How To Grow Email Marketing List

Understand The Audience Demographics

How to Grow Your Email Marketing Contact List Quickly

Every customer is different, so there cannot be a single tip to win them all. Thats why it is essential to know your audience. Different content and ideas will work differently for different people. Hence, the first thing to do is to segment your customer base, as per their interests, and preferences. Once you know your audience, you can employ the tips that maximize the returns for your efforts.

Make Your Freebies More Enticing Than Your Competitors

While an opt-in offer can interest your target audience, it doesnt automatically convert them into a subscriber. Some people are simply more discerning than others and are constantly on the lookout for better offers, even if those offers are already free.

How can you appeal to this portion of the market? You can offer incentives that offer more value than your competitors.

For example, lets say you decide to offer a helpful PDF listing a number of ways to accomplish a certain business or personal goal. In doing research for this project, you find out that one of your competitors already have something similar available to their audience. How can you make your offer more enticing?

First, you can look at the number of ways listed to help the reader. Does your competitor offer 25 tips? Then, you can offer 50.

Second, look at the quality of the materials being offered. Are they well-written? Do they have a pleasing aesthetic? You can improve the opt-in offer in these ways, too, and in doing so, make your offer more appealing than your competitor.

A/b Test Your Subject Lines

The first thing a customer notices about the email is its subject line. They are short, catchy, and looks easy enough to write. But, a subject line can make or break the open email rate.

A boring subject line can be why the email is redirected to the delete folder by the user.

The standard rule of writing a subject line should be only 2-3 words long . Longer subject lines can deviate from the message you are trying to convey. So why not try to test multiple subject lines? Test the powerful or emotional words in the subject line that lead a customer to click.

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How To Grow Your Email List On Your Website

26. Ask website visitors for feedback

People enjoy offering feedback on information that pertains to them. On your site pages, include a form that asks visitors what questions they might have about your business, and collect email addresses to follow up with them.

27. Shorten the length of your lead-capturing forms

Its tempting to collect as much information on a user as possible right away, but adding too many fields to your landing pages and lead-capturing forms can drive people away. Reduce the length of your forms to just two to three fields you can collect more information from them once you start a conversation.

28. Link to offers across your website that capture email signups

Create CTAs that link to your offers across your website that captures email sign-ups. Some key places to consider include your websites homepage, your About Us page, and your Contact Us page.

29. A/B test different campaign copy

You might be doing all the right things to generate leads landing pages, gated content, contests, and more, but not seeing the success youre looking for. The problem may be that the design or copy itself isnt driving the engagement you need.

A/B test different aspects of your list-building campaigns with different versions of the same content. This includes the call-to-action text, the color of the gated offer, and even where these sign-up forms are placed on your website. Sometimes a small change can drive hundreds more conversions.

Email Marketing List Degradation Why It Happens

How to Grow Your Email List with Facebook

Email marketing databases degrade at a rate of around22.5% every year.Thats a phenomenal shrinkage, and there are a number of reasons for this

People change jobs, meaning work email addresses become redundant

Subscribers change email providers and dont update their subscriptions and

Users choose to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

To combat this natural shrinkage, you will need to work to actively grow your mailing list.

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The Final Word On Growing Your Email List With Instagram

Instagram is an excellent marketing tool for small and growing business. Not only does it offer some creative marketing opportunities, but it can also be used to grow your companys email marketing list with the right strategies. One thing to keep in mind when trying to grow your email list with social media, however, is that you should be mindful of how much youre promoting your email list on platforms like Instagram. If youre pushing it too much, this can come off as salesy and could actually be a turn-off to some of your followers.

In general, theres nothing wrong with including a link to your email list in your Instagram bio and using one of the above strategies to promote your email list once every week or so. Just try to be mindful of how often youre mentioning it and try not to go overboard at the end of the day, you know your followers best.

With a little careful research and creative effort, you can use your Instagram page to grow your email list. From there, your marketing can reach new levels of success!

Best B2b Advertising Email Examples

1. Give an overview of your product

If you can reveal a glimpse of your product/service through email, why not brag about it!

That is exactly what Adobe did.

Adobe presented a glimpse of its service through this email design. The result is creative and attractive.

2. Announce modification

Uber uses an announcement email to inform customers of exciting new features that will improve their service.

This B2B email example illustrates a creative way to do so.

3. Announce new functionalities

If you have a new feature or integration, why not send an announcement email and let your customers know about it!

This B2B email example does just that. It also clarifies the Instagram interconnection procedure to the customers.

4. Check-in on your audience

It is always favourable to catch up with your registrant in a friendly way, as shown in the following example.

This B2B email example is with no doubt, a muse both design and content-wise. It adds spark and magic to budgeting.

5. Give out resources

When you update your website, it is advisable to give downloadable user guides.

Justuno has tried to implement this strategy by providing an educational user guide. It allows your audience to stay informed.

6. Notify them of your discount

If you offer a discount, you should make it viral. Whether in the B2B field or not, discounts attract everyone, literally.

In this business email, the discount offer is showcased professionally along with a referral request.

7. Take care of your customer

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Ways To Capture Email Addresses For Your Email Marketing List

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Earlier this week, I shared some ways to use email marketing in your business. However, those tips will do you little good if you dont have an email list.

As your building ideas for your email marketing efforts, you should begin capturing email addresses so you have an audience to send information to.

Dont just assume that everyone in your address book wants to get emails from you. Thats a big email marketing mistake you want to avoid. Not only will that turn people off, it can also go against CAN-SPAM laws. To be on the safe side, its best to give people the opportunity to opt-in to your email list.

This doesnt have to be a daunting task. There are plenty of ways you can grow your email-marketing list simply by integrating it into your existing efforts.

How To Grow Your Email List Using Email

Email Marketing # 10 | How to Grow Your Email List | Free Email list for Marketing 2021

1. Create unique email content.

Want to retain your current subscribers and have them help you grow your list? Create unique email content. If your emails are entertaining, informative, and valuable, recipients will always look forward to receiving them and will be more likely to forward them to their networks. This helps you gain exposure and obtain additional subscribers.

2. Encourage subscribers to share and forward your emails.

Include social sharing buttons and an Email to a Friend button on your marketing emails. By doing this, youll gain access to recipients’ friends, colleagues, and networks to expand your contact list. At the bottom of your emails, include a Subscribe CTA as a simple text-based link so that the people receiving the forwarded emails can easily opt-in too.

3. Segment your email lists by buyer persona.

Email recipients are more likely to click through emails that cater to their specific interests, so using varying types of email subscriptions to send targeted content to different segments of your audience is worth considering.

If you create multiple targeted subscriber types, youll increase the chance that visitors will subscribe to one of them. In fact, marketers who used segmented campaigns noted as much as a 760% increase in revenue.

4. Reinvigorate a stale email list with an opt-in campaign.

5. Add an opt-in link to your employees’ signatures.

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Carry Out Regular A/b Testing

A/B testing is a great way to figure out how to increase newsletter subscribers because it tells you which of the two strategies you are using is better. It is a vital part of feedback strategies for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to create great products with an awesome user experience. Comparing email subscriber list expansion campaigns will help spread the word.

What can you A/B test?

  • A/B tests your deals and offers overlay popups to see what works for your visitors.
  • A/B test lead form to optimize them.
  • Collect feedback from customers using surveys and sidebar feedback forms to implement it into your A/B tests.
  • Test the position of your forms to find the sweet spot for getting more email subscribers

Watch: Insights for Smarter A/B Testing:

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Best B2b Email Marketing Examples And Best Practices

B2B emailing is the deal maker for many businesses.

B2B companies that do email marketing properly can grow their business faster.

They succeed in increasing their sales, revenues, and profits.

A B2B email marketing sequence might be precisely what you need to fulfill your market breakthrough.

Now, isnt that a goal you want to achieve?

To help you achieve success with your B2B email campaigns, weve put together this article to introduce you to:

Ready to close the deal? Lets get to it.

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Try Gated Content To Turn Blog Posts Into Lead Magnets

Heres another idea. Try gating some of your content to get email subscriptions.

This simply means that part of a blog post is hidden. For instance, 1/3 of the post is available to read, but when readers reach that limit, theyre blocked off from reading any further unless they enter their email address to unlock the content.

This is an easy tip because you can use content you already have. Just remember that gated content needs to be highly valuable, well-written, and informative in order to give the reader the expected payoff.

In other words, if the blog post is mediocre, your readers wont be happy. Dont gate just any content gate some of your best, most awesome, in-depth content.

Remember, were trading value-for-value, here. The readers email is worth a lot to you, so return the favor.

When done right, youll give your audience the option to unlock a great blog post with lots of good insights, tips, or information. Theyll be scrambling to give you their details. This is how you turn a blog post into a lead magnet!

How Email Pwns Social Media For Reach And Conversions

How to Grow Your Email List With a Quiz

Heres how the floor-wiping shakes out :

2.6 billion people worldwide use email, while only 1.7 billion use Facebook, the largest social network.

Now, remember Facebooks ad click-through rates .

Hold that tiny number in your mind, and get a load of this:

Marketing email campaigns have a CTR of 3.3% and an open rate of about 20%. Thats nearly 50x higher than Facebooks average.

And, of course, another biggie is that email is number one for conversions it drives them more than any other social channel.

Look at the difference in this table from an ExactTarget survey:

Its not rocket science. For reach and conversions, email > social media.

Email marketing leads to a bigger, opted-in, targeted audience, which leads to more reach, which leads to more conversions.

Or, to keep going with our math references, email list-building = more subscribers = a bigger targeted audience = even more reach = even more conversions.

Smart Insights sums it up this way:

The numbers speak for themselves. Email has power.

To drive home the point, OptinMonster gives you a zoomed-out picture of how email stacks up against Facebook and Twitter for general use. These numbers are based on an analysis of comprehensive stats from 2016:

Needless to say, you definitely should want a bigger list of email subscribers.

So, how do you leverage your content marketing to gain more subscribers and increase your contents ROI?

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Push Notifications Across Platforms

Deliver a consistent user experience across your platforms mobile, desktop, app to show prospective customers that you have put in the effort to make them feel that they will get an equally consistent product or service from your brand. Reinforce this in your sign-up forms by ensuring that the design of notifications pushed to app users are the same as for web visitors.

How to use push notifications for increasing mail subscriptions?

  • Combine push notifications with signup incentives to earn more subscribers.
  • Send regular notifications about upcoming sales and deals. Add signup form on the landing pages to collect email addresses.
  • Leverage both web and mobile notifications to maximize your reach.

Bonus: Get More Email Signups For Free With Nift

Thanks to our partnership with Nift, you can power your sign-up form by offering a $30 Nift gift card as a thank you to anyone who signs up for your newsletter. This is an incredible, no-cost way to boost the number of people who give you their email address. Nift gift cards can be used nationwide toward purchases of wine, food delivery, clothing and more. It takes less than five minutes to add $30 Nift gift cards to your sign-up forms and set up automated welcome emails. And if youre using Constant Contact for your email marketing, sending Nift gift cards is always FREE.

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