How To Make Outlook Email Templates

Make Use Of Inline Css

How To Create Email Templates in Outlook | My Templates & Quick Parts

Unlike its other counterparts, Outlook still hasnt come around to supporting embedded CSS, so youre better off inlining your CSS. When you combine CSS with HTML tables, you make your email templates immune to Outlook rendering issues. In the absence of inline CSS, Outlook wont render your styles in the desired manner.

Getting Your Template Into Outlook

Once you’ve built your email template as an HTML document with all of its images and styles you’ll need to open that HTML template in Internet Explorer. Once you have it displaying in IE you’ll need to send it to Outlook. You can do this by opening IE’s File menu and selecting Send. Hovering the Send option will give you the option of sending it as an email. Clicking this will open your new template in an Outlook Email window.

Create An Email Template With The My Templates Add

My Templates is an add-in provided by Microsoft that allows text entry with one click. This feature allows users to save frequently used phrases and add them to emails as needed. This function is pre-installed on Outlook However, users must have an email account with a Microsoft Exchange server.

To use the My Templates add-in:

Step 1: Start Microsoft Outlook.

Step 2: Select New Email on the ribbon.

Step 3: On the Messages tab, and in the My Templates group, click View Templates.

Step 4: In the new dialog box, click Template.

Step 5: Enter a title and the text of the email in the empty text fields.

Step 6: Click Save to make sure the template is available at all times.

Step 7: Click on the newly created template to transfer it to the email body.

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Email Templates In Outlookcom Web App

The web app also has email templates. Compared to .oft files in the desktop version, these do not require a ton of menu clicks to open. However, the options here are not so extensive – a template can contain small images and basic formatting, but it’s not possible to preset email fields or attach files.

Like many other useful features, this one is hidden from immediate view. To make use of it, this is what you need to do:

In the bottom right corner of the New Message window, click the ellipsis button , and then click My Templates.

The My Templates pane will show up with a few default samples ready to use. To make your own one, click on the + Template button and enter the template’s title and body in the corresponding boxes. Or you can type and format text in the message window, and then copy/paste – all the formatting will be preserved.

To have the template inserted in an email, just click its name on the pane.

Advantages: simple and intuitive

Supported versions: web app

How To Create Email Templates In Microsoft Outlook

Creating Outlook Templates to Send Emails of a Frequent ...

One of the best ways to save time on repetitive tasks is by creating templates. The template helps provide a structure or form for any content. For example, in Microsoft Outlook, users can create email templates instead of creating emails from scratch each time.

These email templates come in handy when the outgoing emails have the same content or similar structure. To create an email template on Microsoft Outlook, users can either use the Quick Parts feature or My Templates add-in. Heres how it works:

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Stick To A Simple Layout

Keep the design of your HTML email simple. Your email template should guide the viewer to what they should check out first, and where they need to go next. They should be able to scan-read the email content quickly with a concise header, followed by a short description and a call-to-action at the bottom.

Lots of successful email campaigns follow the f-shaped structure in order to engage the reader from the onset and encourage click-throughs.

Email Rendering Issues In Outlook

Outlook has a somewhat notorious reputation for having a complicated set of rendering rules which makes life increasingly difficult for email developers and marketers all across the globe. Matters get significantly worse with 2007, 2010, and 2013 versions of Outlook.

The display problems associated with these versions primarily stem from them relying on Microsoft Word algorithms for rendering emails. As a result, this leads to minimal support of CSS and HTML codes. Many try to resolve these bugs by modifying the entire email code we strongly advise against this route. Why? Because it doesnt offer a permanent solution. Sure, you might tie up a loose end or two, but in the process, you also risk inviting more problems than what you had to contend with at the outset.

So, what is the best thing to do? Attempt to fix the issue locally. Instead of altering the complete code, edit only the problem statements. Having said that, lets take a look at some of the most common email rendering issues in Outlook and how you could troubleshoot them.

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Create New Message From Oft Template Direct

A message template .oft file can be used to make a new message directly, without drilling down through the Outlook menus.

In Windows Explorer, go to the folder where youve saved the .oft file. Weve saved one in a My Documents folder instead of the usual hidden templates location.

Right-click on the template file and choose New, that will open a new message window in Outlook with the template details filled-in for you.

As a regular file with right-click commands all the usual options for placement in Windows are available, lets go through some.

Using Autotext In Outlook

How to Create email templates in Outlook – Office 365

AutoText in Outlook is basically an autocomplete function with custom templates. You create them the same as a quick part, only instead of Quick Parts > Save Selection to.. you do Quick Parts > AutoText > Save Selection to AutoText Gallery

The advantage of the AutoText function is that you can start typing the first part of the template after which AutoText will suggest the part that you want to insert.

As you can see in the example below, the first part of the template starts with the word Awesome. When I start typing Awes.. outlook will suggest the AutoText template and I only need to press Enter to insert the content of the template.

You can still select the templates as with Quick Parts, only you will need to select one additional step, AutoText under the quick parts menu.

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Reply To An Email Fast Using A Quick Reply Template In Outlook

To send a reply with a pre-defined Quick Step template:

  • Select the message to which you want to reply. Either open the message in the Reading pane or in a separate window.

  • If the message displays in the Reading pane, select the Home tab. If the message appears in a separate window, select the Message tab.

  • In the Quick Steps group, select the reply template quick step. If you defined a keyboard shortcut for the action, press the corresponding keyboard keys.

  • Make changes to the email as needed, then select Send.

  • How To Save An Email Template In Outlook

    Background images not supported: Most of the modern design concepts depend on background images for depicting the significant message to the user. Unfortunately, Outlook templates do not allow the images in the background, making the designs look weird.

    • No support for web fonts: Adding more restriction to the interactive UI of email newsletters, Outlook has no support for the usage of web fonts the engine renders the default font.
    • Grid Layout: The modular approach for designing modern outlook templates for outlook can be a cumbersome task as Outlook has no sense of the grid layout and its ordering.
    • HTML tags do not work: Most of the basic HTML tags are restricted by the rendering engine of Outlook and therefore the table layout has to be more layered and lengthy to make the easiest layouts. The outlook email template sharply designed by our team of developers solve all your worries about the Outlook templates compatibility. The modern design approach of the newsletters leaves in amazement of using them in Outlook with ease. All the issues and pitfalls have been kept in mind while developing these mailer online.

    Our outlook emails direct your customers to the right place with its perfect layout. We tell a story for your brand that your customers want to hear. Here, our experts consider different factors such as CTA length, clear message, width, and column number, etc. so that the template looks creative and captivating.

    Benefits of Buying Outlook Email Templates from Us

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    How To Create A Branded Outlook Email Template

    One of my pet peeves is to see people using cheesy Outlook stationery templates with their outbound email. This habit is widespread even among employees of Fortune 500 companies.

    These templates not only look unprofessional and make messages difficult to read, but they also represent a wasted branding opportunity. Lets look at one example, using one of my favorite templates :

    There are several problems with this message:

    • The texture in the background makes the text difficult to read.
    • The graphic at the bottom looks amateurish and unprofessional.
    • The default font is dated .
    • There is no signature file .

    Now lets look at a few simple ways to make it better:

    • Dont use any background texture. Black text on a white background works best since it increases contrast and makes the message more readable.
    • Dont use any other graphic elements in the background.
    • Choose an adequate font. Simple, sans-serif fonts like Arial or Verdana work best. If you want to use a serif-font use Georgia .
    • Create a signature file with your logo and company information.

    To create your signature file follow this procedure:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and click on Tools in the top menu
  • Assign a name to your new signature file. Check Start with a blank signature and click Next
  • Choose your font and write your name and job title in the first two rows
  • Set your signature file to pop up in new messages as well as in replies and forwards.
  • Thats it. Your outgoing messages should look a lot different now.

    Create Email Template Using Quick Parts In Microsoft Outlook

    Steps to Create Email Templates in Microsoft Outlook &  Its ...

    Quick Parts is a gallery in Microsoft Outlook that contains reusable content such as text and images. Users can conveniently select these items and insert them into emails, meeting requests, tasks, etc. Heres how to use Quick Parts to create an email template:

    Note: Microsoft introduced Quick Parts in Outlook 2007 to replace AutoText that was present in previous versions.

    Step 1: Launch Microsoft Outlook on your computer.

    Step 2: From the Ribbon, select New Email to create the mail to be saved as a template.

    Step 3: Highlight the text of the mail.

    Step 4: Click on the Insert tab and on the Text group, click on the Quick Parts drop-down.

    Step 5: From the options listed, select Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery to launch a dialog box.

    Step 6: Within the dialog box, fill in the relevant details for the fields below:

    Step 7: Click on OK to save the details of your new entry. You can always access this entry for different purposes, including creating emails.

    Step 8: To use the new template, go to the part of the email where you need the template to appear.

    Step 9: Select Quick Parts and click on the template to be used.

    Note: Any item saved in Quick Parts is only available locally on the PC.

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    How To Pin Templates To Task Bar Or Create Desktop Shortcut

    If you frequently use one or more templates in your work, navigating to the Developer tab each time may seem quite a long way. In this case you can create a shortcut and place it on your desktop or pin the template to the task bar. The latter seems even a better option, so let’s go ahead with it.

  • Go to the folder where all Outlook templates are located: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates
  • Find the needed one, select it and drag towards the Outlook icon on your taskbar. This will pin the template to the context menu of the Outlook icon.
  • Next time you need to need to e-mail with template in Outlook, right-click the Outlook icon on the task bar and choose the template you want. As shown in the screenshot below, you can pin several templates that you use most often.
  • If you don’t want a particular email template on your task bar any longer, right click on it and choose Unpin from this list.

    If you’d rather have a template shortcut on your desktop, then right-click the template and choose Send to > Desktop.

  • This will create a shortcut on your desktop and you click it whenever you want to create a new message with this template.

    Beautiful Outlook Email Template

    These templates are varied in their nature and can be used for a wide range of needs ranging from the personal o the professional. Creating and constructing mails become a lot easier with the general layout. Additionally the templates can be used across different browsers with the same degree of ease.

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    How To Create A Signature In Outlook

    Creating a simple signature in Outlook is easy. If you have a few different e-mail accounts, you can set a different signature for each account. Also, you can automatically add a signature to all outgoing messages, or you can choose which message types should include a signature.

    To set up a signature in Outlook, perform the following steps.

  • On the Home tab, click the New Email button. And then click Signature> Signatures on theMessage tab, in the Include group.

    Another way to access the Signature feature is via File> Options> Mail section > Signatures in Outlook 2010 and later. In Outlook 2007 and previous versions, it’s Tools> Options> Mail Format tab > Signatures.

  • Either way, the Signatures and Stationery dialog window will open and display a list of previously created signatures, if any.

    To add a new signature, click the New button under Select signature to edit, and type a name for the signature in the New Signature dialog box.

  • Under the Choose default signature section, do the following:
  • In the E-mail account dropdown list, choose an email account to associate with the newly created signature.
  • In the New messages dropdown list, choose the signature to be automatically added to all new messages. If you don’t want Outlook to add any email signature to new messages automatically, leave the default option.
  • From the Replies/forwards list, choose the signature for replies and forwarded message, or leave the default option of .
  • Tip.

    What Is An Html Email Template

    How to create an Email template in Outlook

    HTML is the code that defines the structure and content in an email marketing campaign. It lets you add different elements to your email, such as images and hyperlinks.

    An HTML email design means you can create enticing email templates with loads of visual appeal and interactive elements. You have the creative freedom to get your message across more effectively and stand out in a cluttered inbox.

    However, any developer knows that creating HTML email templates from scratch can be extremely challenging and tedious, not to mention there are now about a million different ways that email can render on desktop on mobile.

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