How To Remove An Email Account From Gmail

How To Delete Yahoo Email Account From Computer

How to Remove a Gmail Email Account from an Android Phone

Although not many people still use yahoo, those who use it may need help in removing or deleting it from their computer. It is also worth noting that more than one billion Yahoo accounts have been breached so far. That raises a lot of concern about the deteriorating security of the platform. It is perhaps the reason some people may want to delete their accounts. Well, all we can say is that we have you covered as well.

This is what you need to do to permanently delete a yahoo account from your computer.

1. Open yahoo on your computer2. Log in to your account using your yahoo ID and password3. Navigate through to the this page and click continue to delete my account.

4. The following data will be deleted from your account.

  • Your yahoo email
  • Address book
  • Small business, and more

5. A new page opens up, in there enter your email id & click Yes, Terminate my account

These changes cannot be undone and all the data will be lost, but that is probably what you wanted all along.

Using An Iphone Or Ipad

  • 1Go to in a web browser. Its not possible to delete synced Gmail contacts from the Gmail app, but you can delete them by logging into your Google account in a web browser like Safari or Chrome.
  • If you to prevent all of your Gmail contacts from appearing in your iPhone or iPad contacts, open the Settings app, tap Passwords & Accounts, select your Gmail account, and then slide the Contacts switch to the Off position.
  • 2Sign in with your Google account. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in to your Google account. A list of your contacts will appear.
  • 3Tap the contact you want to delete. This opens more information about the contact.
  • 4Tap More or . The option you see depends on which version of Contacts youre using. Either option will appear near the top-center part of the page .XResearch source
  • If youre using the earlier version of Contacts, youll see More. If youve switched to the more recent version, youll see the three-dot menu.
  • 5Tap Delete contact or Delete . If youre using the earlier version, the contact will be deleted immediately. If youre using the latest version, a pop-up confirmation message will appear.
  • 6
  • How To Remove Gmail Account From The Gmail App

    Gmail allows people to simultaneously sign-in multiple accounts on their platform. This feature can help users manage their personal, work, and other emails on a single app without signing-in and out of their different accounts. But if youre receiving a lot of email notifications to the point that it is unbearable, you can opt to remove an account you rarely use to lessen the email alerts you receive on your device.

    Having multiple email accounts is quite normal nowadays. Some people have several accounts to separate their work emails from their personal ones.

    With that in mind, Gmail is one of the best email service provider that allows users to create and use as many accounts as they want. In addition, the platform also allows simultaneous sign-in on their mobile app. As a result, people can manage and view all of their emails from different accounts in a single app without signing-in and out to switch inboxes.

    While this feature is useful in most cases, there are times where the notifications you receive from multiple emails can flood your device. If you cant tolerate the huge number of alerts and information from various email accounts, you can opt to remove some of your other accounts on the Gmail app.

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    Google Mail: Delete An Outdated Email Address From Google Contacts

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    How Does Google Store Email Addresses

    How to Delete a Google Gmail Account

    Before you learn how to delete email addresses from Gmail auto-complete, it is important to know how email addresses are saved in Gmail.

    • Ideally, if you have composed an email to any address and have hit the âSendâ button, then the email address would automatically be saved to your Gmail contacts.
    • Besides that, if you have received an email and you have replied to it, then Gmail will add it to the existing contacts list.

    That is, as soon as you have contacted the other user, Gmail will save the email address. Now, whenever you write a new email, Gmail will automatically fill in the address if it would match the initial letters.

    For instance, letâs suppose that I have sent an email to in the past. Later, whenever I would compose a new email and would write âaâ in the âToâ field, Google will automatically suggest this email id.

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    Tip : Learn To Create New Labels In Gmail

    In Gmail, folders are known as âLabelsâ that can be accessed from the sidebar. To create a new label in your Gmail account, you simply need to log-in to your account. Afterward, select any email that you wish to move and right-click. From the context menu, click on âLabel asâ and choose to create a new label.

    Thatâs it! You can now enter details to create a new label for your Gmail account. If you want, you can easily move any email to the new label. Simply select and right-click the email and choose to move it to the existing label.

    Delete Your Google Account

    You can go as far as delete not only your Gmail but an entire Google Account from your computer, which includes Drive, Photos, Calendar, and other services. Dont forget that YouTube and Google Play subscriptions will also be gone. Finally, if you have a Chrome browser synced with your Google Account, you may also want to save your bookmarks before doing the irreversible.

    To delete your entire Google Account, follow these steps:

    1: Go to

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    Figure Out What An Old Email Address Is Attached To

    Before you eliminate an old email, inventory the servicessocial media, gaming, video streaming, and so onthat rely on it as a login credential. Once youve created a list of your accounts, look up their policies on changing emails. For example, some sites will send you a verification link as soon as you enter your password and new email address. Others may require that you call and offer a form of identification they already have on file, such as a credit card or a drivers license.

    As a rule of thumb, the more secure the site has to be, the more bureaucratic hoops you can expect to jump through. Thats a good thing, as it helps prevent identity fraud.

    This is also a good time to do a general house-cleaning of online accounts you dont use. I wound up deleting several old shopping site accounts because changing my email address took more trouble than my membership was worth. Similarly, I dont think many web-commenter accounts I made back in high school were worth preserving.

    For extra protection, change your passwords as you go and install a vault program to remember them for you. Having a digital password manager saved me on a few occasions it meant I could keep all my codes on hand despite the fact that I didnt have my email. A keeper can also generate different secure passwords for each site so you dont fall back on the insecure practice of recycling the same phrase over and over again.

    First Back Up Any Messages You Need

    How To Delete Your Gmail Account

    Before you deleteyour Gmail account, first download the data stored there. If you already have acurrent backup of your data, you can skip this step.

    Step 1. Access the Download Your DataScreen

    Begin by logging intoyour account. Next, click the . TheGoogle screendisplays:

    You’ll seevarious Google products listed with a box to the right of each of them. Use thescrollbar to scroll down to the products you want to back up. Since we aredeleting Gmail, I recommend downloading data from Contacts and, of course, Mail.

    Step 2. Select Which Data to Download

    Click the Next button when you have selected the product data youwish to download. The Customize archive format screen appears:

    On the Download your data screen,you need to make three decisions:

  • File type – Choose between a .zip, .tgz, or .tbz file.
  • Archive size – Sizes range from 1 GB to 50 GB.
  • Delivery method – Choices include Send download link viaemail, Add to Drive, Add to Dropbox, and Add to OneDrive.
  • Use the down arrow in the boxbeneath each option to bring up a drop-down menu and make your choices:

    Step 3.Create and Manage Your Data Download

    Whenyou’ve made your choices, click the Create archive button. For this option, Iopt to receive the download in my Gmail inbox. The following screen displays:

    Manage archives

    When you’re ready, click the Manage archives button.The following confirmation screen displays:


    Step 4.Download Your Data to Your Computer

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    Google Email Autofill Suggestions

    To make it easier, Google also shows these email addresses and names when you start typing in the To: box of an email. Sometimes this feature is called auto-complete or autofill. Again, the frequency of use of that email address plays a part.

    Using the test example above of Jane Doe, you can see Google has added her name to the suggestion list. Unfortunately, this is also where people can run into problems because they may have selected the wrong email or misspelled it.

    Why Delete Gmail Messages Permanently

    As unconsented-to-data harvesting rocks Google and other online giants, hyper-aware users undertake due diligence to shield privacy. Attachments and files like invoices, bank statements or payment slip on downloaded from your Gmail still linger in your system. Proprietary recovery software may expose your data to prying eyes.

    Eraser from iMyMac PowerMyMac forges a dedicated tool to fragment all contents and their vestiges making them irretrievable even with superior recovery software. Simply select a file to shred or do the job in bulk. It also overwrites deleted files with overlay technology to permanently nuke files.

    Install it on any Mac effortlessly to shred all types of downloadable items, including Microsoft Word, PDF, PowerPoint or media. If you want to prevent data hemorrhage for erased contents, go for Eraser by iMyMac PowerMyMac. Itâs designed for all types of files.

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    Add In The Emails Not Displayed On The Page

    Once you press the tick box, everything on the page will be selected, but an easily missable text will also appear above the tab selection: All 50 conversations on this page are selected. Select all X conversations in Promotions. Press the second sentence and everything in the category will now be highlighted as ready for deletion.

    More Data & Content You’ll Lose

    How to delete Gmail Account Permanently

    You’ll no longer be able to use some apps and services on your device.

    Google Play

    • You wont be able to get or update apps or games from the Play Store.
    • You wont be able to use music, movies, books, or magazines you purchased.
    • Youll lose any music you bought elsewhere and added to Google Play.
    • You might lose your game progress, achievements, and other Google Play data from your account.


    Youll lose contacts that are stored only in your Google Account and not separately on your device.


    • Data wont be saved to Drive. This data includes photos taken with your device or files downloaded from emails.
    • You won’t be able to download or upload files to the deleted account.

    You wont be able to use any Chrome apps or extensions for the deleted account, both free and paid.

    Youll still be able to:

    • Let others use your Chromebook temporarily
    • Sign in with a Google Account that hasnt been deleted

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    Option : Delete Your Gmail Account

    While you may be tempted to instantly delete your entire Gmail account, itâs a devastating choice as everything becomes irretrievable forever. First, create a backup for the data you need. Associated accounts such as a bank, PayPal, social security, and TV subscriptions entail you reactivate with a new account. Linked Gmail accounts will also require some tweaking. You can follow instructions to delete your Google Account permanently at .

    Final Thoughts

    We just learned simple tricks on how to permanently delete Gmail emails. Google simplifies the procedure by hiving off emails into intuitive categories, viz. Primary, Promotional and Social. Another way you can safeguard your privacy is to optimize your accountâs security settings.

    Permanently deleting your Gmail account means total obliteration, consider saving your data beforehand. Erasing mass content from your account ensures you donât exceed the free storage 15 GB given by Google. Moreover, it reclaims space taken up by junk. Simply selecting and deleting a message doesnât purge it forever as it remains in the âall mailâ folder. Youâve to configure settings to move to the trash in the Gmail server.

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    How To Delete Emails In Gmail Automatically

    Since the manual process to delete old emails in Gmail is pretty complicated, you can also automate things. If you want, you can create dedicated filters for your Gmail inbox and delete those emails by themselves. To learn how to auto delete emails in Gmail, you just have to follow this basic drill.

    Step 1. To begin with, you can just log-in to your Gmail account and click on the gear icon from the top to visit its settings.

    Step 2. Once the Gmail Settings page is opened, you can go to the âFilters & Blocked Addressesâ section and click on the âCreate a new filterâ option.

    Step 3. This will display dedicated parameters for you to set for the filter. Here, you can set filters for emails from a particular recipient with dedicated subjects, keywords, size, and so on.

    Step 4. After you would set up different parameters for the filter, you can decide what would be done to these emails. In the end, you can select the option to automatically delete these emails and create a new filter.

    Apart from deleting, you can also set different automatic actions for the filtered emails.

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    How To Delete An Icloud Mail Account

    Because your iCloud Mail mailbox is tied to your Apple ID, the only way to remove it is to permanently delete your entire Apple ID, which will prevent you from using many Apple services. If youre still committed to deleting your iCloud Mail account, we highly recommend you first remove all devices associated with it .

    To remove a device associated with your Apple ID:

  • Sign in to your iCloud mailbox.
  • Navigate to the Devices section.
  • Select the device you want to remove.
  • Repeat for each device.
  • To delete your Apple ID :

  • Sign in to your iCloud mailbox.
  • Scroll down and click the Go to your Apple ID account page link.
  • Confirm your decision to delete your Apple ID.
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