How To Personalize Mass Emails

How To Send Mass Email In Outlook

How to Personalize Mass Emails with

Sending mass email in Outlook is possible but not without its limits. Find out how to do it and learn why using an email marketing service is the far more advantageous option.

Mass email refers to the sending of a single message by email to a large number of contacts.

While we strongly recommend using segmentation techniques to generate personalized messages, you may still need to send a mass email every now and then.

If youre wondering how to use Outlook for mass emails, heres one possible method.

Set Up Your Mailing List

The mailing list is your data source. For more info, see Data sources you can use for a mail merge.


  • If you dont have a mailing list, you can create one during mail merge.

  • If you’re using an Excel spreadsheet, format the ZIP Codes or postal codes column as text to preserve any zeros. For more info see Format mail merge numbers, dates, and other values in Excel.

  • If you want to use your Outlook contacts, make sure Outlook is your default email program and the same versions as Word.

Optional : Make It A Workflow Create A Sequence With Multiple Emails

Want to send multiple emails after each other, instead of just one? Just make it a workflow!

When using Salesflare, its easy:

  • Define the delay between this email and the previous one.
  • Want to send it as an email in the same thread? Check as reply.
  • Wondering what you can use this for? Check out these videos with use cases from our customers on Youtube.

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    Hit Send And Monitor Your Performance

    Thats it! The 10th step is when you hit Send and grab a cold one because you deserve it.

    If youve followed the steps above, now I assume you have a bulk email campaign thats ready to sent and perform.

    The work doesnt end here.

    A couple of days after sending your campaign, check your email marketing analytics to understand your performance, what worked and what didnt.

    After sending a bulk email campaign in Automizy, you can access an easy-to-understand dashboard to learn about your email performance.

    The dashboard provides you with a report that includes:

    • The number of Emails Sent
    • Email Open Rate

    Customize Your Email Template

    Download 58 Sending A Letter Sample

    In Automizys drag and drop email editor, you can create responsive email templates without any coding knowledge.

    Drag and drop different email elements, fill them up with your content, choose your colors and youre ready.

    As content you can add to your email:

    • CTA buttons
    • Countdown timer
    • Videos

    You just need to drag the content box you want to add and drop it in your email.

    Here is an example of a designed email with the labels of each element:

    There are 17+ templates you can use for different bulk email campaigns.

    You can read our complete guide on email design to learn how to create and send campaigns that convert.

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    How To Personalize Your Mass Emails

    As mentioned before, it is hard to personalize your mass emails while also hiding your recipients when you are using BCC. Because the email recipients all receive the same exact email, you cant add any personalization. But in most cases, you want to add some form of personalization to make it look like youre sending a personal email rather than a mass email.

    In order to start personalizing your mass emails, you need to start collecting additional information about your recipients. For example, if you want to add the first name to every email, you need to have a list of the first names. This will allow you to create specific emails for every recipient using these personal details. It will result in personalized emails that dont look like youre sending them to multiple people.

    Personalization can increase your success rate when sending out mass emails significantly. However, you need to make sure that all the personal information in the emails is up-to-date, doesnt contain any errors and is appropriate to use. The latter is especially important. You dont want to use personal information such as I saw you visited Portugal last week when I checked your Facebook profile when youre reaching out to someone outside of your network. This will simply make it look like youre going out of your way to finding personal information about them.

    Optimize For Different Devices

    With more than half of your audience opening emails on their mobile devices, its extremely important that you optimize your emails for different devices.

    Preview your bulk emails on desktop and mobile to make sure its highly responsive and mistake-free. Email preview is effective to proofread your email content and make sure everything looks good.

    You can also send a test email to yourself or your team to see how the email would look like in the inbox.

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    Add Contacts To The List

    If the users that you want to send mass messages to are not on your contact list, start with creating new contacts. Click a large Create contact button and fill the fields with the necessary information like name, email, company, job title, phone, and notes.

    Then, from the list of Contacts, choose those you want to add to the group and click the manage labels icon. Choose the label you have created and it will be automatically added to all the selected contacts.

    Why Its Better To Send Mass Emails With An Email Marketing Service

    How to Send Mass Email in Outlook – Personalise email in outlook- 2018

    Email marketing remains the most profitable marketing channel, boasting an ROI of $32 for every $1 spent. To leverage that kind of ROI, you need to invest in a dedicated email marketing service like Sendinblue because Outlook alone simply wont cut it.

    A specialized email marketing service:

    • Makes adding contacts and selecting mailing lists easy
    • Lets you create professional-looking emails with cool branding and design elements
    • Makes it possible to insert products, various images, and personalized dynamic content like the contents of an individual abandoned cart
    • Gives you email performance reports
    • Can help with email list building
    • Protects sender reputation
    • Enables you to be GDPR compliant.

    There are many such providers on the market offering a range of different features at varying price points. To find the best one for you, check out this list of the best email marketing services.

    Here are some examples of things you can do with Sendinblue that you simply cant with Outlook.

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    How To Send Personalized Mass Emails In Outlook With Mail Merge

    Here’s how to send via mail merge.

    Mail Merge is like one of those old friends you haven’t called for years. Underestimated and ignored, until the day you need them badly.

    You just don’t realize its potential until you’ve been delegated the job of managing a few hundred invites at the last minute. Maybe, they are a bunch of wedding invites or a red alert to an impending zombie apocalypse. Or, it could be something innocuous like printing a bunch of address labels and name badges.

    Don’t worry. You can send personalized mass emails with Microsoft Outlook 2016 in a few minutes with a few clicks. And save the day.

    How To Create Personalized Mass Emails Using Mail Merge For Gmail

    Mail Merge is not built-in to Gmail, but there is a way around that. Learn how to send the same email to multiple people and customize each email.

    Do you have to send the same email to many people with personalized content for each one? Maybe you want to greet each recipient with their name, use their mailing address, or include their membership number.

    Mail merge is a feature that allows you to create multiple copies of letters and emails to send to your contacts. Each letter or email can include both standard and custom personalized content. The information you use to customize each letter or email is taken from your data source like a contacts list.

    If you use Gmail as your main email client, there is no built-in mail merge feature. However, there is a mail merge add-on available for Google Sheets that links with your Gmail account. Well show you how to use the Mail Merge for Gmail with Attachments add-on to personalize a batch of the same emails and send them.

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    Why Should You Use Bcc

    BCC is an effective way to avoid the obstacles that weve previously talked about in this article. It allows you to send out an email to a few dozen recipients without looking like youre sending a SPAM email. You will also be able to hide all the recipients, so youll avoid that the recipients will be aware of the other recipients.

    BCC is a common way to send out a mass email and hide the recipients. However, as mentioned in this article, it wont allow you to personalize the email in any way. You will send a generic mass email to all the recipients and wont be able to add any personal data such as:

    • First name

    • The recipients company name.

    Is This Email Relevant To Your Entire List

    How to send personalized mass emails

    Something that has become very common to personalize emails is to include your subscribers first name in the subject line or at the start of the email.

    To move further with personalization, ask yourself the following questions:

    • If the email has educational content, has every person getting this email shown interest in this topic?
    • If the email is meant to sell or inspire action is every person on the email list ready to buy or take this action?

    If you are just starting out, you can send broadcast emails and then use the data from that to personalize future emails.

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    Write The Email & Personalize It With Merge Fields

    This is where the magic happens!

    Write an email as if youre sending it to one specific person, then replace specific words with merge fields.

    BOOM! Youre sending fully personalized emails.

    Whats more: you can track whether theyre being opened and clicked on.

    And, if youre using Salesflare, you can also see whether these same people who are clicking the links in your emails, visit your website, what pages they look at, when and for how long. Just install the script you can find in Salesflares Settings here.

    Select Your Email Template

    We offer up a collection of pre-made templates to help send bulk campaigns. There are ready-to-use email templates for:

    • Newsletters

    Browse the available templates and choose the one that fulfills your campaign objectives.

    All the available templates are fully customizable to match your brand and business.

    Select the email template youd want to customize and set up your campaign settings.

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    Why Automation Is The Key To Success

    Automating your mass emails has several benefits:

    • You only have to set up the automation once and it will run without you having to interfere with it

    • You are less likely to make mistakes because you avoid any manual work

    • You can send hundreds of emails a week

    • Every email will be personalized based on the data you provide

    • You can further expand the automation by adding email sequences to send new emails a week from now, two weeks from now or at any time in the future

    • You can also start testing different versions of a single email to understand which version results in the highest revenue or conversion rate

    As you can see, automation will help you to take your company to the next level while also cutting out a lot of manual work. In the end, its one of the most efficient ways of cutting hours while also increasing results.

    How Do You Send A Personal Email To Multiple Recipients In Excel

    How to send personalized bulk Emails from Outlook

    How to send email to multiple recipients in a list from Excel via Outlook?

  • Send email to multiple recipients from Excel with VBA code.
  • Send email to multiple recipients with current workbook as attachment by using VBA code.
  • Hold down the ALT + F11 keys to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window.
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    Preview Your Email On Different Devices

    Theres nothing worse than finding out that your email looks awful on mobile after you made it perfect for desktop.

    Preview your bulk emails on desktop and mobile to make sure its responsive and mistake-free.

    Email preview is effective to proofread your email content and make sure everything looks good.

    Send a test email to yourself or your team to see how the email would look like in the inbox. Just insert the emails you want to send a test to, and click on Send test.

    Sending a test email is a must-have step of your email marketing checklist. A test email takes only 5 seconds but definitely saves the embarrassment of making a mistake.

    Now that youve done putting together a beautiful email, you have to select your target audience and schedule your bulk email campaign.

    Install The Mail Merge For Gmail With Attachments Add

    Before installing and using the Mail Merge add-on, log into the Gmail account you want to use.

    Then, install the Mail Merge add-on for Google Sheets.

    Click Continue on the Lets get started dialog box to give the Mail Merge add-on permission to run.

    The various permissions required by the add-on are listed. Click Allow to give the Mail Merge add-on permission to access your Gmail account.

    The Mail Merge Getting Started Guide displays. Click the X to close the dialog box.

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    Close More Deals With Mass Targeted Emails Use Mailmeteor With Your Favorite Crm

    Grow your pipeline with mass emailing. Turn more prospects into leads by making your mass email campaigns seem personal. Use Mailmeteors customization options to keep your Account-Based Marketing feeling fresh, personal, and friendly. We currently integrate with Salesforce and Hubspot, with more integrations coming in the future.

    When Should You Use Mail Merge

    How to send personalized mass emails in Gmail [Guide ...

    Before I leap ahead, mail merge is used when you want to create several documents that are basically the same but where each document contains unique details. The emails share the same format and the same text and graphics if any. For example, invitations where the text stays the same but the name, address, or even the subject bits are unique for each.

    Mail merge unlike emailing a message to a group of people makes each recipient of the message the sole recipient.

    The best use I have found so far for them use the mass email as a job hunting power tool with custom details for each employer.

    The mail merge feature uses two parts:

    • The main constant document where you write the body of the email.
    • The changeable data source that is usually the address and the name of the recipient.

    These two are “merged”. With Outlook being a part of the Microsoft Office suite, one can use this feature to send mails in bulk, each personalized for a different contact. It isn’t spamming, although I guess in the wrong hands, mail merge can be used to carpet bomb with unsolicited emails.

    Microsoft Office allows you to use different data sources for the address details for instance, you can use an Excel spreadsheet or even an Access database. Here, you will use your Microsoft Outlook contacts to send forth the emails.

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