How To Make A Google Email Account

How To Create A Google Account With Your Own Email Address

How To Create a Gmail Email Account

1. Navigate to Google and click the blue Sign in button located at the top right of your browser window. If you are already signed in, log out first and then click the Sign in button.

2. Next click the Create account link below the sign in box for a new Google Account sign up form.

3. Fill in your First and Last Name in the appropriate fields.

4. Under the Choose your username box there is a link that says I prefer to use my current email address.” Click this to allow the use of your alternate email address.

5. Then you can enter your current email address in the box.

6. You will be prompted with a screen asking you to prove that your email exists. Enter your email to have a verification code sent to it. Check your email for the verification. Enter it and click Verify.

7. Next you will be prompted to enter in a phone number to receive a verification code. Enter in your number and click next.

8. After entering the verification code you will be prompted with this screen. Fill out the form and click next.

9. Once youve filled out all the fields, click the Next step button. Youll then be asked to confirm that you agree with Googles Privacy and Terms. Once you click agree you will be automatically logged into your new account.

Alternate Google Account Email Addresses

A Google Account consists of:

  • Google account email address : it cannot be changed
  • Recovery email address : optional, it helps to reinforce security. This is where Google contacts you if there is unusual activity on your account or if you have access issues. to set your recovery email address.
  • Contact email address : Google will send you information about most of the products you use with this account. This is not necessarily a Gmail address. to find your contact address or add a new one.
  • Secondary email addresses : these are email addresses that you can use to log into your account, in addition to the primary address. They can also be used to contact you if you lose access to your account. to view them or add a secondary address.
  • About me profile email addresses: addresses that you can share with others in different Google products such as Drive or Photos.

Change Default Google Account

In this part, we will show you how to make a Google account default to change default Gmail account.

1. Open Google Chrome and click your profile picture.

2. Click the Sign out or Sign out of all accounts button.

3. Click the Sign in again button to continue.

4. Click Next.

5. Unfold the Gmail address box.

6. Select the account you want to set as the default Google account from the account list. If you canât find it, you need to click Use another account and then add it manually.

7. Enter your password.

8. Click Next.

These are the two methods to change your default Gmail account or change your default Google account. Both of them are similar and easy. You can just select one according to your preferences.

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    Start Sending Business Email In 3 Steps

    Sign up for Google Workspace

    During signup specify the domain you want for your business email. If you donât yet own the domain, you can purchase it from Google for an additional fee.

    Set up your account

    Send emails and more

    Use Google Workspace free for 14 days to send emails, hold HD video conference calls, create documents, and share files in the cloud. You can set up billing at any time to continue using Google Workspace after the free trial.

    How To Create A Gmail Account

    How to Change Your Default Gmail Account: 11 Steps (with ...

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    Note: If you would like to create email addresses that use your domain, instead.


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    Bluehost Cpanel Email Settings

    Lets go back to cPanel and find your email settings.

  • Go back to the home page, click the Advanced tab from the side navigation menu to the left.
  • Under the Email section, click the Email Accounts icon.
  • Click the Create button.
    • Under Domain, choose the specific domain where you would like to create an email account.
    • In the Username text box, type the user you would like to use.
    • In the Password text box, type the password you would like for this email account.
    • The Password StrengthMeter will tell if the password you have entered is strong enough. We highly recommend you use a strong password.
    • The Mailbox quota text box is used to specify the amount of your overall hosting storage allocated for that specific email account. The default that should be listed is 500 MB. You can increase or decrease this number as you desire, depending on the hosting package that you currently have.
    • Once the User, Password, and Quota are all accurate, click the Create button.

    Youll need to have these settings in front of you to be able to configure Gmail to send and receive emails

    To Get A New Domain Name

    If you dont already have a domain name, youll need to register one. This will be the part of your email address that comes after the @ sign . Using a domain registrar, you can search to see if your domain is available. If so, you can register the domain to use for your email address. If not, most registrars will provide you with a link to alternatives, or you can simply enter a new domain. If you dont have a domain name but dont want to get one from Google, check out this article on the best domain name registrars.

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    Add Mx Records For Your Professional Email Address

    Next, you need to complete one more technical step and add something called MX Records. These are what allow Google Workspace to handle email for your domain name.

    Again, Ill show you how to do this using cPanel. But if your host doesnt use cPanel, you might need to reach out to your hosts support staff.

    To get started, go back to your main cPanel dashboard and find the MX Entry tool:

    Then, select your domain name from the drop-down. After that, you should see a pre-made button for Set Google MX. Thats all you need to click! No need to do things manually:

    If you dont see that pre-made option for Google, you can open the Advanced MX Editor from your main cPanel dashboard.

    Then, you can manually delete the existing entries and then use the form to add the following entries:


    Once youve finished adding the entries, go back to the Google Workspace interface and click the Verify Domain And Set Up Email button:

    And if you did everything correctly, you should get a success message:

    You just set up Google Workspace and your email should start working soon enjoy! Note, it might take a few hours before your email starts working, so dont worry if you dont receive emails right away.

    How To Set Up A New Gmail Account For Yourself Or Others

    How to Create a New Gmail Account (Quick Start Guide)

    If you want to make a Gmail account for yourself or another person, here’s everything you need to know.

    Setting up a new Gmail account is relatively simple: whether you’re creating one for yourself or for another person. If you’re starting on Gmail for the first time, just setting up a new Gmail address, or creating the account for someone else, the process is similar.

    Here’s everything you need to know about how to create a new Gmail account for others or for yourself.

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    The Phone Number Associated With The Gmail Account

    As you have noticed, Google requires a phone number to finalize the creation of your account.

    • its good because it helps secure the account, especially with 2-factor authentication
    • but its less good if you want to remain discreet and not give everything to Google

    A trick is to provide a number during the registration phase, but after indicating the code received by SMS, you can delete the phone number before finalizing the creation of the account.

    This number can be that of a third party, or even yours but which you will then delete.

    Tip: There are more pros than cons to giving your real number. Indeed, the consequences of hacking your Gmail mailbox are often serious. You might as well use all possible means to protect your account, especially since it doesnt just concern Gmail but all the Google services you will use.

    How To Make A Google Account

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    A Google account is the key to accessing all of Googles products and services, many of which are free. Signing up for a Google account is a quick process, but you will need to give out some personal information. Follow this guide to find out what youll need to do to get the most out of Google.

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    Verify Your Domain Name With Google

    Now is when you start getting into the more technical aspects of how to set up Google Workspace .

    First, youll need to verify your domain ownership with Google by adding something called a TXT record.

    To help you do this, Google will try to detect where your domain is hosted and provide instructions. For example, Google detected that my example site is hosted at SiteGround.

    These instructions are actually pretty helpful, so they may be all you need.

    But to give you a little extra help, Ill show you how to do things using cPanel, which is the hosting dashboard that most web hosts use . If your host doesnt use cPanel, you might need to consult your hosts support if Googles instructions arent enough by themselves

    To get started, log in to your cPanel dashboard at your host. Then, look for the Advanced DNS Zone Editor tool:

    Next, select your domain name from the drop-down.

    Then, you need to use the form to add a TXT record that contains the information from the Google Workspace website:

  • Name your domain name
  • TTL 86400
  • Type TXT
  • TXT Data copy and paste from the Google Workspace interface
  • TXT Data

    How To Use Gmail Without A Phone Number

    How To Create a Gmail Account

    William StantonRead more January 9, 2021

    If you want to create a new Gmail account, Google may ask you for a phone number verification. This was optional in the past, but recently Google has made it mandatory. If you dont want Google to have it or maybe youre just not into sharing your phone number. Youre probably looking for another way to create an account that will keep your phone number off the google grid.

    If youre looking for more Gmail tutorials, we have them available here.

    Luckily for you, there are still many ways to bypass this and create a new Gmail without the use of your phone number. So, if for some reason you dont want to enter your phone number, you may use one of these solutions.

    Keep in mind, we tested these methods in January of 2021 and we were able to create Gmail accounts without phone numbers.

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    What To Do After Creating A Gmail Account

    There are a few things you might want to do after setting up your Gmail account.

    The first one is to add your contacts to Gmail. This way, the people you want to stay in touch with are easily available in your email service. Second, if you use an email client like Outlook, you might want to configure it to use your new email account.

    If you use an Android phone that already has a Gmail account added to it, you can still add this additional email account. If youre replacing your Gmail address with this one, you can also . And last but not least, follow a few tips to ensure your Gmail account is safe.

    Email Addresses: Creating Your Own Email With Gmail + Any Domain Name

    Follow our step-by-step guide on how to create an email address using your own domain name, and learn how you can send and receive emails using Google Gmail.

    Written by Frank Moraes

    Disclosure: Your support helps keep the site running! We earn a referral fee for some of the services we recommend on this page. Learn more

    Your business image is important. Its your companys brand. Everything from your business website to the email address you use is a reflection of your brand. The better your brand looks, the better the relationship youll have with past, present and future customers.

    One mistake many first-time entrepreneurs make is using a personal email address. Its hard for customers and clients to take a business seriously if it sends email from an address like or

    With modern hosting platforms like Bluehost, you dont need to use these unprofessional email addresess. You can create an email address using your custom domain like and connect it directly to your Gmail account. This means youll get all the convenience of the Gmail platform, but with your business name in the email address instead of

    Heres how you can send and receive emails using Gmail so that your customers will see the emails as coming from your own domain name.

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    Recap: Using Gmail To Create An Email With Your Domain

    Build professional-looking email addresses with Gmail and your domain. We recommend BlueHost to help you easily set your Gmail and create an email with your domain.

    Remember that by clicking the Email and Office on the side left navigation, you can easily find the right options to set up your custom email address.

    The Advanced tab can bring you to the email settings that can help you connect your custom email address to your Gmail account and it allows you to appropriate your email settings to your business needs

    You can also follow the steps above to connect this email address to a free Gmail account so you can both send and receive emails from Googles email solution.

    Next Steps After Setting Up Gmail For Business

    How to Create a Gmail Email Account From Scratch

    Now that youve set up Gmail for business, you can access your account, including the complete suite of Google productivity and collaboration tools. If you want to transfer your previous emails to your new Gmail account, you can migrate your emails. If not, consider adding new email apps or Gmail extensions to extend the functionalities of Gmail for business.

    • Migrate email to Gmail: Navigate to From there, click on Apps. From the Setup section, check the box next to User email uploads and click Save. Finally, return to Gmail, go to Settings, and start the import process. For more information and troubleshooting, visit .
    • Customize your email: With Gmail, you can customize your email account in a number of ways, from adding a profile picture to creating a custom email signature under the Settings option. Alternative, try using one of the best email signature generator tools.
    • Add new users: If you need to create Gmail for business email accounts for your employees, you can add new users by navigating to Google Domains, selecting Email from the menu, and clicking the Add New option. Follow the step-by-step instructions.
    • Supercharge Gmail with apps: Boost your productivity using email apps. To help you get started, check out this list of the best email apps for business.

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