How To Personalize Mass Emails In Gmail

Configure The Mail Merge

How to send personalized bulk emails with Gmail

Return to the mail merge spreadsheet and go to Add-ons > Mail Merge with Attachments > Configure Mail Merge.

Enter the information for the email message, like Senders Full Name, CC Address, and BCC Address. If the Senders Email Address is different from the Gmail address you logged in as, select the email address from the drop-down list. The logged-in email address is also used as the Reply-to Address, but you can change that.

Click Continue.

How To Store Personal Information

You can either collect all the personal details of your recipients in your own lists or create a new spreadsheet. Paste the email addresses in the first column and create additional columns to add more information such as the first names.

If youre sending out a mass email to recipients, such as your clients, you might already have all this information as theyve submitted it they signed up for your product or service. If they havent submitted this information, you can simply check the emails theyve sent you to get their first name and additional personal information.

The popular email clients do not allow you to add any personalization to your mass email. Some might offer paid extensions to do so but require additional technical steps to ensure you are sending your emails properly. For most people, it is recommended to use a different type of software to send mass emails that allow you to hide the recipients so you will be able to add personal information in the email.

At Anyleads, we understand the importance of sending personalized emails that your prospects or current clients will engage with. And we also understand that you dont want to spend hours creating lists of personal information to use in your personalized emails. Thats why we offer an efficient database with a lot of information about your prospects and clients, which you can then use within your own email outreach campaigns.

Optional : Make It A Workflow Create A Sequence With Multiple Emails

Want to send multiple emails after each other, instead of just one? Just make it a workflow!

When using Salesflare, its easy:

  • Define the delay between this email and the previous one.
  • Want to send it as an email in the same thread? Check as reply.
  • Wondering what you can use this for? Check out these videos with use cases from our customers on Youtube.

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    Rename The Mail Merge Spreadsheet

    The mail merge spreadsheet is automatically saved as the default name Untitled spreadsheet. If you want to use this spreadsheet again, you might want to give it a better name.

    To change the name of the mail merge spreadsheet, click on the name in the upper-left corner of the spreadsheet.

    Type a new name. This new name displays on the spreadsheet.

    The new name you entered is also used as the files name in your Google Drive account. Now, you can use this mail merge again and change it as needed.

    Do you use mail merge? Have you found any other ways to do mail merge in Gmail or ways to do mail merge in other email services? Let us know your experiences in the comments.

    Send Mass Emails That Feel Personal

    How to send personalized mass emails in Gmail [Guide ...

    Receiving an email with a long list of CC and BCC can make you feel like youre just another contact in a list. On the other hand, if you receive an email from someone using Mailmeteor, it will feel unique, personal, and highly-relevant just like receiving an email from a trusted friend. With Mailmeteor, theres no need to CC or BCC massive contact lists you can send mass emails without showing recipients. Youre still able to CC or BCC someone on the emails you send, great for cold email strategies. Learn more about how to send personalized mass emails in gmail.

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    Use Their Name More Than Once

    If youve read articles on personalization before, then youve probably seen that they mention you should use their name in the email. To whom it may concern just doesnt cut it.

    With mail merges, email marketing software, and outreach and sales tools becoming more common, all the smart email users are inserting recipients names.

    And that means you should be, too.

    Add their name to the subject line. Bring it into the body copy. You can even sign off with it.

    Its a little tip but a great one for personalizing emails more than other people do.

    Before You Begin: Set Up Your Environment

    There are a couple of things you will need for this:

  • A Gmail account. You can set up one here if you havent done it already.
  • Install the Google Sheets add-on called Yet Another Mail Merge.
  • Note: You can do this on any browser you like but we prefer Google Chrome because it has most of the features for SEO.

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    Wait For Trigger Events

    Suppose the email or pitch isnt crucial to send this very minute. In that case, you can wait for a trigger event to help personalize your email.

    A trigger event could be their business receiving seed funding or a big hire for their company, for example.

    Whatever the trigger, even a simple sentence referencing it can provide more personalization than any other email landing in their inbox.

    Do you use Gmail for your business? How do you personalize your emails?


    When Should You Send Mass Emails

    How to send a mass email with personalized attachments in Gmail (2 minute demo)

    Mass emails are especially useful when you want to send the same information to different people. Lets say you have a list of email addresses of current clients and want to reach out to them with a special promotion. Or your company is hosting an event soon and you want to make sure the people on your email list get their invites. A mass email allows you to send the same message to a list of people at once rather than having to send them an email individually. Sending a mass email will just take a minute if you have your message ready but sending 30 emails to people individually will take you up to 30 minutes.

    So, mass emails are a great way to save a lot of time while also ensuring that everybody on the list receives the same message. When sending individual emails, you might run into problems when pasting the message into each email. With a mass email, you just check the copy and lay-out once and when everything looks right you can instantly reach everybody on your list.

    Here are some examples of situations where sending a mass email would be a great idea:

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    Automatic First Name Detection

    GMass has developed an algorithm that can accurately detect someones first name just from their email address. To insert the auto-detected first name, use the syntax . Again, you can use this syntax in the Subject and Message. In the example below, we auto-detect the first name and use a fallback value of old friend in cases where the first name cannot be detected.

    You Cant Send More Than 500 Emails Per Day With Gmail

    Mass email in Gmail is limited. The number of emails you can send and receive within a 24-hour time frame is 500. The number of recipients is also limited to 500.

    For any business with a large subscriber list, the 500 limit gets used up quickly. You may end up having to separate lists and spread campaigns over several days. Obviously, this wouldnt be very efficient.

    Once you hit the limit, you have to wait a full 24 hours before you can resume sending emails from the account. When there are other important emails to be sent, this quickly becomes a major inconvenience.

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    Send Emails To Multiple Recipients Using Mailtrack Campaigns

    Mailtrack Campaigns allows users to send mass emails to up to 200 distinct recipients each day. Each contact receives a direct email from your Gmail account, but dont see any of the other recipients.

    Once the Mailtrack for Gmail extension is installed, its integrated into your Gmail. This means that there is no need to launch a new program or keep an additional tab open to send your mass emails. You can simply use Gmail as usual, but now with extra options.

    Heres how it works:

  • From your browser, open up your Gmail
  • In the Recipients field, add each contact you wish to receive this email.Tip: you can copy the list of email addresses you want to contact and simply paste them into this field.
  • Once youve written your email, just click Send as usual.
  • Now, each of these recipients will receive your email as if it were only sent to them. They wont see anyone else in the recipients list, and their email will appear in the to section of the email details.

    Add Contacts To The List

    How to send personalized mass emails in Gmail [Guide ...

    If the users that you want to send mass messages to are not on your contact list, start with creating new contacts. Click a large Create contact button and fill the fields with the necessary information like name, email, company, job title, phone, and notes.

    Then, from the list of Contacts, choose those you want to add to the group and click the manage labels icon. Choose the label you have created and it will be automatically added to all the selected contacts.

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    Send Mass Emails That Dont Look Personal Using An Email Service Provider Like Mailchimp

    Need to send a bulk email to more than 2000 people today ? Then this is probably your option of choice. If not, skip to option 3!

    The upside of this method is that you can email thousands of people at once, fast.

    The downsides of this method are that:

  • Your email wont look personal. The trained eye will always see its a mass email.
  • It wont land in your audiences priority inbox. Mailboxes like Gmail and Outlook nowadays sort emails sent with an email service provider in a tab called Promotions or Other.
  • This also results in lower open rates .
  • And as many email service providers are misused , this can also cause your email to be more likely to be caught in a spam folder.
  • If all thats okay with you, have a look at our guide on how to use Mailchimp .

    If you want to send mass emails that seem personal and are more likely to get read, well get to that now.

    How To Send Personalized Mass Emails In Outlook

    Sometimes you need to create personalized multi-recipient and then send mass emails to all of them just for saving time. What you should do to achieve the mass emails sending in Outlook? The following tutorials will show you how to send personalized mass emails in Outlook.

    Send personalized mass emails using mail merge function in Outlook

    1. In Outlook, please navigate to the Contacts view. And then click View> Change View> Phone as the below screenshot shown.

    2. Hold the Ctrl key to select multiple contacts that you will send emails to.

    3. Go to the Home tab, click the Mail Merge option in the Actions group. See screenshot:

    4. In the Mail Merge Contacts dialog box, please configure as follows:

    • 4.1) In the Contacts section, keep the Only selected contacts option selected
    • 4.2) In the Fields to merge section, keep the All contacts fields option selected
    • 4.3) In the Document file section, select the New document option
    • 4.4) In the Merge option section:
    • Select Form Letters in Document type drop-down
    • Select E-mail in Merge to drop-down
    • Type in your email subject in the Message subject line drop-down.
    • 4.5) Click the OK button.

    5. Then it opens a new Microsoft Word document. Click Mailings > Greeting Line in the document.

    6. In the Insert Greeting Line dialog box, you can customize your greeting line format, and have a preview from your recipient list. And then click OK.

    8. After composing your email, click Finish & Merge> Send E-mail Message.

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    Send Mass Emails That Seem Personal Straight From Your Gmail Or Outlook Mailbox

    Need to send a bulk email that seems personal to hundreds or thousands of people at once? Then this is your preferred option for sure.

    Use a platform that connects to your mailbox and sends personalized emails at scale, which are indistinguishable from emails youve sent manually one by one .

    The advantages of this are:

  • Your emails will look 100% personal.
  • It will land in your audiences priority inbox.
  • This results in great open rates and result rates.
  • Its more within your own control whether your emails appear in spam folders, as the emails are not sent from a central email server of an email service provider used by many others, but from your own email inbox and your own email domain.
  • One limitation that comes with all this power: with services like G Suite or Microsoft / Office 365 you can send up to 2000 emails per day. If you have to send more emails than that, the platform will spread out the emails over multiple days.

    If thats not working for you, go back to option 2.

    If it does work, read on! Well show you how to do this straight away.

    How To Send Bulk Personalized Emails Using Gmail

    Send Personalized Emails with Mail Merge for Gmail

    One of the most popular and user friendly email providers, Gmail is a great tool for personal and business email users. In many cases you may need to send the same or very similar email to multiple recipients. For example, a thank you note for people who attended an event or an invitation for a conference. This how-to will take you through the steps needed to quickly do this using google sheets and gmail.

    1. You will need to create a spreadsheet, ideally in Google Sheets using fields such as FirstName, Surname etc.

    If youre using a list from Excel you can transfer it to Google Sheets. Google Contacts will allow you to send bulk messages using the cc or bc formatting, but to personalize it you will need to make a spreadsheet to import.

    2. In Gmail, draft your email message. Give it a title.

    To add personalization to the email, add the column title you wish to use in curly brackets, e.g.} directly in the subject line and/or in the email body. This will allow you to automatically add first name in your bulk emails, see example below.

    Bear in mind that the word in the } must correspond to the fields in your import document.

    3. When youre done, close the message and it will saved to your drafts .

    4. Back in Sheets go to Add Ons. Go to Get Add Ons and go for YetAnotherMailMerge. Sometimes it will ask for permissions. Read the t& cs and if youre happy click OK to add this to your Add Ons.

    5. Go to Add Ons > YetAnotherMailMerge > Start Mail Merge.

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