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How Do I Use Email Templates

Gmail Tips: How to Create Email Templates in Gmail

When you open your Gmail compose window, you’ll see that the second option in the top ribbon is called Template. Click the dropdown and click manage templates.

At this point, you can start adding your own templates to Right Inbox.

When youve added your templates, you simply need to pick the template from your pre-saved templates, and Right Inbox pulls it into your email. All you need to do then is personalize it , and youve saved loads of time.

Automate Sending Email With Templates

  • In the search box at the top, click Show search options .
  • Enter your search criteria. If you want to check that your search worked correctly, see what emails show up by clicking Search.
  • At the bottom of the search window, click Create filter.
  • Choose what youd like the filter to do.
  • Click Create filter.
  • Easily Create Email Marketing Templates For Gmail

      Gmail is one of the most popular email clients. A large number of marketers use either a free Gmail account or a paid G Suite account for sending their email campaigns.

      Gmail is also very fast, smooth and has a very friendly UI, making it the preferred option to manage your emails for sales, marketing, outreach.

      It is then worthwhile to check for some easy ways to create good looking HTML email marketing templates within Gmail.

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      How To Enable Canned Responses In Gmail

      Before you can start using templates, enable them in Gmail, which you can do by using the Canned Response feature.

      You can jump straight to Step 4 by going directly to your Gmail Advanced page.

    • Click the Settings gear in the Gmail toolbar, it’s located just below your image.

    • Select Settings.

    • Go to the Advanced tab .

    • Go to the Canned Responses section and select Enable.

    • Select Save Changes.

    • How To Edit A Message Template In Gmail

      How to Create and Send HTML Email Template in Gmail?

      You might need to change your Gmail template at some point.

    • Press Compose to start a new email message, then go to More options> Canned Responses.

    • In the Insert section, choose the template you want to change and import it into your email message.

    • Make the desired changes to the template.

    • Select More options > Canned responses, choose the template you altered, then select Save.

    • In the Confirm overwrite canned response dialog box, select OK.

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      How To Create A Template

    • You can create two types of email templates:
      • Beautiful email templates designed in HTML, which is great for marketing emails.
      • Text-only templates, which is great for simple email outreach without any images or GIFs.
    • To use a template, simply click on your + Compose button just like you would normally do to compose a new email, then click on your new Insert Template icon . You can scroll to browse your selection of over 500 email templates, or use the search bar to search for any particular term like Christmas or New Year. Then click on the Insert template button on that email template, and youll see it load in your Gmail, ready for you to customize your messaging.
    • To create your own email template, there are 4 steps:
    • Navigate to the top right hand corner of your Gmail inbox, and click on the Email Template icon.
    • Then locate the tab at the top, and click on My Templates or Team Templates
    • Select New Template.
    • A popup will ask you if you want to create a non-HTML or an HTML-based email. Select one, and youll be guided to start creating your own email template from scratch.
    • HTML-based emails are beautifully designed and often used for marketing purposes.
    • Non-HTML emails are text-based, and usually used in everyday emails.
    • You can save any email draft as an email template. Click on the Save Draft as Template icon in your compose window and your email draft will be saved as a template:
    • Open the email you want to convert to your own template
    • Create An Email Template:

      • Select See all settings.
      • Scroll down to Templates and select Enable.

      Make sure youve selected Enable under Templates.

      • This will take you back to your inbox. Click the Compose button.
      • Now, start drafting your template. When youre ready to save it, click on the three dots toward the bottom right-hand corner of the window.
      • Select Template from the options.

      After writing a message, you can save it as a template.

      • Type in a name for your template in the window that pops up. That name will appear as the subject line in your email. Click Save.

      Name your template so you can easily retrieve it later.

      • If you want to make changes to a template, you have to overwrite it. Write a corrected email, and then after clicking Save draft as template, click the name of the template youd like to change under Overwrite Template.

      You can overwrite a template if you want to edit or change it.

        Confirm the changes by clicking Save in the pop-up window.

        • To delete a template, click on Delete template under the Templates options. Click Delete in the pop-up window.

        You can delete templates using the template options in the compose view.

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        What Is The Best Tool For Saving Templates In Gmail

        Right Inbox is the best tool for saving templates in Gmail. With Right Inbox, you get a number of features including:

        • Premade Templates: select from your existing templates with a few clicks from within your email editor.
        • Turn Any Email Into a Template: you can save your favorite emails as templates in seconds, so you only have to write them once.
        • Auto-fill: create personalized templates with variables that are filled in with customized content, such as a customer name, your business name, or a customer testimonial.

        How To Delete A Template In Gmail

        How to Create Email Templates in Gmail

        When you no longer need a Gmail template, you can easily remove it from your Gmail account. How to delete a template in Gmail.

        Step 1: At the top of the Gmail homepage, select the Create menu.

        Step 2: Click the three-dot menu, then click Templates.

        Step 3: Select a template that you want to remove.

        Step 4: You will see the option to delete template. If you use it, you wont see this template in Gmail.

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        Start Using Templates In Gmail

        Gmail templates are a must have for power users. You can create as many templates as you want and start answering messages in style. Dont go overboard. Otherwise, you will be confused about which template to use in a given scenario. How would you like to use templates in Gmail? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

        Turn Effective Emails Into Templates You Can Use At Scale

        No need to write the same emails all over again, all the time. Simply save your most effective or repetitive patterns as a template so you can insert them with one click instead. Templates make it easy to run mid-sized email campaigns that are too big for individually-written emails and too small for eblasts. Get complete control over every single email without spending all day writing them.

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        But Wait What Is A Gmail Template

        Gmail templates are simply prewritten emails that you can easily access, quickly change, and send with one-click.

        Creating a library of email templates in Gmail will make your life easy, maintain brand consistency, including style and tone of voice.

        Templates can be used for all sorts of repetitive messages such as:

        • Welcome emails
        • And many more…

        Using Your Email Templates In Right Inbox

        Email Templates for Gmail: Your Ultimate Set

        Step 1. Open up the Gmail Compose window.

        Step 2. Make sure youve decided which template you want to use as your default dont worry, this can always be changed in the future.

        Step 3. To insert your default template into the email, simply click the Template button, and the template will be added to the body of the email.

        Step 4. To choose one of your non-default email templates, you need to click the drop-down and select the template that you want a check mark will appear alongside it.

        Return to the Template button, click it, and the chosen template will be applied to the body of the email.

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        Why Use Gmail Templates

        “Email templates are my favorite. They allow me to quickly create welcome emails, sales responses and client task requests with the assurance that they will go to the inbox and not the spam or promo folder.”

        – Brian Childers, Founder and CEO, Foxxr Digital Marketing

        While creating email templates in Gmail will prove to be an ultimate time-saver, sharing these templates takes you to the next level. By sharing email templates with your team members, you will improve both your team√Ęs performance and communication strategy in general.

        How To Crate And Save A Draft Html Email In Gmail

        The basic Gmail functionality doesnt provide any options to create a fancy HTML email. But there is a simple trick that you can use to create the HTML elsewhere and then save it as a draft in Gmail.

        Step1 Create your template

        You can create an HTML email template with any HTML editor and copy the HTML code.

        Step2 Paste the HTML in Gmail

        Start composing a new email from your Gmail account. Type some random text, like aaa shown in the following screenshot.

        Select the text and right click on it. Then select the Inspect option. It will open up the debugging tools in your browser.

        You can see the HTML for your new email. Within that HTML, you will find the random text you had typed . Right click and select Edit as HTML.

        Then double click on aaa, select the whole text and now replace this text by the HTML you had copied from an external HTML editor .

        Your HTML email will be saved as a draft. You can use a Gmail Add-on to create multiple such drafts, so that it can be used as a template. For example, this add-on helps you quickly create multiple copies of your draft email.

        But, this method of using draft emails as templates is suitable only when you want to manually send emails.

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        Analytics And Measuring Performance

        How to Create Email Templates in Gmail

        Measure everything. You need to measure to know whether your emails are improving. The numbers will differ vastly depending on what you do, your industry, the type of emails you send and the context. However, in general:

        • 20% is a good open rate,
        • 3 to 7% is a good clickthrough rate,
        • 5% is a poor bounce rate,
        • 0.01% is a poor spam rate,
        • 1% is a poor unsubscribe rate.

        Also, remember that open rates and clickthrough rates can be vanity metrics . At the end of the day, what you really want to track is that end goal or conversion. At Airbnb they track an email quality score, which is a good indicator on engagement quality.

        Googles URL builder can help with tracking if youre using Google Analytics.

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        From Templates To Personalized Emails In No Time

        While situations can often be similar, theyll never be 100% the same. Add variables in your templates you can adapt to fit your recipient so you always get the perfect email for every situation with minimal effort. Just select a template and fill in the blanks to make personalized emails that create connections and boost conversions.

        How To Create A Gmail Template

        You can create up to 50 email templates using this method:

        1. Create a new email by replying to an email thread or clicking the plus + sign toward the top-left corner of Gmail.

        2. Set up the email as you would like the template to appear.

        3. Click the three-dot icon, located near the bottom-right corner of the draft and select Templates.

        4. Hover over Save draft as template and click Save as new template.

        5. Add your template name and hit Save.

        Quick tip: To add an existing template to a draft, click the three-dot icon in the draft, then select Templates. From there, click the name of the desired template under Insert templates.

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        How To Delete Template In Gmail

        If you no longer need a Gmail template, you can easily remove it from your Gmail account. Heres how you can delete a template in Gmail.

        Step 1: From Gmail home, select compose menu at the top.

        Step 2: Click on the three-dot menu and click on Templates.

        Step 3: Select a template that you want to remove.

        Step 4: You will see the delete template option. Use it and you wont see that template from Gmail.

        Sending Score And Reputation

        Organise your Gmail Inbox For Increased Productivity (and ...

        Your emails have a reputation and score associated with them. This affects how ISPs and mailbox providers deal with your email, whether they accept or reject it and whether they send it to the recipients inbox or straight to spam.

        Some contributing factors are:

        • your IP reputation ,
        • your domain name signature ,
        • bounce rates and complaint rates.

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        How To Create Save Edit And Use Gmail Templates

        Save time when composing the same email messages by using Gmail templates. You can easily save, edit, and reuse templates.

        If you find yourself composing the same basic email message regularly, why not make it a template? Gmail offers a handy feature for creating templates that you can save. Then to use one, just open it, make any adjustments you need, and send it on its way. This can save you a ton of time!

        Create Email Template Using My Templates Plugin

        My Templates is a plug-in provided by Microsoft to facilitate one-click text entry. With this feature, users can store their frequently used phrases and attach them to their emails when needed. This feature comes pre-installed in Outlook however, users must have an e-mail account on a Microsoft Exchange server.

        Heres how to use the My Templates plugin:

        Note: The My Templates add-in is available in Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2013, as well as in Microsoft 365.

        Stage 1: Start Microsoft Outlook.

        Step 2: Select New Email from the Ribbon.

        Stage 3: On the Messages tab and in the My Templates group, click View Templates.

        Note: If the View Templates add-in is not already configured in the Outlook Ribbon, select Manage Files and Add-ins to install it.

        Step 4: In the new dialog, click Template.

        Step 5: Enter the title and body of the email in the blank text boxes.

        Step 6: Click Save to make sure the template is available when you need it.

        Step 7: Click the newly created template to import it into the body of the email.

        Note: Templates created using the My Templates plugin are stored in your mailbox and can be accessed from anywhere.

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