How To Make Email Without Phone Number

Creating A Temporary Email Address

How To Make an Email Without Phone Number (No Phone Verification)

A temporary email address is a disposable account that doesnt require any personal information to sign up. This inbox is designed to self-destruct after a specific time.

You might benefit from a disposable inbox if:

  • You want to find out more about a marketing campaign or newsletter but dont want to give up your real address in case it ends up spamming you with junk.
  • Youre a programmer who needs a unique account for testing purposes, but you dont want to keep track of them all.
  • You want to sign up for a platform or service but only temporarily.

Some platforms that offer temporary email addresses include Temp Mail, TempInbox, and Guerilla Mail. Most importantly, setting up accounts on these platforms does not prompt you to add a phone number.

Jump To A Sectionmy Email Is Used On Another Account Changing The Account Email My Phone Is Used On Another Account Changing The Account Phone Number My Email Is Used On Another Account

E-mail addresses can only be associated with a single account. If you want to associate your email with a new account, we suggest changing the email address. To find the account currently associated with your email:1. Log out of the account.2. Tap Profile in the bottom right.3. Tap Sign up.4. Tap Log in at the bottom of the page.5. Select Use phone /email /username.6. Choose Email / Username.

To change the email associated with the account:1. Tap Profile in the bottom right.2. Tap the 3-line icon in the top right.3. Choose Manage Account> Email.4. Verify your current email address to link a new one.

Click On Try Another Way

After youve clicked on Try another way to sign in, youll land on the phone verification method.

If you have access to your phone, click on Yes for Google to send you a verification code as a notification.

Then, you need to enter the verification code to verify your identity.

If you didnt link your phone or you dont have access to it, you wont be able to use this method.

If thats the case,to proceed to the next method,

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Create Gmail Account Without Phone Verification 2

Step 1: Instead of going to > Create an account > Enter Details > Type in phone number > Verify code sent to your phone, just use this link. continue= type=2

Step 2: Enter your details. Click next.

Step 3: Click on SHOW ME MY ACCOUNT.

For more details contact with us or discuss in below commentsIf you want to send

Restart Router And Clear Browser Cache

How to Create a Gmail account without phone number

The reason for Phone verification, instead of the usual Captcha test might be due to your IP being present in the list of suspicious IP Addresses on Microsoft servers.

The easiest way to bypass this block is to get a New IP Address by restarting your WiFi Modem/Router.

Also, you need to clear the browser cache, in order to get rid of all the stored cookies that might be linked to the IP Address and your online behaviour.

Next, Reset WiFi router by following steps provided in this article: How to Reboot Router and Modem.

After completing the above steps, try creating a Microsoft Account once again and this time you should be able to create an Outlook account without phone number.

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Use Bluestacks To Create A Gmail Account Without Phone Number Verification

Bluestacks is an Android emulator software that enables apps on Android to run on computers. It supports both Windows and macOS systems. In this method, we shall use this app to create a Gmail account without phone number verification.

1. by clicking here. Install the app on your PC by running the .exe file.

2. Launch Bluestacks and go to Settings.

3. Next, click on the Google icon and then, click Add a Google account.

4. You will be given two options: Existing and New. Click on New.

5. Enter all details as prompted.

6. Finally, click on Create an account to create a Gmail account without phone number verification.

Note: Remember to put a Recovery email address in case you forget login credentials for this newly set-up account.


Create Yahoo Account Using Another Email Address

The easiest and the guaranteed way to create Yahoo Email without using Phone Number is to sign up for Yahoo Mail using your Gmail or Outlook Email Account.

1. Visit and click on the Sign In option, located at the top-right corner.

2. On the next screen, click on Create an Account button.

3. On Account creation screen, select I want to use my current email address option.

4. On the revised Sign up screen, enter your current Email Address , type any Password that you want to use to login to Yahoo and click on Continue.

Note: Do not use your current Email Address Password, it is better to have a different password for different email accounts.

5. Once you click on Continue, Yahoo will send a verification code to your current Email Address.

6. Get the Verification from your current email account > Enter the verification code into Yahoo and click on Continue.

That will be it, you can now sign into Yahoo using your current Email Address and a different password.

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Signing Up With A Temporary Phone Number

  • 1Get a temporary phone number that can receive texts. When you sign up for a new Google account, you’ll need to verify a confirmation code that can only be received via SMS or voice phone call. If you don’t have your own phone number, here are a few ways you can use one temporarily:
  • If you already have a separate Google account and live in the United States, you can create a Google Voice phone number for free. See this wikiHow to learn more.
  • Depending on your region, you may be able to sign up for a disposable phone number. Legitimate versions of these services are rarely freebut services like Burner, Hushed, and Text Verified are all affordable and legitimate.XResearch source
  • You can use someone else’s phone and phone number during the verification process. The phone should be in the same room as you so you can get the code yourself. If that’s not possible, you can email or chat with a friend online and ask that they are willing to receive your confirmation code and provide it to you for verification.
  • 2Go to the New Account creation page. The steps are different depending on the platform you’re using:
  • On an Android: In the Settings app, tap Accounts , select Add Account, tap Google, and then select Create Account.
  • If you’re asked to sign in but don’t see a Create Account option, tap the Forgot email? link, and then tap the back button on your Android to return to the sign-in screen. It should now have a Create account link on the lower-left side of the screen.
  • Clearing Your History And Changing Your Ip

    How To Make An Email Without a Phone Number

    Microsoft uses both your previous usage data and your public IP address to determine whether or not you are abusing their services. If Microsoft system considers that the same person tries to create several accounts within a short period of time, they will be marked as suspicious and, therefore, each additional account will require a unique cell phone number.

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    How To Create An Anonymous Email Account

    It’s not easy to be anonymous on the internet. Here’s how you can stay hidden even on email.

    How do you set up a secret, nameless email address that contains no obvious connection to you, without the hassle of setting up your own servers?

    This goes beyond encryption. Anyone can do that with web-based email like Gmail by using a browser extension like Mailvelope. For desktop email clients, either GnuPG or EnigMail is a must. Web-based ProtonMail promises end-to-end encryption with zero access to the data by the company behind it, plus it has apps for iOS and Android.

    But those tools don’t necessarily hide who sent the message. Secure email services will. Here are the services you should use to create that truly nameless, unidentifiable email address.

    Check Your Email For The Recovery Link

    Navigate to the device that youre logged in to on Gmail and check your inbox.

    After 48 hours, you need to check your email for the password reset link.

    The password reset link will be sent to the email address that youre trying to recover.

    Hence, you need to be logged in to your Gmail account somewhere.

    For example, if youre logged in to your Gmail account in the Gmail mobile app, you need to open it.

    Next, check your inbox for the password reset link and open it.

    If you dont see the email in your inbox, you need to check your junk and spam mail.

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    How Can I Create A Gmail Account Without Verification

    There are multiple ways you can create a Gmail account without verification. One of the easiest ways to do this is through the Gmail app because no matter how you sign up you can opt-out of giving a phone number for verification. Another way is to input your age as 15, as Gmail will assume you dont have your own phone number yet.

    Keep in mind that although these steps do work, sometimes when you sign in to another computer, or if you sign in for a second time, the app will ask you for your phone number. To avoid this, add another e-mail for verification before you sign-in again so it can ask for that e-mail. Add another e-mail with the age being 15 and youre good to go!

    When all else fails, you can use a phone number duping software. This way, Gmail has a phone number that isnt yours.

    Below are the steps you can use to sign up for Gmail without a phone number.

    First Step: Browse Anonymously

    How to Create Gmail Account without Phone Number 2020

    Your web browser is tracking you. It’s that simple. Cookies may not know your name, but they know where you’ve been and what you’ve done and they’re willing to share. It’s mostly about serving you targeted ads, but that’s not much consolation for those looking to surf in private.

    Your browser’s incognito/private mode can only do so muchsites are still going to record your IP address, for example. And incognito mode doesn’t matter if you sign into online accounts.

    If you want to browse the web anonymously , you need a VPN service and the Tor Browser, a security-laden, Mozilla-based browser from the Tor Project. It’s all about keeping you anonymous by making all the traffic you send on the internet jump through so many servers that those who would track you can’t figure out where you really are. It’ll take longer to load a website using Tor, but that’s the price of vigilance.

    The free Tor Browser is available in multiple languages for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. It’s self-contained and portable, meaning on a desktop it will run off a USB flash drive if you don’t want to install it directly. Even Facebook has a Tor-secure address to protect users’ locations, which allows them access in places where the social network is illegal or blocked.

    Tor is not perfect and won’t keep you 100% anonymous. The criminals behind the Silk Road, among others, believed that and got caught. However, it’s a lot more secure than openly surfing.

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    Create Line Account On Pc

    First, install the LINE app without a phone number. To install it on your PC, you need to use a smartphone simulator like, for example, BlueStacks.

    Then, launch the simulator and proceed to search and install the LINE app. Launch the LINE app and choose your country and number to register the LINE app.

    How To Create Twitter Account Without A Phone Number On Android/ios

    If youâd want to establish a Twitter account for your mobile, here are some instructions:

    • Your name and also your phone number or email address must be entered. However, you must provide accurate information because the next step will require verification.
    • The verification number is retrieved from the contact information provided in the second step . Then, create a password that is extremely tough to guess.
    • After that, you must choose whether or not to sync your existing contacts. This should go a long way toward helping you gain the Twitter followers you want.
    • Choose your hobbies to help Twitter recommend profiles to you that you might like to follow.
    • Depending on your preferences, Twitter will recommend specific accounts for you to follow.
    • You may next make adjustments to your profile, such as updating your profile photo and preferences.

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    How To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number

    We shall share the easy as well as fast tricks to create free Gmail accounts without phone verification. As a rule, if you try to create a Gmail account, Gmail will ask your mobile number to send you a verification code. It is not a hard task for those people who want to create a single account only. So if you are trying to create many Gmail accounts, you may find it difficult because of the rule. At times, there are some people who tackle this situation by buying different Sim cards or phone numbers. Green hat expert will show you how to create gmail account without phone number verification. It will save you from purchasing a new sim or phone number.

    Top 10 Email Services That Dont Ask For Phone Verification

    How To Make an Email Without Phone Number 2021

    Posted on | By Khushboo Chhibber

    Email Services often come free equipped with a lot of features but still, they are not completely free as they bring a lot of stress along. Adding your personal phone number to any random email client is equal to adding unwanted stress to your life you never know where your phone number ends up getting leaked. Although it adds a security layer for the email company when you add your number, it basically doesnt do any good for us.

    I know you must be wondering if there are free email services that let your register without asking for your phone number. Welcome to a world of free email services that will not ask you to enter your phone number. Yes, you read that right! On reading further, you will find a list of free email service providers who respect your privacy and let you use its features without asking for phone numbers.

    Here we go!

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    How To Verify Twitter Account Using Google Voice Number

    Now, this approach indicated above works in a tiny percentage of circumstances. If youâre lucky, you wonât even need a phone number. But what happens if youâre unlucky? . In that situation, try the following method:

    As we all know, Twitterâs algorithms are pretty sophisticated, and the business has blacklisted many websites that allow users to create free and false mobile numbers and bypass Twitter verification on their platform.

    Because of Googleâs reputation and dependability, the Google Voice number may be used for Twitter verification. To use a Google voice number, you donât need a phone or a phone number. Simply generate a number and log in to your Twitter account to get started.

    Here are a few steps to get you started with setting up a Twitter Voice number:

    • After signing into your Gmail account, go to Google Voice. You will be redirected to a new page where you may register for a free phone number.
    • You have the choice of choosing a new phone number or keeping your current one.
    • Choose a phone number where Google can reach you and confirm your request. After Google has authenticated you, youâll be able to pick a new local phone number.
    • Pick a number and send it to Twitter.
    • Google Voice will send you a verification code via Gmail, which you may use to confirm your account on Twitter.

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