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How To Decrypt Encrypted Emails In Outlook Without Any Hassle

How to Open Encrypted Email Messages

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Do you want to know how to decrypt encrypted emails in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002? Are you looking for a way to remove encryption from Outlook email messages? Do not worry as we will provide you with a sure-shot solution to perform SMIME and OpenPGP email decryption using Outlook PST Repair Tool in bulk. This utility helps to remove SMIME or OpenPGP encryption from multiple emails in a PST file provided with passwords and encryption certificates in bulk. Download the free demo version of the software to remove SMIME or OpenPGP encryption from email messages in Outlook PST files. The trial version provides the preview of all emails messages along with its attachments and its perfectly maintained meta-properties in the preview panel. To export more than 25 decrypted encrypted emails in Outlook PST, the user needs to have the licensed version of the software.

Before going more in detail, let us see a few important concepts of email encryption.

How Do I Read An Encrypted Email Message

If youre using or Microsoft 365 and are using the website, the Outlook mobile app, or the Mail app in Windows 10, you can read and reply to encrypted messages the same way you do with unencrypted messages.

If you’re using Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac, or a third-party email app, youll receive an email message with instructions for how to read the encrypted message. You can gain access using your Microsoft account or your Microsoft 365 account.

What Is Email Encryption

Encryption is a process through which any particular data or text is made unintelligible to the common people. Email encryption means encrypting emails so that not any random person can comprehend the message. Every encrypted text has a key and only the person with that key can decrypt that email and read it in its original format. So to decrypt encrypted emails in Outlook, the user needs proper information at his end.

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What Are The Consequences Of Using E2ee

If you send encrypted messages, the messages in your sent folder will be encrypted. If you lose your secret key, you will be unable to read your archived messages. These messages cannot be recovered!

All devices on which you read encrypted messages must be configured to use the same personal key. If you are using software other than Thunderbird, that software may not support end-to-end encryption. For example reading encrypted emails on your phone will require some setting up.

If you lose your secret key, other people can continue to send you encrypted email, and you will be unable to read them.

Note: Search functions in general do not work for the body content of encrypted messages.

Whats The Best Service For Encrypting Your Email

How to receive and read encrypted e

As you can see, all these products have their virtues, and each offers a different set of features. For its weapons-grade encryption, ease of use, and low price , Preveil is our top pick and our Editors Choice winner. However, if you want a new email address for your encrypted messages, support for third-party PGP communication, or another unusual feature, youve got plenty of choices.

While you’re thinking about security, you should read our roundup of the best encryption software for protecting the data on your drives.

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When Does It Make Sense To Send Encrypted Mail

Some people still associate encryption in general with government spies and shadowy hackers who must protect their identity to escape the law. In reality, encrypted mail has become a modern necessity because billions of people around the world use email to send and receive sensitive information, such as bank account statements, business documents, and personal correspondence.

The problem is that email users often forget or dont realize that email was never meant to play such an important role in our lives and be used to transfer sensitive information. Instead, it was intended to facilitate messaging between people who more or less knew one another, so data security and privacy werent important priorities of emails original creators.

When you send unencrypted messages over the internet, you risk having your personal information stolen or exposed by an opportunistic cybercriminal, and only email encryption can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that nobody can read your messages.

As such, it makes sense to encrypt as many emails as possible and use the most robust email encryption method available. Ideally, you want your email encryption to be applied automatically each time you send a message to eliminate the possibility of you forgetting to apply it yourself.

How To Use S/mime Encryption On Outlook Emails

Once you have your password, the first thing you’ll need to do is back it up somewhere!

Before you send or receive any emails via S/MIME, you and your recipient are going to need a digital certificate . You can follow the links that Outlook provides to get your hands on one, or do your own research to find a certifier online. Once you have your password, the first thing you’ll need to do is back it up somewhere! You won’t want to purchase a new one if you lose it, or if you install Outlook on a different device. Without your certificate, you won’t be able to read any previously sent or received encrypted emails, either.

The fist thing you need to do is import your S/MIME certificate to Outlook. To do this simply follow the steps below:

  • Mouse over the top-left of your Outlook window and navigate through File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings> Email Security.
  • You should see an option to import your certificate, labeled Import/Export, so give it a click.
  • A new window will pop up, and you’ll need to make sure that the option to Import existing ID from file is highlighted.
  • Next, select Browse to find your certificate.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter the password associated with the certificate, so do so, and confirm.
  • The Import/Export window will close by itself, and you’ll have finished importing your certificate!

    Next up, you’ll need to . To do so, simply:

  • Type up your email.
  • Navigate to the top of the message window and select Options, then More Options.
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    S Of Email Encryption

    TLS encrypts email in transit to the recipient, stopping it from being intercepted.


    • Very easy for users to send emails, with no extra steps beyond hitting send
    • Easy to deploy
    • Does not encrypt messages in the sender or recipient email inbox
    • Does not hide messages from emails servers
    • End users dont know if emails are encrypted, and are unable to manually encrypt emails if needed, as encryption is all policy based

    Encrypted PDF:

    This involves sending the email and attachments using encrypted PDF, Office and ZIP files.


    • Ensures all documents and attachments are delivered intact, looking good on all devices.
    • Ensures senders and recipients can access encrypted emails directly from their inbox.
    • Encrypted emails and attachments can be viewed even when the user is offline.
    • Secure passwords can be set to access PDFs and Folders.


    • No controls to track email delivery.
    • No controls to stop attachments being forwarded, downloaded or sent back to the user unencrypted.

    Web Portal Encryption:

    Web portal encryption is the most common delivery method for encrypted emails. Encrypted emails are delivered via a secure webpage. Users can send an encrypted email directly from their email client, then the recipient has to sign in to view the encrypted messages.


    Encrypt Outlook Email Message

    How To… Read Encrypted Email

    In this section, we will describe How to encrypt a single Outlook email? and How to encrypt all Outlook emails? Follow the given steps to encrypt Outlook email

    1 Encrypt a Single Outlook Email

  • Go to the Options tab, then More Option and click the dialog box launcher.
  • Now, In the properties window, click theSecurity Setting button.
  • In Security Properties, Check the Encrypt message contents and attachments, and then click OK. .
  • Compose a message and send it.
  • 2 Remove Encryption from All Emails of Outlook

    With the help of this procedure we can encrypt all Outgoing Outlook emails, but remember, all recipients must have the same Digital ID to access data of these encrypted messages.

    Follow the given steps to encrypt all outgoing emails by default

  • Go to the File tab. Click Options, then Trust Center, then Trust Center Setting.
  • On the Email Security tab, under Encrypted email, Select Encrypt contents, and attachments for outgoing messagescheck box.
  • Click on the OK button. To Change encryption settings click on the Setting button.
  • Outlook email client provides email / emails encryption facility to protect the information of email data. To encrypt email we need a Digital ID and need to Share a Certificate with our contacts to open and read encrypted emails. We have to Share a Certificate or give public key, without public key recipients cannot decrypt the message.

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    How To Decrypt Encrypted Email In Outlook In Windows Os

    Email encryption is not a difficult task. As we have seen above, it is cost effective, time efficient and most importantly a safe procedure. But what happens when a user needs to decrypt multiple emails in Outlook PST file together . Consider the user query discussed below.

    I use my Microsoft Outlook email account for both personal as well as business purposes. So it is clear that, my emails incoming and outgoing emails are most probably confidential. I have digitally signed SMIME encryption standard, so that I can secure all emails. But now I am in a tough situation, where I need to migrate entire PST file data into some other file format. Even I tried migration procedure. But the problems is all my emails encrypted and are in unreadable format. Now, I am searching for a solution, that can help me to decrypt encrypted email in Outlook PST file in bulk.

    Viewing Encrypted Email On Android Devices

    1. Download the Office 365 Message Encryption application from an approved store:2. Open the attachment named: message.html from the received email. It will open in the OME Viewer: 3. At this point you have two options to open the message.A. If you have a Microsoft account , click and go through the sign in process. The message body will be displayed:B. If you do not have a Microsoft account you can choose to have One-time pass code sent to you. Click on the Use a one-time passcode link.You will receive an email from Microsoft with your One-Time passcode.

    4. Enter the passcode provided.

    The message will be displayed.

    Technology Tutorials

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    Procedure To Decrypt S/mime/ Openpgp Encrypted Emails

    While performing the forensic analysis of an Outlook email, it is an important factor to decrypt Outlook emails. This is because, most of the time for security reasons, users tend to encrypt confidential email messages. As a result, investigators need to perform the decryption process which requires decryption key. Without the keys, it is not possible to remove encryption from the encrypted Outlook emails.

    Following are the steps to remove encryption from the Outlook email using the remarkable computer forensic software.

    Step 1: Install and launch the software and click the Add Evidence option to upload the email data file to the software panel

    Step 2: Then, select the Outlook option to add PST file for email decryption. Click Browse to upload the PST file. Then, navigate to Processing Options > > Encryption Settings to decrypt S/MIME & OpenPGP encryption

    Step 3: Enable Detect Digital Signature and Encryption option and Remove Encryption option from the Encryption Option tab as shown in the image below

    • Detect Digital Signature and Encryption: This will help to detect the digitally signed and encrypted emails from the mailbox and will be represented with the corresponding tags.
    • Remove Encryption: This option allows to decrypt Outlook email message.

    Step 4: From the Add Key section, one can decrypt Outlook emails either by using Single key or Multiple keys option depending on the type of encryption

    How Microsoft 365 Uses Email Encryption

    Criptext for Gmail: Secure Email, Read Receipts, and ...

    Encryption is the process by which information is encoded so that only an authorized recipient can decode and consume the information. Microsoft 365 uses encryption in two ways: in the service, and as a customer control. In the service, encryption is used in Microsoft 365 by default you don’t have to configure anything. For example, Microsoft 365 uses Transport Layer Security to encrypt the connection, or session, between two servers.

    Here’s how email encryption typically works:

    • A message is encrypted, or transformed from plain text into unreadable ciphertext, either on the sender’s machine, or by a central server while the message is in transit.

    • The message remains in ciphertext while it’s in transit in order to protect it from being read in case the message is intercepted.

    • Once the message is received by the recipient, the message is transformed back into readable plain text in one of two ways:

    • The recipient’s machine uses a key to decrypt the message, or

    • A central server decrypts the message on behalf of the recipient, after validating the recipient’s identity.

    For more information on how Microsoft 365 secures communication between servers, such as between organizations within Microsoft 365 or between Microsoft 365 and a trusted business partner outside of Microsoft 365, see How Exchange Online uses TLS to secure email connections in Office 365.

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    Encryption Of All Outlook Emails

    With the following steps, one can encrypt all their Outlook emails. Before implementing this procedure, a user must ensure that all their recipients are having the same Digital ID to decrypt the Outlook emails.

    Step 1: Click on File tab and go to Trust Centre from Options

    Step 2: Select the Email Security tab from the Trust Centre Settings

    Step 3: Go to Encrypted Email section and mark the checkbox that corresponds to Encrypt Contents and Attachments for Outgoing Messages option

    Step 4: Now, click OK. For changing the Encryption options, click on the Settings button.

    With the aforementioned procedure, one can efficiently encrypt Outlook emails. Now, from the below section, we will understand the tactics used to decrypt the Outlook message, which requires the same digital certificate.

    Improve Your Email Management To Increase Your Security

    Password theft or email snooping are not the only two traps users can fall into. Experts estimate that phishing accounts for 90 percent of data breaches.

    Since phishing email messages are essentially just malicious spam emails, you can effectively protect yourself against them by keeping your inbox organized and well managed.

    Instead of wasting hours every week manually sorting new emails, we recommend you use an automatic inbox cleaner like Clean Email. This powerful tool works with Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, and has multiple features that can take your email management to the next level.

    You can quickly organize older emails into easy-to-review bundles to free up storage space and make your inbox less cluttered, instantly unsubscribe from mass emailings, and automatically apply selected actions to future emails.

    Clean Email allows you to block unwanted senders and ensure that no future emails from them will ever reach your inbox. This feature is perfect for dealing with malicious senders who are smart enough to get past your spam filter, but you can use it to block any sender you want .

    With Clean Emails Privacy Guard, you can be confident that your personal information is safe and sound. The Privacy Guard feature in Clean Email will tell you if your mail account was compromised in any known data breaches and security incidents.

    Follow our guides on how to send an anonymous email and how email spammer gets your address.

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