How To Make A Email Address On Iphone

How To Setup Email On Iphone

How add an email address to iphone / ipad by pc serve

If this is the first time you are setting up Mail, and the first email address you are adding to your iPhone, then follow these steps.

  • Head to the Mail icon to set up email on your iPhone for the first time
  • Choose your email provider and follow the on-screen prompts
  • Enter your details, including your email address and the associated password. The following steps will vary according to the email provider you choose, but dont worry, the onscreen prompts will guide you.
  • Your iPhone will automatically check your email account to ensure you have entered the correct information. If something is wrong, the screen will indicate the problem.
  • Now, choose which other services you would like to sync with that email. Mail and Contacts must be selected for your email to work properly, but you can also choose to add Notes and Calendars as you set up email on your iPhone for the first time. Dont worry, you can always change these settings at a later date if you need to.
  • How Autofill Works On Iphone

    Autofill will kick in when you encounter certain web forms, for example, when you are signing up for a new account and tap on the name field. You will see Autofill suggestions appear above the on-screen keyboard and the fields that are autofilled will have a yellow highlight to remind you to check them.

    If you were shopping online you could use autofill to complete your name, email, phone number, address, and even enter your credit card information. The only thing you need to enter yourself is the three digit code from the back of your card.

    Before you set your iPhone, iPad and Mac up to use autofill its very important that you make sure that it is password protected.

    Add New Email Address To Mail App On Iphone

    The first step to change Default Email Address on iPhone is to Add your New Email Address to the Mail App on iPhone.

    Note: You can skip this step in case the Email Address is already available in the Mail App on your iPhone.

    1. Open Settings, scroll down and tap on Passwords & Accounts.

    3. On Passwords & Accounts screen, tap on Add Account option located under Accounts section.

    4. On Add Account screen, tap on the Email Account Type that you want to Add.

    5. On the next screens, enter your Email Address and Password to login to your Email Account.

    This will add your Email Address to the Mail App on iPhone, the next step would be to designate this Email Account as the primary or Default Email Address on iPhone.

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    Email Addresses You Use With Your Apple Id

    Your Apple ID uses email addresses to sign you in to your account with Apple. With your Apple ID, you can access services like the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and more. We use your email addresses to send you information about your account, and to help friends and family communicate and share with you.

    In most cases, your Apple ID is also the primary email address of your Apple ID account.

    Add extra email addresses to your account to help people find you on Apple services like FaceTime, iMessage, and Find My.

    Rescue email addressMost people have a notification email address instead of a rescue email address. Apple uses this to send you important account and security related information. If you don’t use two-factor authentication or two-step verification , you have the option to add a rescue email address to your account for more security. You can see it when you sign in to your Apple ID account page.

    Before you can use a new or updated Apple ID, we’ll send you a verification email to make sure that the email address belongs to you.

    How To Create Icloud Email Address From Iphone

    How to Create a New Apple ID on Your iPhone or iPad

    An iCloud account is a proprietary Apple service that is only given to people who own an Apple device like Apple Mac computer, iPhone, iPad or iPod. Anyone can create an iCloud account for free using their Apple devices, and theres no complicated step in the whole process. The workaround is pretty easy, an Apple user should not need more than 10 minutes to set up a new iCloud account.

    The primary purpose of an iCloud account is to be used with Apple services like iCloud Drive, Find my iPhone etc. However, the same iCloud account could also serve as a standalone email account as well, ending with domain If you have bought a new Apple device like the iPhone or the iPad, you shall need to create a new iCloud account to be fully able to use all the functionalities on your iPhone. Creating an account is very easy, we have laid out the steps in easy words for you.

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    How To Remove An Email Account From An Iphone

    Email accounts accessed through the Mail app are managed not from Mail, but from iOS. So to add or remove an account, you’ll work through the Settings app, not the Mail app.

  • Open Settings.

  • Scroll down and select Mail> Accounts.

  • Choose theemail account you want to remove.

  • Select Delete Account.

  • To confirm, select Delete Account or, in some cases, tap Delete from My iPhone.

  • How To Move A Thread’s Most Recent Message To The Top

    Threads can be convenient but also confusing. Sometimes, in a conversation, you lose track of which message was the most recent. If you want to, though, you can make sure the latest message is always on top.

  • Launch the Settings app from your Home screen
  • Tap Mail. You may have to scroll a little to find it.
  • Tap the switch next to Most Recent Message on Top so that it turns green.

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    Configuration For Iphones With Ios 13 And Newer

  • From the Home screen, choose Settings.
  • Next, tap Passwords & Accounts.
  • In the Passwords & Accounts section, select Add Account.
  • Choose your email account type. For setting up email to work with your Media Temple service, choose Other.
  • Select Add Mail Account.
  • Host Name: Your email access domain.
  • User Name: Your full username .
  • Password: Your email user’s password.
  • Ensure that the Mail option is selected. You can also choose to sync Notes as well to your email user. Then click Save.
  • That’s it! Your email account should be successfully added at this time. You can check your email through the Mail app in your iPhone.
  • How To Switch Email Accounts On Iphone And Ipad

    How To Create An Email Account On iPhone

    Setting the default email will help you use the one by default when you start composing a new email. But what if, at times, you do not want to use your other email? Well, in these cases, it is effortless to switch among the various added email accounts. Heres how.

  • While you are on the New Message screen, tap the default email address. It will expand. Tap once more.
  • Choose another added email to switch to this one.
  • This email will now be sent from the non-default account you choose.
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    Activate The Icloud Keychain

    To enable AutoFill to save and use IDs and passwords, the iCloud Keychain must first be activated. To activate the iCloud Keychain:

  • Open the Settings app and tap your Apple ID banner at the top of the screen.

  • Tap iCloud.

  • Scroll down the list and select Keychain.

  • Turn on the iCloud Keychain toggle switch and enter your Apple ID password if prompted.

  • How To Create A Fast Email Typing Shortcut In Ios

  • Open the Settings app and tap on General
  • Scroll down and tap Keyboard and at the bottom of that screen tap Add New Shortcut
  • Enter the email address at the top and create your text expansion shortcut on the bottom
  • Tap Save and exit out of Settings, or repeat with another shortcut to create one for a different email address
  • Some general advice for setting these email expansions to be the most effective: use a shortcut that doesnt match any other word, and keep them short and containing only characters that are accessible on the primary iOS keyboard.

    This works in all versions of iOS that are even somewhat modern, so you can set this up on just about any iPhone, iPad, or iPod you have laying around. The appearance of the settings may look slightly different, but the feature and its function remains the same.

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    How To Add A New Email Address To Imessage And Facetime

    You can manage what email addresses are used for iMessage and FaceTime, and you can even add or remove email addresses that you can use for sending and receiving messages and calls. In this tutorial, we show you how to add another email address to iMessage and FaceTime on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

    How To Add Another Email To Iphone

    Add and use contact information on iPhone

    If you already have an email account set up in Mail, and you want to know how to add another email to your iPhone, then follow these steps.

  • Head to the Settings icon to add another email to your iPhone
  • Find the Passwords & Accounts menu and click
  • Now youll see the accounts youve already set up, at the bottom, click Add Another Account
  • Now follow the same steps as before
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    Is It Possible To Set Up Two Email Accounts On An Iphone

    If you have several email addresses, you do not have to choose which one to set up on your iPhone. Setting up multiple email accounts from different providers is relatively simple, as long as you have some basic information such as your username, password and the address of your mail server. If you use a common email provider like iCloud or Gmail, iOS already has the mail server information you need.


    Open the “Settings” app, and then scroll down to the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” menu.


    Tap the “Add Account” menu, and then choose your email provider. If your email provider is not listed, choose “Other,” and then tap “Add Mail Account” on the following screen.


    Enter your name, email address and password. You can also enter a description to help you keep track of your email accounts.


    Tap the “Next” link. Your iPhone attempts to contact your email provider to verify that your username and password are correct. If you made a mistake in your username or password, an error message appears and you are returned to the previous screen to enter your information again.


    Select the services you want associated with your email account. You can choose to associate any combination of contact list, calendar, reminder list or notes. When finished, tap the “Save” link at the top of the screen.


    • Go to the “Mail” app to see your new email account and download your mail.


    Writer Bio

    Accessing Your Domain Emails On An Iphone

    Mail is one of the core apps on your iPhone.

    If you use an email provider like iCloud or Google, Mail can automatically setup your email account with just your email address and password. You can also use Mail to access other email accounts, such as your custom domain email account.

    In this article, we will show you how to set up your iPhone with your domain email accounts using the IMAP protocol.

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    How To Create An Email Address Using Hide My Email

    The following steps show you how to create a new dummy email address with Hide My Email, for use in Safari and Mail. Make sure your iOS device is running iOS 15 or later.

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap your Apple ID name at the top of the main settings menu.
  • Tap iCloud.
  • Tap Hide My Email.
  • Tap Create new address.
  • Tap Continue, then give your address an identifying label. You can also optionally make a note about it.
  • Tap Next, then tap Done.
  • You can now use the random email address when you send emails in Mail, or when you’re asked to enter your email address on a website in Safari.

    You can also deactivate or delete addresses generated by Hide My Email, and change your forwarding address at a later date. See the links for details.

    What To Do If Your Iphone Keeps Autofilling The Wrong Information

    Email Tutorial for Beginners on iPhone | How to Add Email Address on iPhone

    Getting fed up with autofill suggesting the wrong details? Its easy to correct whats in the autofill memory.

    If autofill keeps entering your maiden name, for example, you need to change it on your card in Contacts, as above. Similarly, if you have moved house then enter your new address in your contact card.

    If you only have one debit card but every time you pay for something online you have to sift through 12 old cards then you just need to delete the old ones, as above.

    If autofill is entering the wrong passwords for sites though that can be a bit more complicated. Well look at that scenario next.

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    How To Manually Add An Email Account To Your Iphone

    If the email address you want to add is from an email provider other than the ones in the last section, the steps are slightly different . Again, youll need to have already set up this account with the provider. If thats done, heres how to to add another email account to iPhone:

  • Follow steps 1-3 from the last section.

  • Choose Other.

  • Select Add Mail Account.

  • Type your name, the email account you want to add, the password for the account, and a description or name for the email account, then choose Next.

  • Choose the way you want to confirm the email account: IMAP or POP. The links provide much more detail about the two options, but the short version of the difference is that IMAP leaves a copy of the email on the email server, while POP downloads it only to your iPhone. The email provider may have told you to use one or the other. If not, tap the one you prefer.

  • Fill out the form. The key pieces of information youll need are in the Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server sections. In those, youll need to add a Host Name , and a username and password to access that server. Your email provider should have given this to you. If not, youll need to ask for it.

  • With those details added, tap Next.

  • The Mail app attempts to contact the email servers whose details you added in step 7. If everything is correct, the servers will respond and your email account will be added to your iPhone. If there’s something wrong, an error will let you know. Correct the error and repeat.

  • What You Can Do With Hide My Email

    With Hide My Email, you can generate random email addresses on demand in the following locations:

    • Safari on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac when filling out a web form or creating an account for an app or website that doesnt support

    • Mail on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac and on when composing a new email

    • Settings on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    • System Preferences on your Mac

    • Account Settings on

    Mail sent to your random addresses gets forwarded to your personal email account: your iCloud Mail address or any email address associated with your Apple ID. When you reply to a message, your personal email address remains private. The message appears as if it was sent from the Hide My Email address.

    You can create as many addresses as you need. You can add a label or note to an address to help you remember how youve used it, and you can also deactivate or delete addresses you no longer use.

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