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Security Information For Your Yahoo Account

How To Create Yahoo Email Account Within 5 Min 2017

This section is VERY important so please dont take it lightly!The password is the key to your account. However, it is not uncommon for people to forget it. I know this because everyday I get emails from tens of desperate users who have problems in accessing their Yahoo! accounts.

The alternate email address and the two security questions help you regain access to your Yahoo account in case you forget the password or the ID. If this is the first email address you are creating, leave the Alternate Email field blank and concentrate on the two security questions.

You can either select or create the two security questions. If you lose the Yahoo account password, you would be required to answer these. Again, just like the password, ensure the answers to these security questions are not what people can guess easily.

Is All Encrypted Mail Equally Secure

There are many different kinds of email encryption algorithms and solutions, but they can all be divided into two broad categories:

  • In transit encryption: This kind of encryption protects data that are actively moving from one location to another, such as when you send a message from your laptop over a public Wi-Fi network to a work colleague whos located in a different state. The good news is that virtually all major service providers enable in transit encryption by default to combat man-in-the-middle attacks and other security threats.
  • At rest encryption: The purpose of at rest email encryption is to convert sensitive information into whats essentially a meaningless pile of text that can be converted back into a readable form only when the correct decryption key is provided. At rest encryption ensures that even your email service provider cant read the content of your messages. In practice, encrypting Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo emails with at rest encryption requires both the sender and the recipient to share the same security-oriented mindset and have at least a basic understanding of how to encrypt emails.

If you want your email messages to be as secure as possible, then you need to apply both in transit and at rest encryption at the same time. The good news is that Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook make this relatively easy, and you should be able to learn how to encrypt emails in no time simply by following the instructions below.

How To Create A Yahoo Account Using The Existing Email Address


Is there a way to use your existing email address instead of one of these?

Best Answer

There doesn’t seem to be a way to do the equivalent on Yahoo, but there is a way to make it so you don’t get mail to your Yahoo Email address.

This is what I did:

  • Create the Yahoo Account using one of their domains .
  • During the account creation, set your Alternate Email account to your real email address.
  • After the account is created, go to the Account Info page.
  • Next to Email, press Change.
  • Make sure you verified your real email address.
  • Make your real email address your primary address by checking the box next to it.
  • The primary email is defined as:

    This email address will be used as the primary way Yahoo! communicates with you.

    This means that as long as you don’t sign up to any services using your Yahoo email address, you should only be getting email to your real email address and never have to check the new Yahoo email address you just created. Although it may expire due to inactivity….

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    Why Filter Emails In Yahoo

    We can explain the need to filter emails in Yahoo with a simple analogy, before diving into exactly how you can do it. When you pick up your physical mail, chances are that you have a quick skim through it in order to prioritize what needs opening. For example, you might discard certain advertising pamphlets that have been dropped through your door, open handwritten envelopes immediately, collect up bills and place them on your desk for paying right away, and put the remainder into a pile for reading later.

    In most cases, this is something you can do in just a few seconds with your personal mail. Emails are a bit different, however. Not only do they arrive constantly, rather than just once or twice a day, but they are also likely to arrive in significantly higher numbers. It is not at all unusual for a person to receive more than 100 emails per day including everything from personal correspondence to email newsletters, social media notifications, and, unfortunately, spam or phishing messages.

    The results can make managing an inbox a daunting task. This is where email filters help. Email filtering is a software feature that allows incoming messages to be automatically assessed and filtered according to their subject or contents. That could mean automatically putting all of the emails from your boss in a folder titled Work so that you dont miss them, or any email that features the word Urgent in the subject line into an Urgent folder.

    How To Create A Yahoo Account Without Phone Number Using Sms

    What are the Ways to Create a New Yahoo Email Account?

    Step 1 register at

    Step 2 recharge balance by any convenient way.

    Step 3 choose a country of phone number and a Yahoo! service.

    Step 4 buy a number for Yahoo! at a low price and use it when you register.

    Step 5 your code appears on the site. Use it to register.

    There are detailed instructions on the SMS-Man blog: how to make Yahoo account without phone number.

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    How To Create Rules In Yahoo Mail Inside An Email

    Sometimes you might receive an email and immediately want to make sure that it, and all future emails from that same address, are sent to a particular folder. In that case, click the More icon at the top of the email, next to Archive, Move, Delete, and Spam. You can then select the folder you want messages from this sender to be redirected to.

    How To Create A Yahoo Account On Web Browser

    Creating a Yahoo account is nothing difficult. Its an easy process which we have breakdown below in a few simple steps. Simply follow it, and your Yahoo account will be ready at your service.

    Step 1Visit the official website of Yahoo! Heres the link.

    Step 2On the top right side of your web browser screen, find and click the sign-in link.

    Step 3You will be redirected on the new page, where you will be asked for the Sign-in Details.

    Step 4Below the Sign-in information box, you will find the Create account option. Click on it.

    Step 5You will be then taken to the Sign-up page, where you have to create your account filling the information form.

    Step 6You have to enter all the basic details about you like username, gender, DOB, mobile number, email name, and optional recovery email.

    Step 7 Head over to receive SMS and select a phone number to use on the Yahoo Sign up page. If the mobile number doesnt work then you can click the on Give me another number.

    Step 8 When you fill the form with all the complete and essential information, click on the button Create Account.

    Step 9 Before creating your account, you need to verify the captcha, which indicates that you are not a robot. After Captcha verification, your Yahoo account is created.

    Step 10Go to your newly created mail inbox where you can see the welcome email by Yahoo. You can now start sending emails through yahoo.

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    How To Create A New Yahoo Email Account

    Yahoo provide free and popular basic email services.

    If you want to create a new yahoo email account go to the Yahoo mail homepage at

    If you are outside the USA you should automatically be redirected to a local Yahoo site.

    e.g. for Yahoo -UK and for Yahoo Germany

    You should find a link to create a new account next to the sign in button

    Click the Sign Up link next to New here and at the bottom of the login form under Dont have a Yahoo ID is a create New Account button.

    When you click the button you are presented with a form that you need to complete.

    There are a couple of important aspects to the form:

  • It asks for your date of birth I dont give my exact DOB because of security concerns. If you dont want to give yours then use a memorable date and stay in the approximate year/month to your real one.
  • I also dont give my exact postcode but again it is near.
  • Try to use a second email address if you have one, or use a spouses email as the alternative email. You should also add a mobile phone number if you have one. This is very important if you get hacked. See Email password Recovery
  • Choose a strong password.- Very Important
  • You will get a confirmation form with all the details that you have entered make sure you print it and store in safely you may need it at a later date if you have problems with your account.
  • The email address and Yahoo id are the same.Below are some guidelines on choosing an email address.
  • How To Create A Yahoo Account Without Phone Number

    How to Create a New Yahoo Email Account | Set Up a Yahoo! Account

    If you are an email user, you must have known this fact that for creating an email account, you should have a valid mobile number. However, we would not recommend our readers creating Yahoo without phone number because if in case, your account gets locked, or you forget your account password, it would be easy to fix it if your mobile number is registered.

    Still for any reason, if you need to create a Yahoo account without a phone number, you have to make use of temporary telephone services. One such service is receive-SMS. While creating an account with Yahoo, you need to verify the details of your phone number. So, when you dont have one, receive-SMS will forward you the required details for verification.

    Read Manage Yahoo Mail Account From Gmail Account

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    Create Yahoo Email Account Using Textnow Number

    As mentioned above, this method may not work if Yahoo is able to identify the TextNow Number as a VOIP Phone Number.

    1. Download TextNow App

    TextNow is a popular and Free App, available for both smartphones and computers.

    On Android Phones you can download TextNow from . On iPhone, you can download the TexNow app from the App Store.

    In case of computers, you can download the TextNow App from Windows Store and from the App Store .

    2. Open TextNow App & Note down Your Number

    Once the App is downloaded, open TextNow App and follow the onscreen instructions to setup TextNow.

    During the setup process, TextNow will prompt you to select your Free Phone Number. Make sure that you note down the TextNow Number, as you will need the number to enter into Yahoo.

    If you forget to note down the Phone number, tap on 3-line icon located at the top-left corner to view your Phone Number.

    If you are on a computer , you can view your TextNow Number by navigating to People tab.

    3. Enter TextNow Number into Yahoo

    1. Visit and click on the Sign in option, located at the top-right corner.

    2. On the Sign In screen, click on Create an Account button.

    3. On the next screen, type TextNow Number in Mobile Phone Number field, fill other details and click on Continue.

    4. Once you click on Continue, Yahoo will send a verification code to TextNow Phone Number.

    5. Open TextNow app and open the Text Message from Yahoo containing the verification code.

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    How To Create Yahoo Email Without Phone Number

    Emails are the most important part of business communication. And, you can make use of emails for personal purposes as well. In the internet dominated world, there are many platforms where you can create single or multiple emails for business as well as personal reasons.

    Yahoo! is one such search engine which allows you to create personalized emails. It is a fast and reliable way to send and receive emails for any purpose. So today you will know everything about how to create emails on Yahoo without a phone number.


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