How To Properly Send A Resume Via Email

Always Attach Your Resume As A Document

Brassaii’s How to in 2 – Sending a Resume via Email

Everyone utilizes technology in a different capacity and ata different pace. Rather than sending alink to your resume, simply attach it as a file. Its much easier for a hiring manager to gothe traditional route to find your resume.

Try this: Instead of including a link to your dropboxaccount, include a link to your website, blog or online portfolioand showcase your work. Proof of capabilities speaks volumes and is a great way to get noticed.

How To Email Resume Step By Step

As you ponder the question of how to email a resume, take note of these basic guidelines:

  • the subject of the email should be as capacious and effective as possible
  • appeal to a potential employer should be targeted, by name
  • the first paragraph of the message should contain information about who you are and why you decided to write
  • the second paragraph should be devoted to the topic of your value for the company, how you can be useful
  • in conclusion, emphasize that it would be good to meet in person to agree on the details of cooperation
  • at the end you should add a professional signature, which will indicate your personal data for feedback
  • attach your resume and a cover letter in the popular .DOC or .PDF format .

As a rule, covering letter does not have any special requirements but mentioning the position you are applying to etc. That is why you can write it with a creative approach and fit it to your goals. However, there are some tips that will be helpful in any case and will help you to raise your chances to get a job.

Before we get to them, lets take a look at an effective sample email to send resume for job:

Subject: A professional SEO specialist is looking for a position manager for contextual and organic promotion at QAZ

Dear ,

In this email you will find my CV, as well as the cover letter for the position of manager for organic and contextual promotion in QAZ.

Best Regards,



Template For An Email To The Hiring Manager:

Email subject line:

Email body:

Dear ,

My name is and Im applying for your that I heard about from . I have an excellent record of and know that my skills and knowledge would benefit your company.

Attached, please find my resume and . Should you require anything else, do let me know.

I look forward to discussing further details about .


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What To Write In An Email When Sending A Resume And Cover Letter

Writing a short introductory email cover letter is similar to writing a full-length cover letter, but the word count should be shorter.

Dont copy the content from your full-length cover letter. Instead, summarize your career highlights in a sentence or two. Heres an example email cover letter introduction:

The Importance Of Email Addresses

Example Of Sending Resume Via Email : How to Properly (and ...

When you are writing to a hiring manger and sending your resume, the email address you use is very important. If at all possible, try to use an email account that sounds professional. You dont have to pay for a special domain, but using some variation on your name is a better option than using a vanity account .

You dont need to give away your interests or hobbies to the hiring manager right from the get-go unfortunately, with so many applicants for many jobs, any hint you give to your personality or hobbies could either be a turn-on or turn-off. This goes double for any email address that is insensitive or might be offensive.

With that in mind, keep your email signature in mind, too. If youll be sending your email from an account with a sign-off, make sure its professional and formal. If you use an email signature for your current job, its best to delete that before sending in your application.

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Best Email Subject Lines When Sending A Resume

ZipJob Team

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With 250+ resumes sent for a single job opening, you want your resume to stand out from the crowd. Emailing your resume directly to the relevant recruiter or hiring manager when applying for a job is one of the most effective ways to land an interview!

However, you need to do this correctly: starting with the subject line. When selecting an email subject for sending a resume, make sure to keep it short, follow any provided directions, and/or use the power of a name to get your email open.

Since this is the first contact youâll have with your potential employer, you want to ensure itâs done right. With hiring managers and recruiters receiving tons of resumes through email, the job application subject line could be the difference between getting your email opened or deleted.

Nearly 1/3 of people decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject.

Not to worry, weâve got your back! Weâll show you how to write the perfect subject lines to send your resume in 3 specific scenarios, plus examples for other situations.

Include A Brief Email Message

Write a simple message in the body of the email to let the hiring manager know youve attached your cover letter. Never leave the email message blank, since it can confuse whoever opens it. Your short email message might look like:

Dear Ms. Garcia,

Please see my attached resume and cover letter for the position.

Let me know if you would like any more information.

Thank you for your consideration!

Jacob Kurtz

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Present Your Best Assets And Make An Offer In The Main Paragraph

Surprise, surprise

Your resume email is not a copy-paste of your regular cover letter in email text editor.

How to Email a Resume: Proper Format

  • Support it with quantified data.
  • Make an offer: show show you can help.

Take a look:

Thats an email format that will deliver: dont undersell your achievements but dont be too elaborate either.

Now they kind of want to give you a shot already. Amplify that good impression you made with the below:

Save Your Cover Letter And Resume

How to send Resume in Gmail | Using android phone

When send cover letter and resume attachments, the first step is to save your resume as a PDF or a Word document. The job posting should specify how to send the attachment.

This way, the receiver will get a copy of the resume in the original format. You can either save your cover letter in document format or write it directly in the email message.

If you have word processing software other than Microsoft Word, save your resume as a Word document. File, Save As, should be an option in your program.

Depending on your word processing software, you may be able to File, Print to PDF, to save your documents as a PDF. If not, there are free programs you can use to convert a file to a PDF.

A PDF file retains the format of your resume and letter, so the recipient will see them as you wrote them when they open the file you send.

Use your name as the file name, so the employer knows whose resume and cover letter it is, i.e., janedoeresume.doc and janedoecoverletter.doc.

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Attachments Vs Pasting Plain Text

Keep in mind that some employers do not accept attachments. In such cases, paste your resume into your email message as plain text. However, when there are no instructions, the easiest way to send your resume is as an attachment. That will preserve your resume content and format. Your cover letter can either be attached as well or written in the body of an email message.

Add Your Cv And Cover Letter To An Email Message

Once your email message is ready to send, you need to attach your CV and cover letter to your message.

Before you click ‘Send’, send a test message to yourself to be sure the email message is perfect and that all your attachments come through.

You may wish to send a copy of the message to yourself for your records by adding yourself as a Bcc .

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Your Major Qualifications Or Certifications

If there are certifications or major qualifications you possess you should include it. If the position requires a CPA certification, list it after your name. This could really help you stand out to the hiring manager. For example:

  • âJob application â Accountant, Job Id #4453 â John Doe, CPAâ

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Be Sure To Customize Your Cover Letter As Well

Subject When You Send Resume : Sample Email Cover Letter ...

Follow through with the customization in your cover letter. Think of your cover letter as another chance to explain why your experience is relevant to the job. Again, use the job description as a guide.

Here’s a sample of what to write in an email when sending a resume. This example explains why the administrative assistant position is relevant to the web design job:

In my administrative assistant role at Anytown Consulting, I became familiar with the field of web design. I learned to update client websites. I also enrolled in and completed web design classes at ABC University. I believe my experience at Anytown Consulting, in combination with my education, has prepared me for a full-time role as a web designer with your company.

For even more effective cover letter samples, review this tutorial:

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Follow The Employer’s Instructions

When you apply for jobs via email, the employer may require you to send your resume and cover letter as an attachment to an email message. It’s important to send your attachments correctly, to include all the information you need so your email message is opened and read, and to let the receiver know how they can contact you to schedule an interview.

What’s most important is to follow the employer’s instructions and send exactly what they have asked for in the format it’s requested. If you don’t, your message may end up in a spam or trash folder.

How To Greet Someone When You Email Your Resume


When you send a resume, you want to seem as professional and well-qualified as possible. The greeting you use in your cover letter or an associated email can go a long way toward setting you apart from the pack. The email greeting for your job application could even be what makes or breaks the hiring managers impression of you, so it is critical to get it right.

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Professional Thoughtful And Simple Ways To Get Yourresume Noticed Via Email

Hiring Managers view the effort you put into a job application to be a direct reflection of the effort youd put into the job. If youre lazy or skip the details when it comes to sending your resume out for consideration, what other shortcuts would you take if hired?

Here are 5 things to look out for when sending a resume via email for consideration of an open job position.

Proofread And Send A Test Email

How to Email a Resume

Check your resume, cover letter and email message for any spelling, grammar or formatting errors. Sending yourself a test email can help you understand exactly what your email will look like to the recipient, and check to ensure everything is working properly. Download the attachment from your test email and check that its the correct file before sending your final resume email to the hiring manager.

Following any instructions given in the description will give your resume the best chance of reaching the right recipient. If the description doesnt provide instructions, keep your message clear, concise and informative from the subject line to the body text and file name.

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How To Email A Reference List

A good reference list is an indispensable part of the job search process. Your references can make or break your chances of getting a job. Make sure your references are easy to contact and will speak highly and accurately of your job performance. To make it easier on prospective employers, it is a good idea to compose a separate reference sheet. You can then print it out or email it to employers who request references.

Open up a word processing document. Put your name, address, telephone number and email address at the top, in the same format and font as they appear on your resume.

For each reference, list his name, your relationship, his company’s name, address, telephone number and email address. Provide four to six references. Save this file as “YourName_REFERENCES.doc.”

Write a short and polite note in the body of your email to the prospective employer, saying something like “Here are the references you requested. Thank you.” Below your signature, paste the contents of the reference file. Attach the file to the email and send it off with a simple and descriptive subject line such as “References.”


Both copy-pasting and attaching the file gives the employer the option to save the file for later, print it neatly for his files or just read it right then and there.

Is There A Right Time To Send A Cv

Timing matters when sending your CV via email research has shown that applying on Mondays boosts your interview rate by 46 per cent! Submitting your CV between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m., when very few people do it, gives you an 89 per cent boost over your competition!

And remember, first come, first served. You are up to eight times more likely to get an interview if you apply in the first 96 hours that a job is posted.

Make sure the CV you send is up to par. Submit for a free, confidential CV review and we’ll tell you where you stand.

This article was updated in July 2020. It was originally written by Laura Slingo.

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Sending In The Body Of The Email

  • Paste your cover letter a couple of spaces below your brief introduction. Set it up in Business Style, with everything justified to the left.
  • A couple of spaces below the cover letter, paste in your resume.
  • Your resume needs to be reformatted to send it in the body of an email message. Justify everything to the left do not try to center text. Do not use bold, italics, underlining, bullets, fancy fonts, colored text, multiple columns. To highlight text, use such means as spacing, all capital letters , asterisks , plus signs , dashes.
  • Send the email to yourself and a friend, to check for problems before sending the letter to an employer.

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