How To Know If Your Email Was Read

How To Tell If Someone Read Your Email On Gmail

How to Know Your Email Open and Read on Gmail

You know that feeling when an email has been sent and youre just waiting for a reply?

You start to wonder if the email even got to the recipient. Did it somehow end up in spam?

Then you start to wonder whether you should send a follow-up. Is it too soon? When is it too soon? Are they just busy?

All of these things run through your head. But how do you know if someone read your email on Gmail?

We want people to know when someone has read their email in Gmail, so weve decided to add 5 email tracking credits to every free account with Right Inbox.

Thankfully, there are ways to alleviate that worry so you can get on with your workday.

In this article, well look at read receipts, delivery receipts, and image email tracking. Well then round off with the most elegant solution to this problem.

Its All About Certainty

There are plenty of solutions that work sometimes, or in some situations, or if the stars are aligned just right.

When they work, they can tell you that an email was delivered and even that it was opened. But they cannot tell you for certain that an email was not delivered or not opened.

In other words, if you hear that its been opened, great, you know its been opened. But if you hear nothing you know nothing. It could have been opened or read or not.

And hearing nothing is the norm.

How To Track Email Opens With Mailtracker

There are many tools that allow the tracking of email opens, both free and paid.

At Hunter, weve built a simple and free email tracking extension called MailTracker, which allows you to know when recipients open your emails.

To start tracking all of the emails sent from your Gmail account, add MailTracker to Chrome by clicking the Add to Chrome button:

Then sign in with Google to identify your Gmail account:

Once the MailTracker is installed, you can create and send your first email. Youll be able to see information about your email opens in real-time from two different places:

1. In the list of threads with checkmark icons you can see which emails have been read or not.

2. In the conversation with the complete history of the email openings and the details.

You can always disable or activate tracking from the composition window in your Gmail.

Its worth mentioning that MailTracker doesnt read or store your emails. To function, MailTracker only needs to store identification numbers for the tracked emails. Unlike many other tools, MailTracker doesnt require permission to read and manage your emails in Gmail.


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How To Tell If Someone Read Your Email In Outlook

Outlook provides two different options for requesting areturn receipt:

  • Receipt when delivered
  • Receipt when read
  • With the first option, you receive a notification when anemail has been delivered to the recipient. Of course, just because the messageis delivered doesn’t mean it was read. The message may sit unopened insomeone’s email inbox and you wouldn’t know.

    Which brings us to the next return receipt option inOutlook. With the second option, your recipient is prompted to send anotification when they open the email.

    If you decide to use the return receipt featurein Outlook, click Options on theMain Menu as you’re composing your message. A sub-menu with various optionsappears:

    To request a delivery receipt when your message is sent,click the checkbox to the left of Requesta Delivery Receipt. To request a receipt when your message is opened, clickthe checkbox to the left of the Requesta Read Receipt option. You can select both options if you wish.

    Now, send your message as usual. If you selected Request a Read Receipt, the recipientwill be prompted to send a notification when they open your message. If theyrespond Yes to the prompt, you’llreceive a read receipta short message to let you know that your originalmessage was read.

    You can also use Trackingoptions to automate how Outlook handles message receipts for outgoing andincoming messages. For helpful tips on how to better manage your Outlook inbox,study our tutorial:

    What Are Read Receipts

    Gmail How to see if someone has read your email

    A read receipt sometimes referred to as return receipt, is a notification confirming the recipient received and opened your message. These are often used by business professionals, including marketers, to measure the effectiveness of their email campaigns and manage follow-ups. However, read receipts can also prove handy for personal use.

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    Some Problems You Might Encounter With Read Receipts

    Googles read receipts are compatible with most email systems, but you will not always get a read receipt. This might happen when:

    • You send a message to a group mailing list
    • Your admin restricts the read receipts to people within your business
    • The recipient uses an email program that does not sync in real-time
    • The recipient uses an email client that uses Internet Message Access Protocol , which prevents receipts from being sent automatically

    Note that getting a read receipt does not necessarily mean that the recipient has read your message. This mostly depends on which email service the recipient uses. Some providers allow the user to mark the message as read without actually opening it.

    The Pros And Cons Of Return Receipt And Email Tracking

    Finding out whether someone has opened and read your emailmay seem like something you’d like to use all the time. After all, aren’t youcurious? Email tracking tools arealso popular with sales professionals.

    But whether you use your email system’s return receipt feature or anadd-on tool, there are some drawbacks. First, let’s look at some drawbacks to using native emailreturn receipt capability:

    • In most email platforms, a recipient can opt outof sending a return receiptso there’s no guarantee that you’ll get areceipt even though you requested one.
    • Not allmail clients support the return receipt feature. If you happen to use an email service thatdoesn’t offer return receipt you’ll need to use an app instead.

    The following drawbacks apply to using either a native emailreturn receipt feature or an email tracking tool:

    • If the return receipt message goes to the Spamfolder, your recipient will never have the chance to let you know they receivedit.
    • Also, some recipients may be offended by anemail return receipt request. They may view email tracking as an invasion oftheir privacy.

    Return receipt requests and email tracking do not work forevery situation. There are some circumstances, however, when an email returnrequest might be appropriate. It’s especially well suited for urgent messagesor messages when you must know whether your message was received. For example:

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    How To Check If The Email Was Read After Sending In Outlook

    After sending an E-mail, you may want to check if the email was read by the recipient. Here in Outlook, you can check an option to handle this job.

    Check if the email was read after sending

    In the Message box, before sending email, click Options tab, and check Request a Read Receipt option.

    When the recipient receive the email and open it by double-clicking, a Microsoft Outlook dialog will pop to ask the recipient if send a receipt to the sender.

    If the recipient click Yes, the sender will receive a receipt like this:

    Benefits Of Email Tracking Tools


    SalesHandy, for example, lets you know how many times your emails were opened or read with real-time double tick email open notification for free along with a desktop notification. You can keep a track of all the bloggers or investors you pitch your ideas to and interact with them according to their interest. You can also track the links in the emails sent. Apart from all these things, SalesHandy also helps keep track of document open and shares so that you can easily measure the success of your campaign.


    You will get a bluetick notification in your Gmail sent section itself. You do not have to go anywhere to know who opened your email. You can directly get that data from your inbox.

    Real-Time tracking

    Not just tracking, but real-time tracking. You will receive a notification and the tick will turn in to blue in your inbox the moment your recipient opens your email. You can know when is the exact time your email recipients are opening your emails and act accordingly.

    Try out SalesHandy in your next campaign, here for unlimited free email tracking and scheduling.

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    How To Know If Receiver Read Email Gmail Using Browser Extension

    If you dont have a Google Apps for a Business account, then you can use third-party web browser extensions to track whether the recipient has read an email or not.

  • and install Mailtrack for Gmail and Inbox.
  • Select Grant Access to allow the permission Mailtrack requires to track your email.It does not grant access to your passwords or any other personal information and can be withdrawn if you wish later.
  • Go to Gmail and sign in to your Google account as usual.
  • Compose the email to be sent and enter the recipients email address and subject.
  • on the checkbox Track below Send option.
  • on Send to send the email. Youll get a message as soon as the recipient reads the email.
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    Email Tracking For Marketing And Outreach

    Creating a strong professional business network is a key success factor for both professionals and organizations. Email is a privileged networking tool, a preferred communication channel among influencers.

    Email tracking allows you to know the right moment to get back to your contact. It also gives you insights into the best subject lines and hours for emailing someone. Read receipts help you avoid follow-up telephone calls, which decreases the chances of annoying the people you want to keep close.

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    Using An Image In The Email

    The third method is slightly more reliable. Typically used by mass mailing programs, it uses HTML composed email to include an image that is displayed in the email from a remote server. Sometimes the image is invisible . When the image is displayed the time and date can be gathered . However this technique is used by spamming programmes so many email programs block images until the recipient chooses to show it.

    It Allows You To Know Who Opened Your Email

    How to Know if Your Email Was Read: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

    Sending emails to your email list is one thing but if your recipients do not open your emails, you will not achieve any good results with your campaign.

    With email tracking or read receipt, you will be able to know who opened your email and the number of recipients that opened your emails.

    It also allows you to know the kind of contents or emails that have the highest open rates.

    It helps you to know what your email recipients are more interested in.

    For example, if you observe that a recipient always open emails on properties, mortgage loans, or realtors, it could be a sign that the person is interested in purchasing a property.

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    How Are Emails Tracked

    In theory, email is a very simple medium. But youre not just sending a text message to someoneemails can contain HTML code, like on web pages. They can also load images, which is how the tracking works.

    When you open an email, your email client loads the images in that email from the remote server and displays them, just as when you open a web page. You can tell your email client never to load images if you want. But they usually load images by default.

    Companies that send email newsletters and other automated emails almost always include a special tracking image. This is a tiny invisible image file thats only a single pixel in size, also known as a 1×1 image. Each person who receives a copy of the email newsletter has a unique tracking image address in it. These images are also known as web beacons.

    When you open the email newsletter, and it loads images , it loads an image with a unique address. When that specific image is loaded from the companys servers, they know the email sent to your email address was just opened.

    There are other ways to track that you might have opened an email, too. For example, each link in the email may have a unique identifier thats tied to you so a company can see who clicked the links in the email. But this only happens when you actually click a link, not just open an email.

    How To Check If Someone Has Read Your Email: Track Opens Via Google Analytics

    Right off the bat, this method is not easy. It requires at least basic knowledge of HTML and web analytics. The principle is to embed a hidden pixel in the email through the < img> tag. When the recipient reads it, an event is counted in Google Analytics. This way, you will know that it has been viewed.

    Just keep in mind that this way of tracking email opens wont work if the recipient has disabled the display of images.

    For those who still want to try it , heres a hidden pixel template for you:

    < img src= tid=UA-00000000-0& t=event& cid=555& ec=email& ea=open& dp=%2Femail%2Fnewsletter& dt=my%20example>

    Here are the parameters you need to fill in:

    Title of the tracked item. You can give any name you like.

    And thats it!

    To find the Google Analytics tracking ID to be inserted into the HTML code, go to your account and follow the steps in the screenshot below:

    Please note that you cant just drag and drop the code into the email. If you do this, Gmail will display it as it was written.

    First, you need to create an HTML file and copy it into an email:

    1. Insert the previous image tag and include a piece of text above it this will tell you that the page loaded correctly in the browser.

    2. Save this as an HTML file.

    3. Now open your .html file in the browser, copy the text, and paste it into your email in Gmail.

    4. After that, you can send a test email and track information in Google Analytics.

    Is it too difficult?

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    How To Track Email Opens With Outlook

    If youve decided against using Outlooks read receipt feature and want a more reliable way to track email opens, then Mailtrack can help.

    While Mailtrack is a Gmail add-on, you can also use it to track emails for other email services such as Outlook providing you reroute them through Gmail. Learn how to synchronize your account with Gmalify for email tracking in Outlook.

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