How To Read All Emails On Gmail

How To Select All Emails In Gmail Folder

How to Mark All Emails as Read in Gmail – 2021

Folders that contain emails in your Gmail are called labels. If you dont have a label already, you can create a new one.

  • Select the emails you want to group in a label.
  • In the horizontal toolbar, click Labels.
  • Type in the name of your label and select a nesting option.
  • Now, you can select all the emails within that label.

  • In the sidebar, click on your label.
  • Check the small empty box in the horizontal toolbar to select all the emails in that label.
  • How To Select All Emails In Gmail And Mark As Read

    That annoying notification about having unread emails can be easily removed. All you have to do is select all emails and mark them as read.

  • Log in to your Gmail.
  • Hover your cursor over the sidebar and click More.
  • Check the small empty box in the horizontal toolbar.
  • Now, all your emails are marked as read and you wont see the notification anymore.

    How To Mark All Emails As Read In Gmail On Pc/mac

    Most of us use Gmail on the PC or Mac web browser to do bulk tasks or to compose emails with multiple formatting. Similarly, you can now bulk mark emails on Gmail inbox as read from the web browser as well. You might have seen a lot of workarounds with Gmail web to make all emails as read in Gmail. But, here is an even simpler way.

  • Open Gmail in your web browser on PC or Mac.
  • Make sure you are in the inbox.
  • Click the checkbox on the top of all emails to select all the emails.
  • You will then see a message Select all conversations in Inbox. Click on it.
  • Now click the three dots menu icon on the action toolbar in Gmail.
  • Choose the option.
  • Confirm to mark all your selected emails as read in Gmail.
  • If you have too many unread emails in your Gmail inbox, the Gmail may show some unknown error. Dont worry, you can try the same after refreshing the page. It will mark all the emails in your Gmail inbox as read.

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    Reading An Email Message

    Gmail automatically and frequently checks for new email messages sent to you, whenever your computer or mobile device is turned on and connected to the Internet. If you want to manually check for new messages, open your inbox and then click the Refresh button above the message list.

    To view all messages youve received, click Inbox in the navigation sidebar and then click the tab you want to view. Your most important messages should be on the Primary tab other messages might be on the Social, Promotions, Updates, or Forums tabs.

    As shown in , all unread messages are displayed in bold against a white background. Messages youve read are displayed in nonbold type against a shaded background. All messages in your inbox show the senders name, a message subject, a short snippet of message text, and the date on which the message was sent.

    Email messages in the Gmail inbox.

    To read a given message, follow these steps:

  • From the Gmail inbox, click the tab that contains the type of message you want to view. Your most important messages should be on the Primary tab.
  • Select the message you want to read and click anywhere on that messages message line.
  • The full text of the message is displayed, as shown in . You can now reply to, forward, or delete the message, as described in the following sections.

    Reading a Gmail message.

  • To return to the inbox, click the Back to Inbox button above the message.
  • NOTE: Display in a New Window

    How To Mark All Unread Emails As Read In Gmail

    Gmail Mark All as Read: How to Mark all Emails as Read on ...

    1: When logged-in to your Gmail account, in the search box up top, type the following, then press the search button: is:unread

    2: Click the down-arrow in the “select” button, then choose “all.”

    3: The emails on the page you’re on should now be checked however, to select all of your unread emails, you need to click where it says “Select all conversations that match this search.” It will be centered, just above the top-most email, as pictured below:

    4: Finally, click the “More” button, then click “Mark as read.”

    5: Done!

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    How To Mark All Mails As Read In Gmail

    Most Gmail users will have their inbox cluttered with newsletters and promotional emails. Having tons of unread emails will eventually result in missing out on the important emails. To avoid such a scenario, we recommend you mark all your older emails as read in Gmail.

    If you are looking to mark all your emails in the Gmail inbox as read, here are the best methods.

    How Do I Mark All Gmail As Read On Android

    You cant mark all emails as read in the Gmail app. Heres how to mark a specific email as read on Android:

    Step 1. Open up the Gmail app on your iPhone.

    Step 2. Select the email you want to mark as read by clicking on the senders profile image on the left side

    Step 3. Look for the icon in the top right-hand corner that looks like an open envelope

    Step 4. Click that and youre done

    Quick tip: On iPhone and Android, you can adjust the settings in the Gmail app so that swiping left or right on the messages quickly marks the emails as read.


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    Unread In Multiple Labels

    If your messages are automatically sorted into different labels, youd need to repeat the above process for every label. You dont need to do this. There is a much easier way.

    1. In the search box above your messages, type in:unread. You can also use label:unread. This searches your entire Gmail account for messages.

    2. Click the checkbox above your messages to select everything. Then, click the Select all conversations that match this search link above the message list.

    3. Click the Mark as read icon/button to mark all unread emails in Gmail as read.

    How To View All Your Unread Emails In Gmail

    How to Mark All Emails As Read in Gmail

    ArchRead more September 17, 2019

    Gmail is probably the most popular email client on the planet. Millions of people use it on a daily basis, with millions of emails being exchanged every day. You probably get all kinds of spam emails and random messages regularly, and if you dont keep your inbox tidy, its easy to get lost in there. So, if you dont want to hunt for unread mails page by page, there are a few methods that allow you to see only the unread emails.

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    What Can You Do With Selected Emails

    Once you select emails in your Gmail account, you can apply various actions to them. These actions are available at the top of the emails list.

  • Archive: Use this to archive all selected emails.
  • Report Spam: This marks your selected emails as spam.
  • Delete: This deletes your selected emails.
  • : Choose this to mark selected emails as unread.
  • Snooze: Select this to snooze your emails.
  • Add to Tasks: This creates a task for your selected emails in Google Tasks.
  • Move To: Choose this to move selected emails to a folder.
  • Labels: Use this to apply a label to selected emails.
  • Next to the Labels option, there are three dots that you can click to open the More menu. This menu has more actions you can perform on your emails:

  • : This marks selected emails as read.
  • : This marks selected emails as unread.
  • : Marks selected emails as important.
  • : Marks selected emails as not important.
  • Add Star: Assigns a star to selected emails.
  • Filter Messages Like These: Finds emails that are like the selected emails.
  • Mute: Use this to mute selected emails. This way, Gmail wont notify you of responses to the selected emails threads.
  • Forward as Attachment: This lets you forward selected emails as a .eml attachment file.
  • And thats how you perform a bulk or a curated selection in your Gmail account. Feel free to use these methods to select whatever kind of emails you want!

    Take Control Of Your Gmail Account

    Gmail is an incredibly useful tool tool for managing your important messages. The more you know about the features of Gmail, the more useful it becomes.

    If you want to block annoying or harmful emails, you could learn how to block someone in Gmail to stop them. If youre busy, you could schedule your messages in advance to send whenever you want them to. You can even integrate third-party apps to take Gmail to add even more new features.

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    Delete All Unread Emails

    Dont need all those unread emails? Instead of marking them as read, delete them.

    1. Perform a search using label:unread or in:unread if you want to delete all unread messages in your account. If you only want to deal with your Inbox, click Inbox instead of using the search box.

    2. Click the check box above your message list to select everything. Click Select all conversations that match this search. Then, click the Trash icon/button.

    3. If you dont want a bunch of unread messages in your trash, open your Trash label. If you dont see it, in the left pane with your other labels, click More to see more labels.

    4. Click the drop-down arrow beside the checkbox above your messages and choose Unread. Choose Select all conversations and click the Mark as read icon/button.

    If youre planning to delete all your unread messages, dont bother marking them as read first. Move them straight to the trash. You can empty the trash manually or let Gmail take care of it in thirty days automatically.

    If you are tired of always have to open your browser and log in to your Gmail, learn how you can access Gmail from your Desktop.

    How To Delete All Emails In Gmail

    Gmail Mark All as Read: How to Mark all Emails as Read on ...

    Gmails generous storage quota means that its rarely necessary to delete any emails. But there may still be times when you want to mass-delete emails, whether its personal emails from someone youve just broken up with, or if you really are hitting your storage limit. Heres the quick and easy guide on how to delete all emails in Gmail.

    Read more:


    To mass-delete Gmail emails, filter the ones you want to delete by selecting its filter or searching for them in the Gmail search bar. Then tick the Select box underneath the search bar, which will highlight all the emails. Now choose Delete to send them to Trash. You can also delete all emails by going to All Mail.

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    Why Would I Mark Emails As Read

    There are several reasons you may want to mark an email as read.

    The obvious one is that youve already opened and read the email, so you dont need Gmail to inform you that its still unread.

    Many users also mark emails as read to keep their inbox clean. Getting to inbox zero is tough at the best of times, but when you receive many emails that arent urgent , you can mark them as read so that they dont clutter your inbox and distract you from more important emails.

    Multiple Pages Of Unread Messages

    The above method has to be done on every page if you have multiple pages of unread messages. Skip the hassle by marking all of them as read at once.

    1. Click the checkbox above your message and choose Unread. Then, right above the messages, click the Select all conversations link.

    2. Click the Mark as read icon/button to mark all the messages as read.

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    How To Mark All Emails As Read In Gmail

    Youd be pretty normal if you came to your inbox each day to find dozens if not hundreds of unread emails. But that can sometimes mean you miss new messages when they come through.

    To make things simpler, and to give you a fresh start, you can mark all your old emails as read so that you can start keeping on top of your new ones. And the good news is, Gmails advanced search features make this process really easy. Heres how to mark all emails as read in Gmail.

      How To Mark All As Read On Gmail

      How to Mark All Emails as Read in Gmail

      The process of marking all your emails as read is relatively straightforward but can be a little confusing for those unfamiliar with the flexible user interface of Gmail settings. We’ve laid out the exact steps for you to read all unread emails in your Gmail inbox in one go. Here’s exactly how you can do that and declutter.

      Step 1: First, you will need to select all unread emails in your inbox. To do this, type label:inbox is:unread in the search bar at the top of the page and press enter. If you’re on the web client, you can also click on the search options icon in the search bar and select Unread Mail in the dropdown menu for the Search option. You will see the latest 50 unread emails.

      Step 2: To select all emails , click on the checkbox at the top of the list of emails. This will select all the emails on the first page.

      Step 3: A notification will show up on the screen with a prompt to Select all conversations that match this search. Click on this to select all the unread emails in your inbox.

      Step 4: Once all your emails are selected, you can click on the icon in the action bar to mark all emails as read. That’s it!

      There you have it, folks, this should help you declutter your inbox and make space for newer emails without feeling the weight of all the previous emails that just add up over time and mess up not just our email space, but also our headspace.

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      How To Select Emails By Their Status In Gmail

      With Gmails advanced selection feature, you can select emails that have a certain status. For example, you can select all unread or read emails in your account.

      To use this feature, launch Gmail and choose the folder in which you want to select emails.

      At the top of your emails list, right next to the Select option, click the down-arrow icon.

      Youll see multiple options to select your emails. Choose an option from these:

      • All: This selects all on-screen emails in your current folder.
      • None: This deselects any selected emails in your current folder.
      • Read: This only selects your read emails.
      • Unread: This selects your unread emails.
      • Starred: This selects the emails that you have assigned a star.
      • Unstarred: This selects all emails that you have not assigned a star.

      And Gmail will only select the email type you choose!

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