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Email Marketing Tutorial: How to Write Follow Up Emails [Tips & Templates]

Good follow-up emails rely on timing. Knowing how long to wait, time of day and days of the week to send your follow-up emails will help you generate a more generous response rate.

Here are the different types of follow-up emails you should be using :

  • After the pitch: Send a follow-up one to two days after your initial presentation. Use this as an opportunity to review their pain points, thank them for their time and include a call-to-action for the next steps.
  • Reviewing with the decision maker: If there are other stakeholders involved in the buying process, the sales cycle can take a little longer. Email four to five days after the pitch to give them enough time to speak with the rest of the team.
  • Unanswered follow-up: Youll need a follow-up sequence for when your emails go unanswered. Here, you can offer additional resources, ask them if theyre still interested or the best way to move forward.
  • The break-up: If youre still not getting a response from your follow-up emails, the last thing to do is to wrap things up. You can either tell them that youre closing their file, or use it as one last ditch attempt to find a better time to talk.

The perfect day and time to send follow-up emails will depend from industry to industry. The best place to look? Your own CRM.

Look at which emails generate the best response rates. Analyze the days of the week and time of day theyre sent. Use this to plan the timing around your follow-up process.

Pro Tips To Remember While Sending A Follow

Youve now got an idea on outlining your sales cadence and crafting the perfect email copy. Lets now look into fine-tuning your follow-up email processes to level up your email outreach.

  • Test your subject lines. About 47% of emails are opened based on the subject line alone so, experiment and create subject lines that influence prospects to open your mail.
  • Send nuanced, specific information in your follow-ups. In the information age, your prospects already know most of what they need to know. Tell them something they cannot discover on their own.
  • Diversify your touches. Email can be the foundation of your outreach but not your only foot-soldier. Try calling them, sending a social-media request or leaving a voice message in between your follow-up emails. A multichannel approach generates awareness and interest among your prospects.
  • Optimize it for the mobile phone. A whopping 55% of email is opened on mobile phones so, make sure your mails are mobile-friendly with 3-4 crisp sentences as against large walls of text.
  • Keep your Call-to-Action highly specific. Sending a crystal-clear with a specific time and date such as 5 pm on Saturday this week? always works better than a generic CTA.
  • How To Follow Up On Promotional Outreach

    As more and more marketers are realizing, creating really great content is just the first step in the content marketing equation. You can create the greatest resource on the internet, but if you dont get it in front of the right people, you wont see an ROI.

    How important is promotion?

    Brian Dean, who built his blog Backlinko to over 100k visitors per month, spends 80% of his total content marketing time on promotion. In other words, for every hour he spends writing, he spends 4 hours promoting what he wrote.

    There are many, many ways to promote your content, but one of the most effective methods is direct email outreach.

    Sam Oh of Money Journal offers a great example of this strategy in action:

    Notice how Sams email is short, to the point, and doesnt ask me to do anything right off the bat. He asks me if Id like to see his content when it goes live, and he also offers to lend his own aide if I ever need anything, letting me know hes not just looking to use me for a quick share.

    And while Sam didnt end up needing to use his follow up email on me, he reveals the template he uses as part of his 74 Step SEO Checklist.

    Hi ,Just a friendly follow-up. Were you interested in the article on ? Im sure your inbox gets bombarded daily, so no hard feelings if youre too busy. It just got me thinkingIf saw value in article, then will definitely want a unique take on the topic.Not trying to get anything from you. Just want to impress lol Cheers,Sam

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    Setting Up For Success

    Okay, so you know why its important to follow up, how long to wait, and have a ballpark figure on how many messages to send altogether.

    Before you start, though, you need to set yourself up for maximum success. The first step? Write it all down.

    Writing down your goals and workflows is beneficial on many fronts: It creates consistency amongst everyone on your team, it keeps everyone on the same page, and it actually helps you achieve your goals better than if you didnt write them down.

    To maximize your follow-up success, have a concrete set of rules as to time, frequency, quantity, and message. Be consistent. And automate.

    Add Value To Your Outreach

    How to write good follow up emails after the interview ...

    The success of your follow-up email depends upon the value you offer. Think about what your business can do to help the prospect.

    If you cannot find out a direct solution, find out ways to improve their existing routine. Most value-driven benefits are how to speed things up, automate administrative tasks, or free limited-time access to your product.

    If you manufacture kitchen appliances, amateur home cooks can be a potential prospect. While you can’t give away your products with every email, your benefit could be an exclusive virtual baking workshop for beginners. With a virtual workshop, you can position your products, reveal clever hacks to make delicious desserts, and win customers.

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    Automate Your Follow Up Email Sequence

    The last step in the process of writing a follow up email is to automate your follow up email sequence.

    Companies tend to put a large amount of time into writing and sending follow up emails.

    If youre worried about running an overwhelming outreach campaign, you could consider using automated outreach tools.

    They take most of the repeatable tasks out of the picture.

    This allows you to run outreach campaigns at scale, without having to hire additional staff.

    To put it another way, automating your follow up email sequence will save your valuable time and money.

    You still send personalized emails to each prospect, but the follow-up messages you create in advance get sent with exact intervals automatically if you dont receive a reply.

    Respona adds a little extra convenience with our tools that help you find emails straight from blog posts, and our AI assistant that helps you reference relevant points from each blog post.

    Heres a video that explains how that works:

    Personalise Dont Click Send To All

    Your target audience may share similar interests, but understand that no two users are the same. Now, why does that matter? You need to keep in mind that what might work for one user may not work for another. Personalisation is the crux of follow-up emails that get a response.

    This brings me to my next point.

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    How Do You Effectively Send A Follow

    Having to write a follow-up email to scores of prospects every few days is practically not possible youll give up too soon.

    This is where a sales engagement platform like Klenty can help you. With Klenty, your sales reps automate the entire process of sending follow-up emails. The monotonous task of tracking links in follow up emails them can also be completely eliminated saving your reps a lot of time.

    Klenty has features like:

    • Mail Merge where you personalize your emails in bulk,
    • Placeholders where you can add personal information in every email,
    • Sales Cadences to set up the sequence in which emails, calls & social media activities go out,
    • Automated follow ups so every email in the cadence goes out automatically,
    • Delivery Window to control the date and time at which emails go out, and
    • Reports and Dashboards to stay updated on the performance of every email, every cadence and every sales rep.

    All of your prospects are at different stages in their journey to becoming a customer. Therefore, you need to send messaging that matches their level of buying intent.

    Klenty has a feature called Cadence Playbooks which helps you detect buying intent, personalize based on intent and deliver the right message to every prospect. With cadence playbooks, you get the perfect balance of automation and personalization for every prospect.

    Why You Should Continue Sending Value

    How to Write Follow Up Emails

    The most obvious reason? Because most others give up. They send that first email, and then do nothing but pout when they dont get a response. When you do this, youre missing out though because emailing a contact multiple times results in 2x more responses.

    In addition, Email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.

    But most people receive hundreds of emails a day and the chances of your outreach email getting buried or outright deleted are pretty damn high. With so many emails clogging our inbox, we tend to ignore those from people we dont know. In fact, we delete about 48% of the emails we receive each day.

    Thats where follow-up emails can help you get noticed.

    According to Yesware, you have a 21% chance of getting a reply to your second email if the first goes unanswered. Every email sent is another opportunity for them to read and reply. Every email sent makes your name that much more recognizable to them.

    We tend to believe that follow-up emails annoy people, but the evidence suggests otherwise. They work. Period.

    Your follow-up email can also:

    • Add value
    • Entertain
    • Inspire someone to take action

    Yesware also discovered that it takes an average of five attempts to close a sale, yet 70% of salespeople give up after they dont get a reply to the first email.

    Follow-up, and youre in the minority, which by itself makes you stand out.

    Thats why.

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    You Can Take A More Casual And Personalised Approach Too

    Knock knock, is anyone there?

    Do you remember me?

    Lets not beat around the bush

    Should I stay or should I go?

    Im sure this will change your mind

    Am I bugging you yet?

    The idea of a subject line is to get the reader interested either through creativity or your promptness to follow up. However, remember to avoid run-of-the-mill subject lines with overcomplicated text.

    What’s The Perfect Timing For Follow

    Based upon different scenarios, there are different times for sending follow-up emails in each of these scenarios. This timing is essential because it makes your follow-up email more relevant, and people tend to reply faster if it’s the right time.

    Thank You Emails â you have come from a meeting, and you want to send a thank you email, the best time is within 24 hours.

    Employment or Work-Related Request â you can send a follow-up email after 48 hours of submitting some important documents. You can be specific about why you are urgently sending a follow-up email.

    Feedback â after one or two weeks of a meeting, you want feedback on your employment request to send them a follow-up email.

    Catching-up â if you want to catch up on one of your previous contacts to see if their business has changed or not. The perfect time for sending a follow-up email is three months.

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    Connect With Your Prospects On Social Media

    The first step in the process of writing a follow-up email is to connect with your prospects on social media.

    Reaching out to your media and PR prospects is recommended where possible because it will help you build and establish relationships with them.

    This way, you have more chances of getting your email read by them, since theyre people who receive tons of emails daily and will be more likely to spend time reading an email from someone, or a company name, they know rather than a stranger.

    You could consider writing a great, personalized note about why youre connecting with them.

    Thatll make the connection one to remember for your prospects.

    Connecting with your prospects will also provide them with some essential information about you.

    This can also work as a sort of social proof for the work that you do, people youve worked and are working with, as well as top of mind priority for your company.

    After youve established this human connection on social media, you can then go on and send a follow up.

    Moving on to the next step.

    Copy And Paste These Follow

    How To Write A Follow Up Email [6 Templates To Use Right Away]

    That’s the six follow-up emails the Sumo Growth team use to get more replies from our prospects. Now, here are three quick tips you want to remember when sending an outreach email:

  • Always test your email subject lines to optimize open rates. You can check out our giant list of 87 best email subject lines for a/b test inspiration.

  • Keep an eye on your sending frequency and the time you send the follow-up emails. In some cases, they matter more than the email body. What’s the point if your prospects get annoyed by too many emails from you? Or worse, missed the email?

  • Be human. No one wants to talk to a robot. Show the prospects that you genuinely care about them.

  • Do not forget that your email signature is a great non-passive way to encourage the prospect you are emailing to navigate to your website.

  • To make it easy for you, I’ve created a complete follow-up sequence with email and LinkedIn outreach template so you can:

    • Make a copy of all the email samples in this blog post .

    • Personalize the emails with your own business information.

    • Copy and paste them to your email editor.

    • Send them out in a drip sequence .

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    Use Social Proof To Make It More Appealing

    Social proof is an extremely powerful tool. Over 70% of Americans say they look at product reviews before making a purchase, and 84% of them trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

    . ~Talia Wolf

    That means social proof is the #1 factor people take into consideration to assist their decision. Its a no-brainer to include it in your outreach emails.

    Tim Soulo loves using social proof to quickly gain credibility. He used it with this outreach email:

    What are some other kinds of social proof you can use in your follow-up emails?

    • Case studies of brands youve worked with
    • Results youve achieved
    • Previews of the content youve published online
    • Customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials

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