How To Read My Emails From Another Computer

Using Mail To Web Access

How to Access Your Email from a Computer
  • 1Go to a mail to web service, like This is by far the easiest way to access your email account from another computer. Mail to Web services, like, are not like web-based e-mail accounts. Instead they relay the unreceived messages from your server to a computer other than your own so you can access your mail from anywhere in world. Other popular options include,, and Some services may require you to know the name of your server but does not.XResearch source
  • 2Type your chosen mail service into your toolbar. This will bring you to the website’s main page.Advertisement
  • 3Input your username and password. Occasionally, they may ask for a bit more information like your name but never anything more than that. These services should always be free and should not ask for more than your basic information. If they do, find another service.
  • 4Log out of your account when you leave. The Log Out option can be found in the top righthand corner of the display. Because this is not your computer, other users may be able to access your account if you do not delete your username and password.
  • 5Exit out of your Browser. Your mail to web service will most likely prompt you to exit out of your browser and clear your cache after you log out of your account.
  • 6Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete for Windows or Command+Shift+Delete for Mac. This will clear your cache and ensure the security or your e-mail account.
  • I’m Getting A Different Error

    Click Show error details, then follow these tips:

    • If POP is disabled, go to the settings page of your other email account and look for a way to enable POP.
    • If POP is unavailable, your email provider might not support POP. Instead, follow the steps below to import old messages, then auto-forward new ones.

    For other errors, learn how to troubleshoot problems with Mail Fetcher.

    Email Calendar Contact And Task Information For Pop And Imap Accounts

    If you have a POP or IMAP account, all of your information is already stored in a Personal Folders file. You can move this file to a new computer and retain your information. Moving a .pst file from one computer to another doesn’t transfer your email account settings. If you need to set up Outlook on a new computer, copy your .pst file from the old computer, then set up your email account on your new computer. You can then open the .pst file from the new computer.

    The location of your .pst file depends on your version of Outlook, your version of Windows, and how you set up your account or created the .pst file. You can find your .pst file in one of the following locations:

    • Windows 10 drive:\Users\< username> \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

    • Windows 10 drive:\Users\< username> \Roaming\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

    • Older versions of Windows drive:\Documents and Settings\< username> \Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

    Tip: If your Outlook Data File becomes large it can slow down your OneDrive sync and may show “Processing changes” or “A file is in use”. Learn How to remove an Outlook .pst data file from OneDrive.

    Important: Office 2010 is no longer supported. Upgrade to Microsoft 365 to work anywhere from any device and continue to receive support.

    Note: Your configuration might not include all of these files as some are created only when you customize Outlook features.

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    Checking Your Emails Faqs

    Absolutely not! There is a whole range of desktop mail clients that will allow you to check your emails in Windows 10 and perform other productivity tasks.

    To read emails on your phone, you need an appropriate mobile email client. Depending on your phone, there are various ones available from the App Store and Google Play Store.

    You can add almost all email accounts to your phone using the appropriate email client. Generally speaking, youll need to select the Other option when setting up your account in the app.

    Yes! Plenty of email clients allow you to access messages from your desktop and are purpose-built for businesses, such as Spike. Youll need to select the Other option when setting up your account in most apps.

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    How to Move Emails from One Gmail Account to Another

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    Leave Messages On The Server

  • If you have an email account without remote access, and you can change the settings, you can receive email on two computers by setting your email program to leave mail on the server. This will keep a copy of your email on your ISP’s mail server so you can download it on one computer and still be able to download it again on another computer.

  • How To Retrieve E

    If you do not plan on reading your e-mail, consider setting up an out of office notification. For help with setting up an out of office notification, see: How to create an out of office reply in Microsoft Outlook.

    In some situations, when you’re away from your computer for an extended amount of time, you may want to access and read your incoming e-mail. Below are some of the different methods you can use to get your e-mail when away from your computer.

    If you have an e-mail account with Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail , you can access your e-mail from any computer using a web browser. Access the Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo e-mail login page and login to access your e-mail online.

    If you are trying to access e-mail while abroad, you may be asked for a code to access the account. This feature of requires you to have a mobile device, where you can receive a code to activate your account.

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    Sending And Receiving E

    To send an e-mail in Microsoft Outlook Express, follow the steps below.

  • Open Outlook Express.
  • Click the Create Mail button at the top of the window, or click File, New, and then Mail Message.
  • If done properly, you see a New Message window. In this window, start by typing the person’s e-mail address you want to send the e-mail to in the “To:” field.
  • Fill out a brief description of the message you’re sending in the Subject field.
  • Type your message in the box below.
  • Once your message is complete, click the Send button.
  • To receive e-mail in Microsoft Outlook Express, follow the steps below.

  • If you want to manually receive or look for new messages, click the Send/Recv button on the main screen of Outlook.
  • Can I Access My Email Account From Another Computer

    logging into email from another computer

    Whether you are traveling, at school or work or in an Internet cafe, you can access your email accounts from any computer with an Internet connection. This includes being able to access new emails, old saved emails and email account features such as the address book and the composing of new messages.

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    Managing Email On Multiple Devices

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    By J. D. Biersdorfer

      Q. How do I efficiently manage my email with three devices: computer, phone and tablet? Do I have to read, save, delete email three times, or can I easily sync them?

      A. Most mail programs give you the choice of two ways to set up an account on a computer or mobile device either with the IMAP standard or POP . If you want to keep your mailbox in sync across multiple devices, choose the IMAP method.

      Compared with POP, IMAP is a newer technology for managing messages and handles checking the same mail account on multiple devices much more smoothly. With IMAP, even though you can see your mailbox in the mail program on your computer and devices, IMAP messages actually live on the mail server. When you read, delete or flag a message, you are performing that action on the mail server. The mail apps on your other devices see the change when you view the updated mailbox.

      In contrast, most POP mail systems in their default settings download messages directly to the device that checks in at the time, and then deletes those messages from the mail server. When you check mail with your computer or other gadgets, those devices do not get the deleted messages, but they may download newer ones which then get deleted from the server, making your mailboxes out of sync.

      Server Denied Pop3 Access

      • If you use 2-Step Verification: Enter a new app password.
      • If you’re using a work or school account: In the “POP Server” section, enter, then select Port 110.
      • If you use Google MX records with your work or school account: In the “POP Server” section, enter, then select Port 995.

      For other errors, learn how to troubleshoot problems with Mail Fetcher.

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      How To Access Your Email From Another Computer

      Are you traveling and need to access your email but dont want to bring your laptop? Or maybe youre at home but forgot your phone charger and need to check your work email. Whatever the reason, there are several ways to access your email from another computer. In this blog post, well walk you through the easiest methods so you can get back to whats important.

      If youre like most people, you rely on email to stay in touch with friends, family, and co-workers. But what happens if youre traveling or find yourself without your laptop? You know that it can be a hassle to have to access your email from each machine separately.

      In this blog post, well show you how to access your email through your web browser and an email client. Well also give you some tips on how to keep your emails safe when youre using a public computer.

      To access your email from a web browser:

      You can easily check your email from any computer by going to Google Mail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, or Outlook .com.

      Free Online Services Let You Access Email Through Any Computer With An Internet Connection

      How to Stop Someone from Reading your Text Messages on Android

      Another easy way to access your email account from another computer is with free online services like,, etc. The two questions you should ask are: how do these services work and is it safe to transfer sensitive information via them?

      These check-your-email-anywhere services let you access your account through a GUI that runs from a browser window quite like a standard web based email account. Because of the different types of email accounts in with world, the login process might require you to provide additional information such as incoming and outgoing server details.

      For instance, I have used on a few occasions and have found it pretty good. With their advanced login page, you can access virtually any kind of email account as long as its IMAP or POP enabled. This company also provided mobile email service. In fact, if you are frequently away from computer, web sites like are a great way to access your email.

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      How To Check Email On A Smartwatch

      Smartwatches are basically tiny computers that you can strap to your wrist and use to accomplish all kinds of tasks without having to take out your smartphone. Needless to say, smartwatches are perfect for checking email messages on the go, and you can connect your own smartwatch with your mail account in minutes.

      To check email on a Samsung smartwatch:

    • Add your mail account to the smartphone thats connected to your smartwatch.
    • Select the Email option on the Home screen of your Samsung smartwatch.
    • Select the message you want to view.
    • To check email on Apple Watch:

    • Pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone.
    • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
    • Select the Mail option.
    • Tap Include Mail under Mail Settings.
    • Select the mail accounts that you would like to monitor using your Apple Watch.
    • You can then open the Mail app on your Apple Watch to view emails.
    • Can’t Find The Folders

      Some of the folders might be hidden folders. To display hidden folders in Windows, do the following:

    • Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.

    • Open Folder Options.

      To locate Folder Options, in the search box at the top of window, type Folder Options. In Control Panel for Windows XP, type Folder Options in the Address box.

    • On the View tab, under Advanced settings, under Files and Folders, under Hidden files and folders, select Show hidden files and folders.

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      How Can I Check My Email Inbox

      How do I go to my Gmail inbox?

      You can view the content of your Gmail inbox from any device with a modern web browser, including your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or even smart TV. All you need to do is navigate to and log in with your username and password.

      How to check Hotmail email?

      If you have an old Hotmail account that you havent checked in a while, you can do so by signing in to with your Hotmail address and password. is Microsofts online service provider, and it replaces Hotmail, Live, and MSN.

      How do I check my email on my phone?

      To check email on your phone, you need a suitable mail client app. You can either download an email client app created by your service provider or a generic mail client app that works with any service provider.

      When should you check email?

      That depends on your needs and preferences. If you use email for work, you may need to set up real-time alerts so you can respond to messages as soon as they arrive.

      How do I login to my email account?

      To log in to your email account, you need to know your mail address and your password. Most modern mail clients are able to automatically determine the correct access settings.

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