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Whats The Science Behind Professional Email Signatures

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Lets start with the most mundane example of an email you might receive:

The sender of this email has most likely lost you by the second sentence, and this can be backed by science. A study done by Sigstr and EyeQuant that used eye-tracking technology to build perception and attention maps and define hot spots researched how people read emails.

Heres what theyve found.

An email with a standard signature like the one above will draw most of the attention to the body text and only attain some acknowledgment of the signature. Its a good sign in the case of internal communication when you need co-workers to actually pay attention to whats written in the message.

But the email above is clearly offering a product. Does it elicit any inclination to reply?

Further findings of the study show that a branded signature will draw more attention than a non-branded one, but only under certain conditions. Look at these two examples of attention maps:

The second example has so much attention drawn to the banner. As for the first if you didnt inspect the first example, you probably missed the CTA link.

These findings tell us that a business email signature can be used as a marketing tool. To back it up, a survey done by NewOldStamp on 750 marketers highlights the metrics professionals track with it, such as:

  • impressions 32% and
  • website traffic 30%.

Add Logo To Email Signature

Adding your companys logo to your signature is a smart move. If you send lots of emails, it is great for increasing your brand visibility. You can also make the logo clickable and use it to generate traffic to your website. A logo is just a regular image, so the same rules apply. However, you may need to convert it into a png or jpg file.

Best regards,

A Professional Email Signature

You might be wondering what to put in a professional email signature. Think of it like this your business email signature is there to help you promote your image and brand. Besides your name and telephone number, you should also add your work title and even the company logo to help the recipient get a more rounded idea of who you are. Some people might also link the company website in their email signature. It really all comes down to you and what you want people to associate with your name.

There is a debate on whether or not to write down your email address as well. Some people believe it to be redundant while other people believe it is important if someone forwards your emails. We think that it cant hurt to write down your email address one more time.

Weve compiled a list below of what to put in your professional email signature. Remember that you decide what is important for yourself and your brand and use information in your signature that is of value. We want to write a good email signature and not to overwhelm our recipients.

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Disclaimer Or Legal Requirements

For some industries, such as the financial or legal sector, including an email disclaimer is a common and sometimes essential tactic. If you want to protect your confidentiality or minimize liability, you can encompass it to your signature once and for all. The same applies to warnings for potential viruses that you cannot easily control.

How Do I Create An Email Signature

How To Create Free Professional Email Signatures ...

How to Create a Professional Email Signature

  • Do keep it short.
  • Dont throw in the kitchen sink.
  • Do include an image.
  • Dont include your email address.
  • Do be careful with contact information.
  • Dont promote a personal agenda with a work email signature.
  • Do use color.
  • Dont go font-crazy or use animated gifs.
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    Professional Email Signature Best Practices

    As you can understand, email signature marketing is a real thing. When done right, it can bring various new visitors to your blog or website and turn into an extraordinary practice for your brand, be it personal or business.

    So here are some tips on how to create an eye-catching business email signature everyone will love:

    Central Email Signature Management

    Hopefully, you dont know the pain of managing email signatures in organizations of hundreds or thousands of employees. Without a central solution this can be a nightmare, especially if you need to update signatures regularly. Here you can see how painful it can be to deploy email signatures in a 250-employee company.

    That is why companies of all sizes and profiles look for third-party solutions like CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 or CodeTwo Exchange Rules which can help them centralize, ease and speed up the process of creation, deployment and control of email signatures in Office 365 and Exchange environments.

    Each CodeTwo solution comes with a free trial version so you can always give it a try without making any commitments. It worth getting some first-hand experience and having your own opinion.

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    Pourquoi Il Faut Viter De Mettre Son Adresse Email Dans Sa Signature Demail

    Indiquer son adresse email danssa signature demail ? Lidée est absurde si lon y réfléchit bien, déconcertante, mais pourtant si commune. Cest comme si un collègue qui vous présentait à quelquun disait Salut Quentin, je te présente Yassine et que Yassine répondait Salut, Yassine, enchanté. Mettre son email dans sa signature demail revient à peu près au même. Cest inutile parce que ladresse email de lexpéditeur est toujours affichée et que, par ailleurs, le destinataire a juste à cliquer sur Répondre sil veut vous répondre. Utilisez lespace de votre signature demail pour ajouter des informations ou des éléments plus utiles : liens vers vos comptes sociaux, nom du blog de votre entreprise, portfolio, etc.

    Use Hierarchy To Direct The Eye

    Creating a Professional Email Signature for Outlook

    Having a strong hierarchy is a must for any design that uses type to communicate important information, and since your email signature is made up of important information, hierarchy is particularly important.

    When it comes to designing your type, use scale, color, and font weights to visually signal to your email recipients which elements of your signature they should read first. Perhaps its the email authors name, or perhaps the brand/company name, either way, be sure to put this key piece of type in the top hierarchical position.

    An example of a signature design with some strong hierarchy is this piece by Themesforce that scales the email authors name up so that it attracts the most attention. From there, pieces of type have been bolded and colored to signify importance and to help guide the eye through the design logically.

    When deciding on which parts of your design to put in the forefront, dont try to highlight every other element in your signature, this will totally defeat the purpose. So, instead, choose your battles wisely. Decide which part of your signature you want noticed first and push that to the top of the hierarchical chain.

    For more tips on mastering the art of hierarchy, be sure to take time to check out this guide!

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    How Do I Update My Outlook Signature

    Update signature from Outlook settings:

  • Type Signature in your in-app search box > Click on Signature
  • In the signature setting window, select the signature you wish to update and make your desired changes
  • Update signature with WiseStamp:

  • Open WiseStamp > Select the signature you wish to update
  • Flip though the tabs to update anything from your personal info to social icons or rich addons.
  • Add A Photo Image To Humanize Email Conversations

    Creating a corporate email signature with a photo image can help to build extra levels of professionalism and trust with recipients. The popularity of personal photos on social media sites suggests there is value in putting a face to written communication. You can include a photo in your internal email signature, external one or both – its up to you!

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    Find The Best Email Signature Examples By Profession Or Feature

    Take a look at the content in the left side menu or the slider below to find quick access to laser-focused email signature examples and tips, arranged by professionals and features.

    WiseStamp has been around since 2009. Thats a lot of time to expand and perfect our selection of email signatures. So, if you have a specific need in mind , youll find specific examples and guidelines for that here.

    Email signature examples by profession

    Add advanced features to your signature:

    Ager Un Produit Ou Des Contenus


    Vous avez créé un produit dont vous êtes fier et que vous voulez partager au monde entier ? Vous avez publié un article de blog qui met en avant votre expertise et vos compétences ? Pourquoi ne pas le partager dans votre signature demail, comme le fait Aaron Ross dans cet exemple :

    Découvrez lart de personnaliser vos emails de prospection sans faire peur.

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    Use A Hierarchy Style

    When you think about your email signature format, always consider your goal. You want readers to see key details about you and your organization. This means that you should use a structured, hierarchical format. Your email signature design should fit together in a readable way.

    A hierarchy style is a great way to build a proper email signature. These place your name first. Then, youll see key contact details, along with sections for your organization and skills. Hierarchy email signature examples group items by category. This is preferable to grouping details in random order.

    Consider an example like this one:

    A hierarchy style is common in organizations that use standard email signature formats. Email signature etiquette like this demands a uniform style, which hierarchy layouts provide.

    These email signature formats also save you time because they’ve got all your content placeholders pre-built. Just fill in your key details and youll have the best email signatures ready to use in moments. It’s a quick way to build an impressive email signature design.

    Make Use Of Space With Dividers

    When you have a lot of content and a small area, space is often a luxury. So, by using dividers you are able to fit a lot of info into a compact area without making things appear overly complicated or too busy.

    One type of divider is a graphic divider, as we can see in these beautiful examples by Graphic River. By using simple blue graphic dividers, each segment of information and content is organized in a cleaner, simpler and more digestible way.

    Another way to divide your content is by using glyph dividers. A commonly used glyph is the vertical bar, or pipe . Check out pipes in action in this example by Email Signature Rescue:

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    How To Quickly Customize Email Signature Examples

    Weve explored the very best email signature template designs available today. These help you build great email signatures in moments. But do you know how to make an email signature? It only takes five steps! Lets learn how to customize the best email signatures in 2021.

    Want to follow along with this mini-tutorial? Download the stunning Web Designer Email Signature from Envato Elements today.

    Let’s get started:

    Easily Animate Your Email Signature

    How to Create a Professional Signature for Gmail

    Its a good option to use elegant animations in your email signature. Animation is a great eye-catcher, and you should use it to bring attention to your otherwise unnoticed email footer.

    Best animations you could use:

    • Picture/logo GIFs
    • Animated banners
    • Animated buttons

    You should try our animated signature GIF maker see some examples for how its done, and make your own animated email signature.

    Animated signature Dos and Donts

    The important thing in animation is not to go overboard. Getting too freaky can be counterproductive.

    Dont overdo it too much movement can be distracting

    If theres too much movement in your signature it can get very hard to focus on actually reading. The motion will compete against the information to which you wanted to pull peoples attention in the first place. And it can be seriously annoying.

    Do make sure your animation adds value

    Lets go over what that means

    Making use of your limited real-estate, grabbing attention or just plain being a cool feature is well and good but theyre not true value in and of themselves.

    To really add value they must compliment you or your brand in a meaningful way.

    For example, you can use an image strip add-on to add GIFs that show you or your product in action, or you could add a special handwritten animated sign-off to give a personal feel to your signature. Another thing that does the trick is adding your business slogan in addition to your photo and logo like dynamic typing effect.

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    Add Company Awards And Corporate Certifications

    Corporate certifications and company awards in email signatures often provide value, but they need to be managed and leveraged correctly. Putting individual achievements on email provides employees the opportunity to make a strong statement about their expertise as well as provide them with a positive morale boost.

    The same is also true if you win an industry award. It tells recipients that you are the best at what you do and that your industry has recognized you for it. Creating email signatures that actively promote award wins means they will be seen by thousands of recipients, thereby increasing their exposure.

    Email Signatures: Importance And Benefits

    Even if you live somewhere that doesnt require an email signature for business-related communications, its a very good idea to create one in order to place at the end of your emails for a couple of reasons:

    • Shows professionalism and willingness to communicate further.

    • Great resource for branding and recognition.

    • Free promotional tool for your business, website, or other CTA.

    • Sometimes serves as the last impression between you and the recipient.

    • The perfect place to add social media icons so others can follow you or your brand.

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    Be Bold With Black And White

    A flashy email signature isn’t appropriate for some industries and brands. The use of too much color may be against corporate policy. Or it may be frowned upon in more formal business communications. Email signature etiquette sometimes dictates that black-and-white schemes win.

    Just because you dont use color, that doesnt mean that your professional email signature cant be eye-catching. A black and white signature can be just as effective as one that uses color. When creating nice email signatures, the key is in the design and font usage.

    Look for a design with a bold, crisp font and lots of white space for contrast. Here’s an effective black and white design template from GraphicRiver:

    Black and white email signatures can be perceived as more conservative or formal. That makes them a good fit if you’re in a more formal profession such as finance or law. Depending on the design, a black and white signature may also be perceived as modern.

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