How To Know What Your Email Is Subscribed To

Check If Your Email Has Been Hacked

Mailchimp Help: How to subscribe and unsubscribe an email address manually

As our data is the new currency, its important we take good care of it. One of the best ways to do that is to regularly check whether your most sensitive information is safe.

To do that, you can use our data leak check. After entering your email address, youll be able to know if your account has been hacked by online fraudsters.

As this tool is completely safe you can use it once in a while for prevention purposes. It will help you know if an email address that you are using is safe. And if not, what to do to recover it.

Profiles Without A Consent Status

There are certain methods of adding a subscriber that will result in no consent status. For example, subscribers uploaded using a CSV file or added through certain third-party integrations wont have a green checkmark next to their email addresses under Channels.

To confirm whether a profile with no consent status symbol is a subscriber, review the Lists & Segments section of their profile. Subscribers will have at least one list in the Lists & Segments section on their profile. Note that lists are followed by a button in this view, while segments are not.

Ask Current Subscribers To Share Your Work

Word-of-mouth is the most effective and trusted form of marketing. That’s because trust is a rare and valuable asset, and when people share your work, they’re leveraging their own trust in your favor.

You can routinely ask readers to share your writing by adding a call-to-action to either the top or bottom of your posts. Here’s how the writer Mark Mason does it.

You can also tie your requests to specific occasions, such as the start of a new month, holiday, business milestone, or date important to your niche.

The more people who know what you do, the better. Don’t be afraid to lean on your subscribers and their networks for early expansion.

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Profiles Added Through General Engagement

If a profile does not have a symbol under Consent Status and is also not a member of any lists, they were likely added by general engagement .

These profiles are eligible for campaign and flow emails, but we recommend exercising caution when contacting them. Make sure youre only sending them emails you know theyll be interested in, like abandoned cart flow messages or followup information from a recent order.

How To Find Out Who Subscribed To Your Feedburner Email List

How to see a list of your subscribers on YouTube ...

Have you ever wanted to find out the names of the people that subscribe to your RSS feed?

If youve setup Feedburner to manage your RSS feed subscribers and also enabled email subscriptions, you can find out the emails of your subscribers but not thier names.

Unless of course, they use their name in their email address.

I recently received an email from one of my wonderful clients who signed up for my free WordPress setup service.

Here it is:

My feedburner stats tell me I have 7 subscribers now but no details are given in terms of WHO subscribed. Is there a way to figure that out or is it completely anonymous?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Heres my response:

You could use Jetpack subscriptions instead which is a more WordPress friendly service as it also offers daily and weekly subscriptions and all your subscribers need to supply their name and email address.

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Logging On To The Mailing List Environment

To log on to the mailing list environment, use the authentication form displayed on top of the left column of the web interface. When you are logged on, your email address and user profile are displayed there.

The authentication process varies according to your personal situation:

  • If the organization offering the mailing list service uses single sign-on technology , you will preferably log on with your unique account. To do that, click on the ‘Go’ button next to the text ‘Authentication ‘. Then, type in your login and password to log on to the authentication server.

    If you have already logged on to another service using the unique authentication system, your authentication is automatic. Refresh page if necessary.

  • If the unique authentication process does not apply to you but you are already subscribed to lists, then you have been granted a list password . In this case, log on through the classic method: enter the email address with which you subscribed to the list as a login and your list password in the ‘Password’ field.

    If you do not remember your list password, click on ‘Lost password ?’. Then enter your email address and password. Shortly afterward you will receive an email with a validation link.

  • If the unique authentication process does not apply to you and you do not have a list password yet, click on ‘First login?‘ and type in your email address. A confirmation URL will be sent to that address. Then you will be able to choose your password.

Searching For A Mailing List

You may need to search for a mailing list. To do that, you have three options:

  • browse the different sections displayed on the list environment homepage
  • search for a list via the search box: the searched string will return all the lists whose name or description matches your search criteria
  • click on the ‘List of lists‘ tab on top of page to display all available lists.

According to the domain to which your email address belongs and to the location you log on from, you will not have access to the same lists. However you can subscribe to a list that does not display if you know its name. To do this, use your email client.

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The One Question Survey

As the name suggests, this is where you ask subscribers a single question. You get them to respond by replying to your email.

A great time to for one question surveys is when you send a welcome email to new subscribers. Subscribers have just signed-up, so they’re expecting to hear from you, and they’re motivated to interact. It’s also a great way of kicking off your relationship with each individual subscriber.

Here are some great questions to get a conversation started, and to give you insight into what your subscribers want:

  • What are you working on at the moment?
  • What’s the one thing you’re struggling with right now?
  • What’s your single biggest question about ?

Never Use Deceptive Subject Lines

How To Send A Message To Your Subscribers On YouTube

The easiest way to get people hooked is by using intriguing subject lines. Make sure the subject line represents the content of the message. Saying something untrue or misleading in the subject line, just to get a person to open the email though, could get you in trouble. So, no bait and switch with subject lines. Whatever you use in the subject line needs to accurately portray the contents of the email.

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Offer Email Frequency Options

If you run a smaller brand, then you may not need to implement this strategy. But larger brands would certainly benefit from adding an option for customers to adjust the frequency of email sends. Some large companies send more than one email per day to everyone on their subscriber lists. Although they may have been interested in receiving emails from the company, some subscribers may end up unsubscribing. This can easily happen when a company sends more emails than the subscriber wished to receive. Receiving an occasional interesting email is one thing. Receiving marketing emails on a daily basis might be a bit overwhelming.

Customization options significantly help your email marketing campaign and provide your recipients a stronger sense of control. The recipient can choose to receive an email either once a week or once a month, depending on their preferences. There can be other frequencies as well. This practice can save your list and your reputation. It will also keep customers informed on the most important deals and developments, without flooding their inbox with more emails than they wish to receive.

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How To Set Up A New Subscription Type

Go to Outbound > Settings -> Subscription types, and youll see three example subscription types. You can edit these and put them live, archive them or leave them as drafts:

Note: Its not possible to permanently delete a subscription type.

To create a new subscription type, click New type. Give it a name and description:

Important: Once the subscription type is live, this is visible to customers, so make sure its clear and accurate.

If you support additional languages in your workspace, you can add them under Localize your subscription types:

Then, add a translated name and description for each subscription type. This will be displayed based on a customers browser language when they visit your unsubscribe page:


  • If you choose to leave the additional languages blank, customers will be shown your default language when they manage their subscription preferences.

  • The three example subscription types will be translated automatically into any language you choose.

After creating or editing your subscription type, click Put Live:

Pro tip: You can preview your unsubscription page with the link in the top right corner:

This preview also provides a direct link you can share with your customers to allow them to edit their preferences.

Note: This doesnt make any changes to your existing email messages. Read on to learn how to apply subscription types to your messages.

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Instantly Check All Accounts Linked To Your Email

Deseat is another great account-finder by email if you’re looking for ways to find all accounts linked to an email address for free.

The web app indexes your inbox and cuts off all of the third-party apps you’ve signed up for through the account. You can then go down the list and decide how to proceed from there.

To revoke access, choose Request Removal for the listed app or service. Clicking this will generate a pre-written data removal request for the company in question.

Just like with EmailExport, the security of any sensitive information that you have in your inbox should be taken into consideration, the same as with any company.

How To Unsubscribe From Emails On Ios


Like Gmail, Apple iOS now offers automatic detection for marketing emails and newsletters. This option allows you to unsubscribe from certain emails without hunting through each email to find the unsubscribe link, which can save you lots of time.

If youre unsure how to unsubscribe from emails on iPhone or any other Apple device, you can simply look for the option to unsubscribe at the top of a marketing-related email once youve opened it. Youll just click the unsubscribe button and confirm your decision, then all future emails from this address will go directly into your spam folder.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the iOS Mail app to block emails since its just a proprietary app that actually helps you access emails from your regular providers. Instead, you will need to open up your inbox from your email providers app or desktop to block spam emails entirely.

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How Subscription Types Work

You can create as many subscription types as you need. For example:

  • Announcements

  • Newsletter

  • Tips and tricks

If your customers unsubscribe from an email, theyll see all of these subscription types, and can easily choose the ones that are most interesting to them, so they dont miss out on whats important.

Youll also have clear visibility from your inbox over which lists customers are subscribed to, and can help them change these preferences if needed.

Icipate In Social Media Listening

Did you know that 37% of consumers find purchase inspiration from their social media channels?

Paying attention to what your audience is doing on social media will help you learn more about your consumers so you can understand the content that they want to see.

Think, “What are they interacting with on social media? What type of information are they looking for?”

With this information, you can learn what content your audience really enjoys.

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Manually Unsubscribe From Newsletters

Lets be real: We all end up subscribing to countless marketing email lists especially when discount offers are attached. Over time, though, these emails clutter our inbox and make it hard to keep track of the messages you actually need. You can also end up with lots of spam messages from third-party companies or even phishing scams or malware… and nobody wants those!

How To Unsubscribe From Unwanted Email

How to find your subscribers inside the Wix Platform.

If you want off a mailing list, deleting messages won’t be enough. Here’s how to force unsolicited-but-legit email to stop bothering you.

Chances are, your email inbox is a mix of important messages, shipping notices, bill alerts, newsletters you never read, and other easy-to-ignore missives.

But spam creeps in. Sometimes you do it yourselfenter your email address to win that contest!and sometimes others do it for you. Thanks for that blank-of-the-month club email list, Grandma. Luckily, there are easy ways to kill unwanted emails, and they don’t involved sending invective-filled rants to the sender.

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Watch How Your Subscribers Behave

Once you’ve grown your email list and you’re sending out emails frequently, there’s a really easy way to find out what your subscribers want: watch how they behave.

You can do this by:

  • Split testing subject lines. The subject lines that perform better are an indication of what your subscribers want. If they’re opening your emails, you’re sharing something they need.
  • Seeing which links get clicked. As with email opens, clickthroughs are an indication of what your subscribers want from you. When an email has a particularly high clickthrough rate, take note. Whatever you did there, you’ll want to do it again.
  • Looking out for unsubscribes. If a particular email causes a subscriber exodus, then you’ve messed up by doing or saying something that your subscribers don’t want. No need to beat yourself up about it, but make sure that you learn from your mistake.
  • Checking for social shares. Many email marketing services let you include the option to share your email on social media. If your email is shared a lot, you’re doing the right thing.

A word of warning: Take care not to become obsessed with your stats. You’re looking for general trends, not tiny changes. If you send out an email once a week, then checking your stats once per month is plenty.

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