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Introduce Your Company And Product Or Service – Business English Emails

While there are specific introduction emails for different situations, all effective introduction emails have general best practices. For example, they are typically short and to the point. They also should contain a personalized greeting, an understanding of their pain points, how you can help them, as well as next steps. Learn more about best practices for crafting cold emails in our comprehensive article.

In addition, here are some helpful tips to consider when creating introduction emails:

An Email Template For When You Want To Introduce Someone To Someone Who Was A Former Coworker

Here is a template for when you want to introduce someone, who you used to work with.

Hello < < first name 1> > ,

Thank you for being willing to chat with < < first name 2> > about < < topic> > . As I mentioned earlier, < < first name 2> > is < < insert one liner about their background> > . Iâve ccâed < < first name 2> > in this email so you two can connect directly.

Knowing your background with < < experience or work connection> > , I thought you would be the perfect person for them to talk to about < < topic> > .

Iâll let you two take it from here!

Thanks,< < email signature> >

Sample One Introducing Yourself To Potential Employers

Subject: Content Writer ApplicationDear Jeffery Sims,My name is Jim Blessed, and I admire your company and the kind of content you put out on your blog and Medium. I'm reaching out to you today because I saw your contact email listed as the go-to person for the Content Writer position. I have attached a copy of my resume and cover letter to this email. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Jim Blessed

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How To Introduce Yourself In An Email: 24 Templates To Use

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Co-founder at Respona


In this post, were going to discuss how you can successfully introduce yourself in an email.

The way youll introduce yourself usually depends on the reasons why youre reaching out to someone.

We understand emailing people you dont know and trying to make a fantastic first impression through an email might feel tricky.

Worry not!

Weve created a list of 24 easy-to-use templates.

More specifically, here are some examples of the types of templates well be focusing on:

  • Content promotion

Plus many more email tips that can help you introduce yourself in a professional email.

Weve got a long way to go, so lets get right into it.

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How To Write An Introductory Email

Before writing an introductory email, you have to make sure that you can compose it in a proper manner because you will be sending this email to people you do not know personally. A well-draft email should consist of the following 5 major components You may also like the Accountant Resume Template.

Subject line:

It is the most important part of the introductory email. Also, clients can receive hundreds of business correspondences email each day. So, they are very busy people. You must include a great subject line to make your email stand out and grabs the clients attention. The subject line should be clear and accurate.


It is also important to greet your clients warmly and personally. Avoid using generic phrases. You should properly address the recipient of the letter by his/her name.


In the body of the email, you should inform the clients who you are, where you are from, and why you are contacting them. Furthermore, both the introduction and body of the email should be clear and to the point. You should also include your company and your position. It will help the client to clearly understand who you are and why you are writing.


In closing, appreciate your client for taking the time to read your email. By thanking the clients, end your email on a positive note. You should also state that you are happy to have made the connection. In addition, ask them to contact you any time if they have any questions or concerns.


How To Introduce Yourself In A Cold Outreach Email

Writing cold emails can be very challenging. For one, you dont have any relationship with the recipient. They dont know you and probably dont think they need anything from you. That makes it challenging even to get your foot on the door.

But when done correctly, cold outreach emails can produce impressive results. Perhaps the most popular example of this is when Factmatas founder landed a $500,000 investment from a cold email he sent to Mark Cuban.

So, how do you write a cold outreach email that generates results? Start by researching the recipient. That includes doing the basics like finding and verifying their email address. Fortunately, you can do this in just a few clicks with Hunters Email Finder and Email Verifier.

If you dont know the identity of the person you should contact, searching on LinkedIn will give you the information you need. However, most LinkedIn users dont indicate their email addresses on their profiles. Heres where Hunter can help. All you need to do is go to the Email Finder, pop in the name of the person and their website domain or company name:

If you dont know the persons name, you can use Domain Search to do a broader search using the company email domain

Finally, if you have your intended recipients email address, you can run them through Email Verifier before hitting send:

Hunter has everything you need to find and verify business email addresses, guaranteeing that you send cold emails with a high degree of accuracy.

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Introducing Two People Over Email

Hi ,

Id like you to meet

In a perfect world introducing two people over email would be as simple as this. But it needs a bit more effort than this. Most of the rules for introducing someone over email remain the same as writing an introduction email to a client. However, do keep the following things in mind to introduce someone via email:

Sample Two Introducing Yourself To Potential Employers

Business Email Etiquette – Introduction to Business Emails
Subject: Graphics Designer PositionDear Simon Opeyemi,My name is Victor Angel, and Im writing this email to inquire about any open graphics designer position in your company. Ive been following your company for a while and I am greatly inspired by your designs and general work ethics. I believe my skills would be of great use to you if given the opportunity.  A copy of my CV and a link to my portfolio has been attached. Kind regards,Victor Angel

Writing email introductions often follows the rule of a normal in-person introduction. The rules and guidelines to make your email introductions as smooth as possible have been listed in this article, along with samples to provide pointers on how to write your email introductions.

  • Tags

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New Product Or Service Introduction Email

Use this template to send an email to an existing contact when you are introducing a new product or service relevant to their business. In this case, you are not specifically introducing yourself, but it is still an introduction and should include the same elements as any personal introduction message.

New Product or Service Introduction Email Template

Subject Line: Use unexpected words like: For Rock Stars Only

Dear ,

I want to share some exciting news.

We understand that and have recently launched a new to address this need. We believe that our will far better than anything else currently in the market.

I would love to schedule a brief 10-minute call to learn more about how we can meet your needs. Im free . Which of these works best for you?

Ive also attached for your reference. You can also learn more about us at our exciting new at . Im looking forward to talking with you soon.

Thank you,

Download this template in , Docx, or PDF file

CRM software can help you easily identify which customers may not know about your latest product or service offering. In addition, Salesforce Essentials allows you to create custom reports to help identify which products are top sellers and which are not, so you know which products are popular and most likely to generate additional revenue if also promoted.

Proposal For A Service

Here is an example of an email to introduce your company and pitch your services:

Subject Line:Budget-friendly social media services to boost your business

Dear Mr Ray,

Our team came across your wonderful website recently and saw the potential to increase your audience by manifold. At Wavewood, we have a dedicated social media expert team of writers, designers and creators. We can help you increase your:

  • online engagement

  • customer retention

  • brand recall value

As a preliminary study, we are attaching a short report that highlights the growth potential of your website and blog.

We offer extremely cost-effective pricing plans for small businesses such as yours. And the best part is that the services for the first month are absolutely free. We would love to hear if you want to collaborate with us.


Brand Manager at WavewoodStudios


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Template #: Upcoming Interview Email Introduction

The upcoming interview email introduction can be a fantastic way for you to introduce yourself successfully before having an interview.


Just received the confirmation email that our interview has been scheduled for .

Im really looking forward to speaking with you about .

The tone of an upcoming interview email introduction depends on the relationship you have with the recipient of your email as well as the nature of the upcoming interview.

Generally, such an email is used to get the recipients attention before the interview by introducing yourself.

Also, youre aiming to show them your interest in the upcoming meeting.

Use case: Introducing yourself before an interview on a podcast or show youre an upcoming guest on

Recommended subject line: A few words before the interview

Template #: Link Building Email Introduction

Introduction Email Template

The second template Im going to share with you is a link building email intro template.


I just finished reading your post on .

Loved the way you discussed .

Weve just published a on and would like to share it with you.

When it comes to link building email introduction, you should consider adding a good call to action thatll give the recipient some extra motivation to give you a link.

Use case: Youre a link builder trying to promote a piece of content youve just published.

Recommended subject line: Suggestion for your post

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Make Sure You Have Permission

Dont send an introductory email out of the blue. Get in touch with both recipients first to ask if theyd be willing to connect with the other person. Offer them context Tell them why you want to make the introduction and why its worth their while. People are generally open to making new networking connections, but its important to respect their wishes if they declines the offer.

Example : Job Application

This example can help you create your own job application email:

Subject:Copywriter application

Dear Ms. Nelson,

My name is Johnathan Graff, and I am interested in Marketing Corp’s copywriting role. Upon reading your job posting for this position, I can see that I am the right fit for this company, as I am equally as passionate about packing design as your talented team of creatives.

I first learned about this role from your current graphic designer, Lisa Wells. She informed me that you’re looking for a skilled copywriter who can take a client’s directions to craft one-of-a-kind deliverables. During my five years in this career, I have created all kinds of campaigns, which you can view in my online portfolio. Along with this, I attached my cover letter and resume to this email.

I hope that you consider me for this exciting job opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Use this example as guidance when introducing yourself to a new colleague:

Subject:Welcome to the team

Hi Carrie,

I am your new manager, Mandy Wilson. I have heard great things about you from our hiring manager, and I am so excited to welcome you to our team.

I’ll start with a little bit about myself. I have been the marketing manager for our team for the past three years. During this time, I have grown our department of three to nearly 20 employees. Besides marketing, my interests include playing tennis, building birdhouses, and taste testing ice cream flavours.


Dear Tina,

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Explain Why You Are Reaching Out

As soon as introductions are out of the way, get to the reason why youre writing the email. Let them know how you got their contact information and why youre reaching out. You should explain these issues using as few words as possible.

Make your explanation as relevant to the reader as possible. You want your reader to feel like youre reaching out to them and to them alone, not like theyre part of this massive effort, even if they are.

What If New Employees Are Not At The Office

Create Great Email Introductions

However, not all employees may be present at company meetings or at their desks while youre giving company tours. Usually, personal introductions happen so quickly that it isnt possible to remember many of those new faces.

This is where an organizational chart or an introduction email can help. Here are both options in greater detail:

  • If you opt for an organizational chart, you can create a visual image of your staff structure and make it available to every employee. This way, they can always check to see if there are newcomers. These can be easily created using an HR software like Personio, which can craft an org chart to reflect your unique organization.
  • Another option is to use an introductionemail. To be sure that all current employees are informed about new staff members, this should be emailed to the entire team. Youll not only be introducing your new employees and providing information about them, but youll be sharing a warm welcome, too.

This is not to say that you should only choose one option or the other. There is an incredible amount of value in having a staff structure or organizational chart handy for reference. An introduction email can open the door, but it is a one-time affair, and in concert with an organizational chart can ensure staff members are on the same page, always.

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