How To Introduce Yourself In An Email To Clients

How To Introduce Someone Via Email

How To Introduce Yourself To Client – How To Set Up Initial B2B Meeting

If you have a contact who would benefit from connecting with a friend or colleague of yours, use this template to introduce them via email. Include reasoning for the introduction and make sure the connection will be valuable for both individuals.

Hi Kelly,

Please meet Rob Cortez, a manager for our top-performing, mid-market sales team. He previously managed sales operations at a tech startup, , and has insight into new sales ops technology. He’s interested in our sales operations and would love to learn more.

Kelly is a senior manager on the sales operations team and she’s reviewing the tools and software the team’s using for the next year.

I’ve copied Rob on this email so you can connect about sales operations and technology — and I’ll let you two take it from here.



Tips For Introducing Yourself In An Email

Use these tips to write a quality self-introduction letter:

  • Show some personality. While you want to sound professional in your email, you can also show some personality to better connect with your recipient. A friendly opening and some details about yourself can make your email more personable.

  • Keep it concise. Rather than writing long paragraphs, get to the point of your email right away. Along with being mindful of your recipient’s time, you can ensure you keep their full attention.

  • Ask for a second opinion. After writing your email, ask a friend for their thoughts on it. See if they feel the way you write is an accurate representation of yourself and what you have to offer.

  • Suggest next steps. When signing off, consider proposing the next action the recipient and you can take. For instance, if you’re introducing yourself to a new colleague, ask them to meet for a coffee.

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Use these email introduction examples to craft your own:

How To Sell Yourself In An Email

This introductory email is so good, Hubspot not only hired the author, but they use it as an example of what an amazing cover letter should look like.

The email grabs the readers attention by implying it has information that cant be found anywhere else. It quickly establishes a connection by highlighting all the facts that make the sender and the company a perfect match.

Lastly, it shows off all the relevant data without coming off as pretentious. The author achieves this by stating the facts and letting them speak for themselves. There is no, Im the BEST at X or This is why you NEED me. It simply states facts and charmingly ends with affirming the aim of helping the company achieve its goals.

Learn from it:

In the digital age, learning how to sell yourself in a job application is even more important than selling yourself in person.

Once youve crafted the best subject lines, grab the readers attention with a charming tone, and let them know that what theyre about to read cant be found anywhere else. This can add considerable interest. Then, finish with a simple call to action to get a better chance at a reply.

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Connecting With Someone You Have Met In Person

When you meet someone at an event or a mutual contact introduces you to someone in person, you should consider following up with them by sending an email. There is no need for a formal introduction in this case. It is a chance to strengthen the bond and show them how your product or service can be helpful to them.

Subject line: }, it was great meeting you at }

Dear },

It was really nice meeting you at }

I understand that you are facing }. In the last 2 years, we have worked with }, }, }, and have helped them }. Similarly, we can help } as well.

If you are interested in taking this further, it would be great to connect with you on a 5-minute call this Wednesday afternoon to discuss how helpful } will be for you.

Thank you for spending your valuable time reading this email, and it was a pleasure meeting you,


How To Introduce Your Boss To A Client In An Email


Through the course of your professional career, you may have to introduce your boss to a client in an email. This doesn’t only have to be your boss, it could be your supervisor, your team lead, department lead, etc. Several occurrences may force you to introduce your boss to a client in an email.

This article will discuss the necessary possible event that may force you to introduce your boss to a client by email. We’ll lay out the process involved in writing an introduction email and include samples of emails introducing your boss to a client.

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Service Introduction Email Template

You can use email to announce a new service. Heres an introduction email sample for a health club promoting a new program.

  • Example Now Offering Shorter Aerobics Classes for Busy MomsDear :As one of our loyal clients, youre one of the first to hear about our new 20-minute aerobics classes, designed especially for busy moms. One of the biggest complaints we hear from working mothers is that theyd like to take an aerobics class, but they cant manage to squeeze in a full hour between kids and work.

    Thats why were introducing our new 20-minute class option, which uses high-intensity intervals to deliver a full workout in less time. This class is sure to fill up fast, so were giving you a chance to sign up early at a discounted rate to make sure you get in. Go to this link to read the details and register early: .

    Well look forward to seeing you there.


    P.S. Theres currently only room for 37 more people, so make sure to reserve your spot soon.

Write A Short Concise Body

Give a detailed description of yourself, and what you have to offer. Remember to keep it as short as possible. Once you have written the subject line and used a formal greeting, go straight to telling the recipient relevant information about yourself. It will help the recipient spend a shorter but more efficient time reading the email and reduce your chance of getting ignored.

A good example of a concise body to introduce yourself in an email looks like this

Catherine and I have worked closely together on quite a few projects and she informed me that you could use someone with my skills. I am a professional video graphics creator, and I am confident I can offer my skills to your company.My contact information is attached if you would like to discuss it further.

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Highlight What Sets You Apart

The key to converting prospects into leads when cold emailing them is to tell them why they should pay you attention. Surely, there are other businesses out there doing the same thing you do, so why should they go with yours?

What differentiates you from the competition? What special benefit can you provide that they wont enjoy anywhere else? If your introduction email can answer these questions compellingly, you can arouse the prospects interest and get them to respond favorably.

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Introduction Emails To Clients

Create Great Email Introductions

Writing an email when you lack a relationship with the recipient can be difficult and stressful. First impressions are extremely important, and a well-crafted introductory email can set the tone for all further communications. This article explains what an introduction email is, lists the steps for writing one, provides a template and example that will help guide you as you craft your own introduction email and answers frequently asked questions regarding this type of initial correspondence.

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Tips For Writing A Great Introduction Email

Introducing yourself can be stressful, no matter the context. One nice aspect of doing it via email is that you can take the time to re-read and edit as much as needed to make sure it sounds exactly how you envision it.

Use it to demonstrate your competence and charisma even if you feel like Anne Hathaway when she first walks into the office in The Devil Wears Prada.

Email Sample To Introduce Your Boss To A Client

Hello Jane,My apologies for the inconvenience. I'm looping in my boss for further assistance. Hi Simon,Jane has been having issues logging into her account for the past couple of days. Whenever she tries the self-help options, she's warned that her account would be blocked if it persists. Kindly help her with this problem. Regards, Jim Carrey

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New Product Or Service Introduction Email

Use this template to send an email to an existing contact when you are introducing a new product or service relevant to their business. In this case, you are not specifically introducing yourself, but it is still an introduction and should include the same elements as any personal introduction message.

New Product or Service Introduction Email Template

Subject Line: Use unexpected words like: For Rock Stars Only

Dear ,

I want to share some exciting news.

We understand that and have recently launched a new to address this need. We believe that our will far better than anything else currently in the market.

I would love to schedule a brief 10-minute call to learn more about how we can meet your needs. Im free . Which of these works best for you?

Ive also attached for your reference. You can also learn more about us at our exciting new at . Im looking forward to talking with you soon.

Thank you,

Download this template in , Docx, or PDF file

CRM software can help you easily identify which customers may not know about your latest product or service offering. In addition, Salesforce Essentials allows you to create custom reports to help identify which products are top sellers and which are not, so you know which products are popular and most likely to generate additional revenue if also promoted.

Ending Thoughts On How To Introduce Yourself In An Email To New Clients

Email Introducing Yourself to Clients Template

Introducing oneself via email and establishing a relationship with a new client can be challenging.

If that introduction email doesnt make a positive impression, it could mean losses to you and your company. To motivate your professional contacts to open, read, and respond to your introductory emails use these key elements:

  • Interest arousing subject lines.
  • Establishing relevance in the opening lines of the introducing email.
  • Mentioning mutual contacts.

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Explain Why You’re Reaching Out

Now that you’ve stimulated their interest and genuinely complimented them, it’s time to connect the dots.

For example, let’s say you’re hoping to set up a networking meeting so you can learn more about their role .

If your first line is “You’ve done an impressive job at building and revamping “, your second line might be, “I’m considering a career in and would love to buy you coffee so I can learn more about it from an expert.”

Or perhaps your goal is booking a sales call. Your first line might be “I see you host several campus events per year,” and your second could be “I work with companies like Facebook and Google to help promote their college recruitment events.”

The key is making your explanation as relevant to your recipient as possible. You want them to feel special — not like one person on a list of 100 that you’re emailing. And always make sure you’re writing sales emails prospect’s actually want to read using this five-step process.

New Point Of Contact Introduction Email

This email is used to notify your customer that someone new will be handling their account. It can be sent by either the existing point of contact to introduce his or her replacement, or can be sent by the new point of contact themselves. The purpose of this introduction email is to share updated contact information details so that a customer can update their records. It should also be used to alleviate any concern a client or customer might have related to the change.

Customers need to know their business wont be affected by changes in sales management or at other staffing levels, and that they still have a person to reach out to whenever issues arise. This message can serve to remind your customer of your offerings and prevent your competition from seeing the staff change as an opening.

New Point of Contact Introduction Email Template

Subject line: Thank you for the past X years!

Dear ,

Thank you for allowing me to help achieve over the last years.

I wanted to reach out to introduce as your new point of contact as of , and have copied on this message for your reference.

will be reaching out to schedule a follow-up conversation and to get to know you better. However, if you have any questions or concerns related to this change ahead of that time, please dont hesitate to ask.

can be reached at .

I trust that I am leaving you in good hands and wish you continued success.

Download this template in , Docx, or PDF file

Introduction Email Template From New Point of Contact

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The Greeting: Write About The Recipient

The opening line of an introduction email helps the recipient to determine whether to keep reading.The question in their mind is, what does this have to do with me? Hence the need to establish relevance.

To succeed in giving the recipient a motive to keep reading your email, avoid openings like Hello or Greetings. Use the first line of the email to make a personal connection by addressing them by name. For example, if the introductory email is for a formal setting say, Dear Mr. . For a less formal setting, you can use Hello or Hi. In this case, be sure to use their first name only.

To keep them reading, its important to make the recipient feel its about them. So never use openers like:

  • I am so and so, and Im emailing because
  • Or I know you dont know me but

How To Introduce Yourself To New Clients

How I Introduce Myself to National Clients

This example by Terminus is perfect at introducing a new client to the person who will be in charge of them.

Notice the casual and warm tone that makes the introduction more personal and friendly. The writer is addressing the client by name and treating her like shes part of our family.

This is a great way to start a relationship with a client.

Learn from it:

Once the client has made their purchase, the first email they receive will set the tone for all future interactions. The first email needs to let the client know who their point of contact is and how theyll be treated. It needs to reaffirm their purchase.

When writing this email, set the right expectations. Make sure it reflects your companys values. Add some personality to it. This is the start of your relationship with your new client. So make it count.

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