How To Protect Your Email From Being Hacked

Another Layer Of Security

How to Prevent Your Email From Being Hacked 2 Factor Authentication

In addition to passwords, a different type of security mechanism called two-factor authentication is becoming increasingly available.

In principle it is very simple. In addition to your username and password you have another form of identification, normally consisting of a code generated by a key fob or a smartphone app, that has to be put in at the time of login and changes every minute or so.

It means you keep something the hacker cannot get to, securing your account with another layer of security.

Banks have been using them for a while, some giving out card readers that force you to enter your Pin to generate a code to input into your internet banking. Now most email providers and a variety of other online services offer two-factor or two-step authentication for free, so it is worth activating on your accounts if it is available.

It Showed Your Real Password In Plain Text

From Josh Kirschner on April 17, 2018 :: 1:29 pm

In the example above, the email header showed your actual password in plain text? Thats really bad. Not even sure how that could happen unless something is badly misconfigured on the spammers email server. So not only does the hacker have your password, but anyone receiving the spam could find it

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How Did A Hacker Get My Password

Hackers use several techniques to get your account password.

  • Malware If you install a program from the Internet that isn’t from a trusted publisher , it might include malware that logs your keystrokes or searches your PC for saved passwords.

  • Attacking Internet sites If hackers break into an Internet site and steal account information, they can check it against other sites to see if you’ve re-used your password.

  • Phishing Hackers often send emails or text messages that appear to come from an official source to trick people into sending their account data.

You can check your sign-in location information by going to your your Microsoft account’s security options and selecting Review activity.

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Tips To Avoid Getting Hacked

Worried about hackers getting access to your email, social media or bank accounts? Follow these simple steps to complete online security and peace of mind.

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Most of us like to think we’re pretty tech-savvy, but research has shown that 59% of people use the same password for most websites.

This means a Facebook hacker could also gain access to your smartphone, online file storage, email, Amazon account, smart TV, Google Maps history, social networks… basically your life.

Unfortunately, there’s only one dead cert way to avoid ever getting hacked: never go online. But if you don’t fancy living under a rock for the rest of your life, we’ve got the essential tips for staying one step ahead of cyber criminals right here.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty stuff, let’s quickly go over the basics. If you get this stuff sorted, you’re already drastically reducing your chances of being compromised without having to put much work in.

Trivia question: How many Facebook accounts were directly affected by a data hack in 2018? Answer at the end!

Setting Your Account Up Technically

How to Protect Your Web Accounts from Being Hacked (with ...
  • 1Create a strong password. A good password is hard for other people to guess, difficult for software to crack, but easy for you to remember. It can be difficult to come up with a password that meets all of your email service’s criteria that’s actually easy to remember, but here are a few tips:
  • Your password should be long: The golden rule now is that a password should be 12 characters and contain a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.XTrustworthy SourceMicrosoft SupportTechnical support and product information from Microsoft.Go to source
  • Don’t forget to password-protect your phone or tablet: Even if it makes it take a little longer to access your home screen, always password-protect your mobile devices. If someone else gains access to your unlocked phone or tablet, they’ll have access to all of your apps, including your email.
  • 2Use a unique password for your email account. Avoid the temptation of reusing passwords on multiple accounts. If you use the same password to log in to your favorite website as you do your email, you’re putting your email at riskif someone cracks your password on that site, they’ll also have your email password.
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    Take More Security Steps

    2-Step Verification helps keep hackers out of your account. With 2-Step Verification, you sign in with:

    • Something you know
    • Something you have

    That way, if your password is stolen, your account is still secure.

    Make sure someone else didnt give your bank or government instructions, like to open an account or transfer money. This is important if you:

    • Have banking info saved in your account, like credit cards saved in or Chrome.
    • Have personal info like tax or passport info saved in your account. For example, you might have personal info saved in Google Photos, Google Drive, or Gmail.
    • Think someone is using your identity or impersonating you.

    If you think your account has suspicious activity, you might need to remove harmful software. To improve your accounts security, install and run trusted anti-virus software.

    You can also reset your computer to its factory settings and reinstall the operating system.


    • Your , and you didnt add a partner account.

    Your Blogger activity might be suspicious if:

    • Posts you didnt publish appear on your blog.
    • You get comments on posts you didnt publish.
    • Your mail-to-Blogger address has changed, but you didnt change it.
    • Your blog disappeared or was blocked.

    Your Google Ads activity might be suspicious if you find unfamiliar:

    Run Your Antivirus Program

    As noted by the FTC’s guide on hacked email, the first thing you should do if your account gets hacked is to run an end-to-end antivirus scan.

    Skip the “quick scan” setting in favor of a deep scan to identify and eliminate not only all forms of malware and potentially unwanted applications.

    Hackers don’t just want access to your account so they can send your friends embarrassing messages they’re looking for ways to scam you out of money or commit credit card fraud. For example, hackers target businesses that regularly send funds via wire transfer. Once an email account is compromised, they are able to send their own unauthorized transfers.

    According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, businesses saw an exposed loss of more than $747 million over the last two years, despite having network protection in place and IT staff on board.

    When it comes to your email accounts, the sooner you run an antivirus scan, the better. It’s important to make sure you’re clean before you change any of your other sensitive information to avoid restarting the cycle.

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    Review Activity & Help Secure Your Hacked Google Account

  • Go to your .
  • On the left navigation panel, select Security.
  • On the Recent security events panel, select Review security events.
  • Check for any suspicious activity:
  • If you find activity that didnt come from you, select No, it wasnt me. Then, follow the steps on the screen to help secure your account.
  • If you did the activity, select Yes. If you still believe someone else is using your account, find out if your account has been hacked.
  • Go to your .
  • On the left navigation panel, select Security.
  • On the Your devices panel, select Manage devices.
  • Check for any devices you dont recognize.
  • If you find a device that you dont recognize, select Dont recognize a device? Then, follow the steps on the screen to help secure your account.
  • If you recognize all the devices, but still believe someone else is using your account, find out if your account has been hacked.
  • How Do I Know If My Gmail Account Has Been Hacked

    How to Protect / Secure Your Gmail Email Account From Hackers | How to Stop Hacking on Gmail

    You can see if your Gmail is hacked by viewing the login history for your Gmail account. This will show you the IP addresses, locations, and device types of all recent logins.

    Heres how to check for a Gmail account breach:

  • Open your Gmail inbox and click Details in the lower-right corner.

  • Youll see a list of recent logins along with relevant information. Find your IP address and check it against the IP addresses used to access your email account.

  • If IP addresses other than yours have accessed your account, its probably been hacked. Look for the other common warning signs of email hacks to be sure about your Gmail account.

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    Top Tips To Prevent Your Emails Getting Hacked

    Despite the increasing persistence of hackers, there are several steps we can take to prevent our emails getting hacked.

    1. Consider the use of a Password Manager

    It can be a daunting task trying to remember so many passwords for all our online accounts, but a password manager provides a centralised and encrypted location that will keep a record of all these passwords safe.

    Password managers store login details for all the websites that you use and logs you in automatically each time you return to a site. The first step when using a password manager is to create a master password. The master password will control access to your entire password database. This password is the only one you will have to remember so its important to make this as strong and secure as possible.

    Password managers can also protect against phishing attacks as they fill in account information based on their registered web addresses. If you think youre on your banks website but the password manager doesnt automatically log you in, theres a good chance that youve strayed on to a phishing site.

    2. Watch out for Suspicious Emails

    Phishing emails have been around for a long time and despite a wealth of information about the different methods used to target victims, millions of people are still falling for these scams on a daily basis.

    3. Use a VPN for Extra Security

    4. Activate Two-Factor Authentication

    5. Secure your Home Router and Wi-Fi

    Use A Virtual Private Network For Extra Security

    Use a trusted VPN service in order to secure your web traffic. By using a VPN youll be encrypting all of your data that passes through the network. Find out the benefits of running a VPN on your laptop and smartphone.

    If the unfortunate does happen and your email does get hacked, change your password immediately, run a anti-virus scan on your device and report it to us.

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    Update Your Security Software Run A Scan And Delete Any Malware

    Start with this important step especially if youre not sure how someone hacked into your account. Use either the security software that comes with your computer, phone, or tablet or download software from a reputable, well-known security company. Then, run it to scan your device for malware. If the scan identifies suspicious software, delete it, and restart your device.

    Run An Antivirus Check

    How To Protect Your RR email Account From Getting Hacked?

    Apart from email, attackers could also infiltrate your device with malware. You need to run an antivirus scan to check your computer. Then, make sure your browsers and apps are updated to the latest version.

    If you have any third-party extensions or apps installed, it’s better to remove them, especially if you’re not using them anymore. Any of these apps could become a gateway to still more malware, even if you’re using a Mac.

    Pro tip: Not only Windows devices can be infected by viruses. More and more malware for Mac computers emerges every day. This means that even if you’re running the latest M1 MacBook Pro, you still can get a virus and still need to have to use anti-malware software. Clario will help you detect and remove any threats from your computer. Plus, it also offers VPN, 24/7 live chat with cybersecurity professionals, and other privacy and protection-related features. and start your free trial now.

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    Use The Extra Security Measures Offered By Email Providers

    Almost every email provider puts at your disposal several security measures that will help you protect your account from unwanted access such as notifying you if someone wants to access your email address from a different location. Some of the most popular email providers, such as Google, Yahoo! or Hotmail even offer you to log into your email account by using a code that is sent to your via a text or voice message .

    The security questions that every email service provider ask you to answer when creating a new account are also important. They can help you quickly change your account’s password in case it gets hacked and prevent any further damage. However, choosing easy-to-guess security questions, like “What city you were born in” or “What is your pet’s name”, is not as viable as you might think, as the answers can easily be guessed with a little research . Instead, you can provide fake answers and try to throw the hacker off his game.

    Limit The Apps That Have Access To Your Personal Information

    Each time you sign up for an app that requires Google account authorization, youre providing that app with access to your information. Even if you dont use the app anymore, the information is still available to them. To see all of the apps that are connected to your Google account, go to .

    This page displays the apps youve authorized and what information theyre allowed to see. Revoke access to all of the apps that you no longer use and any suspicious apps that are on the list. In the future, be aware of the apps that make you sign up using your Google account information, sometimes there are better options. This also applies to websites that allow you to sign up using Facebook or Twitter instead of creating an account.

    If youre uncertain how safe a website is, install Mywot on your web browser. The Mywot extension will warn you if youre on an untrustworthy website or exposed to any other online threats.

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    Recover A Hacked Gmail Account

    The following steps will help you recover a hacked Gmail account if you cant log in because a hacker has changed your password.

    Log into your hacked Gmail account

  • Follow when answering to ensure the best results.

  • Review your Gmail account activity

  • Go to and click Security on the left menu.

  • Click Review security events in the Recent security events box.

  • If you see any events you dont recognize, click No, it wasnt me and follow the instructions.

  • If you recognize an event as yours, click Yes.

  • Review your Gmail accounts device activity

  • Open and choose Security from the menu on the left.

  • Scroll down to the Your devices box and click Manage devices.

  • Click Dont recognize a device? for any unknown devices, then follow the instructions.

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