How To Introduce Yourself Via Email

Mentioned A Shared Similarity Or Commonality

How To Write An Introduction Email

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In order to make your first line even more relevant, do your research and try to find some kind of common ground a shared interest, commonalty, hobby, or preference.

Psychologically speaking, what were talking about here is a phenomenon called the Similarity-Attraction Effect. People are more likely to be attracted to those who share a similar set of values and beliefs.

And, its a great idea to use this trick in your email outreach. By finding out more about your prospects on their social media networks, websites, and other sources, youll find something that the two of you have in common.

And based on that, you can craft an introduction and strike the right chord with your recipient.

Something like:

  • Peter, Ive noticed that youre in the same coin collecting groups. It would be cool to connect and have a chat about it.

This is an excellent way to humanize your approach and build a more meaningful connection with your prospect.

Best Practices For Using Introduction Email Templates

While there are specific introduction emails for different situations, all effective introduction emails have general best practices. For example, they are typically short and to the point. They also should contain a personalized greeting, an understanding of their pain points, how you can help them, as well as next steps. Learn more about best practices for crafting cold emails in our comprehensive article.

In addition, here are some helpful tips to consider when creating introduction emails:

Looking For A New Workspace

Subject Line:Searching for a workspace that can accommodate a team of 30 employees

Dear Jayapal,

I am Jacob Smith, Founder and CEO of Wavewood Digital. I came across your co-working space recently. Do you have the space for a small digital marketing organisation?

We are a team of 30 employees and are on the lookout for a new workplace**. What sort of facilities and pricing packages do you offer? Considering the size of our company, will we have exclusive areas and spaces or would they be open to everyone?

I was wondering if I could visit your co-working place some time next week to inspect the facilities. Let me know if that is possible.

We are looking to move by the end of this month, so I would request you to get back to me as soon as possible.

Thank you,

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How To Introduce Yourself In Writing

Writing an email to a stranger is easy. Writing an email to a stranger that gets a response? Not so easy. The typical professional gets so many messages on a daily basis it’s a feat if they even open yours — let alone reply.

Luckily, at HubSpot, we know a lot about effective emails. Here are our best tips for introducing yourself over email.

Pro Technique: Personal Introduction To A New Team

Requesting A Meeting Via Email

Now well talk about this powerful Technique of the Individual Introduction to your team members.

After that, I will tell you how to introduce yourself to the projects stakeholders and the clients of the project.

But before that you may want to learn about some practical leadership techniques explained in this video:

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Template #1: Brand Pitching Email Introduction

Brand pitching emails are great places to start for bloggers and influencers that want to monetize their following.


Hi ,


Ive checked your website and social media accounts and, honestly, I find your products truly unique and of high quality.

Youre doing a particularly good job on and I really resonate with the youre publishing on a regular basis.

To introduce yourself to a brand basically means that you show them why youd be a great fit for collaborating with for example, by mentioning companies youve worked with or by making a comment about the years of experience you have.

In addition to this, you need to personalize your email and show that you have genuine interest in this particular company.

Note: Using the recipients name in the subject line is highly recommended.

Use case: Youre an influencer or blogger pitching yourself to a brand youre interested in collaborating with

Recommended subject line: , I can help with your products

Use A Formal Greeting

When asking how to introduce yourself in an email professionally, then a formal greeting is key. Formality is important as it provides a neutral way to say hi without assuming the receptiveness of your recipient. Even in todays world of instant messaging and casual communication, formality still has a place when introducing yourself.

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How To Introduce Yourself To An Executive

Getting a response from a CEO or executive is tough. But your introduction can make all the difference. Remember a few things when crafting your email.

First, make your ask gentle and advice-driven. Executives are great with people and usually love helping others. Open your email with a request for information or advice, instead of a request to sell.

Another great tip: compose your email to them on your phone. Executives are busy and often check emails while they’re on the go. Compose your email on the phone, to make sure you’re providing them with a good reader experience.

Introducing Two People To Each Other

How to introduce yourself (the best ways to #introduce_yourself)

An email introducing two people to each other 62 forge communications between two individuals who have had no prior communication or collaborations.

Heres an example:

Dear John and Sam,

I am writing to introduce both of you to each other as I am convinced but you can both work together to facilitate the completion of the project at hand.

John is a logistics manager in a global corporation that can get us the materials we need for prompt completion of the project. Time is the project manager overseeing the project at hand. Im introducing both of you to improve communication and prompt facilitation and completion of the project.

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When Asking For An Informational Interview

If youre asking for someones time to discuss a company or an industry, youll want to make your introduction personable. For example, you might say:

My name is AnnaMarie Houlis, and Im a writer for Fairygodboss, a womens career community. passed along your contact information and recommended that I reach out to you about your role in for . It looks like youve done some amazing work with under your belt. Id love to pick your brain about it, as Im looking to make the transition

Tips To Appear Professional

With the basic concepts explained above, you should have a general idea of how to introduce yourself in an email. we will also be providing you with a few samples for you to use as inspiration. It is important to note that your email should be concise on friendly without being overly casual. You must also pay attention to their opening and closing greetings as they are the final details to prove your professionalism.

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Write A Professional Closing

Once you have briefly introduced yourself and stated what you have to offer, you should conclude the email with a professional closing. This will communicate your professionalism and solidify your message in the recipients mind.

Example of a professional closingI look forward to further communications with you.Best regards,Timothy Atkins

Template #: Meeting Request Email Introduction

Introducing Yourself By Email

Another email template we think youll find useful is the meeting request email introduction template.


How are things over in ?

I was browsing the other day.

However, I couldnt help but think that some extraordinary designs could help you hit the mark.

How about having a call and discuss how can be your ally in doing so?

Whether youre asking for a face to face or online meeting, you need to give your potential collaborator a valid reason for spending time attending such a meeting.

Use case: Youre a sales representative working for an online design software. Youre trying to set up a meeting and discuss how your product could benefit the prospects company.

Recommended subject line: needs better graphic design

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Introduction Email To Client

There are few things as important as a company introduction email to client contacts. An introductory email with a client sets the tone for the entire relationship, and determines whether they will be interested in working with you in the future.

Introductions can happen for a few reasons: a new client may come on board, a new employee may connect with existing clients, a client may be assigned to a new team, and so forth. However, an introductory email always serves the same purpose: to tell the client who their new point-of-contact is, and to reassure the client that they are still in good hands.

This underscores the importance of an introductory email to a client. The right email should:

  • Address the client by name, so they feel valued as a client.
  • Specify some information about the client, such as their purchasing and their future goals.
  • Let the client know how best to contact you.
  • Invite the client to discuss their relationship with you.
  • Assure the client that their level of service wont change .

All of these factors are at the core of how to introduce yourself in an email to clients. A self introduction email to client contacts has to be professional and clear, and it must tell the client that you already have knowledge of their needs. Otherwise, the client may feel as though they are no longer being taken care of with the business.

Example of a company introduction to a client:

Example product introduction email to client:

Write A Catchy Subject Line

When you send an introduction email to a stranger, the subject line is everything. It defines if a recipient opens your email or just moves it to Trash.

Make the subject line clear and compelling, such that a person is interested in opening your email.

If you have a mutual acquaintance, mention their name. If youre emailing a potential employer, indicate the position youre interested in. If youre willing to collaborate, write what your proposal is about or how its helpful for them. If you admire something in their work, express that. Just dont make your subject line too long.

Here are a few nice examples:

suggested asking your adviceLets make a giveaway on your Youtube channel | From suggested contacting you about Thanks for a great article in

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Refer To A Mutual Connection

Before you get into introducing yourself, do some research and identify any common acquaintances with the recipient. This also helps to establish context and makes the recipient aware that this is not a cold email. Providing a reference to a mutual connection dramatically increases the chances of getting a reply.

Example : Job Application

Mortgage Marketing: How to Introduce Yourself to Top-Producing Realtors

This example can help you create your own job application email:

Subject:Copywriter application

Dear Ms. Nelson,

My name is Johnathan Graff, and I am interested in Marketing Corp’s copywriting role. Upon reading your job posting for this position, I can see that I am the right fit for this company, as I am equally as passionate about packing design as your talented team of creatives.

I first learned about this role from your current graphic designer, Lisa Wells. She informed me that you’re looking for a skilled copywriter who can take a client’s directions to craft one-of-a-kind deliverables. During my five years in this career, I have created all kinds of campaigns, which you can view in my online portfolio. Along with this, I attached my cover letter and resume to this email.

I hope that you consider me for this exciting job opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Use this example as guidance when introducing yourself to a new colleague:

Subject:Welcome to the team

Hi Carrie,

I am your new manager, Mandy Wilson. I have heard great things about you from our hiring manager, and I am so excited to welcome you to our team.

I’ll start with a little bit about myself. I have been the marketing manager for our team for the past three years. During this time, I have grown our department of three to nearly 20 employees. Besides marketing, my interests include playing tennis, building birdhouses, and taste testing ice cream flavours.


Dear Tina,

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How To Introduce Yourself To A Gatekeeper

Never underestimate the gatekeeper. Set yourself apart by offering to help them before you help yourself. In the example below, Liz provides value to the gatekeeper and explains that she wants to “earn” the introduction to Tom’s boss.

Hi Tom,

I know you likely get a lot of email from salespeople trying to get through to your boss. I’m no different — except that I want to earn the right to be passed along to Amber.

My name is Liz, and I help companies like yours decrease hiring time by up to 25%. So, that marketing coordinator your team is currently hiring? I can get a top candidate in that role faster.

Have I earned a few minutes with Amber? If so, feel free to book time on my calendar, here:

If not, I’ve got more up my sleeve.

Regards,Liz Prater

How To Introduce Yourself To A New Client

When introducing yourself via email to a new client or prospect you should first ensure they know who you are.

This means including your name or company in the opening sentence of an email to show that this is not a mass mailing, but instead something personal and customized for them specifically.

Once its clear you have their attention you can start introducing yourself even further before moving on into any other points: what services/products can be offered as well as how these will benefit your client.

Here an introduction email example to learn from.

Hello Jane, I hope you had a great weekend! My name is Samantha and my company offers digital marketing services.

We specialize in helping small businesses with their online presence so they can get more clients or customers which will grow your business exponentially over the coming years .

Our packages are designed to be affordable for any size budget we give every client individual attention no matter what package that person chooses-because all of our efforts go towards getting them better results from day one onward.

If this sounds like something up suited just email me back at if not then feel free drop by anytime on Monday through Friday between 12pm EST until five pm*EST*.

Thank You! *Samantha Jones Marketing

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Template #1: Loved Your Article/post/video Email Introduction

Heres one of our favorites.

The loved your article/post/video email introduction template.


here with .

How are things going in ?

From what I read on your last about , it looks like youre going through a very creative moment.

I absolutely loved the way you approached its beautifully framed!

Similar to the congratulations email, the I loved something that you did email is an expression of admiration and support to someone whose work you find inspiring.

Theyd love to know more about what you liked, so make that point explicit.

Use case: Reaching out to an author/creator of a specific content piece that you particularly liked

Recommended subject line: , your article made my day

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