as you may guess, paid. We will cover pros and cons of both types and you will decide which is right for you.

    Why Should One Remove Duplicate Emails In Outlook 2016 & 2019

    Microsoft Outlook is the widely used email application so, keeping it in a working state is really important. However, duplicate email messages in a mailbox can badly affect its performance. Apart from this, there are many other problems faced by the users and are listed below:

    • Unable to Locate Message: When you try to search for any email via search option in Outlook, it displays a complete list of messages and take more than the desired time.
    • Increase Mailbox Size: If you keep receiving duplicate emails in Outlook with attachments, the size of mailbox also keeps on increasing. However, if the size of mailbox is large, the performance degrades.
    • Occupy More Space: As the number of duplicate items increase, it will occupy more storage on the hard drive and CPU usage will also be higher. In addition, it increases the chances of data corruption also.
    • Other Issues: There can be many other common issues faced the users as the time increases. For example, Outlook becomes slow, starts freezing, or stop even responding! In addition, it can corrupt Outlook PST file also.

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