How To Properly Format An Email

Sample Reminding A Recipient To Acknowledge A Previous Email

How to Write an Email

Dear Tobi,

I am writing this email to request an acknowledgement email to our previous conversation concern your appointment.

A reply to this email would acknowledge your email and give us the go-ahead to start the necessary preparations concerning your appointment.

Thank you for your time,


Fredrick Tunde

How To Properly Format A Business Email

With the emergence of social media and inter-business messengers, email correspondence is still one of the leading communication methods for professionals. Business emails that get responses follow a format that is easy to read and understand. It communicates its ideas clearly and immediately.

In this article we review proper business email format and discuss how to create them effectively.

How To Avoid Email Disaster

So how do you avoid email disaster? With considered planning you can master proper business email format and create an email that conveys your message without ruining your business reputation.

Here are four easy guidelines to writing proper business emails:

  • Dont Rush. A hurried email is often a badly formatted, badly written email. Allow yourself enough time to properly format every email you write.
  • Avoid Emotion. Its never a good idea to send out an email when you’re upset. Instead, wait until you have calmed down.
  • Be Concise. Use short sentences and short paragraphs. If appropriate, make use of bulleted or numbered lists.
  • Review. Double-check your email for typos, grammar mistakes, and other errors. Its also a good idea to make sure all the parts of the email are included.
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    Basic Formal Email Structure

    Before we get into different email templates, its important to know how to build an email yourself. For the most part, every email, regardless of its contents, will follow the same structure with the same basic elements. You should get to know these elements in order to ensure proper and effective email writing as a whole.

    The basic elements of professional email writing:

  • Your email address
  • Now lets break these down, one by one.

    Include An Email Signature

    2 Easy Ways to Write Business Emails

    It’s important to create an email signature and to include your signature with every message you send.

    Include your full name, your email address, and your phone number in your email signature, so the hiring manager can see, at a glance, how to contact you. You can also include a link to your LinkedIn profile page or website so that recruiters and hiring managers can easily find out more information about you.

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    Email Addresses Arent Case Sensitive:

    This implies that if somebody registers the account, the system will still interpret it as They can join up for other services using JOHN DOE or john doe , but they will continue to get emails at Email accounts receive addresses in the same way. this includes the numbers or letter match the case is irrelevant. This is true for email services such as Yahoo mail and Gmail. To know more about email address case sensitive goto our another blog.

    Building Bridges: The Perfect Introduction Email

    If youre giving someone the they deserve, its important to get straight to the details.

    Youre asking for valuable time from your recipient.

    Heres an introduction email format to copy/paste:

    Subject Line: Are You There, ? Dropping A Line

    Hi ,

    I hope this note finds you well and .

    mentioned to me that is looking . Im reaching out in hopes that you can point in the right direction.

    As I think you know, .

    Quick Favor

    Might you be willing to introduce to the correct person who within ? It would be fantastic to .

    Thank you in advance!

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    Take Note Of The Tone Of Your Emails Content

    When you are in a meeting with someone especially in a formal business setting, you intend to make sure that you take note of the tone you are using when talking to the people in that meeting. You can also assess the feelings of other people through their language, facial expressions, and even through the tone of their voice. Its a different case when it comes to emails because you will not be able to hear the voice of the person you are talking to. This also means that the chances of your emails message to be understood differently is also high. You may also see confirmation emails.

    However, there is a way that can make your email sound and that is through making sure that your choice of words are appropriate, the length of your sentence is just right, the use of punctuation marks and capitalization are correct. Any mistake here would lead to the misinterpretation of the intent of your message. You may also see job offer emails.

    Heres an example of a simple email that could really go wrong:

    • Jack,I demand you to hand the weekly report by 6:00 PM within the day or else Ill have nothing to present to the board meeting tomorrow morning. รขJill

    What have you noticed? Jill sounded too demanding and threatening at the same time, right? But what if Jill is actually not and that she was just merely asking for Jacks report? If she is, then her choice of words here are obviously poor. Let us reconstruct the entire email:

    Professional Emails: Template For Correct Email Format

    How To Properly Format Your Emails – Part14/20 Email Marketing Mastery

    Heres the best, simplest email format for sending a professional message:

    Subject line: Short, simple, and to the point. Summarize your email in a few words.

    Greeting: Dear or Dear

    First paragraph: Be clear and direct. In this paragraph, you should introduce yourself and state the reason for your email. Whether youre applying for a job, asking questions about a meeting, or offering a product or service, mention it in the first few sentences.

    Second paragraph: This section should go into more detail about the reason for your message. If youre applying for a job, state what benefit you can bring to the company. When you have questions, ask themdont ramble on. And if youre selling something, be direct and describe how your product or service can solve the recipients problems.

    Third paragraph: Conclude your professional email by thanking the recipient for their time and consideration. Be polite and respectful, but dont act like theyre your best friend or like youre doing them a huge favor by getting in touch.

    Closing: Sincerely/Respectfully/Best/etc.

    Signature: / / /

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    Strike The Right Tone

    You wouldnt want to get an email that reads, Dear , or which references your work in public relations when youre actually in sales, because it would immediately show that the sender is either mass emailing you, or they didnt do the proper research and find the right contact. Similarly, youll want to make sure that every email you send has a tone thats crafted specifically for the recipient, and that youre sending it to the right person.

    So even though it may be tempting to use templates, its important to personalize it and keep in mind the communication style of the recipient before hitting send. To accomplish this, a quick Google search or a peek at the recipients LinkedIn or Twitter feed can do wonders.

    Before sending, try putting yourself in the recipients shoes for a gut-check on tone and content. And if you have a hard time reading your own tone in email, Grammarlys tone detector can help you determine how you sound to your recipient.

    How To Check Valid Email Format Entered In Edittext

    I had created an login register form in which i want to edit text to insert email address i had used input type text email address put it does not check weather its an valid email format or not can any tell how to check the email format in android thanks in advance

    • May 29 ’13 at 10:59
    • didnt understood from the site can you paste the code user1922355May 29 ’13 at 11:04
    • check the below codes. replace the regx part with the one in the link. get the edittext value and match with regex

    I quote the most ticked answer, which i believe it is the most elegant.

    On Android 2.2+ use this:

    boolean isEmailValid 

    You can use regular expression to check the email pattern.

    • hey i have one more query i also want to check validation for date aslo any one tell me how to do thatMay 29 ’13 at 12:17
    • What type of check for dateMay 29 ’13 at 12:35
    • got it buddy can you tell how to check validation for text only like name
      Seet - 2import import android.os.Bundle import android.text.Editable import android.text.TextWatcher import android.widget.EditText 
     Seet - 3

    public class MainActivity extends Activity {

    Method-1) Following works for android 2.2 onwards

        public final static boolean isValidEmail  else }

    Method-2) Using Regular Expressions and adding the validation to textChangeListener of EditText:



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    Anatomy Of An Email Address

    The syntax of an email address is determined by Requests for Comments documents, published by the Internet Engineering Task Force and the Internet Society. Together, they set standards for the usage of the Internet at large. RFC 5322 concerns itself with electronic mail, or email .

    At the most basic level, an address must follow the rules below in order to be considered deliverable.

    A Subject Line That Lures Your Recipient To Open

    How to Master Proper Business Email Format

    If you dont have the , your email format wont matter.

    Your well-spent words go from your keyboard to their trash can.

    The ideal email subject line should:

    Luckily, weve done the research and know what type of email subject lines get opens.

  • Subject lines that indicate a forward or reply get more opens
  • Give relevant resources and provide value
  • Also, avoid all caps and multiple exclamation points. These are the two most common patterns that get flagged by spam filters.

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    Building Relationships: From Formal To Informal

    As you develop a business relationship with someone, emails can become much less formal. For example, once you have included your full contact information at the bottom of your emails a few times, you can safely assume that your recipient has saved those details.

    If you are sending a short reply to a question, you can usually skip the formalities, although full sentences with proper spelling and grammar should always be the rule.

    Informal Email Example 1

    That’s not a problem at all. Here it is .


    How quickly you move from formal to informal correspondence does depend on your relationship and the relationship of your companies. If you have met with the other person and used his first name, that’s often a good time to move to first names in emails. If the other person is a prospective client, it’s usually best to wait until he uses your first name before you use his.

    But First How Do You Start An Email Properly

    Your email salutation matters a lot more than you may think. People appreciate it when you call them by their names because it shows that you are talking directly to them. When you just use a salutation + name, they may have the impression that you are sending the same email to another 100 people which may be accurate, but you have resources to sort this out nowadays. Here are some common ways of starting an email:

    Dear : Its more appropriate for formal emails. Use it when you address a person in a position of respect.

    Hi : Its simple, friendly, and direct, but also informal. Use it carefully.

    Greetings: Use it when you dont know the name of the recipient.

    Hi : This one is when you are emailing a group of people informally.

    Now that you know how to salute correctly lets move on to your emails next parts.

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    Business Email Phrases To Start Using Right Now

    Establishing and maintaining good relationships in business is essential. And since most people in the corporative world make their connections through emails, its necessary to have some communication skills. Mainly to avoid misunderstandings that can harm your contacts.

    Here is a list with 62 email phrases you can start using in your business emails for better conversations with your peers, leads, clients, partners, and other recipients. We divided them into ten categories that you may need to use to form an entire body email, from making a proper introduction to saying your goodbyes.

    Also, you will find both formal and informal phrases because writing emails depends a lot on the tone of voice you give to your brand and with whom you are exchanging emails.

    Choose The Correct Greeting

    How to format your emails

    Open your email appropriately. If youve never met the teacher before, use Dear Dr./Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name. If you have met the teacher, you can use more conversational greetings like Hi, Hello, or Good Morning. Dont use overly casual greetings like Hey or Whats up, and dont refer to the teacher by their first name unless they have indicated that theyd prefer that you do so.

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    How To Properly Write A Formal Email

    Do you need to know how to write a formal email? If youreused to writing casual emails to friends and family, you may not know how towrite a formal email properly.

    Dont worry. Youre not alone. Many people struggle withwriting a formal email. This article will help.

    Formal emails are often called for when youre sending anemail to someone you dont know well. A formal email is also the right choicefor some business situations. If youre not sure whether to send a formal orinformal email, its usually better to send a formal message.

    In this article, youll learn how a formal email differsfrom an informal email. Well provide examples of the various parts of an emailso you can see the difference between informal and formal email messages. Wellalso show you how to properly write a formal email, format a formal email, and send aformal email. Plus, youll learn how email signature templates can give yourformal email more impact.

    Get more helpful email tips and professional strategies in our free ebook, The Ultimate Guide to Inbox Zero Mastery.

    Now lets get started with learningeither by watching the video tutorial:

    or by walking through the detailed written steps below on how to write formal emails.

    Importance Of Email Address Format Check

    Email remains one of the most popular and successful transmission media, with the majority of people visiting their inboxes on a regular basis. Alarmingly, just 10% of all email addresses we see are correct this inaccurate data only comes due to human mistakes. Genuine customers begin with authentic emails, and email verification has been the most effective method to assure quality data acquisition. Once you validate the format of your email address database, you boost the effectiveness of your email marketing, increase fraud protection, and increase your capacity to defend the senders reputation. All in all, checking the email format and verifying it could be the best way to save your time, money, and also get the real consumers.

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