How To Make A Zip File Smaller For Email Online

Download A Video In A Lower Quality

PowerPoint Quick Tip: Compress Media Files

To download a video from the internet in a lower quality, and therefore a smaller file size, follow this easy procedure for Windows and Mac:

Figure 6_ Different qualities in Download video from Parallels Toolbox

  • Copy and paste the link to your video file into the tool .

Figure 7: Download a video with the tool Download Video in Parallels Toolbox

The video will download quickly. You can download a complete playlist, or multiple videos with just one click:

Figure 8_Download a complete playlist

Figure 9: Download a video in a low or high quality

Download a free trial of Parallels Toolbox and try Download Video, along with 30+ easy to use tools, all in one simple interface.

Compress Pdf For Email: 5 Effective Solutions

Convert PDF

5 min read

Over the years, PDF has become one of the most essential document formats in various working scenarios. Sending a PDF attachment in email is nothing strange to anyone who has been working in the office for some time. However, most email hosts Have a size limitation for the attachments in a single email. And it would be really frustrating if your PDF file exceeds that size limitation.

So in this article, we are going to talk about how to compress a PDF for email so that you can send it successfully as an attachment.

But before we do, let’s have a look some of the most popular email hosts and their limitations on the attachment.

  • Outlook10Mb per file attachment.
  • Hotmail10Mb per file attachment.
  • Yahoo Mail25Mb per email.
  • Gmail25Mb per email sent or received.

If your PDF file has a size that is bigger than the limitations of your email host, then keep reading as we will show you some of the best ways to compress your PDF file so that you can send it through email easily.

How To Attach And Email Zip Files In Microsoft Outlook

If you are looking to send multiple large files to a client, then compress your large files to a ZIP file format and then follow the below steps to email ZIP folder using Outlook.

Step 1: Open your Microsoft Outlook account and click on New Email.

Step 2: Now Choose the Insert tab and click on the Attach File option.

Step 3: Now add the recipient address that is your clients email ID and click Send.Note: You can also add the Subject and Body of the email.

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Gmail And Google Drive Links

Gmail may have been the source of your headache however, there is a solution. Gmail does allow sending files over 25mb via Google Drive, which is convenient but not always recommended for even low-security files. This solution is typically automated and will automatically prompt you to use Google Drive.

BEWARE: If you are sending documents with any sensitive, personal or business information, Google Drive is not a secure option. You or your organization wont have any visibility into what happens to the file. Was it accessed? When was it accessed? How many times was it accessed? What IP address accessed it? Are you sure they have the most updated version of the file? Can you turn off access to the file or password protect it? You need a safer way to send files over 25mb.

While these consumer-grade file sharing platforms are okay when youre just starting out, as your business scales and grows, the more vital and private data you collect and take responsibility for. To prevent data breaches, keep up with increasing storage needs, and generally maintain control of your company, its important to upgrade and move away from using consumer-grade servers as your filing platforms.

Download The File In Lower Quality

Easy Ways to Compress Android and iOS Video for Email

When you want to share a video via email, one of the simplest things to do is downloading the video file in lower quality, or low resolution. You can do so right from the editing software.

If youre using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit your video, heres a tutorial to help you figure out how to reduce file size right before render/ export.

If youre using Final Cut Pro to edit your video, heres a tutorial to help you figure out how to reduce file size right before render/ export.

There are a few key pointers you can keep in mind while doing this:

– Downloading/ exporting your videos in the MP4 file type usually helps keep quality and reduce file size.- Exporting at 720p or 1080p resolution will work for most people. But mostly, export at a suitable resolution for your project depending on the viewers screen .- Adding a lot of movement or even transitions will cause your video file to be larger.- Compress your audio on export. Its rare to need uncompressed audio in most video projects. Find out how you can compress an audio file.- As mentioned before, higher frame rates will cause slightly larger videos. This is why it is smart to use the frame rate that is right for your project. The standard frame rate that is used across files of different sizes is 24-30fps. Higher frame rates exist as well, but its advisable to use the standard when compressing videos too.

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Easy Ways To Compress Video Files For Email With High Quality

How do I compress a video for email? I have a video that is over 317,000 KB and I need to send it to a colleague, hopefully by email. Is there any way to create a condensed version of the full video?

When you want to send large videos of your interesting life or about a meeting recording to your friends, family, and colleagues through email, the The file exceeds the 25MB attachment limit. Sorry. error happens a lot. But dont worry, you can learn 3 efficient ways to compress videos for email to the perfect size with relatively high quality.

Compress Video for Email

10 MB

Sign Up For A Free Dropbox Account

DropBox is a popular online storage service that lets you keep important files backed up in the cloud. It also makes it easy to share those files with other people, who can download them through a sharing link or add them to their own DropBox accounts.

DropBox offers a free 2 GB of room to anyone. If your cloud storage needs are more demanding than the free account can accommodate, then you can check into paid tiers that offer more space. Services like and Microsofts OneDrive offer similar features to DropBox. You can always sign up for more than one free storage service if youre getting low on space.

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Issues With Large Attachments

Even if your message doesnt exceed the Outlook or Exchange Server attachment size limits, there is a chance your recipients email provider might block messages that include large attachments. To help reduce the size of attachments that you send in Outlook, see Reduce the size of pictures and attachments.

In addition to mail provider limits on total message size, sending large attachments through email is not always the best solution.

  • Your message might cause your recipients mailbox to exceed the storage quota If the recipients mailboxes exceed the storage quota, the recipients could be prevented from receiving other messages.

  • Your message might cause your mailbox to exceed the storage quota Each message that you send is saved in the Sent Items folder. Sending large attachments to other people counts against your mailbox size quota as well. When you exceed the storage quota, you could be blocked from receiving additional messages.

  • Attachment bloat When a file is attached to message, it has to be encoded. The encoding process causes attached files to become 1.37 times larger than they are on your computer. For example, if you send a 5 MB file attachment, the attachment is sent as 6.85 MB of data.

Efficiently Share Large Files

How To Create A Zip File

There are several ways to share large files and collaborate with other people without sending attachments.

  • Microsoft SharePoint Server libraries If you have access to a SharePoint Server library, files can be saved to the library. For more information, see Save a file to a SharePoint library. SharePoint libraries can be accessed directly in Outlook.

If your organization uses SharePoint Server and provides you with a My Site, you can upload your files to your My Site Shared Documents library, and then include a link to the file in your message.

When you open the SharePoint document library to which you have uploaded your file, right-click the link to the document, click Copy Shortcut, and then paste the shortcut into your message.

Security Note: When you attach a file to a message, you determine the intended recipient. If you upload a file to a shared location or service, make sure that you understand the privacy and security settings of that site, including who has access to your file.

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Dropbox Makes It Easy

With Dropbox, sending a file or folder in its original size is as simple as clicking Share. No multi-step process needed to compress files to fit in an email. Getting files in Dropbox is a cinch:

  • Windows, Mac, and Linux: Move files to the Dropbox folder on your computer, and theyll upload in the background.
  • Web: Drag and drop files from your desktop right into your browser.
  • iOS and Android: Upload files with just a few tapsor set up automatic camera uploads for photos and videosin the Dropbox mobile app for iOS and Android operating systems.

How To Compress Rar/zip File In Specific Size With Winrar

Generally, it is not necessary to think of how much the archive would be after compressing a file or folder. However, in some different cases, you would have to make it not larger than specific size.

Why and when we need to compress files or folder into .rar or .zip archive with given size?

  • When we have to compress a large file and want to save it on CD-drive
  • When we want to upload a compressed file that is larger than the forum requires
  • When we want to improve transfer speed of RAR/ZIP file through Internet
  • Then we can or have to control archive file size, usually by splitting an archive into several volumes with given size.

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    Compress Into A Zip File

    One of the most used and quick ways to reduce video file size for emails is to .zip it! This ensures that the file size is reduced while the quality largely remains the same. Many have observed that the file size is not reduced significantly. Nevertheless, this is one of the most efficient methods to share a video file, especially combined with Method 4 that well talk about shortly.

    How to zip a file on Windows

    1. Right click on the video file.

    2. Choose Send to> Compressed> Zipped Folder

    3. Follow the steps and the file will get compressed

    How to .zip a file for Mac?

    1. Right click on the video file.

    2. Choose> Compress

    3. Follow the steps and the file will get compressed

    How To Create A Zip File In Windows

    3 Ways to Email Zip Files

    There are several ways to create a ZIP file. Here’s one easy approach for creating a ZIP file in Windows.

  • From your desktop, right-click a blank space and choose New > Compressed Folder.

  • Name the ZIP file. The recipient will see this file name when receiving the ZIP file as an attachment.

  • Drag and drop the files and folders that you want to include in the ZIP file into the blank area. Items can include text documents, images, videos, music files, or anything else you’d like to send.

  • The ZIP file is now ready for sending.

  • Another method for creating ZIP files is to use a file archive program such as 7-Zip or PeaZip.

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    How Do I Compress A Pdf Without Losing Quality

    The AcrobatonlinePDF compressorbalances an optimizedfile sizeagainst the expected quality of images,fonts, and other file content. Just drag and drop a PDF into thePDF compression toolabove and let Acrobat reduce thesize of your PDF fileswithout compromising quality.

    For more refined control of optimization settings, you can try Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for free for seven days. Acrobat Pro DC fortheMacor Windowsoperating systemlets you customize PPI settings for color, grayscale, and monochromeimage quality. You can also usePDF editortools, edit scans withOCRfunctionality,convert PDFsto MicrosoftPowerPointand otherfile formats, convertPNGsand other imagefile formats, organize and rotate PDF pages,split PDFs, and more.

    Reduce Video Size For Email By Converting Encoder And Bitrate To Keep High Quality

    Step 1. Launch AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate on your computer. Click the Add Files button to choose the desired video files, or simply drag the videos into the software.

    Step 2. Click the Convert All to button, and then choose the MP4 format in the video list. Then you can choose a relatively high Resolution like HD 720P or 1080P. In this case, you should adjust the encoder, frame rate, and bitrate to compress videos for email. Choose the H.264 Encoder to get the smallest compression, and change the Frame Rate to 24fps to guarantee the minimum fluency. Then click the Bitrate menu to choose 1000kbps to reduce much video size. At last, click the Create New button to save the designed settings.

    Step 3. Back to the main interface and click the Compress Video icon to reduce the video size for email. Drag the value bar of size to 20 Mb or less. Then click the Save button to confirm the changes.

    Step 4. Choose the storage path and click the Convert All button to start compressing videos for email.

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    Save The File To A Sharepoint Server Library

    If youre using Outlook in a business environment and use SharePoint, you can save a file to a SharePoint library and share a link to the file. See for instructions.

    For Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007, if you try to send a message with attachments that are too large, the messageThe attachment size exceeds the allowable limit appears.

    Note: For more information on how to change maximum allowable attachment sizes, see “Attachment size exceeds the allowable limit” error.

    Compress Pdf For Email On Windows

    How To Compress Folder Into ZIP File Online [Step-by-Step Guide]

    On windows, there are a lot of programs and applications that you can use to shrink the size of a PDF file so that you can send it through email. Among of those solutions, our favorite one is by using a PDF compressor application available on the Microsoft Store.

    If you search PDF Compressor Kit in Microsoft Store, then you can easily find this application for Windows 10 that you can use to compress a large PDF file for email. Although this application is quite simple, and it costs $1 for anyone to purchase, the compressing performance of this application is actually pretty good.

    The application has a simple an intuitive user interface, and anyone can know easily how to compress PDF an make the size of the file below the limitation off most email hosts. Here is a simple guide showing you how to compress PDF for email using the windows application.

    Step 1: Search, purchase, and download the application PDF Compressor Kit in Microsoft Store.

    Step 2: Launch the application and click on the Browse PDF/s button to import the PDF file that you need to send through email. you can import multiple PDF files at a time.

    Step 3: Then you can start the compressing process in the application. For each PDF file, you can see the original size and the compressed the size, as well as a compressing percentage once the conversion is complete.


    • Not free, costs about $1
    • It does not provide many compression options

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